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					Integrated Centre of Higher Vocational
Trainning - CENIFER
Where do we come from?

                         Imarcoain (Navarra)
                         C/ Aduana, s/n
                         •Teléfono: (00 34) 948
                         •Fax: (00 34) 948 368076
             Who are the vistors in Berlin?

-Martin Ibarra Murillo, Ph.D. in industrial
engineering. Director of Integrated Centre of
Higher Vocational Training

- Maria Jose Simón Liberal, Degree in business
administration. Teacher of training and working
             Introduction to your institution

☼ How many students and teachers have Cenifer?
   – 150 students in Higher Specific vocational Training
   – 80 students in Job training courses
   – 200 students in Companies and Professionals Training
   – 23 teachers
☼ Which vocational training offers Cenifer in the
  fields of electricity and/or energy?
   – Maintenance and installation of building and process
   – Maintenance of industrial installations of renewable
   – Higher Technical Energy Efficiency and Solar Energy
                Introduction to your institution

☼ How long do these trainings last? (hours/years)
  in trimesters, semesters or school years?
   – Higher Specific vocational Training (official) = 2.000 hours (2 years)
   – Job training courses = 320 hours (1 trimester)

   – Companies and Professionals Training = Usually 20 – 40 hours

☼ Which EQF-levels can be attributed?
   – Knowledge: outcome of the collection and assimilation of
     information through learning. (level 4)
   – Skills: ability to apply knowledge and use know-how to complete
     tasks and solve problems. (level 4)
   – Competence: ability to use knowledge, skills and other abilities to
     perform a function against a given standard in work or study
     situations and in professional and/or personal development. (level 4)
             Introduction to your institution

☼ Which companies do you cooperate with?
  – Integrated Centre of Higher Vocational Training
  – National Centre for Vocational Training
  – Foundation for the Training in Renewable Energies
  – About 100 companies in the sector of renewable energies
☼ What is he percentage/ratio of theoretical and
  practical classes?
  – Higher Specific vocational Training (official) = 40% theorical
    and 60% practical
  – Job training courses =20% theorical and 80% practical
  – Companies and Professionals Training =20% theorical and
    80% practical
           Introduction to our institution

Workshops and classrooms at our school

                      4.000 m2 workshops and classrooms
                       Introduction to our institution

☼ Workshops/laboratories at our school
☼   Workshop n.1: Automatic Control Systems Workshop
     – Robot controllers S7 300
     – Pneumatics and Electro-pneumatics
     – Hydraulics and electro-hydraulics
     – Proportional Hydraulics
     – PC network
☼   Workshop n.2: Control Systems in Energy Plants and Industrial Communication Network
     – PLC's S7 400
     – Operator terminals ‘man/machine interface’
     – Electric machine control systems (V/F variators and vectorial control)
     – Practice models fitted with control equipment, field instruments, display and communications.
     – Software development: Control, Communications, Supervision, Production Control….
     – Communications systems
     – Local communications: Ethernet, TCP/IP, Profibus, Modbus
     – Wireless communications: Radio, Telephone
     – PC Network
                        Introduction to our institution

☼ Workshops/laboratories at our school
☼   Workshop n.3: Electrical Systems Workshop
     – Electrical engineering, electrical machines
     – Analog, digital and power electronics
     – Regulation and control systems
     – Centralized and distributed domotic systems
     – Electrical measures and protections
     – Electrical automatisms

☼   Workshop n.4: Hydroelectric Workshop
     – Simulation systems and hydroelectric mini-plants control

☼   Workshop n.5: Maintenance, Mechanizing and Welding Workshop
     – Machine tools: lathe, mill, drill, emery wheel, profile saw, hydraulic press
     – Welding: Electric, Tig, Mig and oxyacetylene welding
     – Maintenance instrumentation
     – Metrology
     – Maintenance tools
                      Introduction to our institution

☼ Workshops/laboratories at our school
☼   Workshop n.6: Energy Transformation and Distribution
     – Medium Tension Distribution and Management Units. “Function: Power station-
        generation”. Units: Measurig, protection, line and transformer
     – Medium Tension Distribution and Management Units. “Function: Transformer”. Units:
        Measuring, protection, line and transformer
     – Indoor substation 13,2/2,4 kW
     – Substations and electric energy measuring control data communication networks
     – Control PC’s
     – Three-phase electronics
     – Resistance grounded neutral systems
     – Electric machines control and protection
     – Electric magnitude measuring in distribution lines
     – Network analyzers; electricity acquisition and processing
     – Energy Metering

☼   Workshop n. 7: Photovoltaic & Wind Powered Workshop
     – Stand-alone and grid-connected solar photovoltaic systems
     – Low power combined solar photovoltaic / wind systems
     – Meteorologic Towers
     – 850 kW wind turbine simulating systems
     – Low power wind turbines
                       Introduction to our institution

☼ Workshops/laboratories at our school
☼   Workshop n. 8: Thermal Systems Workshop
     – Thermal solar plants with plane plate collectors and vacuum tubes
     – Heating and air-conditioning systems
     – Industrial cooling and air-conditioning systems

☼   Technical Classrooms n. 1, 2 & 4
☼   Peripherals: scanner, printer, plotter…
☼   Development software: Computer-Assisted Drawing (CAD), solar systems calculation, building
    energy simulation, measuring, estimate, maintenance

☼ Proyected Theme park
☼   CENIFER educational complex will be completed in a future with a Theme Park on Renewable
     – organic dehydrator, biogas digestor, solar still, solar power wind turbines, autonomous car,
         photovoltaic street lamp, 10 kw wind turbine, wind turbine Air 403, multiblade wind turbine,
         sail wind turbine, vertical axis cup wind turbine, hydraulic ram pump and biofuel plant.
                        Introduction to our institution

    Bioclimatic Building (award Eurosolar 2005)

      Solar thermal panels (heating, hot          Solar photovoltaic ( 5 kW)
      water and seasonal accumulation)
                                                                  Trombe Wall

                                                                   (uptake - sun
Wind thermal                                                       protection )

                 Cooling by
                 sound sensor
                                Ventilated Facade –
                                                                 Great storage
                                high thermal inertia
                                                                 heater (40.000 l)
                    Introduction to our institution

☼ Workshops/laboratories at our school
☼ Bioclimatic Building       This building was built according to all bioclimatic
   criteria and incluyes the three main cornerstones defining an environmentally
   friendly building:
     – Energy saving: the building is self-sufficient and has a zero-energy
     – Renewable energies integration: the building is equipped with
        hydrothermal, wind thermal and photovoltaic solar systems;
     – Healthy building: use of renewable and reusable building systems and
        materials, with low production and waste generation environmental
         • The installations and building elements to achieve those principles are: solar
           thermal panels, cooling by sound sensor, radiant floor and strips, great storage
           heater, greenhouse, trombe wall, solar thermal shunt and high thermal inertia
            Introduction to your institution

☼ International experience
   – Cenifer in Guantanamo
      • Revision of photovoltaic instalations
      • Proposal for a new centre in renewable energy for
        south America
   – Cenifer in Bennin
      • Design of pumping and water treatment stations
        with renewable energy
      • Course of assembly and maintenance of pumping
        and water stations with renewable energy (150
   Authorities need to be asked to create a new vocational
                training? (ministry, chambers, ...)

☼ Education Department Government of Navarre
   – Alberto Catalán, Counselor of Education and
   – Pedro Gonzalez Felipe, Managing director of
   – Javier Navallas Rebolé, director of Vocational
☼ ¿?, Director of National Reference Center in
  renewable energy
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