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									4201 N. Elston Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618
P: 773-539-9410      F: 775-539-9419                                                                                                             DATE
E-mail: info@littlehelpersllc.com                                     www.little-helpers.com                                                 Proposal #

Company Name                                                                                                                    Quotation valid until:            30 days only
Contact Person                                                                                                                         Prepared by:               John Psiharis
Chicago, IL.                                                                                                                                   START SERVICES
Phone:                                                                E-mail:
Fax:                                                                  Cell:                                                      Desired Start Date: _____________
                     Service Description and Options (Please check the service(s) desired)                                                                      Session Amount





Credit card Required: We will charge the first service to your card. Subsequent visits will be charged when service is rendered.

                                                Payment Required to Start Services                                                                                 1st Session
       Total Advance Payment Required (charged to the credit card provided below to begin services). TOTAL $

                                                                         Credit Card Information Required
Name on Card:___________________________________ Back of Card 3# ________                                                          Billing Zip code:____________________
Credit Card Number: ____________________________________                                                                           Expiration Date:______/______

                                                                              Acceptance of Proposal

Your acceptance of this proposal will constitute a CONTRACT between us. This CONTRACT may be cancelled by either party in writing with a 30 day notice of cancellation at any
time with no penalties. The deposit will be applied to the first month of service provided or invoiced. This CONTRACT guarantees the quoted price(s) will not increase or decrease for
an INITIAL PERIOD OF ONE YEAR. It is mutually agreed that a facsimile copy of this document and its signatures are equal to its original and its signatures.
The prices quoted above are with the understanding that we are to furnish all labor, material (bulbs not included) and equipment necessary to perform the work in a workman-like
manner according to standard practice .Any alterations or deviations from above specifications involving extra costs will be executed only upon written orders.
We are responsible for customer damage by our team when our office is notified within 72 hours.
As a provision of this CONTRACT, you agree not to employ either directly or indirectly during this CONTRACT or for a period of 2 years after termination of this CONTRACT, any
individual who is or has been an employee of our firm during that period. We carry completed operations insurance, bonding and Liability Insurance. Certificates of Insurance
available, upon written request.
PAYMENT TERMS: Payments will be due in full upon delivery of service and will be charged to the credit card on file after service has been completed. Client must choose to be
charged by credit card. After 30 days, any unpaid invoices from the date of the invoice, the account will be considered past due. A $15.00 late monthly service charge will be added
on account balances more then 5 days past due. After 90 days of non-payment, the account will be considered delinquent. The account will accrue a monthly 5% late fee on the
unpaid balance until debt is paid in full. Further, as a condition of this contract, you agree to pay all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney’s fees, if this account becomes
delinquent. I authorize Little Helpers to charge the one advance service charge. I understand that the credit card will be charged after each service is rendered. It is mutually agreed
that a facsimile copy of these document and its signatures are equal to its original and its signatures.

____________________________, 2008                                                                                        Little Helpers
Acceptance Date                                                                                                           Manager
_________________________________________                                                                                 _______________________________
Client Signature                                                                                                                 Contractor Signature Date

                                                         Please Sign and Fax to 775-539-9419

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