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					Tuesday, September 22, 2009   PARENTING                                               Effingham Daily News     C1

      Grand Prize

                                             Oh, sweet summertime
                                                Above, Gavin and Teagan Pals, sons of Matt and Kyla Pals of rural
                                             Effingham, are two cool cats in shades lounging around the pool.

Second Place
 Arrgh Captain
   Above, Zander Kade
 Reynolds, son of Kristofer
 and Emily Reynolds of St.
                              Thir d Place
 Peter, is just too cute to
 walk the plank.

                                                                                          Just Cruisin’
                                                                                            Left, Melanie Probst,
                                                                                          daughter of Jesse and
                                                                                          Theresa Probst of Stras-
                                                                                          burg, is ready to roll.
C2    Effingham Daily News                                                                                                              Tuesday, September 22, 2009

      Aidan Niemerg                   Ava & Andrew Fleener                            Cash Gill                         Ava Gill             Gaddison Goeckner
     “Little Pumpkin Seed.”              “I Got You Now Bubby.”                 “I’m All Buttered Up.”                 “Ava Skye.”             “Watch Out Dad This
                                                                                                                                                 Babe’s All Mine.”

                              Parents should
                              monitor use of
      Lonnie Newell
         “Just One?”
                              prescriptions                                                                                                         Keenan Griffith
                                                                                                                                                     “Dance Like No
                                                                                                                                                    One Is Watching.”
                              By Mat Anderson                 including not sharing
                              CNHI News Service               medicine and always fol-
                                                              lowing the medical

                              A        mericans live in a     provider’s advice and
                                       heavily medicated      dosages.
                                       culture, where 10         • Be a good role model
                              percent of the population       by following these same
                              takes anti-depressants and      rules with your own medi-
                              more than half of all           cines. If you misuse your
                              insured Americans regu-         prescription drugs by
                              larly take at least one pre-    sharing them with your
                              scription medication.           kids or abusing them,
     Keegan Mitchell             These numbers, paired        your teen will take notice.                                                         Elisabeth Grunloh
       “Havin’ A Ball.”       with the messages sent by          • Ask friends and fami-                                                               “WARNING
                              countless magazine ads          ly to safeguard their pre-                                                        No Instruction Included.”
                              and TV commercials,             scription drugs. Make
                              would suggest that what-        sure your friends and rela-
                              ever problems we may            tives, especially grandpar-
                              have can be solved by a         ents, know about the risks
                              pill. Prescriptions have        and encourage them to
                              become such a part of our       regularly monitor their
                              culture that it’s easy to       own medicine cabinets.
                              forget that these are dan-         • Talk to your teen                • Medical & Health Items For
                              gerous drugs that can           about the dangers of abus-                  Baby & Mommy
                              have severe side effects.       ing prescription and over-
                                 This failure to realize      the-counter drugs. These                We’re your locally owned
                              the seriousness of pre-         are powerful drugs that,          neighborhood full-service pharmacy                  Kaylie Jordan
      Blake Mueller           scription drugs may be          when abused, can be just
“How’s This For My Angelic
  Pose? We’re Going To
                              most common with young
                              people. Many of today’s
                              teens have grown up tak-
                              ing medications such as
                                                              as dangerous as street
                                                              drugs. Tell your teen the
                                                              risks far outweigh any
                                                                                              BROWNS DRUG STORE
                                                                                              115 W. Jefferson, Downtown Effingham
                                                                                                                                                   “My First Taste Of
                                                                                                                                                  Being An American.”

                              Ritalin since grade school         Mat Anderson is the
                              and have never lived in a       staff writer and research                Open 7 Days A Week
                              world where magazine            specialist at The Bridge in                  217-342-4185
                              ads and commercials             Joplin, Mo. For more                       Hours: Mon-Sat 8:30am-6:00pm
                              weren’t pushing                 information visit                               Sun-Noon 6:00pm
                              painkillers and anti- 
                              depressants alongside new       CNHI News Service
                              cars and household clean-       distributes his column.
                              ing products.
      Aeriale Malone             As a result, many teens                                                                                            River Jamison
                              believe the overuse of                                                                                             “I Love My New Sippy
  “People Adore Me And        prescriptions is harmless.
      I’m Loving It.”                                                                                                                            Cup From Rural King.”
                              Recent research shows
                              that as teen use of illicit
                              drugs such as marijuana,
                              cocaine and speed have
                              decreased; prescription
                              drug abuse has continued
                              to rise. A study by the
                              Partnership for a Drug-

                              Free America reports that

                              1 in 5 teens have abused
                              prescription pain medica-
                              tion, stimulants and tran-
      Anna Helmink            quilizers.                                                                                                            Audria Logue
     “Sleeping Beauty.”          But not all teens that                                                                                            “Being A Baby Is
                              are misusing prescriptions                                                                                           Such Hard Work.”
                              are doing so to get high. A
                              new study appearing
                              online in the Journal of
                              Adolescent Health has
                              found that about 20 per-
                              cent of U.S. teens admit
                              to lending drugs to
                              friends. While these pre-
                              scriptions include
                              painkillers and anti-anxi-
                              ety drugs, teens also share
       Kera Hartke            antibiotics and pills meant                                                                                          Adriane Huber
        “I Love My            to treat acne and allergies.                                                                                       “Now That I Have These
      Daddy’s Kisses!”           The survey also asked                                                                                        Chompers, Give Me Corn On The
                              teens about the circum-                                                                                             Cob For Every Meal!”
                              stances and outcomes of
                              sharing prescriptions and
                              found that less than half
                              of shared drugs came with
                              any instructions or warn-
                              ings. More than a third of
                              teens that borrowed drugs
                                                                  Any Pair Of Infant Shoes
                              suffered from an allergic
                              reaction or other side
                                                                         Sizes 1-3
                                 What many teens don’t
       Hank Hissong           realize is that prescription        Limit 2 Pairs • Good Thru 12-20-09                                           Adelyn Buhnerkempe
                                                                                                                                                 “You Talking To Me?”
     “Awake And Ready         drugs are only safe when
         To Play!”            taken under medical
                              supervision by the person
                              to whom they have been
                              prescribed. Taking the
                              wrong dose or combina-
                              tion of medications can
                              prove lethal.
                                 Because of these dan-
                              gers it is important that
                              parents take necessary
                              measures to protect and
                              educate teens regarding
       Derek Hann             prescription drug abuse.                                                                                             Camden Budde
       “What Are You          Here are some tips from                                                                                         “It’s All Fun And Games Until
        Looking At?”          The National Youth Anti-                                                                                           I Have To Be Changed!”
                              Drug Media Campaign:                                1703 Ave. of Mid America,
                                 • Safeguard all drugs at
                              home. Monitor quantities                                   Effingham
                              and control access. Take                                  Open: Mon.-Sat. 9-8, Sun. 12-5
                              note of how many pills
                              are in a bottle or pill pack-
                              et and keep track of
                              refills. If your teen has
                              been prescribed a drug, be
                              sure you control the med-
                              ication, and monitor
                              dosages and refills.                                                                                                 Brady Bloemer
     Alexandria Tarr             • Set clear rules for
       “Mommy’s Little        teens about all drug use,                                                                                            “Overall” Adorable.
         Baby Doll.”
Tuesday, September 22, 2009                                                                                Effingham Daily News            C3

     Kaleb McDaniel                        Joel Brown                          Ross Bloemer                        Lillian Williams                 Juliana Wernsing
      “I Just Had A Bath!”              “You Want A Cheerio?               “If You’re A Happy, Sharp                 “I’m Too Cute!”                “Yay, In Your Dreams,
                                           Come & Get It!”               Dressed Little Man & Know It,                                                      Baby.”
                                                                               Clap Your Hands.”

                             How to keep your Kids Are Back In School..
                                               Isn’t It Time For You?
                              cool during the Only Hurry In!
                             age of back talk $           95
                                                                                                                                   Month To Month
                             By ANGIE WAGNER               requests such as ‘‘give                                                                      Lillian Wernsing
    Amelia Koester                                                                                                                    Now Thru
                                                           your brother a washcloth                                                                       “I’ve Fallen And I
     “Confessions Of A       For The Associated                                                                                       Sept. 30!
                                                           or go to your room.’’                                                                           Can’t Get Up.”
       Shopaholic.”          Press
                                                              Korona adds: ‘‘I’ve             No Contract Membership...$99 Activation Fee

                             L      AS VEGAS (AP)          had to resolve to ignor-
                                    — There’s a new
                                    sound in our
                                                           ing her. It comes down
                                                           to when she doesn’t get            Ask about our Boot Camp
                             house, and it goes a little   her way.’’                               Call Jason Frey or The Zone for details.
                             something like this.             Her 6-year-old also                    Ph. 217-663-7700 or 217-347-2639
                                Me: ‘‘OK. Bath time.       uses the ‘‘this is the
                             Go get in the bath.’’         worst day of my life!’’             Coming Soon! Zumba Classes
                                6-year-old daughter:       complaint.                                 24 HOURS A DAY ACCESS
                             ‘‘No. I am not taking a          I haven’t gotten that
                             bath.’’                       one yet, but I do get:                                Staffed Hours:
                                Or this if I didn’t        ‘‘You are ruining my                                  Mon.-Fri. 9-6                           Chase Stewart
        Will Deters          make her lunch right: ‘‘It    life.’’
 “Hey! Wheels Are Wheels.” appears to me that you             For now, we’re work-                                            For                     “Smile, Shake, Shake!”
                             messed up.’’                  ing on how to speak                                               Wome
                                What’s going on?           nicely and not back talk                                           Only
                                My sweet, little           mom. And for me, I’m            206 W. Jefferson Avenue      204 W. Jefferson Avenue
                             princess has a mouth like     trying to watch my sar-           Effingham, IL 62401          Effingham, IL 62401
                             a teenager. She also has      castic ‘‘Helloooos’’                              (217) 347-2639
                             a snotty ‘‘Helloooo’’         when I drive.                   Visit Our Website:
                             when she asks me for
                             something and I don’t
                             get it immediately.
                                We have arrived at the
                             age of the back talk. And
                             she’s getting pretty good
                             at it while I’m getting                                                                                                    MaKenna Smith
    Maddison Brown           pretty good at losing my                                                                                                   “Future Gymnast.”
    “Let’s Go Shopping!”     patience.
                                Child psychologist
                             Jim Bozigar said back
                             talking is actually just
                             proof that my daughter is
                             becoming her own per-
                             son and separating from
                                ‘‘She’s learned that
                             she can say no and have
                             some power in her life,’’
                             said Bozigar, coordinator
                             for a bullying prevention
                             program in Pennsylvania                                                                                                     Kaylee Sparks
     Ashton Buchanan
                             who used to run a back-                                                                                                      “I’m Purr-fect.”
        “Ya I Know....
          I’m Cute!”         talk workshop for par-
                                                                     rating Our 20thYear
                                He suggests not giv-
                             ing my child the oppor-            Celeb
                             tunity to say no by offer-
                             ing a choice such as:
                             ‘‘Do you want to take
                             your bath now or do you
                             want to take it in three
                                Bozigar also said to
                             give my daughter
                             responsibilities at home,                                                                                                   Paige Rieman
      Evan Bloemer           telling her that everyone
      “I Wanna Be A                                                                                                                                 “I’ve Got My Parents Exactly
                             in the family has to con-
      Cowboy Baby!”          tribute. Suggestions                                                                                                       Where I Want Them!!!”
                             include separating laun-
                             dry, putting toys away,
                             getting her backpack
                             ready, putting dirty dish-
                             es in the sink.
                                ‘‘As part of this
                                                               1800 S. Raney St., Suite 1 • 217-347-7474
                             dynamic of wanting to
                             be independent, you          
                             have to give them
                             responsibility,’’ he said.                  Celebrating Our
                                I also need to talk to
                                                                                                                                                        Joseph Repking
       Shae Condor
     “No, My Smile Is
                             my daughter about the
                             correct way we speak to
                                                                       10th Year In Business                                                          “This Kid Is Up To Par.”
       The Biggest.”         each other and when to
                             apologize for using the                     *TOP TEN REASONS
                             wrong tone with some-
                             one.                                TO ATTEND RANEY STREET DAYCARE:
                                ‘‘When they talk to us         10. Experienced, certified staff that build strong
                             that way, we have to stop
                             and engage them in                    relationships with your child and family
                             what’s going on,’’ Bozi-
                             gar said.                         9. DCFS/Project CHILD subsidy accepted
                                He said to tell my
                             daughter how it makes             8. Offer care to children ages 0 weeks to 12 years
                             me feel when she talks
      Carson Cornell
                             back or speaks rudely to          7. Share a warm, safe, nurturing and supportive                                        Gabriella Wakefield
                             me.                                                                                                                        “I Love My Puppy”
   “Crikey! You Want Me         I also realize that               atmosphere for children to learn in.
To Do What With Alligators?” some of the phrases my
                             daughter has picked up            6. For profit child care facility that has been family
                             have come from me.                   owned and operated since 1999.
                             How many times do I
                             yell ‘‘Helloooo’’ at              5. Open year round, including school closings,
                             another driver who does-
                             n’t go when the light                summers, and snow days
                             turns green.
                                Sometimes I tell her           4. Illinois State Board of Education Food Program
                             to ‘‘try again’’ when she            for a nutritious and healthy Breakfast, Lunch
                             puts on an outfit that
                             doesn’t match. So when               and Snack
 Dawson Dammerman it comes back out of her                                                                                                            Cayden Woodrum
  “Take The Picture-Mimi I   mouth, I know she is just         3. Before/After school program & Summer Camps                                               “I See You!”
   Want To Ride My Bike.”    modeling what she                    w/field trips, guest speakers, literacy programs,
                                Leah Korona, a Hen-               etc.
                             derson, Nev., mom of
                             three, has taken to shav-         2. Daily Schedule w/structured curriculum tailored
                             ing minutes off her 6-                to each age group to enhance social,
                             year-old’s bedtime when
                             she back talks or tells               emotional and physical development.
                             her mother no.
                                ‘‘She is pretty blunt          1. Raney Street Daycare is committed to your
                             about just saying no I’m              child’s future and offers daycare and preschool
                             not going to do it when I
                             ask her,’’ Korona said.               learning environments                                                                Landon Webster
    Lauren Ethridge
        “Just Chillin.”
                                Usually her daughter                           ALL UNDER ONE ROOF!                                                    “Hmmm...What Should I
                             says no to simple                                                                                                           Get Into Next?”
C4    Effingham Daily News                                                                                                                                    Tuesday, September 22, 2009

     Megan Blackwell                           Jenna Kollmann                          Megan Koester                         Claire Kinkelaar                          Gabriel Looman
“Do You Mean To Tell Me If I Get Up           “Would You Pick Me For                      “Blast Off!”                    Aunt Angie Says “ It’s All                  “Attack Of Babyzilla!”
  On My Knees & Crawl, I Can Go               Your Flower Bouquet?”                                                       About The Accessories!”
 Anywhere I Want! Get Outta Here!”

                                      Make your kids money savvy
                                      By CANDICE CHOI             decisions about purchas-       filing duties at the office.       might dock pay for failure
                                      AP Personal Finance         es, but not so much that       They can also wash win-            to perform certain duties,
                                      Writer                      they don’t need to weigh       dows or help out with              whether it’s helping out
                                                                  what they buy.                 yard work for extra cash.          around the house or mak-

                                      N    EW YORK (AP)               While you want to pro-         ‘‘As they get older,           ing grades at school.
                                           — Scrawled in          vide some structure, don’t     they’ll learn that they                HOW SHOULD I
                                           big, pink letters      dictate how they spend         need to work jobs to earn           ADJUST AS KIDS GET
        Grant Probst              across three envelopes are      every penny. The purpose       money,’’ Larsen said.                       OLDER?                          Porter Lilly
                                  the words ‘‘spend,’’            of an allowance is to let          Every family is differ-           Spending can quickly                    “Whoa!”
       “Are You Lonesome
             Tonight?”            ‘‘save’’ and ‘‘give.’’ It’s     your children experiment       ent, of course. You might          outpace an allowance as
                                  how second-grader Chloe         and even fail while it’s       decide to give your child          your child get older. The
                                  McLaughlin organizes her        still harmless.                an allowance with no
                                  $8 allowance.                       Lastly, don’t be           strings attached. Others                MONEY to C6
                                      It may sound grown-up       swayed by whining for
                                  for someone who still           more money.
                                  writes in crayon. But               ‘‘You have to show                                                    A Children’s
                                  given the state of the          them that you can’t                                                     Speciality Shoppe
                                  economy and runaway             always be keeping up                                                        In Downtown
                                  levels of personal debt,        with the Joneses,’’ Hart-
                                  her parents figured it’s        man said.
                                  never too soon to teach a         SHOULD I TIE IT TO
                                  little fiscal responsibility.            CHORES?                                                                                           Abigail Lee
       Melanie Probst                 ‘‘We see a lot of people        Tying allowance to                                                                               “I Have Nothing To Wear.
            “Cruisin’”            having trouble financially      routine chores can be an                                                                                Let’s Go Shopping.”
                                  these days, and that made       invitation for trouble. It
                                  us think about instilling       might prompt an expecta-
                                  discipline in them early,’’     tion of payment simply           “Unique Gifts For Unique Children”
                                  said Kevin McLaughlin, a        for making a bed or hang-         • Gund    • Bumkins   • Taggies
                                                                                                    • Sassy   • Robeez    • Clothing
                                  33-year-old resident of         ing up clothes.                   • Boppy   • Pediped   • Christening Gowns & Gifts
                                  Pine Beach, N.J., who               ‘‘That should be part of
                                  also has two younger chil-      taking care of family,’’                 Gift Wrap - Gift Certificates
                                  dren.                           said Joel A. Larsen, certi-            Personalization - Special Orders
                                      Once a casual weekly        fied financial planner with                   Hospital Delivery
                                  payment, allowance for          Navigator Financial Advi-
                                  many families has               sors LLC in Davis, Calif.             BRING THIS AD IN FOR 20% OFF
                                  evolved into a more struc-          Instead, Larsen sug-             THE REGULAR PRICE OF ONE ITEM
                                  tured lesson in money           gests offering to pay for                   Books • Toys • Puzzles                                        Maci Lewis
     Brayden Pummill              management. Children            specific tasks that go                        Games • Clothing                                       “No Ugly Duckling Here-
        “What Did I Do?           today might be expected         above and beyond every-                                                                               Only One Cute Chick.”
         I’m Innocent.”           to map out budgets or           day duties. He pays his 8-          123 E. Jefferson 342-3130            M-F 10-5         Sat 9-4
                                  track spending in               and 12-year-old daughters
                                  exchange for weekly pay-        $6 an hour to help with
                                  ments as they get older.
                                      For now, the
                                  McLaughlins are keeping
                                  it simple by letting 8-
                                  year-old Chloe decide
                                                                                                                   Does Your
                                  how she wants to use her
                                  allowance. Her decision
                                  surprised them; $4 goes to                                                       Family Go
                                  savings, $3 to charity. Just
   Gavin & Teagan Pals
    “Sweet Summertime.”
                                  $1 goes toward spending.
                                      ‘‘Of course, it’s only
                                  been a few weeks, so that
                                                                                                                 Through A Lot                                           Michael Alsbury
                                                                                                                                                                           “Being Cute Just
                                                                                                                                                                           Comes Natural.”
                                  could change,’’ said
                                  McLaughlin, who works
                                  in marketing.
                                                                                                                  Of Laundry?
                                      With a little bit of                                                                     WBVH5200H
                                  guidance, your own                                                                  GE® 3.8 cu. ft. king-size capacity
                                  child’s money savvy                            DBVH520EF/GF
                                  might surprise you. Here
                                  are some strategies to                 GE® 7.0 cu. ft. king-size capacity                  Frontload
                                  make an allowance count.
                                      HOW DO I START?                   Frontload Dryer                                       Washer
                                      Give young children              • Sensor Dry Plus™ • 5 Heat Selections             • Load Sensing Adaptive Fill
                                  clear jars, envelopes or         • Rotary Electronic Controls With LED Indicators         • 1000 RPM Spin Speed
        Kennedy Kull                                                                                                                                                       Wade Bushur
                                  piggy banks so they can
“With A Butterfly Kiss, & A Lady
       Bug Hug, Sleep Tight
Little One, Like A Bug In A Rug.”
                                  see their allowance accu-
                                  mulate. This makes the
                                  concept of saving tangi-
                                                                                 We Service What We Sell 90 Days Same As Cash
                                                                                                                                   849                                 “Don’t You Just Want To
                                                                                                                                                                      Pinch My Chubby Cheeks!”

                                      To provide some guid-
                                  ance, have them divide
                                  money into categories, as
                                  the McLaughlins did with
                                  Chloe. Depending on how
                                                                           KELLER        Hours: Mon Thru Fri 8-5
                                                                                                                          Sat 8-Noon
                                  sophisticated you want to                           117 S. Banker      Ph. 342-4045              Effingham
                                  be, set up two or three jars
                                  with labels such as ‘‘sav-
                                  ing,’’ ‘‘spending’’ or even
       Izabella Holste            ‘‘video games’’ if you                                                                                                                    Emma Light
  “Special Things Come
    In Small Packages.”
                                  want to focus on short-
                                  term purchases.
                                                                             Do You Ever Find Yourself                                                                  “Look At Me Mommy!”

                                      ‘‘Some parents are
                                  very willy nilly about it,
                                  but allowance needs to be
                                                                         Running Late On A School Morning?
                                  structured,’’ said Jennifer
                                  Hartman, a certified                                For Breakfast Or Lunch
                                  financial planner and
                                  principal with Greenleaf                             On The Run Try Our
                                  Financial Group in Los
                                  Angeles. ‘‘Don’t just give
                                  it to them because the
                                                                              DRIVE UP WINDOW
                                  kids are whining about                                               We have a Great Selection of
                                  it.’’                                                                                                                                     Mara Braun
          Jaidyn Lock                 If you want to preserve                                           Lunch Items Ready To Go!                                           “Howdy Fellas!”
     “Oatmeal Facials Do          the piggy bank tradition,
Wonders For A Girls Skin.” Money Savvy Pig offers                         Enjoy
                                                                                                         • Fresh Cut Fruit & Veggie Cups
                                  see-through piggy banks                 Fresh,                         • Oscar Mayer Lunchables
                                  divided into four compart-
                                  ments — spend, save,                  Delicious                        • Deli Sandwiches
                                  donate and invest. A pig is
                                  $16.99 at                              Donuts                          • Salads         • Apples
                                      If you haven’t already,              and                           • Cheeses        • Puddings &
                                  open a savings account
                                  for your kids so they can            Milk or Juice                     • Yogurts         Jello
                                  make occasional deposits
                                  for long-term goals.
                                                                       On Your Way                       • Bananas        • And Much
  Emmerson Hansen                 HOW MUCH SHOULD I                     to School!                       • Oranges         More!                                         Logan Burgener
              “Life Is                        GIVE?
           So Good.”                  The rule of thumb is $1
                                                                                                           Coffee & Cappuccino Always
                                  for every year of their                                                 Ready For Tired Moms & Dads.
                                  life, meaning a 10-year-
                                  old would earn $10 a
                                  week. But that baseline
                                  might be too high or low
                                  depending on your expec-
                                                                             Martin’s IGA
                                      For instance, it might
                                  not be enough if you
                                  expect your kids to pay
                                                                             Midtown Fuels
                                  for their lunch or after                     Located Just West Of Martin’s IGA Plus
      Alana Jackson               school snacks. Whatever                    217-347-7191 • 503 W. Jefferson • Effingham                                                  Brooklyn Flinn
      “Move Over Mozart!”         the figure, it should be                                                                                                                “Hop On, Let’s Go
                                  enough so they can make                                                                                                                   For A Ride.”
Tuesday, September 22, 2009                                                                                             Effingham Daily News          C5

     Gavin French                      Dalton Marshall                           Jaiden Niebrugge                        Jaden Ordner                               Andrew Petzing
    “Well Hello Ladies!”         “Hey Girls! I’ll Take You For A Ride            “Lets Dance, Turn Up                      “ HEY I’m A                             “Do I Have Something
                                     In My Big Green....Jeep!”                       The Music.”                         Rock Star Baby!”                             In My Teeth?”

                              8 questions to
                            test your child’s
     Abram Austin
  “Rise and Shine, Baby!”
                             financial savvy                                                                                                                        John Putnam-Cundiff
                                                                                                                                                                    “Who’s Got The Goodies?”
                            By The Associated
                            Press                              7. Which of the fol-
                                                            lowing payment options

                                    ere are eight           allow the user to pre-
                                    questions to test       establish the dollar value
                                    your teen’s             available for spending?
                            understanding of some              A. Smart card
                            basic financial concepts,          B. Chip card
                            including developing a             C. Stored value card
                            budget and building a              D. Debit card
                            strong credit history.
                                                               8. Which of the fol-
  Addyson Goeckner             1. Which of the fol-         lowing information may                                          September & October Special                  Skyler Clark
    “I Love Snuggling       lowing would be benefi-         appear on your credit                                             Buy One Pre-Baked Pizza                “Can’t Hold This Pose
     With My Baby.”                                         report?                                                           Get The 2nd For Only $5                 Forever Grandma.”
                            cial in achieving finan-
                            cial security?                     A. A late payment on
                               A. Adhering to your          your magazine subscrip-
                            financial plan only when        tion
                            you are in debt                    B. The last store
                               B. Creating a finan-         where you shopped
                            cial plan and then carry-          C. Your family histo-
                            ing it out                      ry
                               C. Assessing your               D. Your financial                                                         Remember Witt’s Has
                            ‘‘needs’’ only                  goals                                                                       Gift Cards & Baskets For
                               D. Only considering                                                                                      Those Hard To Get Gifts
                            your short-term goals              ANSWERS: 1) B, 2)
   Holly Goldstein                                          A, 3) B, 4) B, 5) C, 6) A,                                                                                Zander Reynolds
   “If You Only Knew           2. What does a budget        7) C, 8) A                                                                                             “Arrgh Cap’n, I’m Too Cute
  What I Was Thinking!”     help you do?                                                     Open Tuesday-Sunday 11 a.m.-9 p.m. • Closed Mondays • 217-868-5615       To Walk The Plank!.”
                                                                                                             10325 E. Highway 33 • Effingham
                               A. Stay in control of                    Source: Visa Inc.
                            your money
                               B. Make purchases
                            without considering
                            what money you’ve
                            spent so far
                               C. Prepare you finan-
                                                                                HERE FOR YOU AT EVERY
                            cially for planned events
                               D. Make impulse pur-
                                                                                   STAGE OF LIFE
   Holden McDowell                                                                                                                                                        Cale Reed
   “My Grandpa Thinks          3. Which of the fol-                                                                                                                      “I’m Ready For
     I’m Adorable!”         lowing is a benefit of                                                                                                                      Some Sun Fun.”
                            short-term saving?
                               A. Allows you to
                            stray from your budget
                            because you have money
                            saved in the bank
                               B. Allows for your
                            financial security if an
                            unexpected expense
                            should arise
                               C. Enables you to
                            stop saving when you
      Brian Hess            have too much money in                                                                                                                    Molly Shoemaker
   “It’s Sunny Everyday                                                                                                                                                   “Who Me?”
        In My World.”
                            the bank
                               D. Allows you to
                            overspend on items you

                               4. Which of the fol-
                            lowing is a tip for sav-
                               A. Put all the money
                            you get from your pay-
                            check into your pocket
                               B. Develop a habit for

                                                                 Needing A Little More
     Masey Mifflin          putting a set amount or                                                                                                                  Brayden Schnarre
     “Who Needs A           percentage of your pay-                                                                                                                 “It Was THIS BIG, Mom!”
     Tanning Bed?”          check into your savings

                                                                  Space In Your Kid’s
                               C. Never deposit
                            unexpected money into
                            your savings
                               D. Develop a habit
                            for saving only when the
                            amount of money being
                            put away is substantial                 Chest Of
                               5. What should you
                            remember about interest
      Audrey Holle          and borrowing money?                          4 Drawer                                                                                     Emma Shelley
   “Gardening Requires
                               A. I should borrow                                                                                                                    “Look At Me, I’m Just
     Lots Of Water!”        enough money to buy
                            everything I want
                               B. I should not worry
                            about how much interest
                                                                       at      84                                                                                        Like Daddy!”

                            I must pay on a loan or
                            credit card                                   5 Drawer
                               C. When I borrow
                            money, I should consider
                            how much I will pay in                      at
                            interest and what the
                            total amount is that I
     Evie Macklin
                            will have to pay back
                               D. Credit cards are a
                                                                                                                        Bunk Beds                                    Howard Shamhart
       “Pick Me!”           good way to buy what I                                                                          Several Styles                          “Enough Already, I Don’t
                            want, when I want                                                                                                                             Want To!”
                                                                                                                               & Colors
                               6. Which of the fol-                                                                         From Which To
                            lowing may lead to a
                            financial problem?                                                                               Choose From
                               A. Overspending
                               B. Categorizing your
                            expenses into different
                               C. Understanding
                                                                    Bob’s Salvage                                               Mon.-Sat. 8am-6pm

                            your positive and nega-                                                                              Sun. 11am-5pm
                            tive spending habits                                                                                217-342-2179
Benjamin Mettendorf            D. Considering your                  & Home Improvement                                                                                Hannah & Haley
  “Barack Obama Won?”       values when determining
                                                                           1905 South Banker • South Route 45 • Effingham, IL                                        “Rub A Dub Dub Twins
                            your goals                                                                                                                                     In A Tub.”
C6    Effingham Daily News                                                                                                                                                                             Tuesday, September 22, 2009

 William Vonderheide                           Briley Willis                                  Marissa Yoder                                          Lyncoln Dittamore                                                    Carson Fox
 “Aww Come On Daddy, Why                     “Mommy & Daddy’’s                             “Who’s A Pretty Girl?”                                Even A Cardinal Fan Can’t                                          “My Name Is Carson, But
  Can’t I Get This One, Is It               Little Miss Sunshine.”                                                                              Resist A Cub Fan This Cute!”                                       People Call Me Irresistible!”
    Because It’s Pink?”

                                Princess pedestal: How                                                          IF YOU’RE PROTECTED
                                many girls are on one?                                                           THEY’RE PROTECTED
                                C       HICAGO (AP) —           he’s seeing more parents
                                        All the pink, frilly    struggling with it and
                                        and sparkly — from      ‘‘questioning whether the
                                the princess dresses to the     princess message is a good
                                four-foot-high pink castle in   thing.’’
                                                                                                                 “WE CAN COVER ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS”
                                the playroom — isn’t neces-        These days, that message
      Ashlinn Kloos             sarily what Caroline Morris     begins practically at birth                         • LIFE • COMMERCIAL • FARM OWNERS                                                                    Marie Zumbahlen
   “Hey Mom A Tisket A          would choose for her eldest     with everything from                           • AUTO • HOME-TOWN/COUNTRY • NOTARY PUBLIC                                                              “Let Me Think About This
  Tasket Ashlinn’s In The       daughter.                       princess baby shirts and                                                                                                                              For A Minute, Do I Want My
                                                                                                                      (Discounts For Auto & Home Combination)
     Laundry Basket”                She doesn’t want to stop    ‘‘her royal highness’’ bibs to                                                                                                                          Picture Taken Today?”
                                her 6-year-old from being
                                who she is. But as princess
                                                                princess-themed photo
                                                                albums and picture frames                     HOME FARMERS MUTUAL
                                fever has reached a new
                                high with this generation of
                                                                for baby girls. By the time
                                                                those girls are toddlers,                             INSURANCE CO.
                                girls, she and other parents
                                are feeling the urge to rein
                                                                many are drawn to the
                                                                princess dresses, glittery                                                                        217-857-3278
                                in the would-be reigning        crowns and even makeup.                                     AGENTS:                           TEUTOPOLIS
                                ones, just a little.               And it goes on and on.                        Ronald W. Overbeck                                              Mick Deters
                                    That’s especially true in   Barbie has many princess-                            342-9882                                                     857-3229
                                tough economic times,           oriented items, including a                         Karl Pruemer                                                 Ed Niemerg
                                when more parents are
     Josie Willenborg           focusing on messages of              PRINCESS to C7                                  857-1174                                                     925-5493                              Grady Westendorf
   “What...I’m Hungry!”         frugality and humility that,                                                                                                                                                            “I Am Not Eating That!”
                                they say, just don’t fit with
                                the princess mentality that
                                has become a rite of passage
                                for many girls.
                                    Morris knows, of course,
                                that some parents think such
                                worries are ridiculous.
                                    ‘‘But what happens
                                when our daughters get to
                                adulthood and they realize
                                that the world isn’t a fairy
                                tale?’’ asks Morris, who                                                                                         For Our
        Lance Volk              lives in suburban Atlanta
       “All The Ladies
          Love Me”
                                and insists she doesn’t mind
                                imaginative play. She just                                                                                     Community                                                                   Jersey Gaddis
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      “Does This Bow Make My
                                wants her girls to strive for                                                                                                                                                             Butt Look Big?”
                                something beyond being
                                ‘‘pretty and glamorous.’’
                                    The debate has been
                                around for a long time, says
                                Dr. Ken Haller, a pediatri-
                                cian at Cardinal Glennon
                                Children’s Medical Center
                                                                                                                                                 Jeffrey Crowell, MD                 Jeffery Brummer, D.O.
                                in St. Louis. But as princess                                                                                Board Certified Family Practice              Board Certified
                                paraphernalia becomes all                                                                                     Including Obstetrics, Sports
                                                                                                                                             Medicine And Minor Surgeries
                                                                                                                                                                                        In Family Practice
                                                                                                                                                                                      Including Pediatrics &
                                but unavoidable, he says                                                                                         Including Vasectomies                    Sports Medicine

                                                                        Dr. Crowell & Dr. Jeff Brummer are accepting applications for new patients of all ages.
        Chloe Winter
        “Don’t Worry
         Be Happy!”
                                Money                  ....
                                                                             To complete an application stop by our office or download an application at
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Ella Knierim
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             “LOL Mom!”
                                Continued from A1

                                obvious way to bridge the
                                gap is to encourage
                                teenagers to get a part-          Michael Brummer, MD   Colleen Bingham, MD    Tom Heischmidt, MD         Dot Behrns             Lenora Drees             Michele Hartke
                                time job.                            Board Certified       Board Certified    Board Certified Pediatrics Board Certified        Board Certified           Board Certified
                                                                     Family Practice          Pediatrics         Internal Medicine Family Nurse Practitioner Family Nurse Practitioner Family Nurse Practitioner
                                    For major purchases
                                such as a car, consider
                                working out a deal where
                                you pick up a share of the            FAMILY CARE ASSOCIATES OF EFFINGHAM, S.C.
        Cody Wollin             cost.                                                                   Ph. 217-342-7000                                                                                                     Bo Kreke
      “Look At Me I”m A             ‘‘They should save up                        1106 North Merchant Street, PO Box 665                                               Effingham                                         “See What Happens
          Big Boy.”             for it one way or anoth-                                                                                                                                                              When You Leave Me Alone
                                er,’’ said Hartman of                   Office Hours By Appointment Monday Through Friday 8 AM-Noon And 1:15 PM-5:00 PM                                                                  With My Sister!!!”
                                Greenleaf Financial.                                          Visit our website at:
                                ‘‘Otherwise it could turn
                                into a problem when they
                                get a credit card and just
                                buy whatever they want.’’
                                    If you want them to
                                focus on school work,
                                consider giving a quarter-
                                ly stipend for clothing and
                                other expenses, she said.
     Melia Wendling             This can teach kids to be
                                judicious with money                                                                                                                                                                     Aiden Ladendorf
     “Oh So Precious!”
                                over time.                                                                                                                                                                                 “Clothes Are So
                                    At some point, you                                                                                                                                                                       Overrated.”
                                might have to consider
                                prepaid debit cards to give
                                teens flexibility to shop
                                online or download songs.
                                    Discover Financial Ser-
                                vice’s Current and Visa
                                Inc.’s Buxx cards let par-
                                ents set spending limits
                                and specify where the
                                cards can be used. You
                                and your child can check
        Andrew Will             the balance online.                                                                                                                                                                       Delaina Manuel
 “Oh Man, I Have To Wait            The Current card                                                                                                                                                                        “A Big Smile
 14 More Years To Drive!”       charges a $5 monthly or a                                                                                                                                                                Requires A Big Hat!”
                                $50 annual fee. Fees for
                                the Visa Buxx card are
                                determined by the issuer.
                                    If you don’t want to
                                give your kids plastic, let
                                them make online pur-
                                chases with your credit
                                card then repay you in
                                    WHAT IF MY BUD-
                                GET IS TIGHT?
      Kaiden Wolff                  Don’t feel guilty if you                                                                                                                                                              Madison Meyer
  “Just Grandma & Me.”          have to scale back your
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          “Life’s A Beach!”
                                child’s allowance. Having
                                children share in any fam-
                                ily cutbacks can be an
                                important lesson, said
                                Susan Beacham, founder
                                of Money Savvy Genera-
                                tion, a Lake Bluff, Ill.-
                                based company that
                                makes personal finance

        Evan Sutton
                                products for children.
                                    In fact, she said it will
                                prepare them for the
                                future by giving them a
                                                                                          Crossroads Bank
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Cailin Ohnesorge
        “Oh Mom, I Know         taste of what many adults
                                are going through in the
                                                                                                       1-800-305-7751                                                                                                 “I am Smiling...I Just Wish
       I’m Your Favorite.”                                                                                                                                                        Member FDIC                             I Had Some Teeth.”
Tuesday, September 22, 2009                                                                                              Effingham Daily News            C7

      Noah Pruemer                          Nora Trupiano                              Jaedyn Thoele                          Chase Tegeler                                Kinley Will
    “Take Me For A Ride in                 “Too Cute Tiny Tutu.”                 “Life Is Good!! Just Relaxing            “Look Who’s Turning......”                 “Don’t You Wish Your Dolly
   Your Big Green Tractor!”                                                           And Taking It Easy.”                                                             was PHAT Like Me?”

                              Parents                    ....Continued from C6

                              top-selling ‘‘Princess and        exhibit narcissistic traits,      lengthy discussion between       playing princess.
                              the Pauper’’ DVD. Even            including the belief that ‘‘If    those who shared his glee            ‘‘When they get an atti-
                              seemingly tougher girls like      I ruled the world, it would       and those who were offend-       tude, that’s when it’s time to
                              Dora the Explorer occasion-       be a much better place.’’         ed.                              take a bath or eat dinner,’’
                              ally don crowns, too. And             ‘‘But women are catch-            There are, after all, many   says Bretton Holmes, a dad
                              then, of course, there’s the      ing up, fast,’’Twenge says.       parents who happily go           of two young daughters in                 John Yallaly
   Hayden Wendling            undisputed leader in all          And she thinks the princess       along with the happily ever      Lubbock, Texas. ‘‘If you             “When Are The Easter Bunny
 “Have You Seen My Rubber     things princess: The Walt         syndrome is a factor, given       after.                           give them enough context,                 Try Outs Again?”
         Ducky?”              Disney Co.                        that this generation of               Janine Fugate, a mother      then they’ll turn out fine.’’
                                  In 2000, Disney began         young women was young             in Minneapolis whose 5-              Haller, the pediatrician in
                              grouping several of its           when some of the newer            year-old daughter went           St. Louis, agrees that those
                              female movie characters           and most popular Disney           through a huge princess          discussions are vital, as is
                              together as the ‘‘Disney          princess films were               stage, is one of them.           monitoring whether girls are
                              Princesses’’ — from               released.                             ‘‘Kids get obsessive         using the fantasy play to
                              ‘‘Sleeping Beauty’’ to the            Recently, Disney also         about stuff. Right now she’s     escape a harmful situation.
                              more recent ‘‘Mulan.’’ Since      came out with a line of           loving Pokemon and super         He also advises against all-
                              then, executives there say        princess-inspired wedding         heroes. Next year, it will       princess-all-the-time.
                              that part the entertainment       dresses, aimed at that age        probably be something
                              mogul’s business has grown        group of young women.             else,’’ Fugate says of her
                              from $300 million that first
                              year to an anticipated $4 bil-
                                                                    ‘‘For many women,
                                                                there’s still a piece from
                                                                                                  daughter. ‘‘What’s impor-
                                                                                                  tant to us is that we give her
                                                                                                                                                   The                      Brady Wilson
    Genevieve Mette
 “Yummy! #1 Teething Toy
                              lion internationally this year.
                              And at the end of the year,
                                                                childhood to want to be a
                                                                princess,’’ says Mary Beech,
                                                                                                  and her 3-year old sister                       Book                      “I’ve Got My Eyes
                                                                                                                                                                                 On You.”
    Schottman’s Corn”         they will debut an African-
                              American princess, Tiana,
                                                                a Disney vice president who
                                                                helps oversee development
                                                                                                  options and opportunities.’’
                                                                                                      Of his 5-year-old daugh-                    Depot
                                                                                                  ter’s princess obsession,
                              and the movie ‘‘The
                              Princess and the Frog.’’
                                  All of it, Haller says,
                                                                of products tied to Disney
                                                                brands, the princesses
                                                                                                  David Miller, a dad in
                                                                                                  Philadelphia, jokes: ‘‘I             Grand
                              constitutes a brilliant mar-
                              keting move that targets a
                                                                    That’s exactly what wor-
                                                                ries parents such as David
                                                                                                  worry more about the near
                                                                                                  future when she will want to
                                                                                                  be a pierced-up drummer in
                              normal stage of child devel-      Williams, a father from
                              opment. By age 3, kids are        Fond du Lac, Wis., who has
                                                                                                  a punk rock band.’’               Sat., Sept. 26
                                                                                                      Some parents try to
                              beginning to define them-         a 3-year-old daughter and a       strike a happy medium by            9am-2pm
                              selves, both with gender and      1-year-old son                    finding positive ways to use       Hot Dogs, Chips &
                              as individuals. They’re also          Though they’ve given in       their daughters’ obsession                                               Raegen Warner
                              big-time into fantasy play,       on a few princess items for                                           Soda 11am-1pm
       Lane Wolfe                                                                                 with princesses.                                                       “Finally! Out Of The No
                              which for boys, often mani-       their daughter, he says he                                               Drawings!                          And Into The Go!”
     “Crikey, Mate!”          fests itself in super heroes.     and his wife have drawn the           ‘‘We’ve taken advantage
                                                                                                  of this by saying that mun-             Great Selection Of
                                  But somehow, the              line on Barbie and Bratz                                                  • Mystery • Fiction
                              princess phenomenon has           dolls, which he calls             dane locations like a tower
                                                                                                  at the end of a hike is a                  • Non-Fiction
                              become way more loaded.           ‘‘empty-headed girly-girl
                                                                                                  princess castle,’’ says Chris     • Sci-Fi • Novels • Romance
                                  ‘‘It just encourages par-     products.’’ Coincidentally,
                                                                                                  Gale, a father in Stamford,           • Western • Biography
                              ents who put their kids on a      Mattel Inc., which makes
                                                                                                  Conn., whose daughter is a         • Self Help • Religion • Diet
                              pedestal — and who                Barbie, recently won a
                              encourage their kids a lot        copyright infringement bat-       fan of Ariel from Disney’s       • Exercise • Classic • Children
                              and rarely criticize,’’ says      tle that may mean the end of      ‘‘The Little Mermaid.’’               • Horror • True Crime
                              Jean Twenge, an associate         Bratz, a popular but contro-          ‘‘Invoking Ariel has               • Oprah’s Book Club
                              professor of psychology at        versial line of dolls that        actually gotten her to try                 • Best Sellers
                              San Diego State who’s done        some parents loathed              and enjoy eating octopus at         Ph. 347-2755
                              research on the way parent-       because of the diva-like atti-    a local restaurant,’’ he said.                                           Juliette Coleman
                                                                                                                                   Mon.-Fri. 9-5, Sat. 9-2              “I’ll Smile When I’m Ready
      Nora Baker              ing affects children. ‘‘You       tude they encourage.                  Others say they also try      1100 West Wabash
                              could label that kind of par-         Meanwhile, Greg Allen,        to nix diva-like behavior                                               & No Amount Of Cheek
 “And Power Is Something                                                                                                                Effingham                             Tickling Will Help.”
You Just TAKE...Say, At Nap   enting ’princess parenting.’’’    a father who writes a blog        that can be brought on by
Time When You’re Way Too          Twenge, who is herself        called Daddy Types,
     Busy To Sleep...”        the mom of a young daugh-         applauded the recent demise
                              ter, talks about some of this
                              in her new book ‘‘The Nar-
                              cissism Epidemic: Living in
                                                                of Club Libby Lu, mall-
                                                                based stores for girls that
                                                                focused on makeovers and
                                                                                                      Now In Our New Location!
                                                                                                        Mommy & Me
                              the Age of Entitlement.’’         super-frilliness.
                                  Among other things, she           ‘‘As a new parent, I
                              and co-author W. Keith            dreaded someday having to
                              Campbell found the rate that      fight the superficial, idiotic,

                                                                                                        Boutique, Inc.
                              college-age women were            pop culture-worshipping
                              developing narcissistic traits    chain’s impending influence
                              was four times that of men,       on my daughter,’’ he wrote
                              when analyzing surveys            after Saks Inc., which
                              taken from 2002 through           owned Club Libby Lu,
                              2007. It should be noted
                              that, overall, men of that age
                                                                announced it would close
                                                                those stores by this spring.           - Maternity & Breastfeeding Store -
                              group still are more likely to    His comments set off a
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                                                                                                                                       - Maternity Clothing & Nursery Tops

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C8   Effingham Daily News                                                                                          Tuesday, September 22, 2009


  If you only knew ...
     Holly Goldstein, daughter of John
  and Cheryle Goldstein of Altamont, is    Watch out, this babe’s mine! No instructions included
  a little mischievous.
                                            Gaddison Goeckner, son of Cory and Sarah Goeckn-
                                           er of Dieterich, is a budding ladies’ man.                 Elisabeth Sue Grunloh, daughter of Jim and
                                                                                                   Jill Grunloh of Effingham, can be a lot to han-

                                                                                                                                 I just had
                                                                                                                                   a bath
                                                                                                                                    Kaleb Chance
                                                                                                                                 McDaniel, son of
                                                                                                                                 Samantha Haber-
                                                                                                                                 land and Ben
                                                                                                                                 McDaniel        of
                                                                                                                                 Mason, gets a lit-
                                                                                                                                 tle sprucing from
                                                                                                                                 his puppy.

                                                                                        EFFINGHAM COUNTY
                                                                                        HEALTH DEPARTMENT

                                     Lonesome tonight?                                   901 West Virginia, P.O. Box 685
                                       Grant Probst, son of Keith and
                                     Mandy Probst of Effingham, may be
                                                                                             Effingham, IL 62401
Phat like me
  Kinley Will, daughter of Duane
                                     the next Elvis.
                                                                                   WOMEN, INFANTS, CHILDREN
and Kristy Will of Teutopolis, and
her dolly are stylin’!
                                                                                  WIC is the Specialized Supplemental Food Program
                                                                                funded by the United States Department of Agriculture
                                                                                  to provide healthy benefits to eligible participants:

                                                                             Program Benefits:
                                                                             • Nutritious Food
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                                                                             • Nutrition Education & Counseling
                                                                             • Linkages & Resources

                                                                             Eligibility Categories:
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      We Deliver.                                                                                We want your experience to be a
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                                                                                                  • private rooms with showers and
                                                                                                    home-like atmosphere
                                                                                                  • nursery adjacent to mothers’ rooms
                                                                                                    and family waiting area
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                                                                                                    Baby Home Care visit

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