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					                                          Recommended Safety Equipment
                                        Sunderland Yacht Club Cruiser racing

The list below are regarded as being the very minimum a Yacht is expected to carry. Skippers are encouraged to exceed
these requirements

                        Item                            No                                 Comments

Each Yacht is required to meet the requirement of            Requirements can be found here
the SOLAS regulations referring to Pleasure craft

Means of Propulsion
                                                             A boat can not start a race when it is known that the engine is not
Engine in Working Order                                 1
Storm Canvas                                            1    Storm Jib or a means of reducing area i.e. Furling System
A battery whose sole purpose is to start the engine
                                                        1    Two battery system or a manual starting arrangement
or means of starting a engine by hand
Sufficient Fuel to return to home port or safe haven
with reserve.
Sufficient battery capacity to maintain Navigation
Instruments and lights for the duration of the               Yachts competing in night sailing events

Anchor Chain and warp appropriate for the boat               See Recommendations
Minimum length of Chain Main Anchor Mtrs*                5
Minimum length of Warp Main Anchor Mtrs*                20

A Strong Point on the foredeck                          1    To allow a tow if necessary
Fairlead over the stem being capable of controlling a
                                                             Where the strong point is set back on the foredeck.
                         Item                        No                                  Comments

Dealing with water ingress
Bucket not less than 9 litres and not more than 14
litres fitted with a strong handle and lanyard
Hand Bilge pumps discharging overboard               1
Softwood Plugs where a hull has skin fittings             At least on per fitting. Best stored close to Skin Fittings

Detection Equipment
Radar Reflector, Properly Mounted with as large a
                                                     1    A Solas Requirement
cross section as can reasonably be carried
Fixed Navigation Lights which comply with
                                                     1    Yachts competing in night sailing events
International regulations
Sound Signal Appliance                               1
Powerful Torch                                       1

Fire Fighting Equipment
Fire Blanket for yachts fitted with Cooking
Fire Extinguishers                                   2

Personal safety Equipment for each crewmember

Warm Clothing, Waterproofs, Sea boots and a Hat
                                                          Skippers should actively encourage the use of
A lifejacket 150 Newton's for each crew member
Safety Harness and Lifeline                               personal safety equipment, lifejackets in particular
Jack Stays or suitable Clip on Points

Man Overboard Recovery Equipment
Horseshoe lifebelt and self Igniting light (Night
A buoyant heaving Line                               1    Skippers should formulate plans to retrieve MOB both conscious and
                        Item                             No                               Comments
                                                              Skippers should formulate plans to retrieve MOB both conscious and
A Boarding ladder capable of rapid and secure                 unconscious
attachment, or suitable other means of retrieving        1
man overboard

Means of calling for help
A marine based VHF Radio Telephone
A DSC Calling VHF Radio                                       There shall be at least TWO methods of calling for help from this list.
Waterproof VHF Hand Held                                      If a Mobile phone is one of these methods it must be waterproof. VHF
Mobile Phone                                                  to be switched on at all times at sea
Hand Held Red Flares in date                             2

Emergency VHF Aerial                                     1    Highly recommended if the only VHF on board is a fixed set
Valid CG 66 Form                                         1    Coastguard Safety Registration

Navigation Equipment
Up to date Charts of the local area                      1
Local Tide Tables                                        1
Steering Compass able to be lit at night                 1
Lead line or Echo Sounder                                1
Electronic Navigation e.g. GPS                           1
Means of navigating in the event of Electrical Failure
Distance Measuring Log in working order and

First Aid
A First Aid Kit and Manual                               1

General Equipment
Emergency Tiller Wheel Steered Boats                     1
Sufficient suitable mooring warp and Fenders             2    Should Include at least one long line suitable for a tow line
                        Item                       No                               Comments

Tool Kits for General engine Electrical and Sail
Spares for Engine                                  1    Fan Belt, Fuel Filters, Pump Impellers, Spark Plugs
Means of severing the Rigging in event of
Knife in easy reach of the Cockpit                 1    Serrated blade Preferred

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