The Four Main Duties of a Personal Assistant

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					The Four Main Duties of a Personal Assistant

The job of a personal assistant or PA has been used in many movies and TV
shows alike. And what image do you see in these portrayals? Usually, the
assistants look calm and at the top of their game while juggling so many
tasks all at once. While they are typing on the computer, the boss will
come out to ask for another task to be completed. And while trying their
best to accomplish such, a visitor will ask if they can talk to the boss
and the assistant will make excuses as to where the boss is.

Looks complicated? Well, that is really how the work environment for a PA
looks like. The tasks will vary depending on the kind of industry they
are in. If you ever fancy about this profession, you must be apt and
alert all the time. You are your boss’ second hand. You don’t want the
big guy to find himself missing an arm.

The Duties
You may think that what you’ve seen on TV shows or movies are exaggerated
interpretation of what it’s really like, you will be amazed that they are
greatly similar to the real thing. Here are the basic duties of a PA.

1. Administrative support. As a PA, you will provide assistance to the
management with regards to their daily tasks. The accomplishments of such
tasks will depend on how you and your boss coordinate. The latter cannot
miss a meeting and cannot leave the office with an important document
unsigned. It is your responsibility to see over their schedule and plans
so that you can aid them in sorting those out to do what needs to be done
according to their priorities.

2. Secretarial tasks. It is also part of your job description to take
calls or screen the calls coming in for your boss. You will take care of
the correspondence like writing letters and emails. You will have to look
after the visitors. You are also tasked to arrange meetings for your boss
and do the necessary cancellations whenever needed. At meetings, your
boss may ask you to take the minutes and diction and sum it up for them.

3. Other tasks. These include going on events when your boss is not
available. You may also be asked to research on certain topics depending
on the need of your immediate superior. You may also have to look upon
the overall budget of certain promos and events. If your employer needs
certain supplies, you can also be asked to purchase the needed products.
So you must take note of the important contact number such as the
suppliers of office equipments or what your boss often require. This way,
you can easily give the materials whenever your boss needs them.

4. Personal assistance. You must also be ready to accept duties like
ordering flowers for your boss’ wife or date. You may also be asked to
buy personal gifts that your superior needs for other personal purposes.
Your boss may ask you to reserve tickets for concerts and other events or
reservations at restaurants. This may be already beyond your job
description, but doing the tasks without qualms will put your working
relationship with your boss at a good light.
Your success as a personal assistant will greatly vary on the type of
boss who will ask you to carry out your tasks and the industry where you
choose to be of service. So make sure that you know a lot about the
people you’ll be working with and the type of business they are in before
you even submit your CV.