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									Cognitive Therapy Put to Use in Propensity to Self Subversion

Robert Westermeyer, a revered doctor. Has just published the book Kicking
Depressions Ugly Butt. This is a book that is based on cognitive
learning. Through cognitive learning, an individual can find a successful
approach to getting rid of depression. Plus an individual can prevent a
relapse. This book discusses many different reasons that depression
occurs. The reader can begin to understand depression and how to break
the ugly cycle.

The first chapter of the book deals with the spiral that depression
creates in individuals. This chapter is focused on a cognitive model of
depression. The cognitive model enables the individual to understand the
Causes of depression. Some of these causes may include negative thinking,
tragic life events or biochemical abnormalities. Signs of depression can
be withdrawal from social activities, negative thinking and self-focused
attention. It is important for a reader to understand depression in order
to get rid of depression.

The second chapter is focused on the recovery from depression. This
chapter is focused on the positive patches of relief that are provided to
an individual who is in a recovery period from depression. A depressed
individual usually experiences a period if moderate mood improvement.
This improvement may last for only a short while. Through cognitive
learning an individual will learn how to make a recovery period last for
a long period of time. This is a chapter that is dedicated to finding
periods of respite among the waves of depression. Activity planning is a
very healthy part of cognitive learning.

Another chapter of the book discusses the systematic process of cognitive
therapy. This is a way in which an individual is given the power to
monitor negative thinking. An individual is given the skills needed to
test out negative thinking and to test the thoughts for accuracy. This
allows an individual to realize what thoughts have a basis and what
thoughts can be considered untrue. This is very important in developing a
healthy thinking pattern. A healthy thinking pattern is necessary for an
individual to lead a successful life.

Metacognition is defined in another chapter. Metacognition is the human
ability to dispute, change and examine thinking behaviors. When an
individual is depressed it has been proven that, an individual tends to
delve into a negative thinking pattern. It is important for an individual
to break out of this negative thinking pattern and to learn how to use
metacognition. There are a variety of exercises that are designed to
assist readers in adapting this powerful learning tool.

Other chapters in the book deal with the topics of anxiety, motivation,
anger, social skills and preventing relapse. This is a very helpful book
that can assist an individual through depression. An individual is able
to get rid of depression and to lead a healthy life.

Depression has been described as an ugly black dog that tends to follow a
person. It is important to recognize the symptoms of depression and to
deal with those symptoms. Depression not only affects the individual but
also the people involved in that individual’s life. An individual who is
depressed can greatly benefit from cognitive learning.

Cognitive learning is a process in which an individual is given the power
to understand their thoughts, feelings and emotions. In order to make the
right decisions it is important to understand the emotions and thoughts
that guide our decisions. This is an essential tool for an i ndividual to
cultivate and use on a daily basis. Each of us is in control of our
future destinies. We just have to be willing to take control of our own
lives one-step at a time.

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