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									Social Network in Personal and Interpersonal Development
Personal & Interpersonal Development: Building your Social Network

Many experts affirm that to be rich and famous, you must first have good
connections or relationships in the business or industry that you plan to
be working in. This is true; you need to be noticed by people who can
pull strings or arrange opportunities for you to ply your trade and let
people know that you are god at what you do, and being introduced to the
right people is always a major asset. However, it is also important not
just to rely on people just for the sake of their connections alone;
social climbers are often frowned on in most societies, because these
kinds of people tend to seek connections with others solely for their own
personal gain. By learning to foster a network of people who you can
genuinely relate to, you will be able to achieve more results in both
improving your standing with them, as well as improving yourself for the

There are actually two kinds of relationships that any person may forge
with another. The first of these relationships mainly revolves around
give and take, while the second is established due to personal choice.
There are many advantages of each type of relationship, although the
former tends to reap more financial advantages, while the latter is
mainly for personal reasons. Giving and taking is an integral part of
any relationship, and often serves as one of its basis. Frequently taking
something – whether it is a physical possession, learning a skill – from
someone else, common courtesy also demands that you give or provide
something of value to the person, in order to allow you to keep on
learning or receiving things from him. This, however, should not be the
cornerstone of your relationships, as you should establish some sort of
rapport with the person on a more personal level as well. Striking up a
friendship, and therefore a connection, with the person, tends to have
much more advantages for both parties rather than simply forging an
alliance due to similar interests or goals.

There are many types of relationships that do not even require a give or
take relationship, and this is one of the best connections that you can
enjoy. Because there is no requirement to provide things for other
people, nor is there the urgency to receive anything from the other
party, anything that is exchanged between the two people are done mainly
out of friendship or love. Being in this kind of relationship allows you
to become more attentive and more attuned to the feelings and problems of
the other person in question.

With this kind of relationship, you are no longer governed by personal
gain or financial gain. Instead, you are concerned for the well being of
the other person simply because of the friendship or the love that you
share. Being more concerned about the other person’s needs enables you to
grow as a person; you are more susceptible to other people’s feelings,
and you learn that being in a relationship does not necessarily need to
have any foreseeable advantage, but that you can enter into a
relationship just to enjoy the other person’s company, thereby improving
your empathy. Moreover, you can also improve your attitude and character
according to the person’s opinions regarding that matter. By using their
suggestions and advices to become a better person, you also improve your
attitude towards other people that you meet and interact with. Forming
connections and relationships with other people are almost a guarantee,
especially in modern society. Some of these relationships can be used to
improve oneself financially or politically, but it is bonds made out of
friendship and love that bests increases one’s personal self-development,
and enriches their values in the process.

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