; Interpersonal Self and Personal Self Talk
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Interpersonal Self and Personal Self Talk


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									Interpersonal Self and Personal Self Talk

We can use self-talk skills to develop interpersonal and personal
abilities to control our lives. We often think when we hear voices that
its not a good thing, well some times it’s a good thing to hear the inner
voice, what is good about hearing voices well the inner voice will help
you to solve some of your problems. The inner voice can help you to talk
you though some of life hardest choices.

How does the inner voice help you?

When using your inner voice you have to learn if it’s to help you, the
inner voice can be bad as well as good. There is a big difference when it
comes to the bad inner voice as well as well as the good inner voice. You
have to learn to be able to figure out the difference between the two of
them. You want to move to control the negative private speech, or
thoughts that develop in your mind.

The bad inner voice is when the voice is telling you to do something that
is wrong and you know its wrong but the voice in your mind is telling you
that it’s ok; nothing is going to happen to you. The bad inner voice is
stronger than you are able to handle so you really need to be learn a way
to be stronger than the negative inner voice.

If the negative inner voice is too strong and you are unable to handle
this you may have to go and get help for the problem. Your local family
doctor can help you to get pointed in the right direction. Although you
have to learn as well that the negative inner voice can pretend to be the
good inner voice causing major problems. When I talk about bad inner
voices these are might to be as bad negative thoughts that you have, the
good inner voice that I am talking about is the positive things that you
may hear in your head.

You want to listen to these voices. The positive voices will encourage
you to do what is right. When you do what is right it makes it easier to
see what you must accomplish to develop your interpersonal and personal

You want to develop a sound conscious that will direct you along the
right path. By doing so you will have developed your self-awareness,
which is the prime tool you will need to accomplish any goal you set out
to master.

Self-awareness allows you to notice and accept the voices that guide or
misguide your path. When you develop self-awareness you develop
selectiveness, which means you will make better choices.

Self-awareness is a powerful tool, so while you are on the road to
develop interpersonal and personal skills take some time to develop your
self-awareness as well.

Use self-talk to develop your self-awareness. You also want to practice
meditation. Meditation can help you develop your ability to use self-talk
and self-awareness. Meditation will help you to figure out between
negative and positive inner voices. Mediation is a self teaching skill
that you can use to teach your self rather its though books from your
local library or though the internet, if you find that this isn’t helping
you to learn you can always go to your local doctor and they will help
you to get involved with a class that is closest to you, although you can
join social groups which will help you, especially if you analyze your
reactions once you are at the group and when you arrive home.

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