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Hack Gmail How to Hack Gmail Account Password Using PRORAT Trojan & Phishing Attack


									                 Name of God Rahman Dieting
                       Mohamed ismael mohamed
Hack Gmail How to Hack Gmail Account Password Using PRORAT
                   Trojan & Phishing Attack

  From computermaster group on facebook

                                     Learn how to
                     How to Hack an Ethernet ADSL Router

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METHOD-1: How to Hack Gmail Account Passwords Using Phishing Attack

Step 1: Download Gmail fake login page and extract the contents into a folder. Visit here to

Step 2: Create your free account at, and
upload the extract files here.

Step 3: I have uploaded all files at Simply upload all the extracted files here.

Step 4: Open you fake page, enter user name and password and try out whether its working. You
fake page will be located at

Step 5: A password file will be created in the same directory and you can check it at

Now you are ready to hack Gmail accounts password. If you face any problem, post your
comments here.
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This post is for educational purpose only. holds no responsibility
how you are using the downloaded files.

METHOD-2: How to Hack Gmail Account Passwords Using Trojans & Keyloggers

Here I am demonstrating using PRORAT trojan. You can also check the list of trojans &
Keyloggers here which I have already posted few months back. You can use any trojan or
keylogger as per your ease. The basic functionality of allbackdoors are same. Pls make note
that all these hacking tools and softwares are detected by antivirus. You have to uninstall or close
you running antivirus first. I strictly recommend you to try these trojans & keyloggers on some
testing system first.

Step-1: Download latest version of ProRat v1.9 Fix2. CLICK HERE to download. The ZipPass is
: pro

STEP-2: Creating the ProRat server. Click on the "Create" button in the bottom. Choose
"Create ProRat Server".

STEP-3: Open Notifications. Select second option "Mail Notification". In the E-MAIL field you will
see a mail
id: Remove this mail ID and give your own mail id here. You will
receive a notification
email on this email id whenever you victim will be connected to internet from the infected system.

STEP-4: Open General settings. This tab is the most important tab. In the check boxes. here is a
quick overview
of what they mean and which should be checked.

[ ] = dont check
[x] = check

[ ] Give a Fake Error Message. (when they open the file, it gives an error message.
[x] Melt server on install. (this will cause the server to ALWAYS connect to the internet when the
victim gets
[x] Kill AV - FW on Install. (this causes the anti-virus and firewalls to SHUT DOWN and stay off
once installed
on the victim's computer.
[x] Disable Windows XP SP2 security center
[x] Disable Windows XP Firewall
[x] Clear Windows XP Restore Points
[ ] Dont send LAN notifications ( keeps other computers on the victim's network from knowing
about you )
[ ] Protection for removing local server

In the Invisibility Box, check all 4 boxes.

STEP-5: Open Bind With File. You can bind your server\downloader server with a file that you
want. You must
click on the ''Bind the server with a file'' button and then the file button will be activated. You can
a file to be binded with the server now. A good suggestion is a picture because that is a small file
and its
easer to send to the people you need.

STEP-6: Open Server Extensions. I prefer using .exe files, because it is cryptable. Mostly
crypters don't
support .bat/.pif/.com etc. So use .exe files.

STEP-7: Open Server Icon. You can select the one you want to use with the server from the
small pictures on the
menu. You can use an icon from your computer also. Press the "Choose new icon" button.

STEP-8: After this, press "Create server", your server will be in the same folder as ProRat. A new
file with
name "binded_server" will be created. Rename this file to something describing the picture.

[NOTE: PLS DO NOT OPEN THE FILE "binded_server" on your system.]

STEP-9: Sending this file "binded_server" to victim. You can send this trojan server via email,
pendrive or if
you have physical access to the system, go and run the file.

From EMAIL, you can not send this file as it is because it will be detected as TROJAN OR
VIRUS. Password protect this file with
ZIP and then email it. Once your victime download this ZIP file, ask him to unlock it using ZIP
password. When
the victim will double click on the file, he will be in your control.

STEP-10: Connecting to the victim's computer. Once the server has been sent and the person
has opened this ZIP
folder, they will now be infected with it. AND HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT IT!. On the top of the
ProRat program you
will see a box in the upper left corner. Type in the victim's IP address and make sure the port is
5110. Now
press Connect. You should now see a pop-up box wanting to know a password. Remember the
password you entered
while creating the server? that is what you need to type. By default, it is "123456" without quotes.

STEP-11: Check your email, (junk in needed), and find the “Your victim is online”. Copy and
paste the IP
address onto ProRat where it says “IP:[]“. Press CONNECT, DO NOT CHANGE THE
PORT, if u did change it
back to 5110. Type in the password (default is usually 123456, it is in the email). Your done, now
you can mess
with the buttons on the program. Especially the GIVE DAMAGE button. It will damage their pc by
format, and will
make the computer useless.


Q: Error message:Windows cannot access the specified deice, path, or file. You may not
have the appropriate
permissions to access the item. What do I do?
A: Simple! Delete the ProRat program. Delete it. What happen was, your AV has altered the file.
OR it could be m
alacious content. Either way, delete it. NEXT, remember the file you downladed? Un extract the
file again and
re run. You will not need to remake a server file and such if it has been sent to the victim. Just
open ProRat
and make sure your AV is shut off. Reconnect. There ya go.

Q: What operating systems are supported by ProRat?
A: Windows 95/95B
Windows 98/98SE
Windows ME
Windows NT 4.0
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows Vista

Q: When I have downloaded ProRat, my antivirus detect it as virus. What should I do?
A: Well, since RATs are hacktools, and all the hack tools are detected as viruses, ProRat is
detected as virus
also. To download and install ProRat you will need to turn off your anti-virus.

Q: What should I do after I install my server?
A: After you install your server, you should spread it. Few years back I have installed my server
manually on
1000's of cyber cafe in my city. I hacked almost the entire city cafe users secret information. This
is the
best way. Go to nearest cyber cafe's and manually install your trojan server.

Q: I've created a server, but I don't see it in the directory. Why?
A: That's caused by your antivirus. The server is detected, and it won't let it. I suggest you to
remove your
antivirus if you are going to use RATs.

Q: I've send my server to a friend on MSN, but he doesn't connect.
A: That's because he has an antivirus or firewall and it won't let him to connect in your RAT. To
make it
FUD(Fully Undetectable), you should use a crypter.

Q: Is ProRat illegal?
A: No. ProRat is a legal RAT. The author of ProRat created his program for legitimate purposes.
For example,
there are many legal activities. Parents can use keyloggers to protect their children from online
abuse etc.
Some people use it for stealing passwords, credit cards and more but it's not a software which
breaks the law,
but the person who uses it.

Q: Can ProRat be used for legitimate purposes?
A: Yes. You can monitor your children online activity.. to make sure they don't visit pornographic
You can find out if someone uses your computer while you are away, ensure no one is accessing
your personal
files while you are away and more.

Q: How do I make my server FUD?
A: You should use a binder or crypter. Also check the below links how to make trojan or
keylogger fully undetectable from antivirus.
        How to bypass antivirus

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