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									Preventing Summer boredom

      Summertime is a great time to spend with your children, but often
early in the summer we run out of ideas for things to do. There is only
so much money to spend on extra activities, and it seems like kids can
play forever. Get control of summertime activities with a few easy
      First, have a plan for the week. This let’s kids know ahead of
time what they can expect. If you are planning only one activity per
week, pick a day later in the week, like Wednesday or Thursday, that is
set aside for activity day. The kids have spent all year with a school
schedule, give them one at home too.
      Pick some chores for your kids to do that have to be completed
every day. Make sure their jobs are done before they go play. Having
jobs set aside for them to do each day gets them up and going, and gives
you some time in the morning to get your own work done.
      Find activities that don’t cost any money. Going to the park,
having a water day, visiting the library, taking a nature walk, and going
to the beach are some ideas that don’t cost anything. Check with your
community center or local library for special events during the summer.
Depending on your budget, pick which activities you want to spend money
on and let the kids to extra jobs to earn the activity.
      It seems like by the time we get summer down, it is time to get
ready for school again. This year, plan ahead so you can get into the
summertime rhythm and have fun with your kids all summer long. You will
all enjoy the summer a lot more.

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