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A probation officer has a very difficult job to do and most of them work
very hard to do a good job of it. They are dedicated to making sure they
supervise those individuals they are responsible for in the best possible
manner. There may be some dangerous individuals out there on parole so an
officer can be in a dangerous situation at times as well.
Probation officers can have very large caseloads and that can be
difficult at times. Good organization skills are necessary to keep
everything in order. Appointments have to be scheduled to follow up with
those on their caseload. Good notes either on the computer or in the file
are essential too. With so many people it is necessary to have a record
of who is doing what to refresh your memory.
The probation officer also has to submit information to the courts when
that probation period has ended. If the person has met all of the terms
and conditions successfully then they will be released from the program.
If they failed to meet some of the criteria such as paying restitution in
full the probation officer will make a recommendation. They may tell the
courts that the person has done very well and made every effort. They may
tell the court that the person didn’t put forth the efforts and then the
courts can impose further penalties.
Communication is very important for those on probation. They have to be
able to contact their probation officer when necessary. It is important
to keep all scheduled appointments as a probation officer doesn’t’ have
time to track people down. They may ask the court to issue a warrant for
those that aren’t showing up and haven’t’ called to explain why not.
There is a great deal of responsibility for probation officers in our
society. If a person on probation commits further crimes it can be a poor
reflection on them. They also need to keep up on community resources so
they can point clients in the right direction. Some individuals on
probation want to resolve the issue and comply. Yet they need some help
to be able to follow through with all the terms and conditions.

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