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A parasite is a type of organism that is only able to live when it is
hosting off of another living organism. This can be an animal or in the
human body. In order for the parasites to live they take the nutritional
value from the host. As a result the person or the animal will become
very sick. If the parasites aren’t removed that person or animal will end
up dying. Fish, dogs, and cats are very susceptible to contracting
various types of parasites.

It has become more common for them to be found in humans as well. Some
times of parasites that live in humans only get under the skin such as
ringworm. Others including tape worms are more dangerous as they get into
the intestines. They feed off the blood in the body. There are many
different ways in which they get into the skin. From food and drink is
the most common. They can also get into the skin and in some cases they
can be transferred during sexual activities.

With so many people traveling to various countries around the world now,
this is a prime reason why so many parasites have been found in humans.
They may consume items in those other countries that contain parasites.
Many third world countries don’t have the same processes to be able to
remove them from food and drinks.

Animals can end up with parasites when they aren’t well cared for. The
minor ones are fleas and ticks. Yet those that are left to live in their
own urine and feces don’t have a way to get away from it. Parasites can
be found in the feces and then make their way to the host.

Parasites can increase in number unbelievably. You may have just one or
two of them but the females can lay thousands of eggs each day. In no
time at all the number of parasites is completely out of control. More
medical professionals though are well trained that an illness may end up
being the result of parasites in the body. They are able to test for it
and to be able to help you with getting the treatment you need for
yourself or your animals.

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