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					Probation Office

The probation office is a facility where individuals go   to meet with a
qualified casework. Those that are on probation have to   be supervised for
a set period of time according to the courts. The first   course of action
is generally an assessment and interview process. Based   on this
information a course of action can be taken. The courts   have to approve
the final stipulations of the probation office though.

Most locations assign those on parole to a particular caseworker. Some
places do it by numbers of cases so they rotate the next intake to the
next probation officer on the list. Some have the caseload divided up by
last name so that is how you are assigned. There are others that divide
case loads up by the type of case. For example some probation officers
will work with those with addiction, others with juvenile, some with
violent criminals, and others with non-violent criminals.

In most cases a probation office is located in the same building as the
courts. This is a matter of convenience. It is also due to security
measures as probation offices do have a very risky job. There are many
instances where violent acts have erupted in the offices due to criminals
not being able to effectively communicate.

The set up of a probation office depends on what precautions they want to
take. Some even keep the probation officer and the criminal separated by
a piece of protective glass. Some people complain that their
confidentiality isn’t kept secret when they are in a probation office.
They don’t like it that everyone else around them can hear.

Other common complaints include the probation officers keeping them
waiting for their appointments. Yet most of them are very busy and in
between clients they have to try to return phone calls. Most probation
offices are extremely busy and the people working in them are doing the
very best that they can.

It is very important to contact the probation office to find out what you
need to do to stay in compliance. There is likely plenty for you to be
working on in between appointments. Call to tell them when you have
completed something and ask for documentation to be sent to the probation
office. They can be a great place to call for resources too when you
don’t know where to go to get something completed.