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               Sheet Metal Machines
               The manual Sheet Metal Machines
               for the Workshop
Technical description
Sheet Metal Machines

                                    3 – 1 (Fold, Cut, Bend)

                                    Description        HKB 1270X2,0
                                    Fold. lenght          1320mm

                                    Fold. thickness           1,5mm
                                    Angle                      90°
                                    Weight                    470kg

The Universal Folding Machine                                                          Folding in Perfection

Description       HKB 1050X1,5                                                         Description        HKB 1020X2,5
Fold. lenght        1020mm                                                             Fold. lenght            1020mm
Fold. thickness      1,5mm                                                             Fold. thickness         2,5mm
Angle                 135°                                                             Angle                    135°
Weight               170kg                                                             Weight                  285kg

                                                                      Segment Folding Machine for the Workshop

                                                                      ■ for formed component bending
                                                                      ■ compression spring for top counterbalance
                                                                      ■ cam lock and rebound spring for bending beam counterbalance
                                                                      ■ bow handle for bending beam rotation
                                                                      ■ adjustable bending angle stop with scale up to 135°
                                                                      ■ segmented top beam tools

                                 Description           HKB 1500       HKB 2040            HKB 2540              HKB 3050

                                 Fold. lenght          1500mm         2000mm               2500mm               3000mm
                                 Fold. thickness        1,2mm           2mm                 2mm                   2mm
                                 Angle                   140°           135°                   135°               135°

                                 Weight                  300kg         850kg               1190kg                1500kg
Technical description
Sheet Metal Machines

                                      Food Shear

                                      Description            HBS 1320X1,5
                                      Cutting length            1320mm
                                      Cut. thickness             1,5mm
                                      Dimension           1700x760x1150mm

                                      Weight                     500kg

 Folding Machine with Roll Shear

  Tech. Daten              Karo
  Fold. length            1000mm
  Cut. thickness           1,0mm
  Dimension          1450x310x210mm
  Weight                    65kg

                                                       Hand Shear

                                                       Tech. Daten          HBS 2000X1,2
                                                       Cutting length         2000mm
                                                       Cut. thickness          1,2mm
                                                       Dimension         2560x760x1200mm
                                                       Weight                  520kg
Technical description
Sheet Metal Machines

3-Roll Bending Machine

Description          DWR 1300        DWR 1300             DWR 1500          DWR 2000
Working length           1300mm       1300mm              1500mm             2000mm
 Sheet Tickness          1,5mm        2,5mm                3,5mm             3,0mm

Roll Ø                   80mm         90mm                 120mm             130mm
Dimension         1800x640x1000mm 1800x640x1000mm 2060x640mmx1050mm 2530x640x1050mm
Weight                   450kg        470kg                750kg              950kg

                                         Workshop Press                                Ring and Profil bending Machine

                                         Tech. Daten         HP 20        HP 30        Tech. Daten             RBM 30
                                         pressure force       20t          30T         Pipe Ø                 30x1mm

                                         table surface     146-922mm    6,4-615mm      Quadrat Pipe          30x30x1mm

                                         Dimension         1560x670mm   1710x760mm     Round steel             16mm

                                         Weight              116kg        200kg        Steel bar              30x10mm

                                                                                       Speed                   9 U/min
                                                                                       Dimension          1210x750x1200mm
                                                                                       Weight                   470kg
AWM Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH – Hüttenstr. 66-68 – 35708 Haiger

Pricelist 2009 Weipert Sheet Metall Machines

  Folding Machines                                                            Shears

            Type                       Preis                                             Type                       Preis
       HKB 1050x1,5                   1.525,-€                                       HBS 1320x1,5                  1.850,-€
       HKB 1020x2,5                   2.050,-€                                       HBS 2000x1,2                  2.295,-€
         HKB 1500                     1.800,-€                                           Karo                       555,-€
         HKB 2040                     3.950,-€

         HKB 2540                     4.250,-€
         HKB 3050                     5.850,-€
             3-1                      1.200,-€

  Profile Bender + Workshop Press

            Type                       Preis
      DWR 1300 x 1,5                  3.200,-€
      DWR 1300 x 2,5                  3.900,-€

         DWR 1500                     4.400,-€
         DWR 2000                     4.900,-€
          RBM 30                      2.280,-€

           HP 20                       950,-€
           HP 30                      1.130,-€

  All prices plus VAT
  Delivery time
  With Stock machines: immediately after payment
  With order 30% of deposit (against bank guarantee)
               70% with collection
  Payment: while loading
  All machines freely loaded

   technische Änderungen, Irrtümer und Druckfehler vorbehalten, Namen der Hersteller und Markennamenwerden nur als Hinweis aufgeführt

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   Hüttenstrasse 66-68                 02773/745993           02773/747955         0172-8016125       AG Wetzlar HRB 482            DE-813762662
   35708 Haiger

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and chipless forming economically,
highly competitive and reliably use

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