Rapport 2009

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					     Rapport 2009
     Theme: Rock n rule
     General Secretary: Yash Sardesai

     Description of the theme:
     Not available

     Event list:
•    Literary Events

1. Court room trial-Debate with a legal angle
2. Dear Diary-For all those regular diary writers
3. Literati-The pen is mightier than the sword
4. Hear us-Be the Linguistic
5. Spellathon-Spelling bee with a twist
6. Sms Lingo
7. Race of the Witty-Group discussion
8. Whats the good word????
9. Mix it up: make sense(jam-just a minute)
10. Spin-A-Yarn-make no sense
11. Battle of the Brains-Quiz it Up
12. Word Power-play a game of words

• Fine Arts
1. Rang Deewar(wall Painting)
2. Live in the Moment(on the spot painting)
3. Scrap the brands(outfit from scrap)
4. Chado Versace saanu dekho(t-Shirt designing)
5. Ghaas Poos(salad decoration)
6. She's The man!!(girl boy makeover)
7. Different Strokes(without brush painting)
8. Meaningful Mess!(collage)
9. I am the canvas(body Art)
10. Prop Crop(craft using props)

•    Performing Arts


1.   Aa dekhe zara-Bollywood dance
2.   Chance pe dance-International dance
3.   Podar Dancer's League(P.D.L)-3 rounds 1 male 1 female
4.   Solo Classical dance

1.   Hindi Duet
2.   Western Solo
3.   Instrumental
4.   Cacophony
5.   Laringitis-Besura of Podar
6.   Pritam malik
7.   Be-Desi and Videsi(Fusion)


1.   Sur-taal Golmaal-Antakshari
2.   Musical Skit
3.   Lights Camera Action(street Play)
4.   Khilli udao(Ad mad Show)

•    Sports

1. Open Cricket
2. Bucket ball
3. Frisbee
4. Tug of war
5. Relay
6. Rink Football
7. Handminton
8. Dodge ball
9. Arm wrestling
10. Octathelon

•    Jackpot events
1.   Khateee Rahooo..(burp)
2.   Shaadi karke phass gaya yaar
3.   Voters ko note do..Hamare neta ko Note do(chunav tanav)
4.   Bhool Bhulaiya(treasure Hunt)
5.   Mock it Up
6.   Amazing race

Rapport Committee:

Yash Sardesai

Vice chairpersons
Sneha Gupte
Omkar Kambli
Sumedh Pandit
Milin Shah
Ameya Lokhande
Suyog Jadhav
Naval Mathkar

Literary Arts
Satsheel Redkar
Farheen Mukadam
Ayushi Parameswaran
Chris Anto
Veena Subramanian

Performing Arts
Tejas Jain
Ankit Gala
Poonam Savla

Ruchi Grang
Sumedh Pandit
Sneha Gupte

Sanket Bapat
Shantanu Parhadkar
Ameya Kadam
Saurabh Damle
Yash Sardesai
Sneha Gupte

Fine Arts, Creatives and Designing
Alkesh Agarwal
Manal Motta
Hetal Shah
Deeksha Anand
\Aishwarya Sitharam