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     March 2010
Information contained here within, related information, and specified documents can be found at
<>. Website is CAC-enabled and requires e-mail certificate.
This pamphlet details information, checklists, and supplies to have at the ready for in the event of natural or
manmade disasters which effect the relocation of personnel. This relocation may be either internal to the Kingdom
of Bahrain, to another country, perhaps another DoD asset such as a Naval Installation, or even back to the United

At Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain, there are two generic operations to which this pamphlet applies; a Move
Aboard, and an Evacuation.

If circumstances dictate that personnel are threatened by their remaining off-installation, a Move Aboard may be
initiated to bring personnel on-base where more protection is available until a time and threat level deemed
appropriate for return to the community or subsequent evacuation. A Move Aboard may exist as an evolution
independent of an evacuation, a precursor to an anticipated or ordered evacuation, or may ultimately result in
evacuation even if not originally included in the order to move aboard. During a Move Aboard operation, berthing
and sustenance will be provided at government expense.

An evacuation of Department of Defense (DoD) dependents and non-essential employees may be executed in
anticipation of or during hostilities or a natural or manmade disaster that endangers personnel in the area. Upon
order, Commanding Officer, U.S. Naval Support Activity Bahrain, will execute an authorized or directed departure
of noncombatants. An authorized departure is voluntary; a directed departure is mandatory. In both cases, travel
costs for designated personnel are covered at Government expense. A Move Aboard, per above, may be enacted as
required to provide sustenance and berthing while evacuees wait for transportation.

Each potential adult evacuee or sponsor must complete and be familiar with the following items upon arrival in the
Kingdom of Bahrain so that, in case of a short or no-notice operation per above, you will be prepared to act
immediately. Your command Emergency Management Liaison(s) (EML) will help to explain details of the process
and assist you with completing the required paperwork.

        Read and understand the information in this pamphlet. Direct questions to your command EML.

        Complete applicable documents listed on the NEO Packet Checklist and follow listed instructions. (Your
        NEO Packet is simply a collection of important documents as discussed later in this pamphlet that should
        be maintained per below.)

        Make at least two (2) copies of your completed NEO Packet. Your original completed packet is your
        primary packet and should be maintained with this pamphlet in your NEO Kit at home. One (1) should be
        maintained by your sponsor at your residence, but separate from your NEO Kit. One (1) should be
        maintained by your sponsor at his/her place of work, or by your sponsor’s command (as determined by the
        command). Each command will collect at least a copy of your NEO census form upon arrival, so make one
        additional copy of this and have your sponsor turn it over to his/her command EML for filing. Additional
        copies may be made and should be supplied to designated custodians as applicable.

        Compile your NEO Kit to sustain basic needs through the Move Aboard and/or evacuation. Your NEO Kit
        will consist of supplies AND your original NEO Packet per above. A NEO Kit is discussed in more detail
        later in this pamphlet.
It is necessary that each dependant spouse become familiar with the NEO paperwork, especially because you will be
required to relocate without your sponsor in most scenarios. In case of emergency, locate your NEO packet, prepare
your NEO emergency kit and follow instructions. A NEO is a high stress event. The better prepared you are, the
easier your check-in and evacuation will be.

As departure plans and procedures are established, you will be told when and where to report for evacuee processing.
Please remain calm and follow instructions. Do not report to the processing center until you have been told to do so.
Dress for comfort and remember to bring all necessary documentation in your NEO Packet and basic essentials in
your NEO Kit.

Evacuation will most likely be in a permissive environment in which case all evacuees will report as directed to
NSA Bahrain. However, in the event of a non-permissive or hostile environment, designated rally points may be
used as gathering and collection sites prior to moving to the main muster location at NSA Bahrain. Rally points will
be released as necessary in the event their use is required.

Do not attempt to drive on base. Parking space is extremely limited. Please plan to carpool, park off base, walk, use
a taxi, or another mode of transportation. Specific parking locations may be identified, but please plan to utilize one
of the aforementioned means. Information will be passed if specific instructions are necessary.

Once you arrive on base, you will be directed to a muster location. From here you may be directed to a waiting area
for berthing and messing (at government expense) as the situation dictates, or you may be directed to immediately
process through the Joint Reception Center which is used to check necessary documents, provide records on file, and
book transportation. Services provided by the JRC can be found in a later section of this pamphlet.

Child care will be available via the MWR Child Development Center (CDC) staff. It is encouraged to place your
children in child care during your 1-2 hour processing through the Joint Reception Center (JRC).

Once you are ticketed for transportation, you will be berthed and fed at Government expense until you are directed
to assemble for transportation.
            Below is the list of documents to consider for your NEO Packet. As the headings indicate, some are required, some
            are required as they apply to your family or custodial group, and some are optional. Ensure this entire pamphlet,
            ESPECIALLY THIS PAGE, is included in your completed NEO Packet.

            All forms are available on the NAVCENT portal at: <>. The website is CAC-
            enabled and requires selecting the e-mail certificate to access. Ask your sponsor to print off documents as needed. If
            your sponsor does not have access, please have him or her contact the command EML.

            As you complete documents and include them in your packet, check them off in the left column labeled ‘Check if complete (sponsor)’. The
            check-in station will initial in the far right column labeled ‘Check if present (check-in)’ upon arrival for processing.

Check if                                                                                                                                                       Check if
            Document Name                                     Description                                                                                      present
(sponsor)                                                                                                                                                      (check-in)
     NEO Census Form                                          Complete and remember to provide 1 additional copy to your sponsor’s command EML(s).
     Repatriation Form                                        Fill out Sections I and III. Print and bring ENTIRE Packet.
                                                              If you will escort minors per a Family Care Plan, you must have TWO of these packets
     (DD FORM 2585)
                                                              completed – one for your group, and one for the minors to be escorted.
     Emergency Pay                                            DoD Military Dependents should fill out DD FORM 1337. DoD Civilian Dependents
                                                              should fill out DD FORM 2461.
     (DD FORM 1337 or 2461)
     Personal Property Record                                 Complete this form. Keep in mind the different circumstances with regard to personal
                                                              property as discussed in the Noncombatant Evacuation Operation Pamphlet.
     (DA FORM 4986)
     Household Goods Inventory                                Complete this form. Keep in mind the different circumstances with regard to household
                                                              goods as discussed in the Noncombatant Evacuation Operation Pamphlet.
     (DD FORM 1701)
     Passenger Reservation Request                            Complete information as applicable for your family group.
     Pet Reservation Request                                  Complete as applicable if you wish to have a pet shipped in the event of an evacuation.
                                                              Keep in mind there is no guarantee pets will be shipped; they may be left with sponsors.
            Tri-Care Transfer Form                            Complete this form.
            Family Care Plan
            Family Care Certificate
            Vehicle Locator                                   Complete as applicable and with as much information in advance as possible. Information
                                                              pertaining to your vehicle’s location should be filled out once left behind. This will only be
                                                              necessary in the event your vehicle is left with no sponsor or custodian.
            Power(s) of Attorney                              Power(s) of Attorney are optional. A Power of Attorney worksheet and a services guide to
                                                              help you decide if you should have one (or multiple) and to what extent is available on the
            (General and/or Special)
                                                              portal. Complete and maintain copies as applicable.
     Navy-USMC Relief Society Pre-                            This is an optional form. Please complete if you’d like to apply for a loan for evacuating
                                                              members to receive funds. The original MUST be brought to the processing station.
     Authorization Form
     Basic Will Worksheet                                     Complete as applicable. Make an appointment with your command’s Legal Service Office
                                                              to review. Ensure copies of all documents are maintained in your NEO Packet.
     Passports/Visas/ID Cards *Required*                      Maintain all applicable passports and Identification Cards. Your originals MUST be part of
                                                              your primary packet. Consider as well making copies for your primary packet. Copies
                                                              should be maintained in additional packets. DoD ID card is a must!
            Sponsor’s Orders *Required*                       Maintain copies of your sponsor’s orders. Your sponsor should retain his/her original
                                                              stamped orders.
            Existing Legal Documents                          Maintain existing Powers of Attorney, wills, birth, death, and marriage certificates,
                                                              naturalization papers as applicable, and any other applicable legal documents.
            Medical Records                                   Maintain copies of any prescriptions and other documents not held by the Naval Branch
                                                              Health Clinic. You will receive your complete medical record from the clinic (as
                                                              applicable) when you process through in the event of an evacuation.
            Pet Records                                       Maintain copies (if originals are not available) of all pet records as applicable.
            Vehicle Records                                   Maintain copies of your vehicle registration, title, and proof of insurance. Originals should
                                                              be maintained and left in the vehicle.
            Homeowner Records                                 Maintain any homeowner records and copies of insurance policies.
            Financial Records                                 Maintain copies of any necessary bank, investment, tax, stock/bond, etc documents
            Education Records                                 Maintain copies of pertinent school records such as transcripts and diplomas
In the event of a Move Aboard or evacuation, you should bring your complete NEO Kit, which includes your NEO
Packet as discussed above. Please remember that your kit should be light enough for you to carry to the Assembly
Point, but ultimately you will be limited to 66 pounds per person (including luggage weight). You will be allowed to
have one small personal item such as a small backpack, purse, or computer bag in order to have important
documents and items on your person at all items. A small personal item is NOT a small suitcase that would normally
fit in commercial overhead compartments. In the event, the evacuating authority has the power to deny personal
luggage that are in excess of this restriction.

Remember that while sustenance and berthing will always be provided, you should plan for this kit to provide you
basic care and needs for one week. If the operation extends beyond one week, accommodations will be made to get
you supplies and care needed in excess of your exhausted NEO Kit.

Items to include:

         Change of clothes for hot and cold weather for each person (consider 3 pairs of socks and undergarments)
         Personal hygiene products
         2 quarts of water per person
         Snacks with long shelf lives such as granola/energy bars, sealed trail mix, etc
         Basic non-prescription drugs
         For Infants - Formula; Diapers; Bottles; Powdered milk; and Medications for 1 week
         Prescription drugs for 1 week
         Contact lenses and supplies
         Pet supplies for 1 week

Storing your NEO Evacuation Kit:

         Store your kit in a convenient place known to all family members
         Keep this entire pamphlet with the kit
         Maintain items in airtight plastic bags
         Change your stored water supply every six months to keep it fresh
         Replace your stored food every six months
         Re-think your kit and family needs at least once a year
         Replace batteries, update clothes, etc
         Ask your physician or pharmacist about storing prescription medications

If there will be no occupants in your residence when you leave…
    1.   Turn off electricity; pull fuses or switch off (open) circuit breakers.
    2.   Empty out refrigerator and freezer (leave doors open), empty water jugs, take out trash, put plants outside.
    3.   Remove telephones and disconnect computers and other appliances.
    4.   Take all money, jewelry, and other high value assets that can fit on your NEO Kit.
    5.   Photograph or make a video of your household. Bring the photos or video with you.
    6.   If you have renter’s insurance, DO NOT CANCEL IT.
Upon arriving and checking-in at the Joint Reception Center (JRC), you will be supplied with a processing center
checklist. As you move through the processing center, each function will initial that you have visited and completed
necessary actions. You will not be manifested for transportation without a completed checklist. This checklist is not
included as it changes often. Basic services to be included in the JRC are listed below.

Check-In: you will receive a copy of your processing center checklist, sign-in to the JRC, and bring processing.

Customs: as necessary, dependent on the mode of transportation and destination(s), a customs office will be
inspecting luggage.

Pet Reception: Every effort will be made to accommodate the relocation of pets. Airline approved containers, health
records, and current vaccinations are required in order to transport animals. Make sure pet paperwork is up-to-date.
If evacuated, plan to bring one week’s worth of food and medication. However, please note that pets may not be
evacuated, and as well there is no guarantee that the government will fund such transportation. Therefore, you
should make appropriate arrangements with your sponsor or a friend to care for pets in your absence and for follow-
on shipment.

In the event of a move-aboard and/or a pet-authorized evacuation, a Pet Reception Area will be set up for you to
leave your pet while you process and await for transportation or return to the community. Veterinary Services
representatives and other assistants will be on hand to ensure your pets have the proper care and documentation.
Generally speaking, if an evacuation occurs and pets are authorized for transportation, they will be evacuated
separately and returned to you at the repatriation site. Remember, it is your responsibility to supply an adequate and
approved cage and at least one week’s worth of food and supplies!

Luggage Reception: In the event of non-commercial evacuation, your luggage may need to be collected for bulk
transportation. Please remember to always have a *small* personal item to keep on your person per the NEO Kit
instructions to hold your NEO Packet and other important items such as medicine.

NTS Station: NTS stands for NEO Tracking System and is a program that will allow the DoD to track you safely all
the way to your ultimate destination using scanned wristbands. All evacuees will be entered in the system.

Personnel Services: Evacuees with a military sponsor shall submit their DD FORM 1337 for Emergency Pay and
Allowances. In the event of commercial-air use, military-sponsored evacuees shall also submit their passenger
reservation request to be ticketed.

Human Resources: Evacuees with a civilian DoD sponsor shall submit their DD FORM 2461 for Emergency Pay
and Allowances. In the event of commercial-air use, civilian-sponsored evacuees shall also submit their passenger
reservation request to be ticketed.

Housing: Housing will work to cancel any leases as applicable and work to ensure outstanding payments are met.
However, in most cases, sponsors will remain behind and still occupy the residence, and as such lease cancellation
will generally not be necessary. Housing will also coordinate berthing while waiting transportation if required.

Legal: As applicable, legal will check and issue basic wills and general/special powers of attorney. As applicable,
Family Care Plans will be checked for completeness.

Personal Property: As with housing, generally speaking, personal property will be left behind in an evacuation
because your sponsor or custodian will remain and will make arrangements to pack and ship your household goods
and vehicle to you, if/when authorized. However, you should maintain a detailed inventory of personal property and
have the necessary documents per the NEO Packet completed. When possible, inventories should include receipts,
appraisals, pictures, or other evidence of valuable items. Make copies of your car registration, personal property
inventory, and keys for your designated custodian, and keep the originals. Also, keep a list of items that belong to
your landlord to indicate which furnishings and appliances must stay in the residence.
Naval Branch Health Clinic: As applicable, you will receive you medical and dental records, submit your Tri-Care
transfer form, and ensure that you have adequate prescription medicine to last the length of the evacuation
(prescription medicine is part of the NEO Kit and you should already have an adequate supply). In the event of
evacuation to certain destinations en route, vaccinations may be required and administered.

DoDDS: If not already issued upon your child’s (as applicable) departure from school, the DoD Dependents’ School
will be present to issue remaining records.

Postal Services: Change of address, mail forwarding, and pick-up authorization services.

Banking: As available, the Navy Federal Credit Union will either be present, or it will be open and you will be
allowed to visit the branch location, in order to conduct any banking business as you wish. As able, ATM access will
be made available for applicable banking services.

Dinar Exchange: As available, the Dinar Man will be available for typical services such as currency exchange,
money transfer, and check cashing.

Navy Exchange: Evacuees with layaways will be able to cancel their purchase for reimbursement if desired.

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