The Magnetic Energy Machine - Free Energy Or Just Another Myth by takesales


									The Magnetic Energy Machine - Free Energy Or
Just Another Myth
It is said that beliefs must adapt to facts, and when facts contradict the
beliefs, the beliefs should be changed.

One would think that this way of thinking is logical and that everyone
should follow it automatically. However, it's incredible how many of our
beliefs and ideas are strongly implanted in our mind without any facts
that back them. This creates a lot of misconceptions about how things are
or function, with people taking things as "facts" without even stopping to
think about any logical mistakes or contradictions.

The problem is made worse by companies who keep broadcasting these
misconceptions on media such as TV, radio, newspapers, and now the
Internet. However, like most of the things you see on TV, these
broadcasts have commercial interests behind. Why? Because it's the
corporations that pay for these broadcasts and they will only show you
whatever suits their pockets.

Which brings us to the magnetic energy machine. If you haven't heard
about it, there's a good reason that explains that. Companies don't want
you to find about it. Why? Because it produces free electrical energy and
if you had one, you wouldn't give them your hard earned money.

Now, the first thing that might come to your mind is that there is no such
thing as a magnetic energy machine that produces free electricity. And I
don't blame you if you think like that. Like you, I knew for a "fact" that
there was no such thing as creating free energy. I had no basis or
experience for believing so firmly on this "fact," yet I did.

You might also think that if there were a way to make a magnetic energy
machine that could produce free electricity, someone would have invented
it already. Well, who said nobody hasn't? Not all inventions become
commercial successes, specially the ones that actually threaten the
commercial interests of the rich and powerful.

Even after reading the above, you must still be clinging to your belief that
magnetic energy machines just don't exist. I know because I was like that
too. It wasn't until I came upon a real magnetic energy machine that I
believed it.

After seeing it in action, I bought it from my neighbor, who produced
them with a manual that he bought on the Internet. Still skeptic, I had it
installed and watched how it performed.
I now save 40% off my electricity bill. But I also learned not to take
something for granted just because it's a "fact."

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