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NCAA Information


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									                                    NCAA Information

I.    NCAA Overview

      A. Three divisions – I, II, and III
      B. Student must apply for initial eligibility.

II.   NCAA Clearinghouse

      A. Certification body for all incoming NCAA Division I & II athletes
              1. Certification of academic and amateur status
      B. Transitioning to NCAA Eligibility Center (with main NCAA office)
      C. Determine whether a student is a Qualifier or Non-Qualifier
              1. Qualifier – Eligible in first year of college enrollment to practice, compete
                  and receive athletic scholarship
              2. Non-Qualifier – Not eligible in first year to practice, compete or receive
                  athletic scholarship
      D. How to determine your certification status:
              1. 16 core courses – Courses listed by the high school and approved NCAA as
                  college preparatory courses. Only core courses may be used to determine
                  eligibility. Dr. Sutton in guidance can provide you with a listing of these core
                  courses, or you may view them from the NCAA Clearinghouse website.
                  You need to know your school location and code (471-026) to access this
                             a. NCAA core gpa – a ‘core course’ gpa is calculated based up
                                these 16 core courses. This is the gpa used in determining
                                NCAA eligibility. Minimum core gpa is 2.00. (Refer to the
                                sliding scale to see how gpa relates to SAT or ACT test score).
                             b. Best case scenario – the NCAA will use the best core course
                                grades in determining the core course gpa as long as all 16
                                components are completed.
              2. SAT and/or ACT exam – Student must have a valid SAT and/or ACT score.
                  For purposes of NCAA eligibility only the verbal and math scores are used
                  to determine the test score for the SAT (the writing section is not included).
                  The NCAA will use the best combined score for each student.
      E. Register with the NCAA Clearinghouse
              1. When to register – Junior year of high school
              2. Online registration required http://www.ncaaclearinghouse.net
                             a. Needs:
                                i. Valid US Social Security Number
                                ii.     $50.00 registration fee: Master card or Visa (debit or
                                        credit card)
                                iii.    Option in the online registration for check or money
                                iv.     Fee waiver is available only if you received such a fee
                                        waiver for the ACT or SAT exam (confirmation must be
                                        received from your high school counselor.)
              3. Completed file needs:
                             a. Final official high school transcripts showing proof of graduation
                                (sent directly from the high school). Transcripts from all high
                                schools attended are required.
                          b. Official SAT and/or ACT score results (scores must be sent
                             directly from the testing agency). You may request your scores
                             sent using the NCAA Clearinghouse Code of 9999.
                          c. Final amateurism certification.
              4. Other tips and information:
                          a. When you register with the NCAA Clearinghouse you will be
                             given a chance to select a personal identification number.
                             Remember and keep track of this information so you can log
                             back in to check your status.
                          b. When completing your online registration, use a valid e-mail
                             address, and one that you use regularly, as the NCAA
                             Clearinghouse will provide updates via your e-mail.
                          c. Courses taken in eighth grade will not satisfy core-course
                             requirements unless the course appears on the high school
                             transcript with a grade and a credit and the course appears on
                             the high school’s list of approved courses.
                          d. ‘D’ is the lowest grade that will be used for a course to count as
                             a core course.
                          e. The NCAA does not use plus or minus grades when calculating
                             your core course gpa.
                          f. For Division I, only one course taken after your senior year in
                             high school may be used in your certification – only if you
                             graduated on time with your class.
                          g. Students with diagnosed disabilities: Are allowed to take an un-
                             timed test (SAT or ACT), and are allowed to take courses
                             completed after high school, and some have additional
                             approved courses.
III.   Admission

       NCAA Eligibility requirements are separate and in addition to admission to a university.
       Please learn the requirements for admission to your selected University. Follow up with
       admissions staff and coaching staff members on how to proceed.

IV.    Financial Aid and Scholarships

       A. Each sport has a limit in regard to how much athletic scholarship money they can
          provide to each team, each academic year.
       B. Many sports offer partial athletic scholarships.
       C. Athletic scholarships are one year agreements between the student and the
       D. National Letter of Intent (NLI)
       E. Many walk on athletes eventually earn athletic scholarships.
       F. Partial athletic scholarships can be combined with other scholarships (academic,
          merit awards, etc).
       G. Complete your Free application for federal student aid (FAFSA) at
           List of Approved Core Courses (Form 48H) for Phoebus High

High School Information
     School Code:     471026
     School Name:     PHOEBUS HIGH SCHOOL
     Address:         100 IRELAND STREET
     City, State:      HAMPTON, VA 23663

Weighted Grade Quality Points
Honors (H)
     A     = 4.5
     B     = 3.5
     C     = 2.5
     D     = 1.5
Weighted Grade Quality Points
Advanced Placement (A)
     A     =5
     B     =4
     C     =3
     D     =2

The NCAA has approved the following courses for use in establishing the initial-
eligibility certification status of student-athletes from this school. Some course titles
may begin with one of the following prefixes. These prefixes are defined as follows:

=     Only students who have received proper NCAA approval for their diagnosed
      learning disability may receive credit for these approved courses.

!     A student will receive no more than one NCAA mathematics credit for the
      successful completion of any two courses so noted.

!!    A student will receive NCAA mathematics credit according to the unique credit
      values noted.

>     A student will receive no more than one unit of NCAA natural/physical science
      credit for the successful completion of all courses so noted.

>>    A student will receive no more than one and one-half units of NCAA
      natural/physical science credit for the successful completion of all courses so

>>>    A student will receive no more than two units of NCAA natural/physical science
       credit for the successful completion of all courses so noted.

Courses designated with a '=' symbol are courses that may be used only by students
with a diagnosed disability. Please note, not all high schools will have courses with this
designation. Also, in order for a student to receive credit for a course designed for
students with disabilities, the student must have provided verification of his or her
disability status by presenting to the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse either: (1) a
nonstandard ACT or SAT score; or (2) notice of disability designation by the NCAA
Disability Services staff.

NCAA legislation permits a student to receive credit for a core course only one time. As
a result, if a student repeats a core course, the student will only receive credit once for
the core course, and the highest grade earned in the course will be included in the
calculation of the student's core course grade point average. Likewise, if a student
completes a course that is duplicative in content with another core course, the student
will only receive credit for one of the duplicative courses, and the course with the
highest grade earned will be included in the calculation of the student's core course
grade point average.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The NCAA has adopted a new standard for initial-eligibility.
Computer science courses cannot be used to fulfill core course requirements for
student-athletes first entering a collegiate institution on or after August 1, 2005.

High School Course Information

English      Course Weight    Title
             =ENG 10/LV 1
             =ENG 11/LV 1
             =ENG 12/LV 1
             =ENG 9/LV 1
             ENG ACA TE 9 A/B
      H      ENGLISH 10-3G/LV 3
      H      ENGLISH 10-3H
             ENGLISH 10/LV 2
             ENGLISH 10/PRE-IB
      A      ENGLISH 11 IB
      H      ENGLISH 11-3H
      A      ENGLISH 11/AP
             ENGLISH 11/LV 2
      A      ENGLISH 12 IB
      H      ENGLISH 12-3H
      A      ENGLISH 12/AP
             ENGLISH 12/LV 2
      H      ENGLISH 9-3G/LV 3
      H      ENGLISH 9-3H
             ENGLISH 9/LV 2
             ENGLISH 9/PRE-IB
      A      ENGLISH II IB/LV 4
             JOURNALISM I
             JOURNALISM II
             JOURNALISM III
             PUBLIC SPEAKING
Social Science Course Weight   Title
           20TH C WORLD HISTORY
           =US GOVT/LV 1
           =VA/US HIST/LV 1
           =WLD GEOG/LV 1
     A     HS AMERICAS IB/LV 4
     A     US GOVT/AP
     A     US HISTORY/AP
     H     VA/US GOVT 3H
           VA/US GOVT/LV 2
     H     VA/US HIST 3H
           VA/US HISTORY/LV 2
     H     W GEOG-3G/LV 3
     H     WLD HIS-3G/LV 3
     H     WORLD GEOG 3H
           WORLD GEOG/LV 2
           WORLD HISTORY/LV 2

Mathematics    Course Weight   Title
          =BASIC ALG 1/LV 1
          =PRE-ALG/LV 1
          ACAD INTEG MATH 1
          ACAD INTEG MATH 2
          ACAD INTEG MATH 3
          ALGEBRA 1
          ALGEBRA 1 PART 1 (.5 CR MAX)
          ALGEBRA 1 PART 2 (.5 CR MAX)
          ALGEBRA 2
     H    ALGEBRA 2/H
          GEOMETRY PART 1 (.5 CR MAX)
          GEOMETRY PART 2 (.5 CR MAX)
     A    MATH I HL/IB/LV 4
     A    MATH II HL/IB/LV 4
          TOPICS/MATH LV 4

Natural/Physical Science   Course Weight Title Lab
           =BIOLOGY/LV 1 X
           =EARTH SCI/LV 1
     A     BIO/CHEM/AP
     A     BIOLOGY 2 HL IB/LV 4 X
     A     BIOLOGY 2 SL IB/LV 4 X
     H     BIOLOGY 3H      X
     A     BIOLOGY HL IB/LV 4 X
     A     BIOLOGY SL IB/LV 4   X
     H     BIOLOGY-3G/LV 3      X
     A     BIOLOGY/AP      X
           BIOLOGY/LV 2 X
     A     CHEM HL IB/LV 4      X
     A     CHEM SL IB/LV 4 X
     H     CHEM-3G/LV 3 X
     A     CHEMISTRY 2 HL IB/LV 4     X
     A     CHEMISTRY 2 SL IB/LV 4     X
     H     CHEMISTRY 3H X
           CHEMISTRY/LV 2       X
     H     EARTH SCI 3H X
     H     EARTH SCI-3G/LV 3    X
           EARTH SCI/LV 2 X
           ECOLOGY LV2 X
           ECOLOGY LV3 X
     A     ENV SYSTEMS 2 IB/LV 4      X
     A     ENV SYSTEMS IB/LV 4 X
           ENV/BIO CHEM 1       X
           ENV/BIO CHEM 2       X
           ENVIR SCI X
     A     ENVIR SCIENCE LV4/AP       X
           INTRO/OCEANOGRAPHY         X
           PHYS/BIO X
           PHYSICS X
     A     PHYSICS IB/LV 4 X
     A     PHYSICS/AP      X
           PRIN OF PHYSICS      X
           PRIN OF PHYSICS 2    X
           PRIN OF TECH 1 X
           PRIN OF TECH 2 X
             PRIN SCI INVEST           X

Additional Core Courses        Course Weight        Title
IMPORTANT NOTE: Computer science courses cannot be used to fulfill core course
requirements for student-athletes first entering a collegiate institution on or after August
1, 2005.

      A      AB INGER I/II IB/LV 4
      A      AB INGER II/III IB/LV 4
             FRENCH 1
             FRENCH 2
             FRENCH 3
             FRENCH 4
             FRENCH 5
      A      FRENCH IV IB/LV 4
      A      FRENCH V IB
             GERMAN 1
             GERMAN 2
             GERMAN 3
             GERMAN 4
             LATIN 1
             LATIN 2
             LATIN 3
             LATIN 4
             SPANISH 1
             SPANISH 2
             SPANISH 3
             SPANISH 4
             SPANISH 5
      A      SPANISH IV IB/LV 4
      A      SPANISH V IB
      A      SPANISH/AP

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