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Koimisis of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Church

Lent Begins – March 7                                                  March 2011

      The taking of Christ down from the Cross
              Sunday of orthodoxy – March 13 bring an icon to church
  Church Service
    Schedule                                   weddinGs                                           February 27, 2011
                                               February 13, 2011                                  costa alexander, son of
                                               Koula Kerassides and Gary Wynn                     Sotiris and natalie Fotias
                                               Witness: John and Elena Mitropetros                Godparent: George Fotias

                                                                                                  February 27, 2011
                                               BApTisms                                           Nefeli Maria, daughter of Spero and
                                               February 26, 2011                                  Emanouella Dionysopoulos
                                               elisavet Kyriaki, daughter of                      Godparent: Katherine Stefanakis
                                               Joseph and Christina Badyna
                                               Godparent: Georgia Dravilas                        FunerAls
 Sunday Divine Liturgy                         February 26, 2011                                  January 22, 2011
                                               theofanis nikolaos, son of                         John Bill
            orthros: 8:15 a.m.
                                               nikolaos and Vivia moschouris
       Divine Liturgy: 9:30 a.m.               Godparent: Dionisios Theodorou                     January 31, 2011
                                                                                                  Louis nezeritis
       english Liturgy
                                                                                                  February 18, 2011
      Second and fourth Sundays                                                                   James Giftos
        9:30 a.m. in the Church
                                                Birth announcementS
       Weekday Services
            Divine Liturgy                     eva Katherine Kontos
                                               Born: December 12, 2010
                                               Parents: Natalie and Stephen Kontos

Office Hours
Monday-Thursday                                 Upcoming EvEnts—mark YoUr calEndar!
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.                          Sunday Memorials dates for March are the 6th      march 21             Greek School Program
closed Friday                                  and 20th. April dates are the 3rd and 10th.                                     orthodox Life
                                               march 2                              Paraklesis   march 23                              GoYa
                                               march 5 and 12                Saturday of Souls                                  Hope and Joy
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                                               March 7                     Great Lent Begins -   March 24                    Great Vespers at
Referral Forms                                 march 11                            Salutations                       annunciation cathedral
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church office.                                 march 14                         orthodox Life    March 27                             Parade
                                               March 16                 Philoptochos Potluck     march 30            Senior citizens PotLuck
                                               march18         oYaa Basketball tournament
Important Church                                                                   Salutations
Services in March
Presanctified Liturgy
March 9, 11, 16, 23, 30

Great Compline
March 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 22
                                                           2011                              On March 1
                                                                                               Only 170
                                                                                              days until
                                                                                            GreekFest 2011
                                       The Assumption epistle; Vol 50, issue #3, march 1, 2011
       Published monthly by The Assumption Greek orthodox Church, 21800 Marter Road, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 • (586) 779-6111
 ...from Fr. Michael
 Dear Parishioners,                          winter and spring, death and life, the    Like the daffodil which first braves
 the month of march is a transitory          crucifixion and the resurrection is       the elements and trumpets the end of
 month. Winter’s icy grip on us begins       profound.                                 winter and the beginning of spring,
 to melt, and though still cold here in      Lent is the human experience of this      ushering in a prelude to the most
 Michigan, the first signs of spring are     natural cycle. as the world awakens       wonderful and colorful season of the
 undoubtedly present. Already, birds         from its slumber of lifeless winter,      year, so do we with the beginning of
 are returning to our area from their        the soul too arises from its sleep and    Lent push up through the soil of a
 southern winter homes. i’ve already         death of sins. and whereas creation       world replete with crime, injustice,
 seen robins on my lawn gathering            reveals its new life of spring with a     war and poverty. God’s grace in the
 twigs and last year’s fallen leaves         canvas of colors and a concert from       heart of a christian announces to
 to build their new nests. trees and         the birds, so too does our soul pro-      the world that even though God is
 bushes are just about ready to start        duce a colorful garden of virtues and     present in heaven, He is still here in
 budding. The infinite and unexplain-        a symphony of prayer.                     our midst! christians are the eternal
 able power of life is about to burst                                                  springtime of a fallen humanity.
                                             Winter comes and creation sleeps,         christians need and love God, and the
 forth all around us.                        imitating death. Spring comes and         world, even though they all may not
 One of the spring flowers I admire          life cannot be contained, but bursts      love us, they need us all the same.
 most is the daffodil. it is one of the      forth in brightness, warmth, color
 earliest to bloom in the spring. While      and song. the christian soul, living in   How appropriate then on the third
 the ground is still icy and the air still   an imperfect world, is lead astray; it    Sunday of Lent, when we venerate the
 damp and cold, this brave little shoot      sleeps in sin, becoming almost dead.      precious and life-giving Cross of our
 pushes up through the hard lifeless         Sin causes our souls to be like the       Savior, we receive the bright yellow
 soil and pushes back the sleeping           barren trees of winter and silences       springtime flower of the daffodil:
 colorless winter. the grayness re-          our prayers like the long-gone song       to remind us that winter has passed
 cedes; and first the green robust stem      birds. then, Lent comes with its call     and springtime is here; to remind us
 (green, the color of life) begins to        to prayer, fasting, repentance and        that from death comes life; to remind
 reveal itself, and before you know it       generous giving of ourselves; and         us from the dead wood of the cross,
 the unquestionable springtime color         the soul too experiences a season of      christ is resurrected from the dead;
 of yellow dots the landscape.               spring.                                   to remind us that though our souls
                                                                                       may have been deaden by sin, by
 Spring is my favorite time of the           But the spiritual spring is much          God’s Grace a new beautiful life in
 year. i find it amazing each year how       brighter, warmer and colorful. the        christ arises. this daffodil we receive,
 creation slowly drifts into hiberna-        innate presence of the Word of            though silent, speaks volumes of
 tion as winter approaches. Trees shed       God deep in our soul stirs, because       God’s love for us and for his world.
 the colorful leaves of fall and then        God showers His Grace upon it like
 for several months stand lifeless all       springtime rain. His uncreated light      christians are called to be the flowers
 around us. as march arrives, the days       shines bright and warm heating up         of God’s garden in the world. Like
 become longer, brighter and the sun         the soil of our hearts. Like a gardener   the daffodil, let us trumpet the end
 warmer; and the daffodils trumpet           who removes the debris from his           of winter, the end of sin, the end of
 the first signs of spring, the first sign   garden before he tills and plants, so     spiritual death. Let’s push up through
 of life!                                    too do we, by our prayers, fasting and    the hard cold soil of sin with our
                                             repentance purge our souls of sins,       robust faith, love for God, and reveal
 How appropriate that the feast of the                                                 his love and beauty to the world!
 Resurrection of our Lord takes place        till it with self-examination and plant
 in the spring. Just as we experience        within it the gifts of the Holy Spirit.   I love springtime.
 the lifelessness of winter and the          and before long, God’s grace causes       Yours in christ,
 bountiful life of spring, we commem-        our souls to experience a wonderful
                                             springtime, a beautiful garden of         Fr. michael Varlamos
 orate the death of Jesus christ and
 celebrate His life-giving Resurrection.     virtue, and true Christianity appears!
 The comparison, the parallel between

EpistLE                                                       S1s                                                   March 2011
 Senior Citizens
 Catherine Spadafore, Senior President                                                                       Tuesday, January 11, 2011
 Valentine’s Day - February 8, 2011              prayers for a recovery and good health, and     i would like a little more of your time to say
 the tables for our Valentine’s Luncheon         bereavements for those who lost loved ones.     that George Panourgias is a great help to our
 meeting on February 8, 2011, had jars and       We are all praying for all of our friends.      clergy, assisting them during church services.
 hearts on them. the jars were filled with       Our sympathies are extended to the family       We are really proud of you and wish you good
 Valentine’s traditional heart candies. there    of Anna (Poletis) Pezalski: her son, Steve,     health and a “God bless you.” You also make
 was a red napkin at each plate. Father          and daughter-in-law, Holly, and to all of her   our birthday celebrations special with your
 michael gave the invocation for the luncheon.   family. may her memory be eternal on our        smiling face and jovial manner when you
 We were then served a delicious dinner by       sick list is harriet hanzakos. She fell and     pass out the wine to every person for a toast!
 Tony and his able staff: minestrone soup,veal   broke her hip and had surgery. She has gone     next was the 50/50 winner: andy athans.
 with artichoke sauce, roast potatoes and        to Chicago to recuperate at her daughter’s      congratulations to you, andy! take Julia out
 california vegetable blend. the dessert         house. harriet, you have our blessings. Get     to dinner! Pete Patsalis and antigoni donated
 was donated, again, by mary Sendoykes           well soon! another one of our good friends,     the wine for their 60th wedding anniversary.
 in memory of her husband, anthony, who          mary Kosmas, also is ill. We wish her well.     thank you! our Lent will start on march
 passed away 14 years ago. May his memory        Also, Mary Bayo is recuperating at home.        7th this year, and our March meeting will be
 be eternal. thank you, mary. We also want       The mini birthday cake recipients for this      celebrating Greek Independence Day, which
 to thank again mary Pisley for her beautiful    month were: Julia Athans, Kalliope Callas,      is march 25th. You will be receiving your
 Valentine’s treats - “Halva” (diamond) shapes   marie Farrel, Georgianne Gust, eugenia          cards, which are always promptly mailed by
 with a red candy heart on each. “Kai tou        hatzia, nina Volis, Frank Baldwin, Pete         marion Vrahoritis. i’ll see you at the march
 Xronou” to our good friends!                    Patsalis, George Panourgias and yours truly,    8th meeting. Don’t forget the date! take
 our Secretary, tina theodorou, read the         Catherine Spadafore. Peter Phillips and Telly   good care of yourselves - and be very careful
 minutes from our last meeting, and our          Theodorou led the group with the “Happy         driving!
 treasurer, Lola Parris, rendered the treas-     Birthday” song, and Marion Vrahoritis, our      i remain as always,
 urer’s report. I read the names of those who    Vice President, passed out the muffins.         Catherine Spadafore
 had received our “Get Well” wishes and                                                          Senior President

 Assumption Dancers

  Assumption Hellenic societ y for tHe performing Arts performs At sterling HeigHts communit y center culturAl progrAm.
  over 500 in At tendAnce enjoyed tHe progrAms of vArious etHnic groups

EpistLE                                                              S2s                                                          March 2011
 Sunday School
 Our Kindergarten Prayers
 During one of our recent Sunday School classes, the kindergarten class was learning about prayers. Part of the lesson included the children writ-
 ing their own prayers, below are some examples of the childrens’ work.

 cJ – i love God.

 Dimitri – Dear Jesus, Please make my pet fish be well soon.

 Jenna – Dear God, i love my family. thank you for all the food.

 Savannah – Dear God, thank you for everything. thank you for my whole family.

 Story Time with Father Michael

EpistLE                                                               S3s                                                             March 2011
 Greek School Times
 Elli Patouhas, Principal

 we invite everyone to join us as we celebrate Greek independence day. our students will present their program
 monday, march 21, 6pm. refreshments will be served. There is no admission. Come enjoy the poems and dances
 celebrating this important day.

 Goya Basketball

EpistLE                                                     S4s                                                  March 2011
the following flowers and Easter items are available for donation during holy Week and pascha:
                   palm strips (palm crosses)                                                            $500
                   anastasi Wreath                                                                       $250
                   Vaia                                                                                  $500
                   Easter Lilies                                                                     $20 each
The ladies of philoptochos will be passing a special tray on palm sunday for the epitaphio flowers. if you wish to make a
general donation to the easter Flower Fund, please free to do so using this form. please make checks payable to Assumption
Greek orthodox Church (also note on your check easter Flower Fund).

                   Name _______________________________________________________________________

                   address _____________________________________________________________________

                   city ________________________________________ state ________Zip _________________

                   phone (_____)_______________________

                   Enclosed check amount $____________

                   For the health of ______________________________________________________________


                   in Memory of ________________________________________________________________

EpistLE                                                        S5s                                                  March 2011
 Empty Bowls Fights Hunger
 on Sunday, Feb. 13 from noon to 2:30        the colorful Bowls are still available
 p.m., our annual Empty Bowls soup           for sale after church on Sundays at
 luncheon took place.  Many thanks to the    $10 each. Great rubber mats made by
 more than 250 people who attended the       workers at cass community from tire
 event and helped raise $3,000 for Cass      clean up of Detroit, (8,000 tires to date)
 Community Social Services! Cass helps       are also available for purchase. Blue and
 make profound differences in the lives      white links were especially made for our
 of many by providing for basic needs,       hellenic homes. Bowls and mats are also
 food, activity, clinical, residential and   available in office during the week.
 vocational services for homeless people,    heartfelt thanks go out to chairs
 including affordable housing, promoting     Bonnie mellos and Patti theros who
 self-reliance, and encouraging commu-       were inspired three years ago to start
 nity involvement and improvement.           Empty Bowls in our area and follow
 17 local restaurants from the area gener-   through with leading the Crop Walk for
 ously donated soup for the fundraiser:      Assumption for the two years our church
 marchiori catering, national coney          was designated to run. they, with all of
 island, Pegasus, Gilbert’s Lodge, Shores    their volunteers, created opportunities
 inn, coney Grill, Luigi’s, Fishbone’s ,     for us all to give back to the community
 Grecian Table, Seabreeze Diner, Zoup,       through the many programs of Cass
 Waves, South Side Grill, riviera, ernie’s   community Social Services.
 Kings mill, uncle harry’s Deli, and mike
                                             Photo caption: Testimonial singing
 Breads were donated by                      group from Cass Community called “The
 Assimacoupoulos Bakery and delicious        Ambassadors”.  They sang six songs at the
 desserts were provided by our Ladies        luncheon:  “Woke Up This Morning”,
 Philoptochos Society and Kroger’s. Lovely   “Stand By Me”, “I Can See Clearly Now”,
 spring centerpieces were donated by         Amaze & Grace”, Down By the Riverside”,
 Tina Pappas, Renaissance Conference         “Glory Glory.”  The group was very
 center. Sinbad’s and caribou coffee were    inspirational and gave an accounting of
 additional donors.                          their struggles as homeless individuals,
 Each guest purchased a hand-painted         their faith and how cass community
 bowl as a keepsake painted by our           Social Services helped them.
 youth on Fun night the week before and
 students at Assumption Nursery School. 
 hygiene kits were also made at Fun night
 for 300 homeless of donated dental and
 soap supplies from Michelle Balconi and
 Dr. m.n. Sharifi.
 ShorePointe nursing center generously
 sponsored the Empty Bowls effort and
 future Crop Walk by contributing $1,000.
 the Grosse Pointe news is our media
 sponsor and partner for this event
 and the Crop Walk which Assumption
 sponsors again this year for the areas of
 Grosse Pointe and St. clair Shores on
 Sunday may 1 after church. So get your
 walking shoes ready and sign up sheets to
 fight world hunger.

EpistLE                                                        S6s                        March 2011
                                                                                                                                 Stewardship Reminder
                                                                                                                                 Please note that Assumption is on
                                                                                                                                 a Stewardship system, and thus we
                                                                                                                                 are unable to list the names of our
                                                                                                                                 parishioners until we have received
                                                                                                                                 a Stewardship card

BeneFactorS as of February 22, 2011
Mr. and Mrs. EdMund ahEE iii                      Mrs. EffiE gEhlErt                       Mr. and Mrs. williaM Malian                  Mr. and Mrs. aPostolos Pozios
Mr. and Mrs. Paul andoni                          drs. gEorgE & holly goffas               Mr. and Mrs. chris Manos                     dr. and Mrs. thoMas rafaill
Mr. and Mrs. tony andoniadEs                      Mr. angElo gust                          Mr. and Mrs. alEx Markus                     dr. and Mrs. chris raPhtis
Mr. Paul aviEws                                   Ms. viola hadgikosti                     Mr. and Mrs. JaMEs Masouras                  Mr. MichaEl roustEMis
Mr. and Mrs. saMuEl backos                        dr. and Mrs. tEd hadgis                  Mr. and Mrs. rich Mayk                       Mr. and Mrs. Evans routsis
Mr. and Mrs. JEffrEy baJis                        Mr.and Mrs. dirk hEdglin                 Mr. and Mrs. robErt Michon                   Mr. and Mrs. robErt saMaras
dr. and Mrs. gary bill                            Mr. and Mrs. saMuEl hoMsy                Mrs. dorothy MikE                            Mr. and Mrs. ulyssEs saros
drs. gust & EffiE bills                           Mr. linos JacovidEs                      dr. charlEs Milonas                          Mr. and Mrs. John shEoris
Mr. and Mrs. fErnando borrEgo                     Mr. thoMas Jordan                        Mr. and Mrs. nicholas MoisidEs               Mrs. dEMEtra sPiro
Mr. and Mrs. louiE bricolas                       Mr. and Mrs. anthony kalogEridis         Mrs. daPhnE Moraitis                         dr. and Mrs. Efstathios taPazoglou
Mrs. kallioPy callas                              Mr. and Mrs. lEo kalyvas                 Mr. and Mrs. nikolaos Moschouris             dr. and Mrs. ari thanasas
Ms. dElPhinE caMPbEll                             Mr. and Mrs. John karisny                Mr. anthony niarhos                          Mr. and Mrs. toM thoMas
Mr. and Mrs. John cardasis                        Mr. and Mrs. lazaros kircos              Mr. and Mrs. PEtEr nichols                   Mr. and Mrs. stEvEn torakis
Mrs. niki caris                                   Mr. and Mrs. gEorgE kiriazis             Mr. and Mrs. dEan niforos                    Ms. roula tsaPrailis
Mr. and Mrs. charlEs carson                       Mr. and Mrs. alEx kocovEs                Mr. and Mrs. thEodorE niforos                fathEr and PrEsvytEra MichaEl varlaMos
Mrs. kathErinE chErPEs                            Mr. and Mrs. david kohl                  Mr. and Mrs. bill Panagos                    Mr. and Mrs. gEorgE vEnEttis
Mr. and Mrs. robErt clark                         Mr. and Mrs. stEPhEn kontos              dr. and Mrs. thEodorE Pantos                 Mr. and Mrs. Mark vEnEttis
Mr. and Mrs. gEorgE dallas                        Mr. and Mrs. PEtro kotsis                Mr. and Mrs. thEofanis PaPakonstantinou      Mr. and Mrs. gEorgE vErras
Mr. and Mrs. John dallas                          Mr. and Mrs.JiM koukios                  Mrs. ManuEl PaPista                          Mr. robErt vickrEy
Mr. and Mrs. richard dEronnE                      Mrs. nitsa kourElis                      Mr. and Mrs. thEodorE PaPPas                 Mrs. lydia villEnEuvE
Mr. and Mrs. robErt EarlE                         Ms. aMalia kyriazis                      dr. and Mrs. John PErEntEsis                 Mr. and Mrs. louis vlahantonEs
Ms. hElEnE EconoMou                               Mr. and Mrs. dEnnis livingston           Mr. and Mrs. christ PEtroulEas               Mr. and Mrs. gEorgE volis
Mrs. tula EconoMou                                Mr. and Mrs. gasPEr loPiccolo            Mr. and Mrs. gEorgE PEtroulEas               Mrs. nina volis
Mr. and Mrs. charlEs falzonE                      Mr. and Mrs. chris MacrEs                Mr. and Mrs. david PolEtis                   dr. and Mrs. ignatios voudoukis
Mr. and Mrs. gEorgE fotias                        Mr. and Mrs. Elias MaJoros               Mrs. vEchEl PolEtis                          drs. christos & Marsha zingas
Mr. and Mrs. gEorgE gazEPis                       dr. and Mrs. John Makris                 Mr. and Mrs. alExandros Pozios

stEWarDs as of February 22, 2011
Mrs. Patsy addotta                                Mr. John dallas                          Mr. and Mrs. Mark Marcaccio                  Mr. and Mrs. gEorgE skolas
Mrs. dina agridis                                 Ms. Patricia dallas                      Mr. and Mrs. kEith Mazur                     Mrs. ann skuras
Mrs. Eoanna ahEE                                  Mr. and Mrs. williaM dallas              Mr. and Mrs. tiMothy MEEk                    Ms. bEssiE skuras
Ms. harriEtt alEx                                 Ms. dianE d’aMbrosio                     Mr. and Mrs. MikE MElhEM                     Ms. corinnE sMith
Ms. stElla alEx                                   Mrs. Mary dEMasEk                        Mr. and Mrs. MikE MElhEM, Jr.                Mr. and Mrs. williaM J. sMith
Mr. and Mrs. andy alExiou                         Mr. gEorgE dEMEtrakEas                   Mr. and Mrs. Mihail MEndrinos                Mrs. cathErinE sPadaforE
Ms. JEnnifEr alExiou                              Mr. and Mrs. John dEMEtrious             Mr. and Mrs. gabriEl MillEr                  Ms. harriEt stoukas
Mr. and Mrs. gEorgE alExoPoulos                   Mr. and Mrs. sPEros dionysoPoulos        Mr. and Mrs. John MillEr                     Mr. christos strubakos
Mr. PEtEr alExoPoulos                             Mrs. ann dollar                          Mrs. rEbEcca MillEr                          Mr. and Mrs. thEodoros strubakos
Mrs. Mary alogdElis                               Mr. John douvEas                         Ms. lillian MitchEll                         Mrs. toula suciu
Ms. nikki aMErEdEs                                Mr. and Mrs. ian g. duncan               Mr. and Mrs. John MitroPEtros                Mr. and Mrs. bill tEcos
Mr. nicholas anagnostoPoulos                      Mr. dEan ElangEs                         Mrs. vasiliki MorakEas                       Mr. and Mrs. gEorgE tEcos
Mrs. froso andiaris                               Mrs. Mary JanE ElangEs                   Ms. ann Morrin                               Mr. and Mrs. PEtE tEcos
Mrs. hElEn araMbagEs                              Ms. carriE Engwis                        Mrs. dEsPina Moschouris                      Mr. and Mrs. al tElEgadas
Mr. and Mrs. Efstathios aronis                    Mr. and Mrs. dEan Etsios                 Mr. and Mrs. frank Mourtos                   Mr. and Mrs. JaMEs tElEgadas
Mr. and Mrs. andy athan                           Mr. gEorgE farMakis                      Mr. EManuEl Mutafis                          Ms. rita tElEgadas
Mr. and Mrs. nick athanassoPoulos                 Mrs. MariE farrEll                       Mr. and Mrs. aPostolos nasiou                Mr. and Mrs. aristotlE thEodorou
Mrs. gEorgia atsalakis                            Mr. and Mrs. gEorgE gaggos               Mr. and Mrs. gEorgE niarhakos                Mr. and Mrs. tErry thEodorou
Mrs. audrEy avouris                               Mrs. kay ganas                           Mrs. hElEn niarhakos                         Mr. grEgory thEokas
Mr. and Mrs. taso ayan                            Mrs. asPasia garkinos                    Mr. art nichols                              Mr. and Mrs. nick thEoPhanous
Mr. and Mrs. JosEPh badyna                        Ms. toula gEnEMatas                      Mrs. nancy nicholas                          Mrs. stElla thoEl
Mr. and Mrs. antonios bakoulas                    Mr. and Mrs. gEorgE gEorgE               Mr. and Mrs. MichaEl nicolaou                Ms. andrEa thoMas
Mr. and Mrs. frank baldwin                        Ms. krisannE gEorgE                      Mr. and Mrs. tErry nix                       Mr. and Mrs. williaM thoMas
Mrs. rEvEka basoukEas                             Mrs. francEs gEorgEson                   Ms. dEs Pangalos                             Mr. JaMEs thoMPson
Ms. stElla basoukEas                              Mr. JaMEs gifton                         Ms. hElEn Pangalos                           Mr. and Mrs. diMitrios tingas
Mr. tony basoukEas                                Mr. and Mrs. MichaEl grEgg               Mr. and Mrs. John PaPadakis                  Mrs. virginia toMasEvic
Mrs. Mary bayo                                    Mrs. callioPE hadgikosti                 Mr. and Mrs. chrisostoMos PaPakonstantinou   Mrs. EsthEr triantEs
Mr. gEorgE bEkios                                 Mr. and Mrs. williaM haMlin              Ms. ritsa PaPakonstantinou                   Mr. and Mrs. iPPkoratis tsakanikas
Mr. and Mrs. John bEkios                          Mr. and Mrs. takis harlaftis             Ms. tina PaPakonstantinou                    Mrs. vicky tsolis
Mr. and Mrs. Milan bElans                         dr. lEna hatzichronoglou                 Mr. sPEros PaPalExis                         Mr. and Mrs. gEorgE vaMvakas
Mrs. cathErinE bErtakis                           Mrs. EugEnia hatzis                      Mr. and Mrs. athanasios PaPaPanos            Mr. and Mrs. vasilis vasilos
Mr. and Mrs. JaMEs bErtakis                       Mrs. dina ikonoMoPoulos                  Mrs. lorE PaPatriantafyllou                  Mrs. virginia vElas
Mr. MichaEl bErtakis                              Ms. rosE JanEvic                         Mrs. akriE PaPPas                            Ms. cynthia vickrEy
Mr. John bill                                     Mr. EvlaMbio Johnson                     Ms. androniky PaPPas                         Ms. Margo vrahnos
Mr. and Mrs. PEtEr bill                           Mrs. Elly kafritsas                      Ms. Maria PaPPas                             Mrs. Marian vrahoritis
Mr. and Mrs. EustacE bitsicas                     Mr. and Mrs. andrEw kallaPurE            Ms. annEttE Parkis                           Mrs. cynthia wElc
Mr. and Mrs. stEvE boukis                         Ms. anita kanakaris                      Mrs. lola Parris                             Mr. and Mrs. gary wynn
Mr. and Mrs. gEorgE bournias                      Mrs. hElEn kaPPaz                        Mr. and Mrs. angElo Patsalis                 Mr. and Mrs. constantinE yanoulakis
Mr. and Mrs. lou bournias                         Mr. and Mrs. konstantinos karabEtsos     Mr. and Mrs. PEtE Patsalis                   Mr. and Mrs. nick zingas
Ms.stEPhaniE brEnnan                              Mrs. irEnE karan                         Mr. and Mrs. PEtrE PEtkof                    Ms. Mary zoto
Mrs. soPhiE burbulis                              Miss raMona karan                        Mr. and Mrs. PEtEr PhilliPs
Mr. John butsicaris                               Mr. and Mrs. konstantinE karas           Mrs. Mary PislEy
Mr. and Mrs. Jack calas                           Mr. anthony karloff                      Mr. and Mrs. richard Portwood
Mrs. fran cartEr                                  Mr. and Mrs. John kastran                Ms. Panagiota Pozios
Mr. and Mrs. PEtEr caruso                         Mr. and Mrs. Panagiotis kolizEras        Mr. and Mrs. thEofanis Pozios
Ms. hElEn castino                                 Ms. Mary konduros                        Mr. and Mrs. Mark radtkE
Mr. and Mrs. MichaEl catros                       Mrs. chrysoula korovEssis                Mrs. EffiE ribblE
Mr. and Mrs. PEtEr chaMbi                         Mrs. diMitra lally                       Mrs. Eva roubas
Mr. and Mrs. JaMEs chaMPanE                       Ms. donna lally                          Ms. PaulinE roubas
Mr. and Mrs. dEan chaPMan                         Mr. and Mrs. savas laskaridEs            Mr. and Mrs. christos roustEMis
Mr. and Mrs. Panagiotis chasiotis                 Mrs. kallioPi latinis                    Mr. and Mrs. JaMEs sarchEck
Mr. and Mrs. nick chEolas                         Ms. lindy lEnk                           Mrs. barbara saros-rastElli
Ms. JEannE cholack                                Mr. and Mrs. anthony liPinski            Ms. Mary scalici
Mr. MichaEl cholack                               Mrs. PolyxEnE litos                      Mrs. soPhiE scandalis
Mr. and Mrs. gEorgE christoPulos                  Miss antoinEttE lolEa                    Mr. and Mrs. charlEs schErvish
Mr. and Mrs. John costa                           Ms. EstEllE lolEas                       Mr. and Mrs. harold schrock
Mrs. anastasia costoPoulos                        Mrs. zoE Malafouris                      Mr. and Mrs. nick sciortino
Mr. thEodorE coutilish and Ms. Mary bEth langan   Mr. and Mrs. JaMEs MalEs                 Mr. and Mrs. tEddy scott
Mr. and Mrs. robErt czEch                         Mrs. shirlEy Mallus                      Mrs. Maria sEndoykas
Mrs. athEna dafingas                              Mrs. PaulinE Maludy                      Mr. and Mrs. robErt shaMMas
Ms. angEla dallas                                 Mrs. ElEni Manousakakis                  Mr. and Mrs. MichaEl silaMianos

EpistLE                                                                                  S7s                                                                        March 2011
 Reverse Raffle a success—Thank you!
 reverse raffle is Back …
 …thanks to our outstanding chairs,
 tom thomas and George Dallas, who
 motivated a great committee. as we all
 know, the Festival has become a great
 annual event for our church and the
 community. holding an auction so soon
 after the Festival is difficult for those who
 volunteer. therefore, the reverse raffle
 has made a comeback and will be our
 annual winter fundraiser and replace the
 fall auction for now. PLan aheaD For
 For those who enjoy an auction, let’s
 all support our annual Nursery School
 Annual Auction that will take place at our
 Cultural Center on April 29. Each year, all
 proceeds benefit our school renovation
 fund mandated by the State. this year’s
 theme is caribbean! a welcome change
 after our long hard winter.
 To our Reverse Raffle sponsors, donors
 and most of all our ticket holders, we
 thank everyone who participated. Special
 thanks to mc/Pianist extraordinaire,
 chris macres, our it guys, George Verras
 and Bill tecos and 50/50 chair, Dave
 Jim Koukios
 reverse raffle committee
 Tom Thomas, Co-Chair, George Dallas,
 Co- Chair
 christ Petrouleas, George Petrouleas,
 tony niarhos, chris macres, tony
 niarhos, Dave Petrouleas, alex markus,
 Dimitri Vasilos, Bill marchiori, George
 Verras, George Volis, Bill tecos, chuck
 Falzone, Bob Vickrey, Jim Koukios, Jeff
 Sponsors: Ahee Jewlers ,Mr. Paul’s
 Chophouse, Ernie’s Kingsmill, Ram’s
 horn roseville, ram’s horn Fraser,
 National Coney Island, Pegasus, Piper’s
 alley, Salon eleni, Leo’s coney island,
 Boat ride and dinner for 4 at Sinbad’s

EpistLE                                          S8s   March 2011
                              Assumption nursery school
                                 6th Annual Auction

                             “A Night In The Caribbean!”
                                                  presented by the parents of Assumption

                                   Friday, April 29th, 7pm at The Assumption Cultural Center.
                                                              Community is invited!

                                                          Ticket price is $25 per adult.
                             island themed event includes food stations by marchiori Catering, open
                                    bar, and fabulous silent and live auction and raffle packages
                               including overnight trips, jewelery, electronics, spa services, dining
                                                                  plus much more!

                                   Call the school office at 586-772-4477 to reserve your tickets.
                                                   last year was a sellout crowd!

          The First Lady of Greek Cuisine
                      Comes to Michigan

   A Benefit Luncheon
   An Afternoon with Vefa Alexiadou
   Vefa brings Greece          Saturday April 2,12:00 Noon
   to your table               Doors open at 11:00 a.m.
   Learn Traditions of
                               Book Signings and Grand Raffle
   Greek Cuisine
   Somerset Inn                Donation: $65.00
   2601 West Big Beaver Rd     Proceeds benefit
   Troy, Michigan              National Philoptochos Center of Philanthropy
                               For tickets and information contact:
                               Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Detroit

EpistLE                                                                       S9s                       March 2011
EpistLE   S 10 s   March 2011
                            Caring for your family
                  in a new location.

                   DR. ANGELO N. PATSALIS
                   To schedule an appointment,
                   call (586) 756-7173 or log on            13251 E. Ten Mile Road, Suite 300
                   to                        Warren, MI 48089

    Attention senior Assumption parishioners
              Join Assumption senior exercise Classes
                       every Tuesday and Thursday
              11:15 a.m. Followed by lunch and fellowship!
                          For men and women -
     A program established with support of the Area Agency on Aging
                 to stay healthy and fit as we live longer!

          Contact Joan de ronne or elizabeth shammas for information.

EpistLE                                            S 11 s                                       March 2011
                                                           Assumption Greek Orthodox

                                                             JIM J. Koukios Epistle Ad

                                                                      December 26, 2007
                                                                     Associate Broker
                                                                   Cell Phone: 313-683-5020
                                                                   Voice Mail: 313-345-0528

                                                                          Fluent Greek spoken
                                                                  All information strictly confidential
          Trust, Earned by Generations of Care
                                                                            Saros Real Estate
                                                                17108 Mack Avenue Grosse Pointe, MI 48230
                   MACK & VERNIER
             G ROSSE P OINTE W OODS
                 313.884.5500                             (586) 775-2424
               DAVID A. KESNER , MGR .

               MASONIC & SCHOENHERR
                     W ARREN                              28433 Jefferson Ave.
                   586.293.8030                           St. Clair Shores, MI 48081
               BRUCE P. CALDER , MGR.
                                                                 Michael T. McGillen
              DAVID PETERS , PRESIDENT                                       Manager

EpistLE                                          S 12 s                                                   March 2011
                                                                                         Premium bread
                                                                                           Rolls & buns
                                                                                    Serving restaurants
                                                                                           and the food
                                                                                       service industry

                                                                                                   8579 Lumpkin

                                                                                                          (313) 875-7246
                                                                                                          (313) 875-7792

                                                                        Current Locations

                                                        CLAWSON                           ROYAL OAK
                                                        Maple and Crooks                  Main Street at 12 Mile Road
                                                                                          (Open 24 Hours: 7 Days)
                                                        CLINTON TOWNSHIP
                                                        Garfield at 19 Mile Road          ST. CLAIR SHORES
                                                        (Open 24 Hours: Fri-Sat)          SHORES SHOPPING CENTER

                                                        ROSEVILLE                         STERLING HEIGHTS
                                                        Groesbeck at 12 Mile Road         WASHINGTON PLAZA
                                                        (Open 24 Hours: 7 Days )          Dequindre at 14 Mile Road

                                                        GROSSE POINTE
                                                        Mack at 7 Mile (Moross)           TROY
                                                                                          Rochester Road
                                                        MACOMB                            North of 16 Mile Road
                                                        Hall Road (M-59) at Hayes         (Open 24 Hours: Fri-Sat)

                                                        MACOMB MALL                       UTICA
                                                        Gratiot at Masonic                M-59 at M-53
                                                        (Next to Value City)              (Next to Jarad’s Jewelers)
                                                                                          (Open 24 Hours: 7 Days)
                                                        ROCHESTER HILLS
                                                        HAMPTON VILLAGE CTR.              WARREN
                                                        Rochester Road at Auburn          Van Dyke north of 12 Mile Road
                                                                                          (Open 24 Hours: Fri-Sat)
              CORPORATE OFFICE LOCATION                 Gratiot at I-696                  WATERFORD
                     27947 Groesbeck Hwy.               (Open 24 Hours: 7 Days)           Dixie Hwy. north of Walton
                         Roseville, MI                                                    (Open 24 Hours: Fri-Sat)
          PH. (586) 771-7744      FAX (586) 771-9578    SHELBY TWP.
                CALL US TO CATER FOR YOU                Schoenherr                        ST. CLAIR SHORES
                                                        S outh of 23 Mile Road            Harper north of 8 Mile Road

                                                                               GOING ON VACATION? VISIT US AT:
                VISIT US AT OUR WEB                                                  MIDFIELD TERMINAL
           WWW.NATIONALCONEYISLAND.COM                                               METRO AIRPORT

EpistLE                                                S 13 s                                                              March 2011
     Not all chapters in life are easy.
 Visit our Online Grief Library at

                 Brian A Joseph, Owner / Chairman
                        Family owned and operated since 1908

            313-881-8500                              586-756-5530
        16300 Mack Avenue                           28499 Schoenherr
                                                                                                                          CALL OR EMAIL
     Grosse Pointe, MI 48230                        Warren, MI 48088                                                      US FOR SPECIAL
                                                                                                                        VETERANS PRICING
  Joseph A. Stanlonis, Manager                  John P. Murphy, Manager
Senior ad ShorePointe Village:Layout 1 3/13/09 2:14 PM Page 2                                                  

                                                                                                                 Beaumont Hospital’s
                                                                                                                  number one choice
                                                                                                                  for your continued
                                                                                                                      plan of care

          A Premier Health Care Management Facility                                                    An Affiliate of Beaumont Hospitals

      Services & Care:                Rehabilitation                 Long Term Care                Respite Care               Hospice Care
      G Licensed and trained staff members - 24 hours per day          G Emergency call systems in each suite and bath                                 16 MILE ROAD / METRO PARKWAY

      G Consulting dental, podiatry and optical services               G Private and semi-private suites with private baths
      G Contract laboratory, and diagnostic x-ray                      G Picture windows in each suite                                                 13 MILE ROAD

      G Licensed and registered therapists, including physical and
                                                                                                                                                                                                      11 MILE

                                                                       G Air conditioning throughout
                                                                                                                                                            SCHOENHERR ROAD

                                                                                                                                                                              10 MILE
                                                                                                                                            VAN DYKE

        occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists      G Pre-wiring for Telephone and Cable TV                                                                    9 MILE

      G Intravenous and nutritional therapies
                                                                                                                              8 MILE ROAD

                                                                       G Smoke alarms, sprinklers in each suite
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            St. Clair

      G Medication administration and management


                                                                       G A luxurious Hair Salon


      G Regular visiting Physicians

                                                                       G A smoke-free environment
                                                                                                                                                                                                 GROSSE POINTE

          ShorePointe Nursing Center                 H       26100 Jefferson Avenue                  H       St. Clair Shores, MI 48081

EpistLE                                                                    S 14 s                                                                                                                       March 2011
                                                                                                                     For all your printing needs
                                                                                                     Steve Kolasa                          Fax: 586.979.9065

                                                                                                                                 GRAPHICS, INC.
                                                                                                     •   Brochures                                Catalogs    •
                                                                                                     •   Envelopes                                Booklets    •
                                                                                                     •   Letterheads                            NCR Forms     •
                                                                                                     •   Business Cards                      Pocket Folders   •

                                                                                                                       Phone: 586.524.3827

  Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee!                             20
                                                                                         Extreme Half Ad V2.indd 1                                        4/27/06 3:14:31 PM

                                                         Satisfi Years of

  COMO’S                                                       ed Cu

                     Guaranteed Quality Work
             Complete Collision Repair and Refinishing
 Auto-Theft Recovery Utilizing the Latest State of the Art Equipment
          Certified Technicians • Towing Service Available
             Ser vicing All Insurance Companies
 22015 Mack Ave. (between 8-9 Mile)
        Saint Clair Shores                           (586) 771-5757

      Invisalign / Invisible Braces
      One Hour Laser Whitening
  One Visit Crowns • Veneers • Onlays               is hard enough…
    Drill-less Dentistry • Implants

                             20 Years Experience


                                “Convenient Hours
                                 by Appointment”

  Grosse Pointe Family Dentistry
                    Chris C. Panagos DDS
                     Olga Panagos DDS

               18501 Mack • Grosse Pointe
                                                         NOW yOu CAN GO

EpistLE                                                                         S 15 s                                                            March 2011
     ROSEVILLE                                                                                                                  FRASER
     ON GRATIOT                                                                                                            CORNER OF MASONIC
  NORTh OF 12 MILE                                                                                                          AND UTICA ROADS
    586-777-1440                                                                                                              586-296-1744

                                               OPEN 24 Hours
                  MONDAY - FRIDAY 5 A.M. – 11 A.M.
    Three eggs, meat and toast                                      $3.29                       ReFReshINg spRINg
    Three eggs, meat, hashbrowns or pancakes and toast              $3.79
    Buttermilk pancakes (3 large) and meat                          $3.79                LENTEN SPECIALS
    French toast (4 halves) and meat                                $3.79
    Choice of meat: Sausage, bacon, ham, sausage patties, turkey patties.                        • Fried tilapia with jumbo shrimp
                                                                                                 • Southern style fried catfish

                                                                                                 • Hand-breaded walleye fillets
                                                                                                 • Grilled Atlantic salmon

           $1.00 OFF                                    Easter
                                                        Tom Thomas
                                                                                                 • Famous fish & chips

                                                                                             served with potato or macaroni & cheese,
              Next Visit                                Lee Drouilard                            choice of soup, salad or colelsaw
             exp 10/1/2011                               Ted Lasater

   edmund t. AHEE jewelers
                      Grosse Pointe Woods

            Mon.-Sat. 10am to 6pm, Thurs. 10am to 8pm
                      Extended Holiday Hours

               Best Watch and Jewelry Store by AOL
                 Best of Detroit by Hour Magazine
                  Michigan's Retailer Of The Year
                                                                                           Direct DonationS
           Unparalled collection of diamonds, platinum,
                   gold, gems and fine watches
             Largest source of GIA certified diamonds
             International award winning design team                                 Did you know that we could initiate Direct Debit from
                                                                                     your checking or Savings account on a regular basis
              Visit our award winning web site
                                                                                     for your convenience? credit cards can also be debited
                                                                                     with individual instructions. Please contact our
                                                               church office for details.

EpistLE                                                                     S 16 s                                                      March 2011
Fr. michael Varlamos       parish Council                             ministries
 proistamenos              Committees 2010
Joan deronne                                                          Church
                           welcome and ushering
 administrator               Brenda Kotsis
                                                                        George petrouleas
                             ted Kotsis
olga Cardasis              stewardship
 Office Manager              christ petrouleas                          Dean Niforos
pat nanos                    Lydia Villeneuve
                           Church Youth Committee                     Choir
 stewardship secretary                                                 stan takis
                             cathy Livingston
                             chris Manos                               517-655-2060
parish Council             philanthropic ministries                   GoYA
                             tony Niarhos                              Dennis Livingston
 Jim Koukios               Center Activities                            586-219-4233
  council president          tony Lipinski                            Greek school
                             roula tsaprailis                          Elli patouhas
 Tom Thomas                long range planning Fund                    586-795-4866
  council Vice president   development
                                                                      The ladies philoptochos society
                             George petrouleas                         Georgia Falzone
 Tony niarhos                Ernest Zachary                            586-295-5917
  council secretary        eastpointe
                                                                      Assumption parents Group
                             George petrouleas
 robert dewaele            Finance                                      cathy Livingston
  council treasurer                                                     586-949-2467
                             Bob DeWaele
                             tom Nanos                                senior Citizens
 Jeffrey Bajis             legal                                        catherine spadafore
 sophie Burbulis             chrysanthe Kohl
                             ted Niforos                              sunday school
 George Dallas               Louis theros                               chris De Waele
 Krisanne George           Construction/repairs                         Krisanne George
 chrysanthe Kohl             Dave poletis                             organizations
 Theodore a. Kotsis          Ernest Zachary
                                                                       John hatzis
 cathy Livingston          Board of Auditors                           586-268-9747
 tom Nanos                   George Gazepis
                             andy Kallapure                           Assumption parishioners Association
 Theodore Niforos            Lou Vlahantones                            terry Vickery
 christ petrouleas         epistle
                                                                      daughters of penelope
 George petrouleas           Jeff petersen, design and publishing       Dori Daskas
                             Mike Bertakis, Photography                 313-909-8259
 David poletis
 harriet stoukas
 roula tsaprailis
 Ernest Zachary

                                                      Assumption nursery school and Toddler Center
                                                        22150 Marter road
                                                        st. clair shores, Mi 48080
                                                        anne chilingirian          586-772-4477
assumption Greek Orthodox church
21800 Marter road
st. clair shores, Mi 48080
phone: 586-779-6111
Fax: 586-779-8369

return service requested

          Giving Our Gifts With Faith In Christ

                                        Find a rightful place for stewardship
                                        in your heart and in your life

                                        the earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof, the world and
                                        those who dwell therein; for he has founded it upon the seas,
                                        and established it upon the rivers.
                                                                                          Psalm 24:1-2

               “I will not offer to the Lord my God that which has cost me nothing”
                                                                            The Prophet David

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