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List ESF Funded Projects in Surrey


									                       Name of
Measure            Organisation         Project Name                                                                                   Description
                Pavilion Housing       Supporting           A project providing opportunities for parents of primary school children to learn IT with a view to encouraging further learning and an end result of returning to
                Association            Young Parents        the labour market.
          1.2                          Back into the
                Surrey Care Trust      Workforce
                                       Learning             Project aiming to attract people back into the lifelong learning process who might otherwise not see learning as an option to enable life changes.
          1.2                    Champions for
              Surrey County      Learning                   A project aiming to develop the capacity of communities to identify and meet their own learning needs and spread a culture of learning within target
              Council Adult &    Champions for              communities.
          1.2 Commumity Learning Target
              Surrey Connexions  Communities
                                 Training into              The aim of this pan Surrey project will provide tailored support to 16 to 25 year old unemployed young people to improve their employability.
          1.2 Ptnship Ltd        Employment
                ALPS Ptnship Ltd       Engaging 16+       Engaging 16+ year olds who would normally have dropped out of learning into courses that allow them to make an appropriate contribution to the economy .
          1.2                          year olds
                Brooklands College     Basic Skills Tutor This project builds on and completes the Basic Skills Tutor Training - County Lead Post Project which finished in Dec 2003 and will ensure that there are a
                                       Training           growing number of trained tutors in Surrey to deliver Basic Skills programmes.
                Surrey Community       Outreach ICT         The project will provide a well equipped mobile ICT learning resource that will visit local communities and venues offering hard to reach groups the
                Action                                      opportunity to experience computers hands on for the first time.
              Nacro Education &    Embedded Basic           A project aiming to deliver basic skills training to offenders in the community serving court orders and prison licences.
          2.1 Employment Greater Skills
              LondonCare Trust
              Surrey Division      Managing your            The project will equip learners from targeted disadvantaged areas with skills to cope with the receipt of benefits system & plan finances. This will lead
                                   Money                    further into other numeracy skills. Project workers will be trained to deliver financial literacy.
              M B Learning         Skills Drive             This project will deliver 20 embedded basic skills courses, attractive to a range of hard to reach learners. Will be supported by targeted promotional &
                                   Surrey                   recruitment activities to engage these adults into first-steplearning.
              Lancaster University Supporting Skills        This project provides new skills to managers, supervisers and union learning representatives in the public sector with local authority staff being the priority
              (The Network)        For Life in the          target group, such that they will be able to identify language, literacy and numeracy needs of employees. The learners will achieve the Level 2 Certificate in
          2.1                      Public Sector            Adult Learner Support.
              Debbie Betteridge        Making CPD           To provide a Continued Professional Development Programme for Skills for Life Tutors in Surrey.
              Ltd known as             Count
          2.1 Ambazac
              Surrey Care Trust        Inclusion for 13 -   The Surrey Youth Inclusion Programme ensures a range of provision for 13-16 year olds who are disaffected from formal education and training and offers a
          2.2                          16 year olds         parallel resource to schools and pupil referral units.
              The Trident Trust        Surrey Youth         This project offers a parallel resource to schools and pupil referral units enabling them to offer extended or complementary opportunities to young people
                                       Matters              aged 13-17 year olds who are disaffected from formal education and training
                Surrey Community       Capacity Building The aim of the project is to provide training opportunities to upskill the Voluntary and Community Sector. The project will offer programmes of short training
                Action                 for the Voluntary courses, tailored to the specific needs of the voluntary sector, which will be targeted to trustees, managers, staff and volunteers.
                                       and Community
                Surrey Care Trust       FACE Basic          A project aiming to re-engage individuals with low levels of literacy and numeracy in programmes with embedded basic skills which enable them to increase
                                       Skills               their skill level through learning activities mapped to the national basic skills framework.
                                       Basic Skills)
                Surrey County          Language             The project aims to raise educational levels among the Asian Ethnic Minority Community by recruiting adults to classes in ESOL. This project targets help at
                Council (ELMA)         Training             parents of school children.
                Surrey Community       Upskilling the   The project will offer programmes of short training courses, tailored for the specific needs of the voluntary sector for trustees, managers, staff and volunteers.
                Action                 Voluntary Sector It will provide one-to-one support through action learning sets and mentoring with managers.
              Adults & Community Access to                  Building upon the achievement of the Gateways Project which currently serves Adults with Learning Disabilities and others this project will provide additional
              Care               Training,                  routes to education and employment for people with LLDD.
                                 Education and
          3.1                    Employment for
              JGA Ltd (The JGA   LLDD
                                 Guidance (IAG)             An integrated Advice and Guidance Programme available to all adults over 20 across Surrey and providing the service in locations convenient to the
                Group)                                      benficiary.
                Surrey Careers         Guidance (IAG)       Project complementing the IAG service provided by Intouch by allowing more indepth interventions to help adults deal with issues preventing them from
                Services                                    moving on with their career plans.
                NESCOT                 Modern               A project designed to increase participation of 16-25 year olds engaging in the MA Programmes and to overcome local skills shortages in line with the LSC's
                                       Apprenticeships      growth targets.
          3.1                          Placement
                Surrey County          Project
                                       Net Gain             Working with Surrey Learning Disability Partnership Board and Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation SCC will work together to co-ordinate a Surrey-wide network
                Council                                     consisting of themselves and 10-15 voluntary and community sector groups.
                NESCOT                 Apprenticeship       The project is designed to increase participation of 16-25 year olds engaging in the Apprenticeship Programmes and to overcome local skills shortages in
                                       Project              line with the Learning and Skills Council’s growth targets.
                The Learning Hub       Skills for Work      This project will establish a framework and a resource of embedded materials to enable skills for life and Care NVQs to be delivered within the care sector,
                                                            supported by a strong partnership
                Active Personal        Workforce            A continuation and expansion of the successful Working Skills Project providing flexible training in the workplace and establishing a steering group and
                Learning Ltd           Development in       learning networks for managers throughout Surrey to ensure continued responsiveness to changing needs.
                University of Surrey   Management           Led by the University of Surrey , Surrey Economic Partnership will create a step-change in the supply of management and leadership training.
          3.2                          Development
                Central Sussex         Developing An        The Major Contractors aim to work with a fully qualified workforce within their sub-contractor base. This is driving up demand for the Construction Skills
                College                Assessor             Certification Scheme card. To obtain the CSCS card workers have to be assessed on-site by a qualified assessor. There are however not enough
                                       Network For          assessors at present particularly within the FE sector. In order to address this issue this project will establish a database of assessors prepared to cover
                                       Construction         assessments in the county of Surrey. This will include those who are currently active and those who are not presently active, but want to begin assessing
                                                            again. These assessors should be able to cover as wide a range of Construction trades as possible. There is also funding included to add to the pool of
                                                            assessors by training a small number of older workers to become assessors. In addition, this project will establish protocols between the various
                                                            organisations involved, to facilitate sharing of assessors within the county, this might be on a quid pro quo basis or through fee charges depending on
                                                            circumstances. The project should link to one or more FE colleges that are able to cover the verification of awards (this/these FE college/s do not need to be
                                                            based in the county of Surrey).
                Central Sussex         Qualifiying          The Major Contractors aim to work with a fully qualified workforce within their sub-contractor base. This is driving up demand for the Construction Skills
                College                Construction         Certification Scheme card. To obtain the CSCS card workers have to be assessed on-site by a qualified assessor. In order to up-skill these workers this
                                       Workers Via          project will assess experienced workers operating in Construction sites in Surrey and qualify these to NVQ L3. This project should deliver a range of
                                       OSAT                 assessments in relevant Construction occupations. This project can be delivered by one organisation or by a range of organisations working together. We
                                                            are particularly interested to receive bids from organisations able to demonstrate innovative approaches to sustainable development
                University College for Creative Lead        Small and medium sized enterprises within the creative industries sector often experience difficulties accessing appropriate leadership and management
                the Creative Arts      (Surrey)             support and training tailored to their specific needs. Small creative companies often require this support as they start to become team managed businesses
                                                            requiring a more complex structure and new line management responsibilities.To combat the above we wish to provide coaching for senior members of
                                                            Surrey-based SMEs from experienced coaches that are used to dealing with the issues faced by creative industries and, importantly, who know how to both
                                                            assess the needs of these companies and relate information back to the managers in a way that works for these individuals.
              Godalming College,       Workforce            Project building on BEST Again by engaging with an increased number of employers by offering a one-stop complete training solution responsive and flexible
              Business Training        Development in       to employer needs.
          4.1 Services Division        SME's
              Tourism South East       Surrey Tourism A project providing a cohesive approach to training and development in the tourism sector by raising employees' vocational skills and supporting business
                                       Skills Partnership competitiveness.
                Surrey County          Training Care  Working closely with the LSC Care Project this project will enable social care employees in SME's and micro SMEs to be trained, qualified or developed to
                Council                Workers to NVQ nationally agreed standards and achieve government targets for NVQ Level 2 care by the end of 2005.
                                       Level 2
              R&D Training Centre Meeting the         This project to train RMA's in Surrey to provide initial diagnosis of learning needs to assist in developing approriate training for NVQ Care level 4 RMA, to
                                   training needs of gain qualification to remain in employment with clear progression to A1 assessor award.
                                   Care Sector
          4.1                      Managers in
              JACE Training &      Surrey
                                   Upskilling the     This project intends to up-skill learners to level 2, 3 or 4 in Children’s Care Learning & Development or Playwork. These are essential to combat the skills
              Assessment Centre Early Years           shortage in the childcare industry.
                                   Childcare and
          4.1                      Playwork Sector
              Weir Training Ltd    Destination        This Project will help to improve access to learning and participation for individuals with low levels of existing qualifications in the retail sector in particular
                                   Retail - A True    from Level 3 to Level 4 qualifications listed on the National Qualification Framework.
                                   Career Path in
          4.1                      Retail
              Surrey County        Building Capacity A project to enable care homes and care agencies to develop supervisory staff to achieve a vocational assessor award to enable their care workforce to work
              Council              of Trainers,       towards NVQ Level 2 and Registered Managers Award.
                                   Assessors and
          4.2                      Verifiers in Adult
                                   Care Sector
              Business Link Surrey Skills Advisory    The project will primarly Target SME's who employ less than 50 individuals and who are based in the east of Surrey area known as the "Gatwick Diamond",
                                       Service              with particular focus on ICT & New Media, Care, Construction, Public & Voluntary Sectors and Engineering.
          4.2                          (Brokerage)
              National                 Group Training   Project offering a range of flexible workshops to potential and existing childminders to in hard to reach groups. Workshops will be linked to the Certificate in
              Childminding             for Childminders Childminding Practice Courses and NVQ Level 3 qualifications.
          5.1 Association
              JACE Training &          Building Capacity A scheme grouping together Early Years and Playwork settings into clusters to form networks that will become self supporting consortiums at the end of the
              Assessment Centre        in Early Years    project life.
                                       Childcare and
                                       Playwork Sector
                Postgraduate           Vocational           A project to address the requirement for Dental Nurses to be registered with the General Dental Council for Dental Nurses by late 2004 and to be qualified to
                Deanery for Kent,      Training NVQ         NVQ level 3 or National Dental Nursing Examination Level following a 2 year transition.
                Surrey & Sussex        Level2/3 in Skill
          5.1                          Shortage Areas
                ALPS Ptnship Ltd       Vocational           This project to provide training for women aged 22 or over who are returning to work or already employed to achieve NVQ's level 2 and 3 in skills shortage
                                       training in Skills   areas.
          5.1                          shortages area
                Business Link          Women in             The project will primarly Target women in SME's who employ less than 50 individuals and who are based in the east of Surrey area known as the "Gatwick
                                       Gatwick              Diamond", to give development trainining.
          5.1                          Diamond area

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