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Pet Grooming Professionals How to Keep Your Pet Safe


									Pet Grooming Professionals - How to Keep Your Pet Safe

Pet grooming is a necessity that any pet owner can testify to. You can
have your pet groomed by a pet grooming professional or you can attempt
to do it yourself. If you take your dog to a pet grooming expert, be
careful who you take them to. There are plenty of horror stories out
there that will make any responsible pet owner shutter. You must know and
trust your pet groomer or disastrous results may occur. This article is a
helpful guide to watching for red flags when you visit your local pet
grooming expert whether you have used them for a long time or it is a
first time visit.

If it is a first time visit, ask the groomer to look at the grooming
area. Make sure the equipment used is right for your pet. Look in the
kennel area to see if there is fresh water and the cages are clean. If
your pet is put into a soiled kennel, they have a high chance of catching
a transmittable disease. Make sure there is a soft area for the animal to
lie on like a blanket or towel. A red flag should go up if you see
multiple colors of hair on the floor. This means that the pet grooming
professional is not sanitizing between animals. Look at the clippers. Be
assured that they are sanitized. If the clippers have dried blood or hair
on them, you need to find another groomer.

The personal appearance of the pet grooming expert is also important.
Look for stains or blood on their clothing. If the groomer is not clean,
you can be assured that your pet will not be handled in a sanitary
manner. Also watch how the groomer interacts with your animal. If they
are abrasive in either manner or speech, you might want to redirect your
business. If they are not conscious of their negative approach to your
pet while you are there, think about how more negative are harmful the
pet grooming professional will be if you are not there.

The first thing a pet owner should look for is the animal's attitude when
returning from a groomer. Of course most pets will be shaken, but if an
animal acts extremely shy or skittish after the appointment a further
look in the pet groomer's practices may need to be explored. Look for
cuts or abrasions on your animal, especially in hard to find places like
under the neck or beneath legs. The pet groomer should talk to you about
concerns they find on your pet and detail any wounds or scratches your
pet received during the session.

Any unprofessional pet grooming behavior that you witness or discover
should be reported to the either the state board that issued the
certification or a veterinarian who can contact the proper authorities.
Your pet's welfare is important and the proper pet grooming professional
needs to be obtained to ensure the physical and emotional safety. Watch
closely, and pay attention to both your pet and the groomer.

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