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					                                                                                                    Local Carbon Framework Pilots

            Local authority area   no                           LCF Pilot                                                       Details                                        Area(s)   Note

            BOURNEMOUTH,           1    Modelling the Carbon Reduction Impact of the LTP3 and         Report in an appendix to LTP3 and LCTS:                      Transport
            DORSET & POOLE              Low Carbon Travel Strategy                                    Carbon model for the rural area.
            MULTI AREA                                                                                Projected carbon emissions by intervention (individual /
            AGREEMENT                                                                                 cumulative) in the rural area.
                                                                                                      Integration of carbon projections with existing models
                                                                                                      Cost benefit analysis
                                   1    Identifying the Market for Behaviour Change Interventions     Report and implementation plan on 'smarter choices'          Transport
                                        to encourage a switch to low carbon travel                    behaviour change interventions - to encourage people to      Behaviour change
                                                                                                      change their travel behaviour in favour of more
                                                                                                      sustainable and lower carbon transport modes.

                                   1    Reducing car use and carbon associated with the school        Test and refine the 'Child Miles' concept through the full   Transport
                                        journey - Pre choice 'Child Miles' social marketing           cycle of intervention - identification of target audience,   Behaviour change
                                        intervention                                                  delivery of intervention and assessment.

                                   1    Electric Vehicles Charging Demand Study                       Study of electric vehicles / charging infrastructure.        Transport

                                   1    Low Carbon CHP and District Heating Feasibility Study         Development of wood fuel district heating system that        Energy
                                                                                                      uses Dorset's woodland and other wood fuel resources.        District Heating

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                                                                                                 Local Carbon Framework Pilots

            Local authority area   no                            LCF Pilot                                                   Details                                       Area(s)      Note

                                   1    Area Based Approach: Maximising Potential of Appropriate Review / analysis of raw data collected for private sector Domestic
                                        Energy Efficient Home Improvements                       house condition surveys and prepare a report. Use data Energy efficiency
                                                                                                 to model / update maximum potential data and set targets
                                                                                                 for hard to treat properties.
                                   1    Community sustainability energy network                  Develop an online community sustainable energy             Energy generation
                                                                                                 resource for civil society groups in BDP
                                   1    Developing a Sustainable Food Chain for Bournemouth,       [no funding bid]                                               Sustainable economy
                                        Dorset & Poole                                             Businesses assisted to improve their performance and
                                                                                                   Sustainable food chain developed

                                   1    Dorset Energy Group Renewable Energy Strategy Review       [no funding bid]                                           Energy
                                                                                                   Review and update of Dorset Energy Group Renewable Renewables
                                                                                                   Energy Strategy to include an Action Plan in line with LCF

                                   1    Energy from Waste - Investigation of Opportunities for     [no funding bid]                                               Energy generation
                                        Waste Management Contacts that include Anaerobic            Investigation of Opportunities for Waste Management           Waste management
                                        Digestion and support EfW                                  Contacts that include Anaerobic Digestion and support

                                   1    Local Authority-led biomass (wood fuel) supply chains      [no funding bid]                                               Energy generation
                                                                                                   Development of in-house capacity and a business plan for
                                                                                                   BDP local authorities to supply biomass fuel to boilers in
                                                                                                   public sector buildings.
                                   1    Local authority led renewable energy developments          [no funding bid]                                               Energy
                                                                                                   Investigation of potential opportunities for local authority   Renewables
                                                                                                   led and financed renewable energy developments based           Green Deal
                                                                                                   on income streams from FITS and RHI

                                   1    Micorgeneration in the domestic sector                     [no funding bid]                                               Domestic
                                                                                                   Investigation of opportunities to secure funding to support    Energy generation
                                                                                                   installation of domestic micro renewable based on income       Green Deal
                                                                                                   from FITs and RHI
                                   1    Support for West of Isle of Wight Offshore Wind farm       [no funding bid]                                               Energy
                                                                                                   Support development of the 3bn 900MW West of Isle of           Renewables
                                                                                                   Wight Offshore Wind farm

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                                                                                                      Local Carbon Framework Pilots

            Local authority area   no                             LCF Pilot                                                        Details                                       Area(s)         Note

            BRISTOL CITY COUNCIL   1    Carbon Costing Toolkit for Assessing Costs and CO2              Research and collection of national data and other             Carbon costing toolkit
                                        Savings of Local Carbon Frameworks                              resources to assist in producing assessment
                                   1    Critical Local Authority leadership skills for Local Carbon     Training needs analysis, production of training materials      LA Leadership
                                        Framework delivery.                                             and training of key officers                                   Training needs analysis
                                                                                                        Web publishing training needs analysis results and
                                                                                                        training materials
                                   1    Smart City Bristol                                              Report to establish how the smart city approach can be         Smart City approach
                                                                                                        applied in Bristol identifying actions for the next 5 years.

                                   1    Progressing area based solar schemes                            Analysis of efficacy of proprietary survey systems allowing Energy
                                                                                                        estimate of solar potential of an area.                     Renewables
                                                                                                        Survey of the city identifying numbers of roofs and area of
                                                                                                        solar potential.
                                                                                                        Sample analysis of the citywide survey and DECC rule of
                                                                                                        thumb re % roofs suitable for solar and produce guidance
                                                                                                        for Local Authorities on specifying proprietary community-
                                                                                                        wide solar assessment tools.
                                                                                                        Detailed guidance for schools and community groups to
                                                                                                        enable selection of suitable solar offers where the LEA
                                                                                                        cannot support the initial upfront capital costs of a solar
                                                                                                        array using a Bristol school as example.

                                   1    Developing a standard methodology for an area based             Report leading to a clear plan for ensuring future     LA Leadership
                                        energy, climate and peak oil resilience strategy and plan.      development of Avonmouth contributes fully to the
                                                                                                        CCESF/LCF targets and a methodology for others to use.

                                   1    Community Energy Support Programme                              Review of the role and potential of community energy           Energy generation
                                                                                                        projects within Bristol and provide direct support Bristol
                                                                                                        community energy projects with for example, website
                                                                                                        development and support and event and communication
                                                                                                        Review the need, design and establish a loan funding
                                                                                                        scheme for project development

                                   1    Community Pathways to Action on Climate Change                  Survey of existing relevant community projects
                                                                                                        Summary tables linking climate change outcomes with
                                                                                                        community approaches/methods and their related
                                                                                                        success factors,
                                                                                                        More detailed guidance and reference resource with
                                                                                                        access to information about specific projects
                                                                                                        An accessible and updateable database of existing
                                                                                                        community and climate change projects
                                                                                                        A policy briefing outlining the implications of the pathways
                                                                                                        project for action by key stakeholders

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                                                                                                   Local Carbon Framework Pilots

            Local authority area   no                            LCF Pilot                                                     Details                                      Area(s)      Note

                                   1    A Sub-Regional approach to Sustainable Energy Resources A sustainable energy survey                                       Sustainable energy
                                                                                                Shared datasets and map layers
                                                                                                Identification of key opportunities and constraints, and
                                                                                                issues relating to strategically significant sites and
                                                                                                relationship to other planned infrastructure
                                                                                                Information on capacity issues

                                   1    Undertaking a carbon footprint of Bristol City Council’s     Calculation of procurement footprint.                        Carbon footprint
                                        procurement including outsourced services.                   Finalisation of calculation and submission of final report
                                                                                                     Develop guidance and disseminate results

            LONDON BOROUGH OF      1    Domestic and Commercial Energy Retro-fit Programme           Analysis Report of Housing Stock                             Domestic Retrofit
            HARINGEY                                                                                 Housing Energy Database                                      Commercial Retrofit
                                                                                                     Housing Stock Retrofit Specifications with Mapping to
                                                                                                     Socio-economic and Conservation Area Data
                                                                                                     Business Plan and Procurement Strategy

                                   1    Inter-borough Solar Renewable Energy Opportunity             Pre-feasibility method, collection pro-forma and training    Energy
                                        Analysis, Framework Contract and Buying Group/s              (including guidelines for public sector/LSP’s)               Renewables
                                                                                                     Finance and delivery options report
                                                                                                     Framework contract/procurement costs set up (legal

                                   1    Light Electricity Supply Licence – Template Supplier         Draft supplier services agreement produced                   Decentralised energy
                                        Services Contract for Decentralised Energy Schemes and       Haringey Council submit application for Light Licence
                                        Market testing                                               Draft contract reviewed and amended

                                   1    Study to Identify the Opportunity for Green Enterprise       Analysis of tools for the low carbon enterprise sector,      Green economy
                                        Growth in the Upper Lea Valley and Recommendations on        specifically linked to the emerging local carbon reduction
                                        Local Action to Support Growth                               initiatives
                                   1    Energy Masterplanning Toolkit -                              Guidance – including additional benchmark research and Decentralised energy
                                        Energy Masterplanning Methodology and Decentralised          drafting
                                        Energy Pre-feasibility Assessment Tool                       Pre-feasibility assessment tool – research, consultation
                                                                                                     and development

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                                                                                                  Local Carbon Framework Pilots

            Local authority area          no                          LCF Pilot                                              Details                                  Area(s)          Note

            LEEDS CITY REGION             1    Leeds City Region Low Carbon Economic Analysis -     Green skills report                                     Low carbon economic area
            Barnsley, Bradford,                Ministern                                            Carbon skills report
            Calderdale, Craven,                                                                     Methodology report including overview of data issues
            Harrogate, Kirklees, Leeds,                                                             identified through research
            North Yorkshire County,
            Selby, Wakefield and York
            Local Authorities.

                                          1    Domestic Energy & Efficiency Programme (DEEP)        Live pilot study (Upper Calder Valley) to measure       Domestic
                                                                                                    additional carbon saving benefits of a whole house /    Energy efficiency
                                                                                                    whole community LCR approach - measuring the choices
                                                                                                    that customers make when informed of carbon saving
                                                                                                    opportunities and costs.
                                                                                                    DEEP business case , cost benefits analysis report on
                                                                                                    survey methods and evaluation report.
                                          1    Commercial Property Retrofit Fund                    Desktop research into the fundamental requirements of a Commercial retrofit
                                                                                                    revolving loan fund to enable investment in low carbon
                                                                                                    energy efficient products and techniques in the
                                                                                                    commercial office rental sector

                                          1    Local Renewable Energy Investment Strategy &         Renewable energy strategies or Leeds and York Urban     Energy
                                               Prospectuses                                         Eco Settlements                                         Renewables
                                                                                                    Investment prospectuses.
                                                                                                    Report on methodology used for energy strategies

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                                                                                                      Local Carbon Framework Pilots

            Local authority area        no                           LCF Pilot                                                    Details                                     Area(s)     Note

            MANCHESTER CITY             1    Greater Manchester Carbon Metrics Framework                 Assess, combine and converge datasets                       Carbon Footprint
            REGION                                                                                       Design and test a carbon metrics framework
            Manchester City, Bolton,                                                                     Develop a “Total Carbon Footprint” approach
            Bury, Oldham, Rochdale,                                                                      Compare pilot area footprints & total carbon footprint, and
            Salford, Stockport,                                                                          analyse to understand where effort should be
            Tameside, Trafford, Wigan                                                                    concentrated.

                                        1    Energy Plans: An Energy Action and Investment Framework Produce definitive interpretation of the current position in   Energy
                                                                                                     Greater Manchester re. energy needs and identify:
                                                                                                     Future mapping needs.
                                                                                                     Spatial opportunities and planning implications of
                                                                                                     proposed actions.
                                                                                                     Strategic interventions to reduce business, commercial
                                                                                                     and domestic energy needs.

                                        1    GM Housing Retrofit Programme                               Strategic support and retrofit standards research for    Domestic retrofit
                                                                                                         Greater Manchester
                                        1    Low Carbon Investment Appraisal and development of          Mechanism for delivering and measuring financial returns Low Carbon investment
                                             transferable innovative financial models.                   and outputs / outcomes - including carbon savings,
                                                                                                         energy efficiency from low carbon investment

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                                                                                                 Local Carbon Framework Pilots

            Local authority area   no                           LCF Pilot                                                   Details                                      Area(s)        Note

            NORTHUMBERLAND         1    Delivering community leadership on climate change          Exploration of the role of local government to enable   LA Leadership
            COUNTY COUNCIL                                                                         communities to take action on carbon reduction and how Rural environment
                                                                                                   to improve the relationship between local communities
                                                                                                   and local government
                                                                                                   Link to PhD project working with 2 communities (already
                                                                                                   sponsored by Northumberland) to examine the production
                                                                                                   of community responses to climate change

                                   1    Implementing carbon reduction within protected historic and Renewables feasibility study of Hexam Abbey                Energy
                                        natural environments                                        Self sufficiency study - Lindisfarne                       Renewables
                                                                                                    Demonstration projects improving insulation on hard to     Protected historic and
                                                                                                    treat (solid wall) properties                              natural environments
                                                                                                    Roll out of Wallington Estate land management project to
                                                                                                    other landed estates in Northumberland

            NOTTINGHAM CITY        1    Developing low carbon generation capacity and awareness Delivery of a city wide energy map.                            Energy generation
            COUNCIL                     through energy mapping: Defining and costing development The creation of an evidence base that will provide: a         Renewables
                                        pathways to achieve carbon reduction and low carbon      decision support tool and public user interface.
                                        generation targets.

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                                                                                                     Local Carbon Framework Pilots

            Local authority area   no                             LCF Pilot                                                     Details                                     Area(s)   Note

            OXFORD CITY COUNCIL    1    A Partnership Approach to Carbon Reductions across the         Pilot partnership approach across the City of Oxford to    Local partnership
                                        City of Oxford (OxCO2)                                         enable communities and individuals to make the transition
                                                                                                       to low carbon living / to energise communities by building
                                                                                                       assets and income that will generate socio-economic
                                   1    Enabling large scale carbon reduction projects for Oxford:     Development of a business case for renewable              Energy
                                        Producing standardized Outline Business Case for               procurement                                               Renewables
                                        renewable energy deployment                                                                                              Procurement

            PLYMOUTH CITY          1    First Steps Towards a Low Carbon Economy:                      Revision of 2009/10 Climate Change Action plan           Behaviour change
            COUNCIL                     - Carbon metrics                                               Report production, management & analysis of supporting Low carbon economy
                                        - Aspects of behavioural change                                evidence: Carbon metrics / aspects of behaviour change / LA Leadership
                                        - The provision of clear guidance for future delivery          guidance for future delivery
                                   1    Enabling Low Carbon Development - Establishing a               Establishment of a District energy procurement            Energy generation
                                        Plymouth Energy Service Company                                partnership / procurement process


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