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					                              HEAD OF HISTORY

                              JOB DESCRIPTION

The Head of History will take responsibility for the teaching of the subject throughout the
school. He/she will teach the subject from Year 5 to Common Entrance and Scholarship
level, implementing and delivering a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated
curriculum, whilst offering inspiration and stimulation to both pupils and staff within the
department. This will involve:

1.     An on going review of the Programme of Study and scheme of work to ensure

       i)      It has clearly stated objectives;

       ii)     It shows continuation and logical progression from the Pre-Preparatory
               Department to Common Entrance and Scholarship examinations;

       iii)    It is up to date and takes account of:

               a)      The National Curriculum
               b)      The CE Syllabus
               c)      The entrance requirements for all schools for which we may have
                       candidates (girls and boys).
               d)      The Scholarship requirements of those schools for which we may
                       have candidates.

       iv)     It provides cross-curricular links, where appropriate.

       v)      It provides appropriate opportunities for ICT.

2.     Ensuring that, in liaison with department colleagues, there are schemes of work
       for each year group. These schemes should indicate clearly to all interested
       parties the work that children in any group are doing: topics for study, the
       children’s learning activities, use of ICT, any cross-curricular links, and the
       National Curriculum Attainment targets and levels covered.

       The schemes should provide continuity, offer a range of learning activities, meet
       National Curriculum requirements as far as possible, and prepare pupils for CE,
       other entrance examinations, and, where appropriate, Scholarship examinations.
       Programmes of Study and schemes of work will need to be reviewed annually.
      The Subject Co-ordinator of the Pre-Preparatory Department will be responsible
      for providing and implementing schemes of work in their Department. In the
      Preparatory School, staff are responsible for teaching the schemes of work which
      have been written by the Head of Department and subject heads are responsible to
      the Director of Studies for departmental documentation.

3.    The supervision of the work of departmental staff, and the provision of the
      necessary support, guidance and advice. Special attention will need to be given to
      the induction of staff new to the school/department. The Head of Department
      should arrange to meet regularly (two or three times per term) with any new
      member of staff during his/her first year to discuss work.

4.    The provision of written policy guidelines (on aspects of teaching approaches and
      general day to day running of the Department) for all departmental staff, and for
      other interested parties.

5.    The provision of up-to-date teaching materials: textbooks, reference books
      (both in subject rooms and in the Library), pupils’ notes, reading lists, practice
      examination papers, and audio-visual aids such as DVDs, computer programmes,
      posters, artefacts etc. in addition to the compilation and regular up-dating of
      department resources and indication of age-groups for which they are best suited,
      and where they are kept.

6.    Chairing regular, formal Department meetings (at least one per term) to discuss
      the work of the Department. Such meetings might be concerned with
      examinations and assessment; new resources; new areas of the syllabus; up dating
      of schemes of work; individual children; the sharing of techniques etc. Minutes
      of such meetings should be passed to the Director of Studies.

7.    Encourage departmental staff to attend appropriate courses and to disseminate
      information at Departmental meetings.

8.    Keeping Department staff aware of developments in the subject: National
      Curriculum reports; Area Meetings; HMI papers; CE examination and other
      relevant examination changes.

10.   The management of Departmental assessment of pupil progress: examinations,
      testing and marking of work, the collation, recording and distribution of the test
      results, as required.

11.   Ensuring that staff are familiar with the requirements for reports.

12.   The establishment of curricular links with schools to which we regularly send
13.   Arranging work for absent departmental staff should none have been set.

14.   The particular promotion of the subject within the school and the local community
      by organising special events.

15.   Visiting the Pre-Preparatory Department (where appropriate) at least once per
      term to observe the work and speak to the teachers involved with the subject.
      Such visits should be arranged with the Deputy Head so that cover where
      necessary can be organised. Brief notes of such visits should be passed to the
      Curriculum Co-ordinator.

16.   Dealing with queries from parents or other interested parties relating to the work
      of the Department.

17.   To maintain good order and discipline among pupils and to safeguard their health
      and safety.


18.   Organising a History Club to be held out of school hours on a regular basis.

19.   Organising at least one visit per year to a place of historical interest.

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