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Latinos at Dartmouth


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									LATINOS OF


             Fall 2006
Latinos of Dartmouth
 Approximately 6% of an undergraduate population of
4200 students are Latino/a

 Majority are of Mexican, South American, and Cuban
heritage. Growing numbers of Puerto Ricans,
Dominicans, and students of Central American heritage.
        Latino Resources
LALACS House (Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies House):
Opened in May 2001. Programs include film nights, community dinners,
receptions for guest lecturers, art exhibitions, and a space for Latino

La Casa: A Spanish language affinity house opened 1993 currently operated
by the Spanish Department.

Latino/a Advisor Office & Assistant Dean of Student Life: Established in
1995 to provide academic and personal counseling for undergraduate Latino

                    OPAL Office (Office of Pluralism and Leadership): Home
                    of the advisors for under represented groups.
                    Established 2001.
Conferences, Festivals, Events,
        and Speakers
 Encuentro Latino 2005: A
Dartmouth Summer Arts Festival
NASPA New England Latino
Conference 2006
May 1, 2006 Immigration Rally
Alternative Spring Break Juarez,
Mexico                              Dolores Huerta (UFW) Oct. ’06
                                    Josefina Lopez: "Reel Women vs.
                                    Real Women"
                                    Guillermo Gomez-Peña: Program
                                    with the Orozco Murals at Dartmouth
        Annual Student Events
• Día de Los Muertos

• Cinco de Mayo Celebrations

• Noche Dorada

• Professor-Student Dinners

• Latino Community Dinners

• Alianza Newsletter

• Movie Nights at LALACS and La Casa

• Big Sib-Lil Sib Program
Departments of Spanish and Portuguese
Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies Department
         * The Borderlands: Latino/a Writers in the United States
         * Living in the Borderlands: Latino/a Culture and Identity
         * Representations of/from Latinos in the Media and the Arts
Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow Program
         * Increase the number of professors of color going into
E.E. Just Science Forum
         * Increase minority student participation in the Sciences
                  Latino Organizations
Latino Leadership Council: Umbrella organization of the Latino student groups. Meets to talk about common community goals
and strategies.

La Alianza Latina: Founded in 1985 and serves the community in cultural/community building programs, and student

M.E.Ch.A.: Chicano/a student organization which promotes learning of Mexican-American/Chicano/a issues, politics, and culture
on campus

Lambda Upsilon Lambda, Inc: Latino fraternity established at Dartmouth in 1997. LUL has worked on many campus and
national programs to promote "Latinidad". Famous for their Noche Dorada program on campus during Latino Heritage Month

Sigma Lambda Upsilon, Inc.: Latina sorority founded in 2002. Active in cultural programs and is known for their "Raices"
program on various themes of Latina identity.

Ballet Folklorico de Dartmouth: Founded in 2001. Dance group which specializes in the dances of Mexico and Central and
South America. One of the most culturally diverse groups on campus.

ICC: Student representatives of the OPAL Communities: Asian-America, Black, Latino/a, Native American, LGBT, International, and
at large student groups.

Diversity Affairs Committee of Student Assembly: Sub-set of the main student governing body on campus specifically
representing students of color.
    (Dartmouth Association of Latino Alumni)

Develop a job/career network for DALA alumni and Latino students, in
conjunction with the Career Services Office at Dartmouth College.

Working with the Admissions Office to attract prospective Latino
students in an effort to meet the College's goal to increase diversity.

Establish mentorship activities between DALA and current Latino

                   Develop a scholarship program for Latino students
                   at Dartmouth College.
                 Campus Climate
                    Issues                                             Responses
Not enough Latino/a professors and staff on          We have had no real response from administration.
campus. How can we make our issues a serious          Need more incentives for them to stay.
priority on the administration’s list?
                                                      We need more structural, monetary and
Enrollment of Latinos is decreasing yearly, lower    administrative support to increase appeal
yielding rates.

Lack of Latino student involvement in Latino orgs.   Many students in one Latino org. are involved with
How do we balance participation in Latino &           three other Latino orgs. Same people participating!
mainstream orgs?

                                                      It’s hard to be an activist in Hanover, NH! How can
Lack of campus-wide political awareness of           we overcome rural location?
Latinos issues in the U.S. and Latin America.

                                                      Banner at Immigration Rally, Cowboys & Indians
Racial tensions between students                     party, offensive HC t-shirts

Lack of administrative support                       We have initiated a dialogue with varies
                                                      administrators on campus.

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