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									Starting a new restaurant

Starting up a restaurant can be at the same time one of the most frustrating and most
rewarding types of business a person can go into. What follows is a list of some of the
things the prospective needs to take into consideration you contemplate going into the
business of running a restaurant.

Firstly, what kinds of skills are you bringing with you into the endeavor. Do you have
cooking experience? Management or customer service skills that will help you handle
employees or the paying public? Do you know anything about designing an attractive
dining environment? Take an objective assessment of your skills and try to figure out
ways you can augment those areas where you are the weakest, either by hiring those who
can compliment your strengths or getting the help of other professionals who can.

Do you know what style of restaurant you want to open? What will the menu be like, and
how can it best serve your potential clientele? What kinds of competition are you likely
to encounter and how can YOUR food compete against the others? In other words, what
kind of unique angle can you offer?

What are the kinds of equipment you are going to need to run your restaurant? This
should include any specialty items needed, especially if you've chosen to open a
restaurant that will be known for a particular kind of food like ethnic cuisine or
vegetarian/vegan menu.

What location are you thinking about setting up in? Are you planning on renting or
buying it, and what are the possible financial advantages to each course of action? What
is it about a given location that will make your restaurant successful? Is it near a major
source of potential customers like a university center or a large hospital? Perhaps near a
major cultural attraction like a theater or museum? All of these points need to be
thoroughly investigated when considering where to set up.

What kinds of paperwork are going to be necessary in order to open? Have you obtained
such things as all necessary health and inspection certificates for your place of business?
Are you aware of all of the employee deductions you have to withhold to comply with
governmental and local municipal laws (i.e. FICA withholding for income tax purposes,
what sales taxes have to be charged and turned over to the proper authority, etc.). Do you
know your federal and local rules for unemployment and workers' compensation? Do you
have the proper tax permits to charge the necessary sales taxes or be an employer? Have
you met the requirements for and obtained the necessary permits or licenses to serve
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