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					                           GSSA Events for 2011

                             GSSA DPP Events for 2011
                                    Provisional Schedule

                                Date                        Event
                          24 - 25 February               Basic Drilling

                              18 March               Gold Projects in Africa

                           9/10/11 March                 Basic Drilling

                           24 & 25 March           Geotechnical Investigation

                             7 – 8 April             Coal Projects in Africa

                                May               Rare Earth Element Projects

                             2 - 3 June              Basic Geological Skills

                             27 August                   Basic Drilling

                             29 August            Geology of Uranium deposits
                                                           in Africa
                             28 August               Analytical Mineralogy

                           30 September            Platinum Projects in Africa

                              October                  Diamond Projects

                             November                 Geological Software
                                                      Applications & GIS

The dates above may change, please contact Avinash Bisnath (,
Craig Smith ( or Robbie Cameron at RCA ( for the
latest information. Discussions on adding to this program are ongoing; additional events may be
posted by early January, 2011.
                                               Other GSSA involved Events
                                     23rd Colloquium of African Geosciences (CAG) and 14th
    th          th                                                                                University of
8        – 14        January 2011    Conference of the Geological Society of Africa (GSA).
15th-18th August, 2011               International Mining History Congress                        Johannesburg
                                     Geosynthesis 2011 (joint meeting of the GSSA-SAGA-
28 Aug – 02 Sep 2011                                                                              Cape Town
                                     Groundwater: Our Source of Security in an Uncertain
                                     Future – Biennial Conference of the Groundwater Division     CSIR, Pretoria
19th – 21st Sep 2011
                                     2011 (GSSA Groundwater Division)
                                     10th International Kimberlite Conference                     Bangalore,
6-11th February 2012
                                     21st General Meeting of the International Mineralogical
August, 2014                         Association (IMA) (GSSA MINSA Division)
                                                                                                  South Africa
                                     35th International Geological Congress (CGS-DMR-IUGS-        Cape Town,
August, 2016
                                     GSSA)                                       South Africa

                                    National & International Events 2011 onwards
                           WISA Symposium on Mine Water Reclamation: Opportunities and
November,                                                                                         CSIR, Pretoria
                                                                                                  Misty Hills,
November –                 Water in the Southern African Minerals Industry Conference SAIMM
2nd December,    
                                                                                                  South Africa
                                                                                                  San Francisco,
December,                  American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting
10th-21st                  Understanding XRF Spectrometry Course (UCT); email                     University of
January, 2011                                                 Cape Town
17th – 20th                                                                                       University of
                           ENHANS International Workshop
January, 2011                                                                                     Pretoria
16th – 19th                                                                                       University of
                           Igneous and Metamorphic Studies Group (IMSG) 2011
January, 2011                                                                                     Stellenbosch
                                                                                                  University of
17th-24th                  New Horizons for International Investigations into Carbon Cycling in
                                                                                                  the Free State,
January, 2011              the Deep Biosphere (
31st Jan – 03rd                                                                                   Rhodes
                           Kimberlite Course
Feb 2011                                                                                          University
                                                                                                  Gold Reef City,
February,                  Women in Mining
                           5th International Symposium on Granitic Pegmatites (PEG 2011)          Mendoza,
7th-10th                                                                                          Cape Town,
                           Mining Indaba
February,2011                                                                                     South Africa
6th-9th March,             Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC)                Toronto,
2011                                                                         Canada
21st-25th                  MINEFILL 2011, International Conference on Mining with Backfill,       Cape Town,
March, 2011                SAIMM                                                  South Africa
 10th-14th April,   Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Environmental and                 Charleston,
 2011               Engineering Problems (SAGEEP)                               South Carolina
 13th-15th April,   Seismological Society of America Annual Meeting                                 Memphis,
 2011                                                                    Tennessee
 26th-29th April    Craton Formation and Destruction
 22st – 25th
                    CIM Conference (Mines Without Borders)                              Montreal
 May 2011
 29th – 30th
                    Gemological Institute of America Symposium 2011: Advances in                    Carlsbad,
 May 2011
                    Gemological Research                                      California
 26th – 29th        45th Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium                                      San Francisco,
 June 2011                                                           California
 27th June – 8th    International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) General                    Melbourne,
 July 2011          Assembly Conference                                            Australia
 20th-27th July,                                                                                    Berne,
                    18th International Union for Quaternary Research
 2011                                                                                               Switzerland
 1st-5th August,    10th International Congress for Applied Mineralogy (ICAM)                       Trondheim,
 2011                                                                     Norway
 August 2011        Carbon Capture
 23rd-26th          Fourth IASPEI International Symposium: Effects of Surface Geology               Santa Barbara,
 August, 2011       on Seismic Motion                                          California
 September,                                                                                         Brisbane,
                    Geomet 2011
 2011                                                                                               Australia

                    11th Biennial Conference Society for Geology Applied to Mineral                 Antofagasta,
                    Deposits (SGA)                                              Chile
 03rd -09th
 October, 2011      Second World Landslide Forum                                      Rome, Italy

 09th – 12th        GSA – Archean to Anthropocene
 October, 2011

NB: The appearance of details of various conferences organized by third parties in this document does not
constitute an endorsement by the GSSA.