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Canyon Shake


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									Canyon Shake


   Timberwood                                                                          Ironwood

 C    anyon Shake roofs by Gerard will outperform the traditional
      roof systems found in the most severe climates. A Canyon
 Shake Roof protects against harsh weather conditions including
                                                                                                  • Energy efficient
                                                                                                  • Non-combustible steel
                                                                                                  • Half the weight of wood
 blizzards, tornadoes, large hail and fire. It is because of these                                  shakes
 strong characteristics of the Canyon Shake roof that more and                                    • Re-roof or new roof
 more insurance companies are offering lower homeowners                                             applications
 insurance premiums. For a steel roof system which mimics the                                     • Warranted against 2.5”
 look of rugged wood shakes but is lighter in weight and protects                                   hail stones
 against the most extreme weather conditions choose a Canyon
                                                                                                  • May reduce insurance
 Shake by Gerard.                                                                                   premiums
                                                                                                  • Guaranteed not to crack,
         Dimensions                                   Installation
                                                                                                    curl or rot
   Panel Width :       16.5”              Open rafter                                             • Warranted against winds
   Panel Length :      45”                Solid Sheathing                                           of up to 120 mph
   Pcs / Square :      22.6               2x2 wood or metal battens
   Weight / sq.ft. :   1.32 lbs.          Re-roof over asphalt shingle
                                          Re-roof over wood shake / shingles
                                          Minimum slope for warm weather: 3:12
                                          Minimum slope for cold weather : 4:12
      Substrate                    Te s t i n g                  Extra
  26 gauge                  UL 2218 Impact            Transferable Lifetime Warranty
  Galvalume                 UL 790 Fire               ICC ESR
                            UL 580 Wind Uplift        Texas Department of Insurance
                                                      Credits Available
                                                      May reduce insurance premiums
                                                      May qualify for energy savings
                                                      rebates and/or credits
 *Be sure to check local building code requirements

Leesburg, FL 1-866-919-7663 • Mesquite, TX 1-866-295-9016
Brea, CA 1-800-23ROOFS • Kansas City, MO 1-816-421-4503                                        

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