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					<title><H3>March of the
March of the Penguins is a documentary from 2005 that depicts the life of
the penguins in the Arctic. Most of us have only really seen penguins in
a zoo setting and they can be quite entertaining. Yet after you watch the
March of the Penguins you will have a renewed respect for this type of
The life for them is one that is full of fun for about the first years.
They are well cared for and spend their days swimming and playing. At
around the age of five the penguins begin the long migration journey. The
penguins will find a mate and then separate. They will meet up again
where the mother exchanges caring for the egg with the father.
The females and the males have just a few seconds to successfully
transfer the egg from one to the other. Many of them aren’t successful
and so their young die while still inside of the egg. The mothers then
leave to go on a very long journey to get some food. It may have been up
to two full months since they last had a meal.
The harsh winter weather makes the journey to the grounds very long and
very difficult. Yet the brave penguins pursue it with everything they
have. Not all of them will make it though due to the weather and due to
predators. During this time the males are going to be keeping the eggs
warm. They go though a period of bitter cold where the sun doesn’t shine
at all. They form a tight circle in order to keep themselves and their
eggs warm.
The males go without food for this two month period. For water they will
consume the heavy snow that continues to fall all around them. Around the
time when the eggs hatch the females will be returning. They will have
food for their young as well. Sadly, some of the young will find their
mother didn’t make it back. They will die as their father has to leave
them to find food or he too will die.
The film March of the Penguins is sad in places but it definitely
realistic. It has won numerous awards for the portrayal of the penguins.
It definitely is an eye opener for anyone who had no idea what their life
was really like.