Rick Otton and His We Buy Houses

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					                                   Rick Otton and His We Buy Houses

You may have got word of his name before as one sensible real estate marketer. One who constantly
generates new strategies and real estate systems to complement the current lifestyle of his probable
clients, one who makes it easier for house owners to achieve their target of buying a home, that’s Rick
Otton, the Wizard from OZ, who have introduced lease options to Britain through his “We Buy Houses”

Rick’s wise strategy was already uncovered at a London convention in April 2008, despite the fact that
he first registered his company, “We Buy Houses Ltd”. He unveiled his ideas at length to other property
entrepreneurs and mainstream educators. The lease options strategy became a hit and it also indeed
became quite popular everywhere in the United Kingdom.

Since Rick is identified to innovate his ideas for his real-estate business, he created one more desired
strategy called, “Houses For A Pound” and one of the very recent techniques he created “Assistant Seller
Program” that also works well with other property educators in the UK.

The “Houses for a Pound” is a strategy that induces a lot of people to obtain their very own homes or
buy their property without even having to initially spend plenty of money for a down payment. Aspiring
home-owners can buy their particular house at £ 1!

Meanwhile, in “Assistant Seller Program”, both property buyer and seller will manage to benefit. Buyers
will have to discover how they can make the correct option for buying the property at the lowest
possible cost. Buyers will even discover how they could gain selling the property they've just purchased.

Both of these are only a few of Rick Otton’s strategy in We Buy Houses Ltd. He is definitely not a person
that can continue with the traditional form of real estate property selling. He has thought out of the box
and twisted the choices to ensure aspiring home owners to have theto own home they have always
dreamed of.

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