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The key to staying alive (and growing your business) in the midst of competitors and
economic issues is to adapt to changes in the environment with as little cash spending as
possible. A small pizzeria may find it difficult to compete with a big chain in sales and
cash flow, but it can improve its own business by targeting a local niche and advertising
like the chains do.

This goal is achievable with the right marketing and advertisements. With the numerous
options for promoting your own restaurant on the internet, you can make use of the
graphics and designs to improve the look of your menus and advertise them in a similar
manner as the big chains. You can even design your own highly effective pizza flyers,
box toppers, and doorhangers using free pizza templates online.

Big chain pizza restaurants make use of high definition photos and graphics to design
their menus, coupons, and promotional materials. Though these can be expensive, the big
chains generate massive cash flow which enables them to advertise through virtually all
forms of media with unlimited scope. However today, these are available at minimum
cost online to even the smallest of pizza shops. Make use of these free pizza templates by
incorporating full color glossy advertising materials into weekly marketing campaigns.
After all, your menu and promotions reflect your restaurant's character and the more
pleasing it appears to the customer, the more willing he will be to place an order.

Keep your focused on the "local niche" that you service - this is the weak spot for big
chains. Big community events, gatherings, charity events, schools, and sports leagues
present huge opportunities to beome the "go to" spot for pizza in your town. You can
design specific flyers for specific functions and target them to select customers. No harm
in surprising customers with huge discounts and savings for helping you grow your share
of the market.

Small pizzerias can fight back the big chains by resorting to better and improved
templates which are constantly being updated online. Customize your free pizza
templates online and distribute amazing, "big chain quality" materials yourself - your
sales will thank you! – You can download free ebooks about: restaurant
management forms, restaurant business plan, restaurant marketing plan sample,
restaurant startup guide…

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