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"To Go" orders are often "convenience buys" which customers make based on financial,
social, and personal needs. Nowadays, thanks to busy schedules, people often prefer to
have their food in their home or office - not at the restaurant. They hardly have the time
to travel to a good restaurant or wait to get a table at a restaurant. This is good news for
your takeout business, and exactly why every "to-go" order should send out your latest
takeout menu.

When your customer is busy, their best option is to call up your restaurant and place a
"To Go" order. With your takeout menu in hand (or posted online as a downloadable
PDF) a customer is way more likely to place an order by phone or through online
services. This will enable you to maintain customer loyalty and keep customers coming
back for more.

You can also use printed takeout menus to promote online ordering via your website.
Doing so will not only help you capture new revenue, but also help you to grow an in-
house marketing list full of emails and mobile phone numbers. This is extremely valuable
for long-term success!

Generally, a "To Go" order starts with a takeout menu, which includes food like pizzas,
pastas, sushi, kebabs, fried items, roasted items, grilled items, and more. Takeout menus
can be prepared very quickly and are easy to pack for transportation to various places
(when they contain coupons for example). They are ideal for travelers, professionals,
students, children, and party planners. Takeout menus are also reasonably priced and easy
to design and print. Therefore, you do not need to spend a lot of money to get customers
ordering from you more frequently for pick-up or delivery.

Promote your "To Go" business and generate more revenue. The power is in your hands
and starts with effective menu printing designed to increase your sales. – You can download free ebooks about: restaurant
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