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Conventional Chemical Antimicrobial:
  o Toxic to human & nature
   o Sensitive Results on Body
   o Many negative effects
   o Limited Application
                                                Cannot produce safe & high-end
                                                products. Requirement of
                                                revolutionary antimicrobial !!
Conventional Natural Antimicrobial:
  o Weaker effect on microbial
   o Poor durability to washing
   o Limited application
   o Higher Cost

                            SaniTtal G… Series

100% Natural Antimicrobial: free from other chemicals
Wide application: suitable for most of substrates
Excellent effect even after frequent washing
The safest to human body and nature
Maximum satisfaction & efficiency
The best choice for top quality
100% Eco-friendly!!

                          WHY WEAR CHEMICALS?
Chemical-based Antimicrobial:

Many people use chemical-based antimicrobial to eliminate microbial. But why wear
chemicals?    They bring negative effects on human body. What’s the use of such
antimicrobials if they are not safe to our body?

               Why use less-effective & non-durable antimicrobial?
Other Natural Antimicrobial

       Conventional natural antimicrobial show much weaker & limited effects.
       They are not 100% natural (contains chemical additive, binder etc.)
       Their treated effects are non-durable under frequent laundering.

        Particulars                  Other chemical          SaniTtal G..         Other natural
                                     Antimicrobial                               Antimicrobial
Safety to human body              Not safe, hazardous,   The safest to all;    Not that safe if it
(skin, oral, breathing etc.       some are even toxic    superior safety       contain chemicals
Skin sensitivity                  Sensitive              Not sensitive         Some sensitive
Mutagenic problem                 Brings mutation        No mutation           Brings mutation if
                                                                               contain chemicals
Application field                 Limited                Too many              Limited
Effect on many microbial          Generally good         Excellent             Limited
(bacteria, fungi etc.
Antimicrobial effect              Generally good         Excellent             Weak
Deodorant effect                  Depends on             Very good             Very weak
Anti-oxidation effect             No                     Excellent             Weak
Durability to laundering          Generally good         Very good             Poor
Cost economy vs. effect           Generally good but     Good & perfectly      Costly
                                  hazardous              safe
Bio-degradability                 Poor                   100% degradable       Generally good
Eco-friendly                      No                     100% safe             Generally, yes

SaniTtal G… series

       SaniTtal G-01          :        For all textile goods, papers & some hygienic products

       SaniTtal G-400         :        400% form, for textile, ink & other hygienic products

       SaniTtal G-EX          :        Extract, for premium detergent, cosmetic goods etc.

              Microbial                            Main Symptoms                    *Bio-
         (Bacteria, fungi etc.)                                                  elimination
Staphylococcous aureus (ATCC 6538)       Bacterial food poisoning : impetigo        99.9%
MRSA, ATCC 33592                         Amoebic colitis, shock                     99.9%
(Methicillin-resistant S. aureus
Escherichia coli (ATCC 25922)            Bacterial food poisoning                   99.9%
O-157 (Escherichia coli ATCC 43895)      Hemorrhagic diarrhoea etc.                 99.9%
Salmonella typhimurium                   Bacterial food poisoning                   99.9%
Klebsiella pnemoniae (ATCC 4352)         Bronchopneumonia                           99.9%
Pseudomonas aeruginosa (ATCC 27853)      Dermatitis, tissue infections, sepsis      99.9%
Bacillus subtilis (ATCC 6633)            Conjunctivitis, iritis etc.                99.9%
Enterobacter cloaceae (ATCC 11438)       Bacterial food poisoning                   99.9%
Candida albicans (ATCC 14053)            Fungus; trouble/disease to skin,           99.9%
                                         genital &oral oragans, diaper rash,
                                         candidasis etc.
Shigella flexneri (ATCC 9199)            Dysentery etc                              99.9%
Trichophyton rubrum (ATCC 28188)         Athlete’s foot, rash                       99.9%

*     Cellulosics, cellulosics blends    : effect after 20 times laundering
      Other substrates                   : effect after 10 times laundering

      Bio-elimination : Biostatic reduction ratio
         o By AATCC 30, AATCC 147, AATCC 100, ASTM G-21 etc.

      Material: on cellulosic goods (Cotton, Rayon etc.), with 40 g/l of SaniTtal G-01
        o Exception : Klebsiella pneumoniae = 70 g/l, Trichophyton rubrum = 90 g/l
        o On other substrates, higher quantity of SaniTtal G-01 gives the similar effect

      Main Symptoms :
        o We mentioned main symptoms only. Each bacteria, fungus above bring forth
            more kinds of symptoms & disease.

      Effect on other microbial, microoganism ect.:
         o Dust mites: 90 g/l of SaniTtal G-01 on Dermatophagoides farinae, Dermatophagoides
             pteronyssinus. Avoidance rate = approx. 90% (after 50 times washing)

Here we have mentioned the effect on the most widely-known microbial only. However,
SaniTtal G…. series are very effective in eliminating many other bacteria, fungi etc.


If you or anyone in your family
identifies with any of the following
allergy related maladies such as
Asthma,      Eczema,     Hay    Fever,
Bronchitus, Inflammation of the
Mucous Membranes, Itchy Red Eyes,
Headaches, Sinus Pain, Fatigue, early
morning fits of excessive Sneezing,
even a feeling of Depression when you
wake up, you may well be sleeping
with the enemy.

Who is this enemy?
It is called a dust mite and we'll spare
you trying to remember or even
pronounce the scientific name.
What Are Dust Mites?
Dust mites are tiny animals you cannot
see. Mites are members of the eight
legged- Arachnid family and are distantly
related to spiders, fleas and ticks. Like the
germs on your door knob, they can’t be
seen without a microscope. They thrive in
warm, humid conditions. They’re hardy,
surviving and multiplying best when the
relative humidity is at 75-80% and the
temperatures is around 25º. Mites cannot
survive when humidity falls below 40-
50%. They are very rare in dry, high
altitude areas. Because they feed on skin
scales, they love bedding, carpeting,
upholstered furniture, clothing, cupboards,
stuffed toys and car upholstery. Every
home has dust mites. They survive
vacuuming because they burrow deep in
carpet fibres and are equipped with
sucking sticking pads on the ends of their
legs. They don’t bite of transmit diseases –
they are harmful only to people who
become allergic to them. People become
allergic to proteins in mites and mite feces.
The fecal pellets are so tiny and light that
they float easily into the air when carpet is
walked upon or bedding is shaken, or
when the vacuum cleaner is run.
Exposure to dust mite allergen can cause
asthma in susceptible children.


       We shed 10,000 million scales of bacteria laden skin each day, most end up in our
       Dust mites produce 200 times it’s body weight in excrement during their normal life
       Dust mites feast for up to 170 days on our shed skin.
       Dust mites spread rapidly. A female dust mite lays 300 eggs.
       They can live without food for up to a year.

Dust Mite Prevention:

If you suffer from mite-induced asthma,
reducing the number of mites and level of
mite faeces, and therefore allergen in the
house    can     make    an    immeasurable
improvement to your quality of life. By
reducing the allergen levels in the home
(either directly or by removing the dust
mites) the trigger that starts inflammation,
which leads to the asthma attack are also
removed. In reality effective removal takes
time, but the likelihood of an asthma attack
being provoked decreases. However, there
may be no noticeable improvement in health
for several months, so do not assume that
the changes are ineffective because the
asthma does not        disappear overnight.
Several simple measures can do this:

Actions You Can Take
       Wash bedding (such as sheets, bedcovers, and blankets) once a week in hot water.
       Choose washable stuffed toys, wash them often in hot water, and dry thoroughly.
       Keep stuffed toys off beds.
       Cover mattresses and pillows in dust-proof (allergen-impermeable) zippered covers.
       Maintain low indoor humidity ideally between 30-50% relative humidity. Humidity
       levels can be measured by hygrometers which are available at local hardware stores.

Dust Mites cannot stand hot water and the allergens are very water soluble. Washing pillows
is also advisable, but this would require synthetic pillows. If hot washing is not possible, 24
hours in the freezer will kill all the dust mites in a pillow. This will not remove the allergens,
so should be followed by a cold wash.

  The ultimate solution to prevent dustmite
                is “SaniTtal”

                                   SaniTtal G-01
                               Anti-bacteria & antimicrobial aftercare


      Appearance           :        Yellow to brownish opaque liquid
      Chemical nature      :        Natural organic emulsion
      Ionic nature         :        Nonionic
      pH (1% soln)         :        6.9 ± 0.5
      Solubility           :        Easily soluble at cold or warm water

      Field of application :
          Substrate        :        Goods of most of natural & synthetic fibres, especially
        Aggregate          :        Padding, spray, exhaust machine
        Operation          :        High-graded and elegant finishing
      Compatibility        :        Highly compatible with almost all finishing agents &
      Influence on handle :         Gives softener handle on the treated goods
      Influence on shade :          Doesn’t normally impair the shade of treated goods.
                                    However, applying higher quantity can bring forth alight
      Absorbency           :        Provides better absorbency
      Biodegradation       :        100% bio-degradable

      100% natural Antimicrobial:
          o It is completely free from other chemicals. So it is safer than any other existing
            antimicrobial in the world.

      Wonderful antimicrobial effect:
        o Shows excellent antimicrobial effect. It stops microbial & fungal growth. SaniTtal
          G-01 shows strong antimicrobial effect on many kinds of bacteria, fungi & many
          harmful viruses.

      Maintain hygienic freshness:
        o Prevent microbial staining & deterioration of the product:
                  Eliminates broad spectrum of bacteria & many kinds of microorganisms.
                  Prevents microbial staining by efficient blocking of microbial & fungal
                  growth. Thus it maintains hygienic freshness & prevents the deterioration
                  of the product.

Excellent dust-mite repellent:
   o Is very effective in repelling & inhibiting the growth of dust-mites that feeds on
       human skins and bring about allergy, asthma & other negative effects.
             ** Avoidance rate: approx. 90% (under frequent laundering)

Deodorant effect:
  o Conventional chemical-based deodorants shows negative effect to our body if
     inhaled. Other perfume-based deodorant brings negative odor as the treated
     goods wet by perspiration etc.
  o Is an effective deodorant : i.e. 70% deodorant effect at 40 g/l on cellulosics
  o Eliminates unpleasant odors by blocking microbial & fungal growth.
  o If applying higher quantity (i.e. more than 70 g/l), it shows deodorant effect.
  o Keeps excellent deodorant effect even after frequent laundering.

Excellent anti-oxidation & ideal skin care:
   o Is an ideal skin-care solution.
   o Shows powerful anti-oxidation effect owing to its premium ingredients; so it
       protects skin from the ageing & other negative effects.

Utmost safe to human body:
  o Other chemical-based antimicrobial are sensitive to human body (skin etc.); some
     are even toxic. And most of other natural antimicrobial are not perfectly safe to
     human body as they contain chemical additives such as binder etc.
  o SaniTtal G-01 is different !! Being a 100% natural antimicrobial
  o Is non-allergenic, non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitive to human body

Mutation Problem:
  o Chemical-based antimicrobial brings mutation problem at next generation.
  o And other so-called natural antimicrobials that contains chemicals (chitosan etc.)
      brings mutation.
  o SaniTtal G-01 is free from mutation problem
  o SaniTtal G-01 is the safest antimicrobial that have ever developed in the world.

High durability to frequent laundering:
   o Almost all other natural antimicrobial that show poor effect under frequent
   o Their antimicrobial effect is almost exhausted only after a few times washing.
   o However, SaniTtal G-01 provides semi-permanent antimicrobial effect.
   o SaniTtal G-01 still keeps excellent effect even after frequent laundering.
   o Its effect is superior to all other natural antimicrobial in the world.

Suitable for almost all application:
   o As SaniTtal G-01 is perfectly safe to human body, it is suitable for almost all
      application including sensitive textiles goods (baby & children wear, mask,
      hospital goods, underwear, lingerie, hosiery etc.) as well as all other textile
      goods covering sportswear, protective workwear, towel, disposable wipes,
      carpet, home furnishing and other sanitary & well-being articles.

      100% Eco-friendly, the real “LOHAS” product:
         o Being a vegetable extract, SaniTtal G-01 is completely bio-degradable.
         o So it is perfectly safe to eco-system & it fully meets Oekotex standard
         o Is the real & most ideal ”LOHAS” product.

      Well-being & revolutionary !!
        o SaniTtal G-01 is the real “well-being” antimicrobial that is free from chemicals.
        o SaniTtal G-01 is a world only one & revolutionary antmicrobial.


Textile Goods:

      SaniTtal G-01 provides wonderful effect in all textile applications including followings:
         o All wears: underwear, outwear, sportswear, apparels
         o Baby & children clothing, protective workwear (military, laboratory, hospital etc.)
         o Hospital     &   medical   goods:    linen,   gauze   sponge,   bandage,    wear    for
             patient/doctor/nurse etc.
         o Hosiery (socks, panty hose), lingerie
         o Mask (general mouthwear & surgical Mask).
         o Towels (terry towel, sports towel etc.)
         o Blanket, bedding (bed sheet, bed spread, mattress etc.), sleeping bag
         o Disposal wipes for cosmetic grade (cleaning pad/wipes/ball etc.)
         o Tablecloth, sanitary napkin for restaurant. Other disposable wipes
         o Carpet & special rug, other home furnishing (curtain, sofa etc.)
         o All other “well-being” articles & sanitary textile goods

Other Hygienic Goods:
      SaniTtal G-01, SaniTtal G-400 are very suitable for wide range of other hygienic
      products that require 100% safe antimicrobial aftercare.
         o Disposable kitchen towel (SaniTtal kitchen towel) & other disposable wipes
         o Diaper, hygienic band & other sanitary tissues. Special ink & paper
         o Cosmetic tissues e.g. Kleenex (both dry and wet type)
         o Raw material for shampoo, premium detergent (for lingerie etc.)
         o Skin & body care products. Many other hygienic products
                                  TEXTILE GOODS
      Being a 100% natural product, SaniTtal G-01 settle down during storage.
      So it is requested to shake the container before opening the lid or stir it briefly before use.
      Then put SaniTtal G-01 directly into bath.

Applying Quantity & Condition:
     The application quantity largely depends on the various factors including fabrics
     applied, type of machine, type of processes, working condition etc.
     However, following quantity of SaniTtal G-01 is suitable in general:

                                                   Padding                    Exhaust
          General Finish:
          On 100% cellulosic goods                40~50 g/l               4.5~6.0% (o.w.f.)
          On blends with cellulosics              50~70 g/l               6.0~7.5% (o.w.f.)
          On other substrates *                   60~80 g/L               6.0~9.0% (o.w.f.)
          Special Finish (for superior effect):
          On all substrates**                     80~100 g/l             7.0~12.0% (o.w.f.)
          PH                                 pH 4~9 (best=5~7)           pH 4~9 (best=5~7)
          Pick-up                                 80% above
          Immersion time                             -----             50~80ºC x 15~20 min.
          Drying temperature                     120 ~ 200ºC               Above 100ºC
          Drying time                           3 min.~30 sec.               As usual

       SaniTtal G-01 shows the best and maximum effect on 100% cellulosic goods.
       It shows 2nd best effect on blends with cellulosic goods (PES/CEL, PA/Co etc.).
       The 3rd best effect is expected on acetate and fine micro fibre

       Other substrates*:
          o If applying higher quantity, SaniTtal G-01 also shows good effect on other
             substrates such as acetate, polyester, polyamide, wool, silk, acryl goods etc.

       Microfibre (PES,PA.):
         o Very good effect on the goods of fine microfibre (less than 0.1 denier).
         o The finer the constitution of substrates, the better effect can be obtained.

       Thickness of substrate:
          o Good effect on the substrate with general thickness or thick fabrics. On very thin
             fabrics, applying quantity should be increased by 15~20% (against the quantity
             shown in “general finish”).

       Maximum applicable quantity**:
         o If applying maximum quantity (on pale shades =max. upto 80 g/l or 8%, on other
            colors = up to 100 g/l or 12%), SaniTtal G-01 shows maximum antimicrobial +
            deodorant + dustmite – repellent + anti-oxidation effect + many other good
                      NOTE AND PRECAUTION

Applying at padding process is much better in effect & more economical than exhaust.

Pick-up above 80% is very important- from the beginning till the end of padding system.
   o The higher the pick-up ratio (up to 100%), the better antimicrobial effect is
      expected. If the pick-up ratio is less than 80%, it brings less antimicrobial &
      deodorant effect. If the pick-up ratio is less than 80%, they are requested to reduce
      the stenter speed to provide sufficient pick-up and the applying quantity of
      SaniTtal G-01 should be increased proportionately (maximum, as the quantity
      given in “special finish” above.)

Sufficient dehydration is necessary before SaniTtal G-01 finish.
   o The drier the substrates, the better SaniTtal G-01 finish can be obtained.
   o If the equipment to apply do not allow sufficient dehydration (e.g. file goods,
       terry towel.),
   o The applying quantity of SaniTtal G-01 should be increased by 1.5~2 times higher.

In exhaust process, sufficient immersion time & drying (above 100ºC) is required.
    o The longer the immersion time, the better SaniTtal G finish is expected
    o E.g. 50~80ºC x 15~20 min

If other finishing agents & additive are to be put into bath at the same time,
    o Please firstly put those additives & auxiliaries before adding SaniTtal G

Excellent compatibility with other finishing agents:
   o SaniTtal G-01 shows excellent compatibility with almost all additive and finishing
   o **Exception : some very strong cationic products that are in unstable formulation
       may be less compatible; pretrial is advisable in that case.

SaniTtal G-01 can bring about slight yellowing if applying higher quantity:
   o On very white goods generally : not above 40 g/l;
   o use with 2~3 g/l of SaniTtal S-10L if there’s no significant yellowing, try to use
      maximum quantity. Also try to select other FWAs (in different shades) to apply
      more quantity
   o on pale shaded good: do not use it more than 80 g/l.

High durability to laundering:
   o SaniTtal G-01 forms very effective antimicrobial film after thermo-fixation. This
      film is highly resistant under frequent laundering. Based on quantity by “General
              100% Cellulosics: above 90% (up to 99%) effect after 20 times washing
              Cellulosic blends (where cellulosics part is higher): above 90% effect after
              20 times washing
              Cellulosic blends (where cellulosic part is less): above 90% effect after 15
              times washing
              Other substrates : above 90% effect after 10 times washing

      Additive - SaniTtal S-10L:
        o For the goods of non-cellulosic fibre especially when ideal antimicrobial effect at
            more than 20 times washing is required, use with 2.0~3.0 g/l of SaniTtal S-10L.
        o If SaniTtal S-10L is used at the same time, set pH 5~7 (optimum = pH 7)

Example - on 100% cellulosic goods:
After dyeing & sufficient dehydration (80~100% is recommended for maximum pick-up, do not
pre-set the material for its dehydration as it will bring less effective finish)
Put into SaniTtal G-01 at room temperature, and then

          x g/l            other resins & agents if required
          40~80 g/l        SaniTtal G-01
          pH               5~7

          Padding          Pick-up              Pre-drying           Curing
          1 dip - 1 nip    80% above            100ºC x 3min         150~160ºC x 90~120 sec.

          The bath temperature should be under 35ºC.
          Thermal stability: SaniTtal G-01 is stable up to 200ºC.

          If pre-drying & curing unit is not possible,
          simple drying at 120~200ºC at 3 min.~30 sec. also gives good result. Biostatic
          reduction ratio: 99.9% even after 20 times laundry washing

All outwear & Underwear
      SaniTtal G-01 is suitable for all outwears & under wears including following:
         o Underwear, baby & children clothing, sportswear, lingerie, all outwear
         o Protective work wear (military, laboratory, hospital etc.)

Underwear & Outwears
     SaniTtal G-01 gives wonderful antimicrobial effect as well as maximum absorbency. It
     also eliminates unpleasant odors & provides powerful anti-oxidation effect.

Baby & children wear
     SaniTtal G-01 is the safest antimicrobial. It is non-toxic, non sensitive to human body. It is
     free from any chemicals. Protect them from choronic skin troubles (Atopi etc.)

Protective work wear (military, laboratory, hospital etc.)
       Military wear: they got easily hurt during their operation & drill.
       SaniTtal G-01 is the safest way to protect them from microbial attack.

Hospital & Medical Goods
      Wear for patient /doctor/nurse etc. surgical wear (mask, gown etc.),
      Linen for bedding, gauze sponge, bandage & all other textile material
      All products treated by SaniTtal G-01 are non-toxic, non-irritant, non-allergenic.
      Surgical mask, gauze sponge, bandage are the most important items because such items
      should be protected from microbial attack and should be free from chemical- based
      antimicrobial, FWA etc.

Surgical mask:
      The ideal surgical mask should be completely free from chemicals such as bleaching
      agent, FWA, dyestuffs, chemical-based antimicrobial etc. to protect the people from
      breathing chemicals.
          o Ideal substrates: cellulosics goods (cotton, rayon, Tencell etc.)
          o Treatment : pretreat the goods without any chemicals
                   then finish with 4.0~6.0% o.w.f. of SaniTtal G-01

Socks & Hosiery:
      For general antimicrobial + mild deodorant effect: 4.5~6.0% o.w.f. SaniTtal G-01
      For superior antimicrobial + excellent deodorant effect + preventing athlet’s foot:
      7.0~9.0% o.w.f. (maximum effect at up to 10%) of SaniTtal G-01
      SaniTtal G-01 prevents athlete’s foot by blocking the growth Trichophyton rubrum ATCC
      SaniTtal G-01 shows better effect than other antimicrobial in preventing athlet’s foot.
      It also shows the perfect antimicrobial effect at most-widely known microbial listed in
      this literature. It is perfectly safe to human skin.

Fibre dyeing of socks-Hank or cheese machine:
       After dyeing   washing and drain    put SaniTtal G-01 and other agents. Then treat it
       under 50~80ºC x 15~20 min. drying (above 100ºC, time : as usual) rewinding

Finish for knitted socks:
      After dyeing & sufficient dehydration,
          o Put SaniTtal G-01 & treat it under 50~80ºC x 15~20 min.
          o Pre-drying (above 100ºC, temp. x time = as usual) dry-setting

Test condition:
       Culture Trichophyton rubrum ATCC 28188 – for 21 days under.
       Temperature: 28~35ºC Humidity : 85% and test it on
       Material: socks treated by 8.0% of SaniTtal G-01
       Test results: Grade 0 (no growth of bacteria), ASTM G 21-1996 (AATCC TM 30)

Bedding (bed sheet, bed spreads, mattress)
     In addition to its wonderful antimicrobial effects on countless microbial, SaniTtal G-01
     also provides powerful repellent effect on dust-mite.
         o Ideal substrates: cellulosic goods, cellulose/synthetic blends, microfibre etc.
         o Treatment and applying quantity : as usual

Test condition for dust-mite:
       Culture Dermatophagoides farinae, Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus – for 48 hours under.
       Temperature: 21~25ºC
       Humidity: 50% 30,000 dust-mite/gm and test it on.
       Material: cellulosic goods treated by 90 g/l of SaniTtal G-01
       Washing condition: normal cycle, 40 ± 3ºC, line dry, 50 times wash
       Test result: avoidance rate = approx. 90% (after 50 times washing)

** To check maximum avoidance rate at maximum washing (50 times), we applied excessive
quantity of SaniTtal G-01 in this test. For normal effect (i.e. 20 times washing), general
applying quantity will be sufficient.

Towel (terry towel, sports towel etc.)
     SantiTtal G-01 is the safest to human body and gives maximum absorbency. It also
     reduces and minimizes unpleasant odors from microbial/fungal growth.
          o Idea substrates : Cellulosic goods, microfibre
          o Treatment : as usual

Carpet and special rugs
      The carpets and special rugs (e.g. Persian rug) made of wool, acryl are especially
      suitable. Both padding and spray method is suitable. Spray method can be more
      economical. On very thick material, co-use with SantiTtal G-01 & SantiTtal S-10L
      brings better result.
      If oil-based chemical (e.g. in back-coating) is to be applied at the same time, SantiTtal
      G-01 is not compatible. SantiTtal S-10L is more suitable.
      If the carpet and rug is made polypropylene or synthetic yarn
      Applying SantiTtal SM- series (antimicrobial masterbatch additive) is more suitable.

Other Textile Goods:
      Disposable wipes for cosmetic grade (cleaning pad/wipes/ball etc.)
      Table cloth, sanitary napkin for restaurant. Other disposable wipes
      All other “well-being” articles and sanitary textile goods.

SantiTtal G-EX is suitable for:
      Raw material for cosmetics and special soap (cosmetic grade)
      Raw material for other special products

Skin & body care products
      Owing to its excellent antimicrobial + deodarant + anti-oxidation + skin protection
      effects, SantiTtal G-400 itself can be used as an excellent skin and body care application
      as under:
          o Excellent antimicrobial & deodorant effect; eliminates harmful bacteria and
              fungi on skin
          o Anti-oxidation and skin protection effect: remove harmful substances which
              cause ageing
          o Thus used as skin and body care products (for face, hands, hair, feet, body)
          o During washing, cleansing, shower, massage, bath etc.

Disposable Kitchen Towel (SaniTtal kitchen towel)
     SaniTtal G-400 can product premium disposable wipes and towel.

SaniTtal kitchen Towel/ SaniTtal Multi-use wipe:
      Eliminates major food bacteria and many other microbial
      Stops unpleasant odors from bacteria and fungal growth
      Chemical free; the perfect safety to human body
      Maximum absorbency, no need to sterlize, easy to use.
Diaper, Hygienic band etc.

      The ideal antimicrobial should have following properties:
         o Free from any chemicals (for that it can be safe to human body)
         o No skin sensitization, non-negative influence on genital organs
         o Excellent elimination of Candidasis (from candida albicans etc.)
         o Reduce unpleasant odors and keep freshness of the products.
         o SantiTtal-G-01 is the only antimicrobial that can meet all such important
         o So, SantiTtal G-01 can produce premium diaper and hygienic band.

Cosmetic Tissues (both dry and wet type)
     Conventional wet tissues contain chemicals (alcohol etc.) that may bring skin
     senstization. Conventional dry tissues contain chemicals or cannot control microbial
     SantiTtal G-01 can produce ideal cosmetic tissue. If such tissue is not available, using
     SantiTtal Multi-use wipe under wet condition is the safest way to cleanse your skin.

Special soap, Detergent and Cosmetics
      SantiTtal G-400, SantiTtal G-EX are suitable for:
          o Raw material for shampoo, premium detergent (for lingerie etc.)
          o Raw material for cosmetics and premium soap (cosmetic grade)

                                SaniTtal G-400
                             Anti-bacteria and antimicrobial aftercare

      Concentrated form (400% form) of SantiTtal G-01
      100% natural component
      Higher economy: designed for diluters and dealers
      Can be applied directly as well (without dilution)

      Appearance                    :      Brownish or bluish*1 opaque liquid
      Chemical nature               :      Vegetable organic extract
      Ionic nature                  :      Nonionic
      pH (1% soln)                  :      6.8 ± 0.5
      Solubility                    :      Easily soluble at cold or warm water
      Field of application          :
             Substrate              :      goods of most of natural & synthetic fibres,
                                           especially cellulosics
             Aggregate              :      padding, spray, exhaust machine
             Operation              :      high-graded and elegant finishing
      Influence on handle           :      Gives softener handle on the treated goods
      Biodegradation                :      100% bio-degradable
      Storage stability             :      6 months at 5 ~ 300C *2 under sealed containers &
                                           proper condition. The product may settle down
                                           under prolonged storage. But if can be used again
                                           after simple stirring.
      Storage condition             :      Please store it under cool place without direct
      Shipping                      :      Non-red lable. Non-hazardous material

*1 Being a natural component, the color of the product can be different from brownish to
*2 Storing at high temperatures (above 35º) can shorten the storage life of the product. Ideal
storage temperatures = 5 ~ 15ºC, but avoid freezing)

For producing 1000 ml of SaniTtal G-01:

SaniTtal G-400                                              250 ml
Dimineralized water (at room temp.)                         750 ml
           Mix the above under slow stirring till fine solution

Refer literature of SaniTtal G-01. You can use the above diluted form or you can directly
apply ¼ quantity of SaniTtal G-400 without dilution.

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Description: Controls dust mites , bacteria and odor