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									Grow Miniature Roses In Your Garden

People are often tempted to consider miniature roses as indoor plants,
not knowing the fact that though the flowers are miniature, the plant
itself can grow to a height of four to five feet.

But if at all these easy-to-maintain flowers are to be grown indoors, a
few simple measures will give the best results.

The primary requirement for the miniature roses is ample and direct
sunlight, the lack of which may result in stretched out branches and gaps
between the leaves. To prevent this, additional light arrangements have
to be made.

Moreover, watering the plant once in a week keeps it healthy. Spraying
the upper and inner sides of the leaves keeps the spider-mites at bay and
leaves the plant dust-free. Also, the pot should be neither too big nor
too small but just about the size to make the plant grow comfortably.

As a matter of fact, the miniature roses can be grown in flower pots,
hanging baskets as well as in the ground but it is mandatory that they
receive direct sunlight.

While planting it to the ground, the roots should be free of tangles and
placed carefully into a one foot deep and wide hole which is to be
leveled properly with loose soil. Proper care has to be taken for the
first three weeks.

Watering the plant is a must and even later the soil has to be kept moist
always. The outdoor plants usually blossom from spring to winter. A
covering by mulch may help to protect them from frost and wintry chill.

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