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									All About Rose Gardening Pitfalls

You might feel your rose gardening ventures are thwarted at every step -
what with the hard winters wreaking havoc on the tender roses. Then the
strong summer heat with the blistering sun and monsoon rains lashing down
on them, you might wonder why you bother at all. Well, there is more bad

Rose Gardening Fungus - This white, powdery mildew is deposited on the
top and bottom of leaves and stems. It corrodes the growth of the plant
and ultimately kills the flowers and stems.

Rose Garden Rust - This is an orange powder which appears on the
underside of leaves and has the same detrimental effects as rose
gardening fungus.

Rose Garden Black Spots - As the name suggests, these appear as tiny
black spots on the leaves and the stems of your rose plants. If you
ignore these, they just might destroy your rose garden in no time at all.

Rose Mosaic Disease - This appears like an intricate yellow-green mosaic
pattern and is amongst the most deadly rose viruses that can affect your
plants. Apparently, there is no viable treatment for this disease.

If you are aware of these pitfalls then you are also armed with valuable
knowledge. There are several solutions and remedies for such rose
gardening problems.

The first step is to know the problems. If you are aware of the possible
issues then you can also take preventive steps to solve the problems. So
take heart, read more articles like this one, and your rose garden will
never face any pitfalls.

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