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LSAT Guessing Tips


You can pack on up to 15 additional points onto your LSAT score if you know how to properly guess the answers. Here are some LSAT guessing tips to help you improve your score.

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									     LSAT Guessing Tips

 With a good guessing strategy, you
can improve your LSAT score by up to
         15 points or more.

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      LSAT Guessing Tips Post
       Why Should You Guess?
• First and foremost, on the LSAT there is no
  penalty for a wrong answer. You have nothing
  to lose by guessing, only to gain.
• With absolutely no clue as to the correct
  answer, you still have a 1 in 5 chance of
  getting the answer right.
          Do you Know Some?
• The first goal in any guessing strategy is to
  eliminate as many answers as possible.
• If you know for a fact that two of the answers
  are definitely not correct, you’ve already
  improved your odds of answering correctly to
  3 in 5 instead of 1 in 5.
• Look for synonyms amongst the answers.
• There can only be one correct answer. If two
  answers mean the same thing, they can’t both
  be the correct answer. Logically then, neither
  of them is right. Unless you have some other
  reason to think one is right, you can discount
  both of the synonyms.
       Study Incorrect Answers
• During your preparation, be sure to study the
  incorrect answers on the practice exams as
  well as the correct answers.
• When reading the possible answers, you
  might not recognize the correct answer, but
  you may remember one of the wrong
• You can then cross out that wrong answer and
  focus on the remaining choices.
          Check the Structure
• The wording and structure of the question can
  give away some hints.
• Some of the answers may flat out not make
  sense with the question.
• Use your general knowledge to get rid of any
  answers that couldn’t be correct.
             Your Best Guess
• Any guess is better than none. Do not leave
  any questions blank. Once you have gotten
  rid of as many wrong answers as possible, take
  a stab at what you think may be the correct
  answer out of the remaining choices.
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