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					                                        NHS FIFE

                     BALANCED SCORECARD 2008/09

                       UPDATE - SMT FULL VERSION

                                   AUGUST - 2008

Status Assessment to be used

           Objective on track to complete by agreed date.
           Objective still likely to be achieved but likely to be delayed.
           Objective will not be met or is unlikely to be met.

August 2008 - Performance at a glance:
  1     2     3     4     5        6     11     12 13    14  15      16
  7     8     9     10    −        −     17     18 19    20  21      22
  −     −     −     −     −        −     23     24 25    −    −      −
  26   27     28    29    30      31     43     44 45    46  47      48
  32   33     34    35    36      37     49     50 51    52  53      54
  38   39     40    41    42       −     55     56 57    58  59      60
   - No corresponding targets in this quadrant.

No.     High Level      Target                                                          Enablers                                    Indicators                          Update on Target Achievement (Aug 2008) - Full Version               Accountable   Governance
        Objective                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Executive    Committee
26                      Develop capacity in community settings,       ● CHP capital development plans, including   ● Increase in capital spend on community         Community Hospital plans and capital development plans all on              V Irons        F&R
                        including community resource centres, for the continued development of Community           premises.                                        schedule. Models of service as per each CHPs individual delivery plan.
      Balance of Care
                        provision of care closer to home.             Resource Centre Strategy.                    ● Achieve a 10% relative increase of activity
        Framework -
                                                                      ● Shared system approach to managing         within primary care settings closer to patients'
                                                                      demand and waiting times.                    homes over 3 years.
                                                                      ● Introduce alternative models of service
                                                                      delivery available at local level.
No.     High Level       Target                                                        Enablers                                         Indicators                                     Update on Target Achievement (Aug 2008) - Full Version                           Accountable Governance
        Objective                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Executive  Committee
45                       Rollout expansion of Nurse Bank to cover     ● June 08 - Bank staff in St Andrews,         ● Mar 09 - 5% reduction in agency usage against ● All preparatory work completed for transfer of staff (approx. 18 members of staff in                J Wilson    A/F&R
                         all aspects of CHPs/AHPs - bank to be        Adamson, Stratheden and Whyteman's               last year. Baseline: 2006/07 - £1,423,835    Stratheden and Whytemans Brae). All Bank staff and Charge Nurses have been
                         utilised rather than agency reducing costs   Brae transferred to NHS Fife Bank.                                                            informed by letter and drop-in sessions held. Delay in complete transfer due to payroll
                         to organisation.                             ● June 2008 - carry out review and                                                            merge (from monthly to weekly). All sites are accessing Bank Office for staff. Adamson,
                                                                      recruitment to be capped when supply                                                          Netherlea and St Andrews are using service to advertise for secondments.
                                                                      meets demand.

                                                                      ● July 2008 - develop and implement                                                                ● Review carried out - recruitment to bank continues as demand not fully met by NHS
                                                                      Retention Strategy for Bank Admin team.                                                            Fife Bank. Small percentage still offered to agency or 'unfilled'. Situation continues to be
                                                                      ● Dec 08 - AHP support workers                                                                     ● Retention Strategy agreed. Stability in Bank Admin team.
46                       Produce and implement in priority areas      ● Apr 08 - strategy produced.                 Oct 08 - Business Continuity Plans in priority       Business Continuity Framework approved by SMT and now being implemented.                       C Adamson       CG/All
                         NHS Fife Business Continuity Plan.           ● Apr 08 - commence implementation of         areas completed.                                     Business Continuity Plan for eHealth completed. NHS Fife Resilience Forum                                    Committees
                                                                                                                                                                         established and first meeting scheduled to take place in August 2008.
                                                                      identified priority areas: eHealth, Estates
                                                                      and Facilities Plan.
                                                                      ● Apr 08 - Board Control Centre
                                                                      established for major emergencies.
47                       Progress the completion of significant       Progression of 3 significant schemes in       ● Plan delivered on time.                            Objectives on track to be completed by agreed dates.                                           D O'Keeffe      F&R
                         capital building schemes within planned      line with project plans:                      ● Plan delivered within financial envelope.
                         timetables and budgets.                      ● Jun 08 - Mental Health Inpatient
                                                                      Reconfiguration Phase I: construction to
                                                                      commence and be completed within 12
      Capital Planning
                                                                      ● Jul-Oct 08 - General Hospitals and
                                                                      Maternity to reach financial close;
                                                                      ● Jun 09 - St Andrews Hospital
                                                                      construction completed.
                                                                      ● 2011 - construction completion for
                                                                      GH&MS Project.
52                       Operate within the agreed Revenue            Monthly monitoring and reporting of the       Mar 09 - revenue projection £3.980m underspend.      For the quarter ended 30 June 2008 the Board reported an underspend of £362K                   R Pettigrew     A/F&R
                         Resource Limit (RRL) and Capital             financial position to the Board/Finance &     Mr 09 - revenue projection adjusted to £1.991m       against its RRL. The Board in June approved the Financial Framework which reduced
                         Resource Limit (CRL) and meet the Cash       Resources Committee.                          underspend through approved Financial                the year-end projected underspend to £1.991m and we remain on course to achieve
                         Requirement.                                                                               Framework.                                           that. The Board is also forecasting a breakeven position against the CRL.
53                       Meet the Cash Efficiency Target.             Further guidance due to allow enablers to ●generation of 2% cash releasing efficiency per          The Board remains on course to deliver its Cash Efficiency Target for 2008/09 as               R Pettigrew     A/F&R
                                                                      be identified when 2008/09 cash efficiency annum.                                                  reported to the Finance & Resources Committee on 29 July 2008.
                                                                      schemes have been agreed.                  ● trajectories still to be set following the issue of

A-       Audit                                HSCP -   Health & Social Care Partnership
CG -     Clinical Governance                  HWBA -   Health & Wellbeing Alliance
CHPs -   Community Health Partnerships        KL -     Kirkcaldy & Levenmouth CHP
D&TC -   Drugs & Therapeutics Committee       OD -     Operational Division
DWF -    Dunfermline and West Fife CHP        PFPI -   Patient Focus/Public Involvement
FP -     Fife Partnership                     SG -     Staff Governance
F&R-     Finance & Resources                  SR -     Service Redesign
GNEF -   Glenrothes and North East Fife CHP
HS -     Health & Safety

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