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					MG Monthly
Motoring News
February 2011

Written and Published by MG Car Club of Tasmania Inc.
MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

                                         Cars and crews at Campbell Town
                                         –Ref Page 37

                                 Susan and her Big Breakfast
                                 – Ref Page 33

                                                Greg trying to confront his
                                                phobia of cutting rope

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MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011


Cover Story – Kuz’s “A” Machine................................................................ 3
State Committee ............................................................................................ 6
Presidents Report........................................................................................... 7
Ed Says.......................................................................................................... 8
Club Captains Report .................................................................................... 9
Motor Repair & Overhauling- Data Sheets ................................................... 9
Membership Report..................................................................................... 10
MGCCT Facebook Page ............................................................................. 11
MGCCT Website......................................................................................... 11
VC Registration........................................................................................... 11
Shannons Home and Contents Insurance .................................................... 13
2011 National Meeting – Newcastle ........................................................... 15
Southern Sub Centre.................................................................................... 17
Noteworthy Day .......................................................................................... 19
Northern Sub Centre.................................................................................... 20
North West .................................................................................................. 23
Life Members .............................................................................................. 23
Obituary – Mike Hawke 1934 -2010.......................................................... 25
Letter to the Editor – Road Safety............................................................... 28
Exhaust Notes.............................................................................................. 30
Results from Maxy’s Motorkhana January 16th .......................................... 32
Movie Night Under the Stars....................................................................... 33
Letter to the Editor – Square Riggers .......................................................... 37
Calender of Events ...................................................................................... 41

The views expressed by the correspondents and advertisers do not
necessarily represent the views of the club. Technical tips and the methods
suggested are the views of the person submitting them and the Club can
accept no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy of these.

Cover Photo’s:
Andrew Kuzniarski’s :                   The “A” On the Race track
                                        The “EH” Project
                                        The “A” On Tour (ETC)

Printed by Richmond Concept and Printing,
10 Wenvoe St, Devonport, Tasmania, 03 6424 5900

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MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

Cover Story – Kuz’s “A” Machine
Some of you will remember the background to my acquiring the "A" but for those
that don’t, here goes.
Back in the early `70`s I was the proud owner of my 1st car. It was a stock standard
Vauxhall Viva to which I had fitted a set of specially made widies. Looked really
good and went OK for its engine size. My brother Martin was the owner of the "A"
at that stage and he borrowed my car one weekend while I was in Hobart so he
could go to a party at Evandale or somewhere round there. The door catch on the
"A" was worn and the door had a nasty habit of flying open when car was being
driven. Anyway to cut a long story short, he was having a race with a Mini Cooper
and managed to roll my car on the bend on the city side of Spikey Bridge just
outside Youngtown. My return from Hobart found the Viva covered in blankets in
the garage and mum informing me that Martin had something to tell me. Part of the
deal on payment was me acquiring the "A".
In my time of ownership. the car has undergone 2 part restorations and 1 major
one. The 2 part ones were mainly cosmetic with one following a run in with a
truck, the driver of which changed lanes in Paterson St. and rode up over the back
guard. He claimed I ran into him and refused to pay. I got my own back but that's a
story that's better left untold. The major restoration occurred following a wiring
fire under the bonnet. I had cleaned the car up for a club run the following
weekend, put it back in the garage, went to the pub and returned to a garage full of
smoke. Thankfully the wiring had only smouldered and not set anything into a
blaze or the house would have gone up. This all resulted in me deciding on a
ground up restoration.
As most people will tell you, restoring a car is a major undertaking. Pulling it apart
is easy compared to putting it all back together after getting all the bits and pieces
chromed, painted etc etc etc. The car was in reasonable nick but required some
extensive rust removal from areas behind the front and back wheels. The car had
also in its life had a whack in the back which had been bogged up rather than panel
beaten out and it had also been stoved in on the left front which required some
replacement of the frame. Jim Brown did the deed here and Chris Atkinson did a
magic job on the body work. From there it went to Robbie Knott for painting and I
can still vividly remember the night when Jim, Arthur Twining and a couple of
other likely lads secured the shroud to the chassis. It should now be noted that
things ground to a major halt. I have already said that putting things back together
is the tough part in a restoration. Despite having everything ready to go including
having wire brushed about 95% of the bolts, nuts and washers that were
salvageable and having them plated it then took around 18 years to restart the
restoration. Robbie Knott had finished all the inside & underneath of the car and all
                                       Page 3
MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

that remained was for the top coats. Craig [Narn] Ritchie finished the car off and it
then sat in the garage again.
A chance conversation with Narn`s sister-in-law one night at 4 Mile Creek got
things off and running. Nell mentioned that her brother Tony Van Tienan would be
worthwhile contacting as he was very much into putting cars back together so I
contacted him and as they say, the rest is history. Over about a 6 month period
Tony kept me very focused on completing the job and it was a magic moment one
night back in 1999 when, with the help of a truck battery we finally fired the car
into life. Tony then had the honour of the first drive. Down Conway St at around
10pm with no exhaust. Well we had to let the neighbours know we were successful
didn’t we !!!!! Since finishing the original restoration, the car has had the motor
redone & the back springs reset last year prior to Adelaide and that’s about it. I
suppose you can’t wear it out in the garage !!!!!
When I originally decided on the restoration I had convinced myself it would be
done as well as I could do it. Back in 1984, I took the part finished car to Hobart
for the Nat Meet and entered it in the rolling chassis class. As you can imagine I
won this hands down against some pretty stiff competition - none !!!!!. I mean,
who from the mainland would drag a part finished car to Tasmania !!! The winner
of the MGA class that year was Craig Gillespie`s and I made a vow to try and get
my car somewhere near his. For you that remember Craig`s car, this would be a big
ask. I make no bones about it, my car is a concours car. Some members like to race
their cars, drive them on dirt roads and even take them out in the rain. Not for me.
Over the years since owning the car, it has been successful at concours. From it’s
rolling chassis win in 1984, it has been a state class winner on a numerous
occasions, was successful as a class winner in Adelaide last year, won the state`s
David Cooper Best MG and Stroud Best Overall Car in 2006/7/10 and more
importantly to me, won the Craig Gillespie Memorial Trophy in 1999, 2008 and
2009. I like to think I came close to Craig`s "A".
I would recommend to anyone to undertake a restoration. Just make sure you keep
everything well documented, stored and have an abundance of patience and access
to people who know what they are doing. I do what I can but when it comes to the
crunch, if you want the best, seek assistance. Its worth it. I have started pulling my
EH Premier wagon apart and hopefully this won’t take quite as long to do. It is not
intended to return it to original but to what I want.


Ed Says – Just 2 magazines and he had to get his name back in print!!!

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MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

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MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

State Committee
Position     Member       Partner     Contact Details
President    Craig        Jody        (h) 6344 3128
             Twining                  (w) 6331 1677
                                      (m) 0432 018 602
Immediate    Andrew       Debby       (h) 6326 5921
Past         Kuzniarski               (m) 0418 135 502
Vice         Don Fraser   Susan       (w) 6428 3791
President                             (m) 0438 316 451
Secretary    Craig        Kelli       (h) 6344 5866
             Large                    (w) 6336 9357
                                      (m) 0409 767 851
Treasurer    Ches         Dianne      (h) 6243 9463
             Bogus                    (w) 6269 1211
                                      (m) 0438 439 463
Public       Bill                     (h) 6326 5921
Officer      Griffiths                (m) 0438 132 970
Club         Tony         Cheryl      (h) 6427 2648
Captain      Gurnhill                 (m) 0439 143 990
Membership   Debby        Andrew      (h) 6326 5921
Officer      Kuzniarski               (m) 0419 154 193
Editor       Andrew       Sue-Anne (h) 6427 2392
             Midgley                  (w) 6332 1611
                                      (m) 0418 224452
General      Bronwyn                  (h) 6273 6797
Member       Zuber                    (w) 6278 5415
                                      (m) 0419 569 156
General     Roy Stuart    Kathy       (h) 6424 5706
Member                                (m) 0419 589 316
Committee Meeting         First Monday of the Month
Details                   Man O’Ross Hotel, Ross, 7:30 pm
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MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

Presidents Report
Well the plans for the 2012 Nat Meet in Hobart are advancing at a great rate of
knots, all the key positions have been filled and the Nat Meet Steering Committee
has been approved by the State Committee. Yours Truly will be in the assemble &
clean up crew and I'm also making the rocker cover racing ramp, the last ramp I
made (2006 Nat Meet) was made out of 1.6mm steel but the new ramp shall be
made of 1.6mm aluminium because I will be the one who will have to carry it.
At the last State Committee meeting (the 7th of Feb) Craig Large gave a
presentation on Risk Management. I won't even try to go into details on this but
what I will say is that Mr.Large knows his stuff and with his guidance we should
be able to build a comprehensive Risk Management Plan for the Club.
Last but certainly not least, I would like to wish Richard Forrester a speedy
recovery after his accident last month.
C you in the spring
Craig Twining

                                     Page 7
MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

Ed Says
Well there goes yet another month, the best part for me is that the articles are
flowing in at a steady pace. So keep up the good work.
This month we have a couple of different articles for our readers, Rodney Belbin
(Shannons) has provided an article on Home and Contents Insurance, this was not
the article I asked him to provide, but with the Queensland Flood disaster it is very
topical and the thought of losing everything and then being told your insurance
doesn’t cover it is a spine chilling thought. We have also included a brochure from
Shannons, if you do nothing else go to their website and see just how much you
should have your contents insured for, it will scare you. For the privilege Shannons
are paying for our mailing costs this month.
On a much brighter note the Cinema Night put on by Wendy and Tony was a
brilliant night, I would not be surprised if this does not become a permanent fixture
on our social calendar, Margaret took credit for the good weather again!!!
A funny thing happened after the movie, Angela Dilger claimed to have lost her
phone, and was asking everyone to ring it for her to try and find it. As it turned out
she had it concealed in her bra with it set to silent vibrate?
This month I publish my first ever centrefold, double sided centrefold even!!! Now
some members will not be able to contain themselves when they see these, but you
will just have to choose, sorry about the staples!!!
The arrangements for the 2012 National Meeting are off and running, after some
initial delays the arrangements are starting to get locked in, so remember to watch
out for updates and if you are asked to help or you can offer some assistance then
get involved, “many hands make light work”.
Who’d be an editor I ask? After being ridiculed for getting my models wrong in a
previous magazine, being typo’s I might add. I was checking articles and noted that
our presidents car was listed as a Midget at Maxy’s, having heard it referred to as a
Sprite on many occasions, I wondered if this was a typo as well so I posed the
question to Craig, Midget or Sprite? This is what I got back:
“I ran it at Maxie's Motorkhana as a MG Midget as I did at the 2006 Nat Meet.
But when I won the club championship in it in 2003 it was a Sprite as it was when
it won the 1973 Concours. It's been on the cover of the News letter 3 times once as
a Midget, once as a Sprite and once as a Spridget. The badge on the boot says MG
Midget, but I call it the Spridget”
My interpretation, I can call it what I like and cannot possibly be wrong.


                                       Page 8
MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

Club Captains Report
Our first competition event of the year has been run and won (by Tony Sutcliffe);
well done Tony. While entry numbers were down it was good to see that all were
MGCC members; out of sixteen entries nine were driving MGs or derivatives
there-of. It was also good to see two junior members having a go, these being
Bradley Knight and Nic Twining, Nic being the third generation Twining to be a
Car Club member and competitor. Arthur would have been as proud as Craig is.
Also having his first run at a motorkhana (although not as a junior) was Shane
Manley in his MGF. Well done Shane; hope to see you all at Kempton on February
There is a bit of a dilemma in that the old timing gear seems to have gone missing;
we have the tripods and leads, but what we don’t have is the four timing heads and
the digital readout. The last time I saw it, it was in a white (I think) plastic box with
a lid. If anybody has this stored somewhere, would you please return it to a
committee member.
For those interested in competing in the Super Series at Symmons Plains on March
13th, Entry Forms and Sup Regs are on the Car Club web site.
Finally, a reminder that our next event is another motorkhana, this being the first
round of the State Motorkhana Series at “The Wilderness” Kempton. Hope to see
you there.
All for now
B’ing there is half the fun

Club Captain

Motor Repair & Overhauling- Data Sheets
I have in my possession a book of 45 data sheets for servicing vehicles from 1937
to 1949. I have attached a copy of the Data Sheets relating to the MG Midget and
MG 1 ¼ ,1 ½ and 2 ½ litre vehicles incorporating the above dates.
I have also included a copy of the indexed of the vehicles the sheet cover.
I am able to copy if they would be of use to anyone as an information sheet.
You may contact me Mark Dilger of email

Ed Says – Refer to centrefold

                                        Page 9
MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

Membership Report
Sally Wise of Eaglehawk Neck has purchased a 1965, red MG Midget from club
member Maurice Price. Sally says the Midget is just the right image for travelling
the country side procuring produce for her now famous preserves and baking. The
Midget may even make the cover of one of her up- coming books!
Colin and Wendy Bennett of Trevallyn have a 1996, red MGF. Colin and Wendy
will be joining in on social outings with the club and sharing resources with other
Malcolm Ward of Newnham is joining as a Social member. Malcolm has a 1960,
red Ford Anglia. I have been told by a reliable source that the Anglia goes very
fast. Must be the colour!
I should set myself a project to add up how many red cars in the MG Car Club.

Welcome to all new members and we hope you enjoy participating in the many
varied events happening throughout the state.
Debby Kuzniarski
Membership Officer

                                     Page 10
MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

MGCCT Facebook Page
The MG Car Club of Tasmania Inc

For those members that are facebook users, we have a MGCCT facebook page.
Feel free to add events photos and videos, just remember that anything offensive or
not relevant to the club may be removed at the discretion of the Administrator

MGCCT Website

A copy of this magazine can be downloaded from the MGCCT website.
Membership application and change of address forms are also available for
download. Latest Events information and links to other MG Clubs and car clubs.

Webmaster:       Phil Rollins      (h) 6248 4251

VC Registration

For all matters pertaining to VC registration, including inspections and renewals,
         Geoff Dodge
         59 Evisons Road                         Phone/Fax 6426 7338
         Sassafras                               Mobile 0428 509627

Richard Forrester
Richard has unfortunately tangled with a truck whilst riding his motorbike, and has
sustained multiple fractures. He is currently convalescing in the LGH and will be
out of action for a couple of months or more. I am sure we all wish him a speedy

                                     Page 11
MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

                                Page 12
MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

Shannons Home and Contents Insurance

We Insure Your Prized Classic but not the Garage
You Keep It In?

As a motoring enthusiast I am sure that you would
be aware of the long history that Shannons
Insurance has held with the motoring fraternity
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This policy also even provides cover for your personal belongings anywhere in
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Both policies have the following benefits as standard-
$10,000 Enthusiast Cover
You will automatically receive $10,000 worth of enthusiast cover when you
purchase a policy. This covers you against accidental loss and damage to
automotive memorabilia and collectables. I am sure that you all have valuable car
panels/parts, books, old petrol bowsers and model car collections that may not be
insured under your current policy.
Multi Policy Discount
If you have a motor policy with Shannons and then take out a Home and Contents
Policy, you will automatically receive a 10% discount off you home and contents
Payment Flexibility
You can pay your premium in a variety of ways and we don’t charge any extra to
pay you premium monthly, quarterly or half yearly.
New for Old Replacement of Contents
Shannons will replace all contents items with new ones, regardless of how old they
are at the time of loss.
                                     Page 13
MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

Flood Cover
With Shannons you are covered for the flooding of normally dry land by the
overflowing of any watercourse, lake, reservoir, canal or dam.
This feature is not offered by many insurers.
Shannons On-Line Home and Contents Value Calculator
The recent floods across Eastern Australia have highlighted that many Australians
are not adequately insured.
Do yourself a favour and check out the Shannons On-Line Home and Contents
calculator and you may be surprised how much your personal possessions are
really worth.
The calculator can be found at
“Get a Quote – Home and Contents”
I have enclosed a no obligation brochure and invite you to give Shannons an
opportunity to quote you on your home and contents.
Even though your existing policy may not expire for some months, I suggest that
you give Shannons Insurance a call today, as our quote will remain valid fro the
next twelve months.
So give any of our experienced and friendly team members at Shannons a call on
134646 to obtain a no obligation quote or alternatively give me a call on
0408 314309 for further information.
Thankyou for your continued support of Shannons insurance.
Rodney Belbin
Shannons Business Development Manager – Tasmania/Regional Victoria
Note: If you choose to return the enclosed brochure for a quote please send it to
Shannons, 337 Argyle Street North Hobart, so that I can personally attend to the
quote on a local basis.

                                    Page 14
MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

2011 National Meeting – Newcastle
Newcastle have now posted there Supplementary Regulations for the 2011
National Meeting. They have also sent out registration forms to members who
registered an interest in attending the meeting.
If you think you can attend the meeting then please visit the Newcastle Website for information and to download the registration forms.
Remember the more people we can get to Newcastle the better we are able to
promote Tassie for 2012.

                                                               Greg in a hat,
                                                               this motorkhana
                                                               stuff is like a
                                                               Sunday drive!!!

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√ Tig Welding and Fabrication                      Launceston, 7250
√ Huge Range of Silicon Hose

                            Phone: 6334 8722
                  Mobile: 0408 348522 Fax: 6334 8744

                                   Page 15
MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

                                Page 16
MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

Southern Sub Centre

Position         Member       Partner       Contact Details
Chairman         Dennis       Julia         (w) 6224 0420
                 Burgess                    (m) 0409 128 341
Secretary        Peter Shaw   Julie         (h) 6223 1020
Treasurer        Ian Wade     Victoria      (h) 6239 0188
Committee        Bruce        Leonie        (h) 6248 9480
                 Ches         Dianne        (h) 6243 9463
                 Bogus                      (w) 6269 1211
                                            (m) 0438 439 463
             Chris            Vicki         (h) 6239 1341
             Mike Ellis       Nadine        (h) 6239 6545
             Bob              Dianne
             Nick             Elizabeth
Club Meeting Details          Every Tuesday Night at 8pm
                              Civic Club, 134 Davey Street, Hobart
Postal Address                GPO Box 5, Hobart, Tas 7001

All's quiet on the Southern front, apart from the ramblings of a few good (old
mostly) men and lady on the regular Tuesday Club Nights at the Civic Club or
elsewhere as directed. On Sunday 9 January, while most of us were rubbing our
eyes and wondering what happened to 2010, a few of these good men and ladies
(18 to be precise) ventured out after ceremonially brushing the cobwebs off their
respective trusty steeds and proceeded to New Norfolk for a coffee at Banjo's
(some preferred Quince). Not too sure if that was for the jam or the coffee. The
convoy (all sports cars) then continued to Glenorchy and the Transport Museum to
marvel at the beauty and historic significance of trolley buses, trains, trams and fire
engines. The day was finished off with a BBQ sponsored by the Club.
An interesting and pleasant time was had by all who attended.
Breaking News – The Bruny Island run has been changed due to the poor condition
of the roads following recent bad weather. A day at Russell Reynolds Workshop is
being organised as a substitute.
                                         Page 17
MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

Sunday 6th March - Shannons Show and Shine at Rosny Park.
18th - 20th March - Philip Island Historic Races. An MG contingent will attend
Contact Kevin McGuire.
Sunday 10th April – Russell Reynolds Workshop Day. Details soon.
Contact Bruce Hills.

The Fine Master

You know you're driving an MGB when...
   1. When you go to get your vehicle inspected and the mechanic says "It's
       free, I don't charge for toys".
   2. When you drive through a toll booth and have to do a hook shot to get the
       coins in the basket.
   3. When you go to the McDonalds drive through and it takes them 15
       minutes to finally see you.
   4. When you go through an automatic car wash and there is more water on
       the inside than the outside.
   5. When the floor of your garage holds more oil than your crankcase.
   6. When you win 1st prize at a Limbo contest while driving your MGB.
   7. When all the girls at the beach smile more at the car than at you.
   8. When your MGB overheats while smiling back at the girls at the beach.
   9. When you're out for a drive and the birds get points for direct hits.
   10. When you can use your MGB for a golf cart on the course.

Craig Large

                                     Page 18
MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

Noteworthy Day
Maxy’s Motorkhana is most likely the first time three generations of one family
have competed in the one MGCC event. Junior member Nick Twining competed in
his first event in Dad’s Midget, Dad Craig competed, also in the Midget, while
great Uncle Terry (Sansom) competed in his MGBGT. (Nick’s grandfather Arthur
was a Life Member of the Club and would be have been very proud of Nick’s first
attempt at a motorkhana).

                                                                Nick Twining
                                                                and Dad Craig
                                                                in the Midget
                                                                after Nick’s
                                                                first time
                                                                behind the

Heather Dodge
and Nick
completing his
Entry Form with

Cheryl Gurnhill

                                   Page 19
MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

Northern Sub Centre
Position         Member       Partner    Contact Details
Chairman         Mark         Angela      (h) 6327 1028
                 Dilger                  (w) 6332 7666
                                         (m) 0408 271029
Secretary        Ben          Melissa     (h) 6425 1177
                 Gurnhill                (m) 0418 335848
Treasurer        Gordon       Lorraine (h) 6330 1945
Committee        Mike Paine   Sue        (h) 6327 1926
                                         (m) 0407 271 926
             Andrew           Sue        (m) 0408 331 612
             Jim                         (m) 0407 309672
             Brian            Jackie     (h) 6328 1369
Club Meeting Details          Last Wednesday night of the Month:
                              6.30 pm for meal, 7.30 pm for meeting.
                              Riverview Hotel, 43 Charles Street, Launceston
Postal Address                PO Box 682, Launceston, Tas 7250

We have started the new calendar year on the eve of Australia Day with a roll up of
20 members even though it was a public holiday.
Starting from the members resolve at the meeting in November 2010 we have
recommenced the NSC raffle to provide funds for the sub centre.
We ran our first raffle at the Northern / North West Sub Centre combined
Christmas Party with prises donated by Mike Paine and Andrew Merry. We raised
$65 for the centre funds so thanks to Mike and Andrew.
Steve Barnard has donated a 1/18th scale TC and we will be selling tickets over the
next 2 months and we will drawn the winner at the April meeting. This is a very
desirable prize and our thanks go to Steve for his very generous donation. Cost of
tickets will be $1 each or 5 for $5?? So your generous support of our raffle will
give you the opportunity to acquire a very collectable model and enable the club to
be able to fund the centre activities.

                                        Page 20
MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

We still need your contributions to the magazine and from the November meeting I
had suggested that we undertake a written record of our cars to be published in the
monthly magazine. I put an article in the January magazine and as a result of that I
have had a number of members contact me to fill in the blanks of what I know of
the history of my 1966 MGB GT. Each MG has a history and it is great to have
that published and kept as a record for the current owner and any future owner.
We also looked at the Concours which the Northern Sub Centre will organise this
year and the matter of what we need to do will be looked at via a special meeting
of the NSC Committee. The first matter considered was the date and although the
CAMS Calender has the date of Dec 3rd for the event it was considered to be too
close to our other Christmas events. A revised date of 19th November was
suggested and will be adopted. We will need helpers on the day from members to
Judge so if you would like to help please let us know. Tony Gurnhill has already
offered to organise the display on the day and he will put each car, particularly the
“B” in their correct category.
In general business we discussed the recording of club points so Brian Ralph took
on the role in the event that Ben Gurnhill, our new secretary is not in attendance.
Remember it’s up to you to ensure that you register as attending an event so you
are able to claim points for attendance towards the clubman trophy at the end of the
Mark asked for people’s thoughts regarding the way we display our vehicles at
events/displays. Mark will ask Herby Burgess if he can return the northern flag to
the Northern Sub Centre for use in displays.
Coming Events:
6th February- Heart Kids car and bike show at Entally House , Jim talked about
the time to be at this event, suggesting we need to be there by 9.45am This is a
fund raise and if you are going you will need to pay $5 per car to exhibit.
9th February-Mike Paine agreed to organise a mid week run BBQ. As this is
before the next newsletter info will be e-mail out. Alternate plans to be made for
wet weather.
13th February-Tas Super Series at Symmons Plains- run by MGCCT if you are a
member you may be able to help the race committee by volunteering on the day
19th February- Evandale Village Fair, meet at Motor Museum at 9.00am
20thFebruary- Don River Railway run
                State Series M/Khana at Kempton- run by MGCCT
                All British Day at Kempton

As the Don River Railway run clashes with an MGCCT speed event it was agreed
this would be run as an un-official MGCCT event.

                                      Page 21
MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

9th March- Mark Dilger and Mike Paine to organise a surprise mid week run This
will be a drive of approx ¾ hour run to be a the venue by 7 pm. Numbers are
limited to 45 people so register early with Mark (refer contact details in NSC
committee listing in the Magazine.)
27th March- Devonport Motor Show, Roundhouse Park
10th April- Jim discussed a combined run with the Jag Club. Details yet to be
confirmed. Cheryl Gurnhill suggested a Not the Nat Meet dinner during the Easter
Andrew Kuzniarski talked about a run to Rob Sherrard’s place, Lake House, to
view his impressive car collection. A week night would suit Rob better; the
possibility of a Friday night was discussed. We may need to split into 2 groups,
Rob prefers taking low numbers through. Mike Paine to advise details in the
Next Meeting: February 23rd
Mark Dilger

March 9th Mid Week run will be a little different.
We will need to leave the Motor Museum at 6 pm sharp.
Travel time will be approx 1 hour as we need to be at the venue by 7 pm.
Cuisine will be burgers and sundaes. Dress is 50’s. (Denim, tee shirt with leather
jacket). Numbers will be limited to 45 and we have the North West joining us as
well so we need to book.
Contact Mark Dilger to book as per listing for the Northern Sub Centre.

                                     Page 22
MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

North West

Position      Member        Partner    Contact Details
Co-           Greg          Margaret   (h) 6423 6263
Ordinator     Bannon                   (m) 0419 389 105
Club Meeting Details        Second Thursday night of the Month:
                            6.00 pm for meal and social evening.
                            Bridge Hotel, Forth

The recent outdoor Cinema evening put on by Tony and Wendy was very
successful, with a lot of work going into organising the night; our thanks for an
enjoyable evening and the following morning's breakfast run was another
enjoyable and successful outing.

On March 9th there is a midweek run meeting at the Devonport Breakwater car
park at 5-50 pm for a 6pm start. The run is organised by Tony and Cheryl and will
take in some back roads on our way to Deloraine where we will meet the
Northerners for a meal. Please read the Northern Notes for contact details and
other information.

A reminder to those who are considering entering the Rotary Club of Devonport's
motor show on March 27th , that you consider an early entry by registering on line
by March 11th.

With all the recent talk about the National Meeting in 2012 and it being the 50th
anniversary of the MGB I thought it may be of interest to check on the B's birth
date; the first 12 production cars were started in May 1962 and a further 138
followed in June but the B's public launch was not until the following September.

Greg (The Rope Man)

Life Members
Joe Paul (dec)               1969       Bob Moore                  1974
Arthur Twining (dec)         1976       Ian Wade                   1984
Terry Atkinson               1984       Dennis Burgess             1984
Chris Ellis                  1985       John Sluce (dec)           1994
Robin Wilmot                 1998       Bill Griffiths             2007
Tony Gurnhill                2009

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MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

              Love your sports car??

                    Think of Shorty when you need:

               * Service
               * Spare parts
               * Mechanical repairs

                          DAVID SHORT

              320 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart
                 Telephone: 03 6234 4388

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MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

Obituary – Mike Hawke 1934 -2010
We sadly report the passing of Mike Hawke in Bradford - on – Avon following a
fall at his home.
Mike owned J2396 for 57 years, after purchasing it in 1953 and the MG is number
3 on the Triple-M Register. He was a regular competitor and has many stories to
tell. I mention that he looped the loop in 1977 and, using his International
Competition licence, competed in all manner of events around Europe. With his
son Jeremy, DG 5405 undertook a record attempt at Millbrook on 27 August, 1989.
They took 2 International Class “I” records plus 20 National British Class “I”
records. These were the 1st new MG International records achieved since 1959
with Phil Hill & EX 181 in Utah USA.
Mike was a Marine Engineer, and while stationed in Singapore, noticed a trailer in
a wrecking yard with K3 wheels. To save K3 007 from the advancing Japanese
invaders in 1941, the MG had been broken up and buried to prevent it falling into
enemy hands. Mike located the buried metal, and reconstructed the racer with
guidance from R.T. Horton, the 1st owner. Ronnie Horton won many races at
Brooklands including the British Empire Trophy and set lap records up to 120
mph, and was awarded a 120 mph Brooklands badge in 1934. K3 007 also
achieved numerous International and National Class “G” 1100cc Records for 50 &
100 km and miles, plus a 200 km record. These latter 2 Records still stand today.
A.T.G. Gardner later set further records in K3 007 which also still stand today.
Mike told me he regarded the discovery and resurrection of this notable MG as his
greatest achievement with the marque.
Mike owned several other MGs including an MGC and a Midget, which he owned
for 30 years. I always stayed at the Hawke residence in December every second
year, and he drove me to the MG Christmas dinner at Lacock in his MGF, which
he owned from new. During other visits we travelled the length and breadth of the
UK, and had many laughs together. Mike and Ann stayed with me in Australia,
and I usually arranged a set of prewar MG wheels so he could compete at the MG
Nationals. We last met and competed in MGs in New Zealand.
I always received a copy of his latest book and copy number 49 had a note on the
flier: “To Peter for encouragement from Down Under.” I treasure his kindness
with the books, letters and cards, and usually rang him after he came home from
church on Sunday. Mike had a strong Christian faith, and was a deacon and lay
preacher at his church, but never sought to impose his beliefs on others.
Mike was a committee member and Secretary of the Triple-M Register, and made a
major contribution when he took on Chairmanship of the MGCC for three years.
He went to the clubrooms to supervise, direct, and organize the staff. John
                                     Page 25
MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

Thornley had encouraged Mike, in one of his last requests to him, as the club was
having difficulties. Mike told me the benefit was he could research material for his
books from the archives, while the staff got on with their jobs. He stepped down
after the re-organisation, but remained a Vice President of MGCCUK until his
death. He was astute and I recall the club property was held in trust, to minimize
risk of loss if the club faltered again. As a CPA, I endorsed the actions taken.
Mike was a friendly, likeable club member, who was just as enthusiastic when
meeting new members, as he was with his long term friends and acquaintances.
We were all blessed by his contribution.
I spoke with Ann by telephone, and offered condolences from us all out here.
They were also offered by card and on the website. I am sure we all offer support
to Ann, Marcus, Jeremy, and their families and we offer support at the Memorial
service on January 19, 2011.
His new book is available on the UK MGCC website, and may be purchased direct
from the club.
Peter Kerr
Tripe M-Rep Australasia

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MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

                                Page 27
MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

Letter to the Editor – Road Safety
Dear Editor
Road safety - “it’s not that hard”
Why are we having so much trouble finding a solution to road safety, surely the
problems not with speed, roads, cyclists, pedestrians or cars but with drivers?
In our industries we have OHS rules that are taught and tested by every employer
to make sure our shop floors are safe, why can’t we do the same with driving?
If we look at some of the tasks we ask driver to perform safely but don’t teach or
test you’ll see what I mean- accident avoidance, fast stopping, driving on snow,
ice, wet roads, gravel, grass or sand, driving with a trailer, caravan or boat trailer.
We don’t teach consideration of the problems that other road users may have like
cyclists, truck drivers and motor cyclists.
We don’t teach how to drive safely in wind and rain, safe solutions to mechanical
failure, how to change a tyre, blow in a breathalyser or take a police drug test, the
safety differences between front and rear wheel drive cars, how to dip headlights,
what to do in a skid and a slide, car fire and most importantly how to drive safely
at speed, are just a few.
We give our learners a machine and don’t teach them how to do a safety check, oil,
coolant, tyres or wiper blades; it’s basic OH&S before use.
If our drivers are driving at excessive speed for the conditions isn’t it common
sense to teach and test fast driving in all conditions so that they understand the
If driving was an industrial job, our governments would have been sued and fined
out of business long ago for failing to set the pre requisites for safe driver training,
let’s impose our OH & S rules and really teach our drivers to operate these
machines in all conditions and at all speeds that a modern vehicle travels, let’s take
our driver training and testing from reactive to proactive and get serious about road
It’s not that hard!
Phillip Tilley
TARGA 7259

Ed Says – The problem is Phil, you are attacking it from the wrong direction, you
need to fall in line behind the Police and Government. Driver training causes over
confidence, where as double white lines and lower speed limits means you can’t
overtake or drive at a speed that you can hurt yourself and therefore you don’t need
driver training!!!
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MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

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MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

Exhaust Notes
At Maxy's motorkhana Duncan Bearup was suffering from the effects of a big
night out on the town. This was shown in his first few test runs but as Duncan
improved, so did his times.
Tony Sutcliffe was overheard to say that his mum would say that if you're not in
bed by midnight, you may as well not come home. It is believed that Duncan may
have already taken this advice.
While on Tony, after one of his runs at Maxy's the back of the drivers seat was
reclined, leaving Tony to use the wheel to stay upright. Investigation found it was
because his seat belt was looped around the reclining handle and after hitting a
bump in the paddock which lifted Tony out of the Mini's seat, pulled the lever,
laying the seat back. So everyone, for next time, that is how you win motorkhana’s.
Issue 26 of “The Mini Experience” goes on sale on March 18th and features the
Hobson Special previously owned by Heather Dodge and now owned by Craig

For Sale - 1992 Mazda MX5
Body and paintwork (red) in beautiful condition, mechanically faultless, ex Mark
Dilger car, that says it all, original mag wheels with low profile tyres like new,
regulation roll bar. $12,500 ono. Call Robin on 0409 274 482

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MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011


Polo Shirts Ladies                                     $30.00
        White with black logo
        Black with white logo
Polo Shirts, Men                                       $30.00
        Red with black logo
        Black with red logo,
        Green with white logo

Black Vests, Ladies and Men                            $50.00

Caps                                                   $16.00
        Pale blue/cream with green peak/cream/black/
        black with green peak/beige

Safety Fast Cloth Badges                               $4.00
        Black/Cream Crackers/Red/Yellow

Cloth Badges, Tasmanian Logo                           $9.00

Grill Badges                                           $25.00
        Red & Black/Cream & Green/Cream Crackers

Lapel Pins                                             $6.00

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MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

Results from Maxy’s Motorkhana January 16th

                                Page 32
MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

Movie Night Under the Stars
What started out as a thought over a year ago has successfully happened.
We asked advice from various people of where we could source the gear but
eventually we did it ourselves except for the projector and a cable, which Andrew
Midgley supplied. (thanks Andrew).
A couple of weeks ago we had a practice run, and this evening was enjoyed by the
Midgley’s, Fraser’s and Edward’s. The distance for the projector was marked and
a very enjoyable evening followed with hopes for a similar night for the 29th.
The format for the evening was bring your own bbq food, drink, chair and warm
clothing plus lots of change for raffles. Those attending were Tony and Wendy
Lansdell, Malcolm and Sybil Thompson, Phillip and Sophie Tilley, Greg and
Margaret Bannon, Max and Winsome Freeland, Don and Susan Fraser, Andrew
and Sue-Anne Midgley, Mark and Angela Dilger, Andrew and Debbie Kuzniarski,
Peter Johnston, Brian and Jackie Ralph, Tony and Cheryl Gurnhill, Rod Davey,
Wayne and Ruth Jessup, Stein and Claire Andersen, Judith and Gary Turner.
Michael Walsh and his wife did intend to come but unfortunately due to family
matters he brought a donation along and had to leave again. Thank you Michael
for your donation though. Hope I spelt all names correct, nothing like getting your
name in the magazine and it not been spelt correct. Bugger!!!!!
Our intention was to raise money for Relay for Life. Some of our more frequented
local shops were sourced for donations. We approached Metro Cinema’s at Burnie
with the intention of buying at cost their popcorn containers and to make our own
popcorn, but we managed to secure their donation of popcorn containers and
popcorn to fill them, plus purchase choc top ice creams for $1 a piece. We sold
these for $2.50 each and the popcorn was an endless supply once the initial
purchase was made, no one needed a second fill, wonder why?
In all we managed to have 21 prizes for the raffles.    Our sincere thanks go to
Ulverstone Shoes, House of Flowers, Home Hardware, Casablanca Wine and Dine,
Honda Bike Centre (L’ton), Fonterra, Don River Railway and Cranberry Crafts, for
donating a voucher or gift. To Malcolm and Sybil Thompson, Cheryl Gurnhill,
Susan Fraser, Sophie Tilley our thanks also for providing or sourcing a prizes for
the raffle. We also provided a night’s accommodation at B & B @ Winterbrook, a
food hamper and other goodies as prizes. The raffle cost was $20 a ticket, so the
odds for winning a price were fairly good.
We started the evening once all guests had arrived, Margaret Bannon provided a
beautiful platter, but I don’t think we all did it justice. The collection of a gold coin
donation for attending the evening was first on the agenda, followed promptly with
the parting of money for the raffle, we drew this straight away while our guests
                                        Page 33
MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

were still cooking or eating their meal. A few seem confused that their ticket did
not match the ticket on the prize but we drew a prize from one hat and a winner
from another hat. That way we did not pick the prize and all were to different
dollar values. I think a bit of prize swapping went on, and I’m sure at least one
prize was won by each family member some were lucky to win two, but it provided
entertainment and most of all lots of money for our cause. Greg and Margaret
Bannon and Max and Winsome Freeland also made a donation for putting them up
for the night, thanks you guys.
Once this formality was over the entertainment started. Our pre movie was “The
Plank” and from the laughs I think most approved of the choice, next came interval
with coffee/tea and cake plus the opportunity to part with more money and
purchase the choc-tops or pop corn or both, (which I did and boy was I full and
very thirsty, but I enjoyed it immensely.) The feature event followed and our
choice of movie was the original “The Italian Job” with Michael Caine. Yea Yea.
It had action, laughs, a car chase and most importantly we all enjoyed it, sitting out
in the garden at Winterbrook under the stars, watching a movie on a screen
(donated by the Central Coast Council) hooked up to a tree at the bottom of our
garden which made viewing very easy except for one poor chap who didn’t
to sit on his seat and landed in the garden, but not to worry, the usher shone a torch
his way and he found his chair again. Who else got lost or stumbled in the dark
I’m not sure but from the looking around all were having fun. The mozzies were
held at bay by the aroma of the mozzie coils.
Suddenly the movie ended,…… now did the bus go over the edge, the gold, what
happened to it? Ah, we will never know, will we! What about Mr. Bridger, was he
happy with the outcome? Questions………….. Make your own ending up.
We all packed up and some left and fond farewells, and thanks for a good night,
were said, those few left had port and coffee on the verandah, then a final time was
decided to meet for the drive to breakfast the next morning. Yes, this was two
events in one. The last guest’s drove off, a couple walked to their caravan, and
those staying at Winterbrook bedded down for the night only to be woken next
morning by you guessed it…. ‘Beau’, yes, my little sheltie was yapping at the
birds, helped along by ‘Sasha’ our German Shephard. Luckily Phil Tilley had to
leave to take the Love Bug to Melbourne on the day ferry so he left and Sophie and
I sat on the verandah drinking tea in our pj’s, having a lovely chat, with no-one else
to see us.
The others woke and finally we set off to see Brad and his Staff at Casablanca’s for
Breakfast, unfortunately Andrew Midgley’s early morning run was not the same as
the one he planned but don’t worry Andrew we will do it again one day, we
                                      Page 34
MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

The Lansdell’s, Thompson’s, Dilger’s, Fraser’s, Bannon’s, Midgley’s, Freeland’s,
Tilley x1 had breaky and boy what a feast, a few finished it but,….. what was
going on down the other end of the table with Angela, something was vibrating, or
she tells us it does, ah… she pulls out her phone from close to her heart , keeps it
close to her she does!!!! Good idea, actually I do the same when I mow the lawns;
you never know when you may need it. Does any one else have a trick or two they
wish to share? Well breaky was very enjoyable, conversation’s flowed with no
alcohol involved, or were we still half full from the night before. We wondered
where Phil was on the high seas, had he managed to get to the ferry? Did he have a
breaky like ours? Hope he delivered the Love Bug ok.
All in all Tony and I would like to thank all who attended our movie night we all
raised $810 for the Relay for Life. What an effort from just a few people. It makes
me feel proud to have you all as our friends and supporters of a good cause. We
have sent thankyous to all the businesses that supported our fundraiser and the
money has been deposited with a receipt sent along to the State Committee.
Got’s to go, beds to make etc…………
Wendy Lansdell

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MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

                                Page 36
MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

Letter to the Editor – Square Riggers
I write to put before members a proposal to reinvigorate MG Square Rigger
interest, that long established platform structural in the DNA of the Club
representing T Series, Y Types and all Pre-War models.
It is recognised the Square Rigger class is of course incorporated in competition,
however there is a need to broaden the opportunities for the many owners not
wishing to participate at that level.
Discussions in recent times clearly indicate a strong interest in the concept of more
class specific activities, day runs, technical and social gatherings and touring type
competition. Much is available at present on the Club calendar, however events
targeting these models is considered essential in attracting those many T and Y
owners. It is further intended to extend these activities to non-member Square
Rigger MG owners.
Details of activities are to be developed as we progress, save to say a Square
Rigger day has been nominated for the 15th May to coincide with the annual
PVCCT Picnic at Ross.
Further promotion is intended via your MMN and although 2010 is long gone, end
of season Square Rigger results are worth repeating. The Concours yet again has
drawn a good Square Rigger roll up to Devonport comprising three Y and five T
Types with a highly ranked class win to Peter Thorne’s TF and the Brooks’ black
TF taking the Craig Gillespie Memorial Members choice trophy. John James’
omnipresence through the year again earned him the long standing DB Roberts
Square Rigger trophy.
A gathering at Campbell Town in December for the Shannons day attracted a TC
and Y from NW, three TC’s Launceston, TF East Coast and two TF’s Hobart along
with thirteen crew members. Great to see some well known cars (and faces) and
recent member John Roughton TF, John and Deanna Ellis with the ex Dorsett TC
and John and Sue Turner Y Type.
This was a classic Square Rigger gathering following the long established script of
a great drive, much time inspecting under bonnets, accessories and knock-ons,
many photos, pie and coffee and little time for anything else. Oh, apart from an ex
Prime Minister seeking out fresh talent! Photos tell all.
Any comments, suggestions and interest in this program to network Square Rigger
owners will be welcome, the contacts are listed below. Also response from
members interested in the Ross day, 15th May will assist.

                                      Page 37
MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

Square Rigger Contacts
Launceston      Frank Brooks Ph 6393 7278, 0418 134 262,
Hobart          David Taylor Ph 6229 5817,
                Bruce Hills Ph 6248 9480, 0419 881 42811,
NW              Peter Scott Ph 6426 7321, 0418 599 676,

Peter Scott

                                                         John Ellis with
                                                         his TC and you
                                                         know who?

 John Scott and
 David Roberts
 looking very relaxed

 Northerners meet at
 Longford. c 1965

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MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

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MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

Renowned as one of the top live music venues on the NW Coast.
Enjoy “Blues on Sundays”, visit our website for information.
Non-gambling, family friendly, gateway to Cradle Mountain.
The Bridge Bar and Grill open for meals evenings Wednesday to
   Sunday 6—8:30 pm and Sunday Lunch 12—2 pm.
The Bridge Hotel at Forth is in the minds of everyone who likes a
   good time, good music and a great atmosphere.
So come in and be part of the history at the “Forth Pub”

Ph: 03 6428 2239

                                 Page 40
MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

Calender of Events
 Event                    Location             Co-           Date
 Evandale Show            Evandale                           Sat, 19 Feb 11
 Don River Railway        Don                  Tony          Sun, 20 Feb 11
 Day                                           Lansdell
 All British Day - Jag    Kempton                            Sun, 20 Feb 11
 Car Club
 State Motorkhana         Kempton              Tony          Sun, 20 Feb 11
 Series Rd 1                                   Gurnhill
 RS Liberty Club          Baskerville          Dennis        Sat, 05 Mar 11
 National Meeting                              Burgess
 Shannons Show and        Rosny Park                         Sun, 06 Mar 11
 NSC Mid Week Run         Deloraine            Mark Dilger   Wed, 09 Mar 11
 Tas Super Series         Symmons Plains       Tony          Sun, 13 Mar 11
 Rd 2 - MGCCT                                  Gurnhill
 Hillclimb - CMI          Collinsvale          David         Sun, 13 Mar 11
 Historics Race Meeting   Phillip Island       Kevin         18th, 19th, 20th
                                               McGuire       March 2011
 Shannons Show and        Longford Revival                   1st – 3rd Apr 11
 Shine                    Festival
 NSC JCC/MGCCT            North                Jim           Sun, 10 Apr 11
 Joint Run                                     Dickenson
 Russell Reynolds                              Bruce Hills   Sun, 10 Apr 11
 Workshop Day
 NSC Mid Week Run         North                              Wed, 13 Apr 11
 Super Sprints            Baskerville          Tony          Sun, 17 Apr 11
 Super Sprints            Symmons Plains       Tony          Sun, 01 May 11
 Tas Super Series         Baskerville          Donald        Sun, 15 May 11
 Rd 3 - HSCC                                   Potter
 National Meeting         Newcastle            Andrew        22nd - 26th
                                               Midgley       April 2011

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MG Car Club of Tasmania – MG Monthly Motoring News, February 2011

  Breathe New Life into Your Convertible Top

 Whether your fabric or vinyl soft-top is new or old, keep it protected
    from the elements and looking great with Renovo’s range of
                   convertible car care products

          MG RV8 before Renovo         MG RV8 after Renovo

          MGCCT Members receive a 10% discount, by quoting the
                 promotion code 85pmdc at checkout
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