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									2    Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses    Sunday, April 25, 2010                                                          Killeen Daily Herald

Modern TV & Appliance: Four Generations of Serving Central Texas
                                                                                                   The tradition of serving the military car-
                                                                                                 ries forward with his son, Billy Mills, who
                                                                                                 has been the past president of the Associa-
                                                                                                 tion of the United States Army and is cur-
                                                                                                 rently the Chairman of the Greater Killeen
                                                                                                 Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs
                                                                                                 Committee. Both Modern TV and Appli-
                                                                                                 ance and the Mills family look forward to
                                                                                                 continuing our long history of service to
                                                                                                 the greater Killeen/Fort Hood area.

  Modern TV and Appliance, the only local-         The Mills family and Modern TV and Ap-
ly owned and operated TV and Appliance           pliance have a rich history of supporting
store in Killeen, has been serving Central       the U. S. Army and Fort Hood as evidenced
Texas since 1957 and is the oldest business      by the wall of framed photographs in T.J.’s
in Killeen still in its original location.       former office, which has been moved down-
  Founder Tommy Joe Mills (better known          stairs for customer viewing. Row after row
asT.J.) is part of four generations of the       of photographs of Generals and Sergeants
Mills family that have been associated with      Major in uniform, as well as several U. S.
Modern TV and Appliance. T.J.s father, Bill      Congressmen, hang on the walls.
Mills, ran the used television and appliance       T.J. Mills served as AUSA president, the
sales in the 1960’s and now two of T.J.’s        Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce
grandsons, Courtney and Cullen Mills, are        Military Affairs Committee, and Commu-
affiliated with the business.                    nity Advisory Board. His greatest service
  Son Billy J. Mills, a graduate of Killeen      was his role as Civilian-Aide-at-large to the
High School, moved back to Killeen in 1982                                .
                                                 Secretary of the Army In 1995, T.J. received
to join the Modern TV team. The father           the “Good Neighbor Award”, an award given
and son duo worked the sales floor daily for     by the Fort Hood Commanding General to
many years. Billy says of his Dad, “I have       local civilians who have made a sustained
never seen anyone that enjoyed what he did       commitment to serving Fort Hood and its
more than T.J.” That tradition has contin-       soldiers. In 2008, T. J. Mills Boulevard on
ued, with Billy’s son Cullen joining the         Fort Hood was dedicated posthumously in
team in 2009.                                    honor of his service to the military .

Excellent customer service and great selection
  Since February 1985, Reliant       pendable automobiles that Cen-     everyday to provide quality cars      Pat Brumbalow, a lifelong
Motors has been providing area       tral Texans have come to trust.    at reasonable prices with easy      resident of Killeen and 1970
residents with reliable and de-      Owner Pat Brumbalow, strives       terms. He prides himself and        Killeen High School graduate,
                                                                        his staff to provide that service   has owned and operated Reli-
                                                                        to every potential customer.        ant Motors since it opened its
                                                                          The car lot was originally        doors in 1985. Reliant Motors
                                                                        located on Fort Hood Street,        has become known for the
                                                                        where it remained for sixteen       availability of its in-house
                                                                        years. In March 2001, Reliant       financing at 0% APR. In
                                                                        Motors moved to its current         today’s economy, Pat can as-
                                                                        location at 111 South 10th          sist you with those hard to get
                                                                        Street in Killeen. “For over 25     loans elsewhere. Pat invites
                                                                        years, we have provided low         any and all to come by and
                                                                        monthly payments and 0%             visit or call his office at 254-
                                                                        interest for the majority of our    634-6066 for your automobile
                                                                        buyers. We are here for them.       needs. Hours of operation are
                                                                        We work hard everyday to of-        9:00 am – 6:00 pm, Monday
                                                                        fer easy auto financing,” states    – Friday and 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
                                                                        Brumbalow.                          Saturday  .
Killeen Daily Herald   Sunday, April 25, 2010   Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses   3
4   Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses   Sunday, April 25, 2010                                                          Killeen Daily Herald

                                                                      Quality Paint and Body is
                                                                      Celebrating 55 Years of Auto
                                                                      Body Repair and Re nishing
                                                                         When you have an auto      Store #1.
                                                                      accident, you want the re-
                                                                      pairs done to pre-accident
                                                                      condition. Quality Paint
                                                                      and Body offers quality
                                                                      repairs for your vehicle, as
                                                                      well as refinishing to re-
                                                                      store the new look of your
                                                                      car’s paint job.
                                                                         Quality Paint and
                                                                      Body was established in
                                                                      August of 1955 by W   .L.                               Store #2.
                                                                      “Frog” Herring. His
                                                                      younger brother, Wayne
                                                                      began working during
                                                                      summers, until he joined
                                                                      Frog, working full time.
                                                                      He eventually purchased
                                                                      the shop in 1969. Wayne’s
                                                                      sons, Wayne Jr. and
                                                                      James grew up working around the shop and upon Wayne’s retire-
                                                                      ment in 1990, he left the shop to be managed by Wayne Jr., and James,
                                                                      who became owners in 1995.
                                                                         According to Wayne Jr. and James, “We strive for our custom-
                                                                      ers to be extremely happy with the repairs they receive at Quality
                                                                      Paint and Body We believe that once we have repaired their vehicle,
                                                                      if they should ever have a need for future vehicle repair, they will
                                                                      return to us for those repairs.”
                                                                         “I have taken my car to Quality Paint and Body on two separate
                                                                      occasions, and both times, I was greeted warmly and with respect.
                                                                      The quality of work I received was immaculate, not to mention
                                                                      they have the most skilled body techs and painters in the area,”
                                                                      says Amber Carlton, one of many repeat customers Quality has
                                                                      acquired. Amber continues to say that she would and has recom-
                                                                      mended Quality Paint and Body to anyone seeking the absolute best
                                                                      in quality repairs and customer service in the area.
                                                                         According to W “Frog” Herring, who is now living in the Belton
                                                                      area, he had not envisioned the shop to have flourished as it has, or
                                                                      to have continued on for more than 55 years. Much has changed over
                                                                      the years, but the foundation of commitment to the community of   ,
                                                                      providing the very best in auto repair from an honest and dedicated
                                                                      family has been steadfast since the doors were first opened.
                                                                         Because of the success of Quality Paint and Body, the business
                                                                      offers two locations to better serve their many customers. The main
                                                                      shop is located on the corner of North 8th and Avenue F in down-
                                                                      town Killeen. A second location opened in October 2000 at 5300 East
                                                                      Central Texas Expressway in Killeen.
                                                                         Quality Paint and Body accepts all insurance estimates and is a
                                                                      direct repair facility for many insurance companies. Hours of op-
                                                                      eration are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. For more
                                                                      information, please call 254-634-6914 or 254-953-2000.
Killeen Daily Herald                                       Sunday, April 25, 2010   Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses   5

See clearly today with
Eye City
   Tired of glasses and the hassle of contact lenses?
Give yourself the gift of great vision by visiting the
friendly and professional staff at Eye City in Harker
Heights for your LASIK or other vision correction
procedure. Experience makes the difference, and Dr.
George Walters is of the most experienced vision cor-
rection surgeons in Central Texas.
   Eye City provides patients with complete eye care,
eyewear, cataract care, and LASIK in one convenient
location. At Eye City, you’ll find a large selection of
eyewear and eye care products with a professional,
friendly staff to assist you.
   What makes Eye City stand apart from the rest?
“With over 40 years of experience, we can do anything
pertaining to a patient’s vision from eye exams to
glasses or contact lenses to LASIK or cataract surgery
to treating eye diseases. We continue our mission of
helping as many Central Texans as possible enjoy life
without the need for glasses or contact lenses,” states
owner Jim Mellon, founder of Budget Opticals of
   Eye City accepts most major insurance and compa-
ny Flex plans, including TriCare, Scott & White, and
BlueCross BlueShield. Please don’t hesitate to call us
to find out if your insurance or flex benefit plan can
be accepted.
   Eye City is across from Walgreens in Harker
Heights and located at 300 East FM 2410, Suite 109.
Hours: Mon.–Fri. 9 AM–6 PM & Sat. 10 AM–2 PM.
Email: or visit us online
at Call for an appointment to-
day 254-616-2020 or toll free at 866-953-2020. Hurry and
make the clear choice, see better now with Eye City!
6   Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses   Sunday, April 25, 2010                                                            Killeen Daily Herald

                                                                      Get our prices (and experience our service)
                                                                      and we will get your business!
                                                                        The fundamental goal of Western Insurance is to be successful
                                                                      by satisfying customer’s needs. We want to save our clients money
                                                                      while creating a terrific customer experience. We provide analysis
                                                                      of your personal and business insurance needs. We understand
                                                                      most of our client’s military association and propose responsible,
                                                                      practical insurance solutions.
                                                                        Tom Boren and the Western Insurance associates have consis-
                                                                      tently tried, over the last 34 years, to provide the best insurance
                                                                      products available. We offer customized, competitive quotes with
                                                                      multiple highly rated companies. We move quickly to get fair,
                                                                      prompt claims settlement and review your insurance program for
                                                                      adequacy and to save you money.
                                                                        Western Insurance tries always to be a good citizen of the Great-
                                                                      er Fort Hood area, supporting all manners of charitable activities
                                                                      and donating thousands of dollars each year. We are members of
                                                                      AUSA, the Killeen, Copperas Cove, Harker Heights and Lampasas
                                                                      Chambers of Commerce and participating members of various
                                                                      community groups. Professionally, we are active members of
                                                                      Trusted Choice and Combined Agents of America LLC.
                                                                        To experience the great service Western Insurance can offer,
                                                                      contact an experienced associate at 254-547-2626 from 9:00 am to
                                                                      5:00 pm, Monday Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and 9:00 am to
                                                                      6:30 pm on Thursday. We can also be reached at our website www.
                                                             or in person at 2128 East U.S. Highway 190,
                                                                      Copperas Cove.

                                                                      House Cross: Care at its best
                                                                         Two Cross brothers and two House brothers opened the first nurs-
                                                                      ing home, Bell Haven Nursing Center on Rancier Avenue in 1972. As
                                                                      we began to build in Killeen, we were curious how we would be ac-
                                                                      cepted in the community We soon discovered that may of the other
                                                                      businesses were also new to this growing area of Texas, as Killeen
                                                                      populations was about 26,000 at the time. We were kindly accepted in
                                                                      the business community In 1977 we built a 128 bed Center, was ac-
                                                                      quired in Copperas Cove.
                                                                         In 1990, Indian Oaks Living Center was built in Harker Heights.
                                                                      Sensing a need that was not being served in the community a dedicat-
                                                                      ed Alzheimer’s wing was added. This was the only certified Alzheim-
                                                                      er’s unit in Central Texas. An additional wing has been added within
                                                                      the past two years, making Indian Oaks a 199 bed facility  .
                                                                         The Rosewood Retirement Community opened in 1999. The Assist-
                                                                      ed living center was built to help lessen the relocation of our elderly
                                                                      population to other areas. This was designed so a resident could age
                                                                      in place without moving to nursing care when needed. This facility
                                                                      offers peace of mind for families and loved who may be living and
                                                                      long term care.
                                                                         Two facilities have VA contracts. Medicare and Medicaid are also
                                                                      accepted. The center offer short-term stays for Medicare residents
                                                                      seeking rehab, and long term care for more permanent care. Day care
                                                                      is also offered.
                                                                         The mission of House Cross through the years has been the provi-
                                                                      sion of the highest possible standard of quality retirement living,
                                                                      assisted living, and skilled nursing care, in an honest, respectful, and
                                                                      economically resourceful manner.
Killeen Daily Herald                                                         Sunday, April 25, 2010   Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses   7

Do you want awless, smooth and
youthful looking skin?
  Skin Health & Wellness offers medical facial
treatments, rejuvenating procedures, and
exceptional skin care products to start you on
the path to discovering a new you! Owned by
Dr. Dave Webster, this clinic offers personal-
ized treatment programs such as Microderm-
abrasion, Botox, Skin Rejuvenation, IPL Hair
Reduction and Chemical Peels. Melissa Tuck-
er is a licensed Aesthetician with five years of
expertise in advanced skincare techniques.
  Do you want to feel renewed, refreshed and confident in the skin
you’re in? Skin Health & Wellness now offers the Micro-Current
Face Lift which has effective and lasting results without surgery or
unnecessary downtime. Call Ms. Tucker today to schedule a per-
sonalized skincare consultation to determine which treatment is
right for you. Skin Health and Wellness is located at 5610 E. Cen Tex
Expwy Ste. 1 in Killeen in the Rosewood Plaza. A New You is just a
phone call away….690-8887.

Let’s Party Finds Success in Killeen
   To plan your next party or holiday, you no longer need to go any
further than Killeen to get your party supplies. Let’s Party opened
in September 2006 to bring the party a little bit closer to Killeen.
   Owner Laylah Jarbouh opened her business because she was
tired of having to travel every time she had a party or special event,
and assumed other Killeen residents were as well. Laylah’s hus-
band Alex owns T-Mobile stores in the Killeen Mall, and encour-
aged Laylah to embark on her business venture. The success she
has found has proven her idea to be right, and has given the Killeen
area a new store with all the party supplies it needs.
   Let’s Party sells party supplies of every theme, ranging from birthday,
Mardi Gras, Halloween, bachelorette parties,
and currently a variety of graduation-themed
products. Being in the Fort Hood community     ,
there is also a large selection of patriotic
products and a “Welcome Home” section.
   Let’s Party’s helpful staff will assist
you in creating your next party and
direct you to the products you are look-
ing for. Discounts are offered to military
members and teachers, and the selection
of merchandise is unmatched.
   Let’s Party is located in the 440 Plaza at
734 S. Fort Hood
Road in Killeen,
and is open from
10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Monday through
Saturday and 11
a.m. to 6 p.m. on
Sundays. Let’s
Party can be
reached at 254-
8   Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses   Sunday, April 25, 2010                                                              Killeen Daily Herald

Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce                                                                 Love for animals
  The Greater Killeen Chamber of Com-
merce, more than 1,100 members strong, is
                                                    Killeen – Fort Hood Regional Airport,
                                                    the continued growth of our retail busi-        since a young child
dedicated to its mission of strengthening           ness and industrial communities and the           At Killeen Animal Care Board-
and improving the business environment              improvement of the image and market-            ing & Bath & Grooming, you know
in order to promote the economic well-be-           ability of the Greater Killeen area as          that your pet is in good hands.
ing of all area citizens. Toward this end,          major goals.                                    Owner, Kathy Warner has been
the Chamber will provide services to its               The Greater Killeen Chamber of Com-          caring for local pets since 1978. “I
members and work to enhance the quality             merce, fully accredited by the U.S. Cham-       value our customers and we strive
of life for the entire community.                   ber of Commerce, is made up of a diverse        to provide the best care to our pets
  To accomplish this mission, chamber               group of businesses and individuals. It         and their owners. We have a close
sector committees explore every avenue              services the cities of Killeen, Harker          relationship and know our cus-
and possibility. These committees include           Heights and Nolanville and its military         tomers by name,” states Warner.
those working in the areas of economic              neighbor, Fort Hood.                              Located at 424 W. Rancier Av-
development, membership, civic affairs                 As the Chamber moves into a new year,        enue in Killeen, Killeen Animal
and many other fields. A growing, stable            it has pledged itself to continue to effec-     Care, Boarding & Bath & Groom-
economy gives direct benefits to each in-           tively communicate the views of the busi-       ing has been working with local
dividual, firm and profession, and this is          ness community and to support construc-         veterinarians and families for
the objective ever before the chamber and           tive initiatives on major issues of public      over thirty two years to provide
its staff, officers and directors.                  policy on the local, state and national         a clean and friendly atmosphere.
  Among its priorities, the Greater                 levels.                                         Striving to give all customers the
Killeen chamber of Commerce has set                    For more information about benefits of       best service and care for their pets
helping keep Fort Hood strong and vital,            membership in the Greater Killeen Chamber       as they do their own, the staff at
the establishment of the new Texas A                of Commerce, call 526-9551 or visit us at One   Killeen Animal Care are pet own-
& M University – Central Texas, taking              Santa Fe Plaza in Downtown Killeen and go       • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
advantage of opportunities offered by the           to our web site at                       Please see Killeen on page 9
Killeen Daily Herald                                                             Sunday, April 25, 2010   Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses   9

Killeen: Board your animal with
Killeen Animal Care
Continued from page 8
ers and understand the importance of your pet, as a member of
your family “Everyone is family here,” says Kathy.
  Come by and visit us, we are located on Rancier Avenue next to
the Family Dollar. Call us at 254-634-BATH to make an appointment.
Hours of operation are Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:30 pm and Sat-
urday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. Let us pamper your pet!

Customer enjoyment is the goal of Bingoland
  A well-known and successful locally owned business, Bingoland has
been voted the best bingo hall in Central Texas for the past six years by
the readers of the Killeen Daily Herald. This title is voted by customers
who appreciate the service and enjoyment that Bingoland works hard
to give its customers. Bingoland is managed by Kermit & Edie Cosper.
  Bingoland is currently working to support six charities here in the
area. Your bingo dollars support: Southwest Bell County Volunteer
Fire Department, Moffat Volunteer Fire Department, Triad Adoption
Inc., Vive Les Arts Society Killeen Sister Cities Inc., and Temple Profes-
sionaly Fire Fighters Local 846.
  Two sessions of bingo are offered every day with three sessions on
Sunday The Sunday session begins at 5:00 p.m. $2,500 in prizes is award-
ed in EACH session, plus prizes from Instant Bingo and Event Tickets.
This equals $6,000 to $8,000 per day every day .
  Cleanliness and comfort are important at Bingoland. A large non-
smoking area on separate air systems is provided with new smoke
neutralizers to keep the smoking area clean and fresh. Seating for 500,
twenty-four hour surveillance system in the hall, and on-site security
for the hall and parking lot is provided for your comfort and conve-
  Bingoland is located at 452 N. Roy Reynolds Dr. It is open seven days
a week. For more information on Bingoland’s games please stop by or
call (254) 690-1111.

   In the summer of 2002, Richard “Dick” Young opened the doors of Xtra
Thin Weight Loss Centers of Texas. Dicks’ plan: to help others to lead
a healthier lifestyle and attain their weight loss goals at affordable rates
– without inconvenience or embarrassment. Thousands of individuals have
lost on the Xtra Thin program with over 100,000 pounds of total loss.
   The Xtra Thin Weight Loss program is a customized program designed
to fit every need and budget. From the 5-10 vanity pounds to the person who
needs to drop 100’s of pounds to avoid bariatric surgery or even death. Xtra
Thin will change your life. Complete HCG programs begin at only $200
versus the $1400 charged by other weight loss programs. Xtra Thin makes
healthy weight loss affordable for everyone without shots or exercise.
   Offering free initial consultations, professional counselors, Xtra Thin
makes it quick, easy and convenient for customers to obtain quality name,
brand weight loss products at the most competitive prices in the industry    .
The friendly laid back atmosphere puts Xtra Thin customers at ease by
building family like relationships that last a lifetime.
   Xtra Thin is rapidly becoming one of Texas’ largest all natural weight
loss chains with offices now in Killeen, Temple, Waco, Round Rock, Carroll-
ton, Kerrville and opening soon in Houston, Lubbock, and Memphis, Tenn.
   Hours of operation are Monday – Thursday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm and
Friday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. For more information, call 254-634-9872 or
visit their website at
10   Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses   Sunday, April 25, 2010                                                                     Killeen Daily Herald

                                                                       Killeen Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.
                                                                         At Killeen Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., we’re proud of our years of
                                                                       service to the Killeen area and look forward to helping you with your air
                                                                       conditioning and heating needs. We’re pleased to serve both residential
                                                                       and commercial customers; our team is prepared to help you with the
                                                                       sales, service, and installation of the comfort system that is ideal for your
                                                                       home or business. And be sure to ask Killeen Heating & Air Conditioning
                                                                       Inc. for a free estimate. Whether it’s a new installation or routine service,
                                                                       our factory-trained technicians provide the expertise your comfort de-
                                                                       pends on. And at Killeen Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., we repair all
                                                                       makes and models.
                                                                         When it comes to your family you want dependable air conditioning and
                                                                       heating systems that provide you with value as well as comfort. Thanks to
                                                                       Killeen Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. you can expect value and comfort.

                                                                       Ted Smith Law Firm:
                                                                       Ready to serve your legal needs
                                                                          The Ted Smith Law Firm, PLLC is committed to serving the community’s
                                                                       legal needs. Ted Smith, a Partner, has been practicing law in Central Texas
                                                                       for thirty five years after serving as a Judge Advocate General Officer in the
                                                                       U.S. Army Smith is Board Certified in Residential and Commercial Real
                                                                       Estate Law. Tom Seigman, a Partner and Killeen native, has been practicing in
                                                                       Central Texas since 1995, and his primary practice area is Criminal Defense.
                                                                       Cari Starritt-Burnett, a Partner and native Texan, has been practicing Family
                                                                       Law in Bell County since 1997, and is recognized as one of the leading Family
                                                                       Law attorneys in Bell County Angela Sinkfield, a Partner, is a military spouse
                                                                       and member of the Killeen community since 1998. Sinkfield handles Personal
                                                                       Injury cases.
                                                                           The Ted Smith Law Firm, PLLC is ready to serve your legal needs in the
                                                                        areas of Personal Injury, Family Law, Criminal Law, Business Entity Forma-
                                                                        tions, Real Estate Transactions, Wills & Estate, and Civil Litigation. Our firm
                                                                        provides free initial consultations in the areas of Personal Injury, Criminal
                                                                        Law, and Family Law, and we do not charge a fee unless there is a recovery in
                                                                        Personal Injury cases. Our office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday
                                                                        through Friday; other times are available upon request. Call us today at (254)
                                                                        690-5688, or stop by our office located at 660 W. FM 2410, Harker Heights, Texas.

                                                                        A Local Church with a Worldwide Vision for the Family
                                                                           With a focus on evangelism, discipleship and winning souls to Christ, the
                                                                        Potter’s House Christian Fellowship Church provides great opportunities to
                                                                        find a place of ministry and vision and purpose for life. A family oriented at-
                                                                        mosphere and a strong military congregation makes the Potter’s House a great
                                                                        place to accept Jesus and attend comment on the sense of family and life.
                                                                           One of the first churches in the local area to have Saturday night music
                                                                        and drama scene, as well as an annual haunted house, Potter’s House pro-
                                                                        vides opportunities for all ages. There are also opportunities to travel to
                                                                        other states and even overseas for missionary trips. Men and women have
                                                                        been discipled and sent to Temple, Copperas Cove, Dallas, Houston, Loui-
                                                                        siana and Kansas City Since 1985, the Potter’s House has seen hundreds
                                                                        of people saved. The idea is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ locally   ,
                                                                        nationally and internationally  .
                                                                           Pastor Brad Campbell has been in the ministry for over 15 years and
                                                                        invites you to join us in worshipping God: see what God has for you! Many
                                                                        exciting events are occurring at the Potter’s House Christian Fellowship
                                                                        Church with a Revival with International Evangelist Marty Carnegie, April
                                                                        25 -28, Sunday Men’s Descipleship - 8:00 am, Sunday School - 9:45 am, Sunday
                                                                        Services at 11:00 am & 6:00 pm and Wednesday Service - 7:30 pm.
                                                                           For additional information, contact 254-554-4120 or visit www.killeenpot-
                                                               The Potter’s House Christian Fellowship Church is located at
                                                                        10th St 7 Ave. C (across from the post office) in Killeen.
Killeen Daily Herald                                                     Sunday, April 25, 2010   Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses   11

Killeen Veterinary Clinic
helps the helpless
   When your pet is hurting, you want to ease its pain. The friendly
and caring staff of Killeen Veterinary Clinic is ready to help.
   Utilizing the skills of Bradley Buckley, DVM, David Smonko,
DVM, Keri H. Jones, DVM, and Micah Bishop, DVM the clinic deliv-
ers top-notch care as the staff goes out of their way to provide help,
using the latest in technology and veterinary medicine to ease suf-
fering and aid in recovery  .
   “Our clients feel very comfortable in our business,” says Dr.
Buckley “We are their friends and neighbors and we really care
about their pets’ health.”
   Open since 1961, Killeen Veterinary
Clinic, provides surgery, medicine, den-
tistry, boarding, nutrition counseling,
and puppy classes.
   Killeen Veterinary Clinic is located at
1321 Pershing Drive in Killeen. The clinic
is open 9-6 Mondays through Fridays, and
9 until 12 noon on Saturdays. For more
information, call (254) 634-0242 or visit at
12     Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses           Sunday, April 25, 2010                                                                   Killeen Daily Herald

Lone Star Structures                                                                     Bell County Flea Market, Inc.
   Lone Star Structures was estab-
lished in 1997 when Lee and Sadie
Fisher moved to Central Texas from
                                             ity workmanship in Central Texas.
                                             All structures produced meet a high
                                             standard of materials and quality   .
                                                                                                        ”Where It’s At!”
                                                                                            For a fun filled weekend          The business has grown into
Lancaster County Pennsylvania to             They are known in their small rural         look no further than the Bell        one of the largest flea market in
provide for the growing needs of their       community where they reside, to be          County Flea Market. There is         Central Texas. Today there are
young family The dream of jobs close                 ,
                                             friendly helpful, and a blessing to their   something for everyone to enjoy  .   sixteen large barns, more than
to home, cheaper land and open coun-         neighbors. In December 2004, Lone           Activities include Critter Cor-      thirty small barns, and an addi-
try ended it Lott, Texas with an 11 acre     Star Structures opened a retail loca-       ner for the kids, tools for Dad,     tional thirty open trailer spaces
homestead. In November 1997, Lee             tion in Temple. This outlet is conve-                            ,
                                                                                         and clothes, jewelry and fresh       that sit on fourteen acres. In ad-
with the help of one employee, Kevin         niently located off I-35 in the Temple-     produce for Moms. Bible Study        dition, the flea market also has
Mullet, built their first structure.         Belton area. Sadie’s brother Mervin is      and ESL classes are also offered     four restaurants which include
   Today the business has expanded to        the manager at this location.               to the public.                       authentic food from Texas,
5 full time employees; sever part-time          In the summer of 2005, construction         The Bell County Flea Market       Mexico, and Louisiana.
employees, along with sons Merle and         began on a new 14,000 sq. ft. facility.                               ,
                                                                                         opened its doors in May 1989.           Dwight and Peggy Roberts,
Josiah. Their oldest daughter Cynthia        This was completed and moved into           The flea market started as an        owners since 1989, maintain
manages the office along with doing the      January 2006. The old building was          idea of Vickie Roberts, manag-       “Our mission is to provide the
secretarial work for Lone Star Structures.   converted into warehouse and lumber         er, who was pregnant with her        public a low price location to
   You will find Lone Star Structures        storage. It is our goal to meet your        first child. She wanted a work-      have their garage sales, earn
to be a company built on excellent           storage needs by providing you with a       place close to her home which                      ,
                                                                                                                              extra money or try out a new
principles. The Fishers are part of          building that will last you, many years.    was a mobile home located            business. We also want to pro-
the Mennonite community in Lott                                                          on the property at Highway           vide a safe and fun atmosphere
where Christian principles such as                 Now At Two Locations:
                                                                                         190 and George Wilson Road.          for wholesome family outings.”
honesty integrity and doing the job                   2015 Hwy 77 *Lott                  The first barn with spaces for       The flea market is open every
right the first time are not just a part                 254-583-4411                    twenty vendors was built in          weekend from 8:00 am – 5 pm.
of “church”, they also make them a                                                       April, 1989. Five of these spaces    For more information about the
                                             5275 S. General Bruce Dr *Temple
part of their everyday work ethic.                      254-773-5400                     rented during the first weekend      Bell County Flea Market please
   Lone Star Structures has earned                                                       of May which was the official        visit them at bellcountyfleamar-
a reputation of having the best qual-                opening date of the flea market. or call (254) 939-6411.
Killeen Daily Herald                                                      Sunday, April 25, 2010   Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses   13

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  When spending money for a service, customers are always look-
ing to get the best service possible with specific attention to detail.
This is why Shelley and Craig “Bear” Pardon are such successful
local business owners. Running two businesses, Shelley’s Day Spa
& Salon and Yardworks Pool & Irrigation, Craig “Bear” and Shel-
ley make sure each customer is 100% satisfied.
  Shelley’s Day Spa & Salon is a salon and day spa that has been
in business since 1998. Shelley works hard to offer service at its
best to her customers every time they visit. With a knowledgeable
and skilled staff, customers will also find higher end products.
Customers choose Shelley’s Day Spa & Salon because of the at-
mosphere and personal attention. Shelley’s has a great couples
retreat that allows couples the ability to enjoy a soothing and
relaxing spa experience together.
  Yardworks Pool & Irrigation, a full service backyard needs busi-
ness has been taking care of customers since 2002. Serving Cen-
tral Texas’ lawn needs, Yardworks Pool & Irrigation specializes
in sprinkler systems, landscaping, rock patios, outside kitchens,
lighting, and hydro-mulching. Yardworks Pool & Irrigation also
offers a wide variety of in-ground pool services. If you are look-
ing to make over your yard from start to finish, you will appreci-
ate the experience and honesty that Yardworks Pool & Irrigation
has to offer you.
  For more information on Shelley’s Day Spa & Salon, call (254)
628-8856 or visit For more infor-
mation on Yardworks Pool & Irrigation, call (254) 953-3323. Satis-
faction is guaranteed at either business!
14    Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses       Sunday, April 25, 2010                     Killeen Daily Herald

Beautifying Central Texas one lawn at a time
  Since 2006, owner Steve Creech and his          The nursery celebrated its new and
staff have been providing Central Texans        improved facility with a Grand Opening
with reliable, dependable service for land-     in late March 2010. In addition to the
scaping, lawn care and nursery needs.           increased selection of quality nursery
A large variety of trees, shrubs, plants,       products, a new 4000 sq ft retail store was
bushes, gravel, dirt and containers, al-        added. The new retail store includes a
lows each customer the opportunity to           customer waiting lounge, refreshments
allow their gardens its potential.              and a customer service drive-thru.
  Guys with Green Shoes and Thumbs                Guys with Green Shoes and Thumbs
strive in customer satisfaction by provid-      will assist in meeting your landscaping
ing courtesy and professionalism every          needs. Hours of operation are as follows:
day to every customer. Customers are
always right and the entire staff takes         Guys with Green Shoes
pride in what they do every day.                       1600 W. Stan Schlueter Loop, Killeen
  Backing their work and providing each                   Monday – Friday 8 am – 5pm
customer individual service, Guys with
Green Shoes and Thumbs are professional         Guys with Green Thumbs
both in appearance and their knowledge                 1602 W. Stan Schlueter Loop, Killeen
of the products. You will always be able                 Monday – Saturday 8 am – 6 pm
to spot a “Guy” by the uniform. The level                    Sundays 9 am – 5 pm
of their knowledge of products and ser-
vices, as well as the strong desire to assist     For additional information or questions
in making a lot of positive success in the      to any of your landscaping or lawn care
community Quality lawns are popping up          needs, contact Steve Creech or a Guys
all over the place. Watch out, if you stop      with Green Shoes at 254-394-3763 or a Guys
by Guys with Green Shoes and Thumbs             with Green Thumbs Nursery staff mem-
yours will improve tremendously    .            ber at 254-699-4600 during business hours.
Killeen Daily Herald                                                                      Sunday, April 25, 2010   Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses            15

Pagel and Sons Jewelers continuing their Prevention is the Cure
 awless reputation for over 60 years                                         A wise English proverb states, “Pre-
                                                                          vention is better than cure”. This state-
                                                                          ment could not be more significant to
                                                                                                                          no other co-morbid condition exists. Once
                                                                                                                          all information is gathered, an appetite
                                                                                                                          suppressant is prescribed and the diuretic
   Pagel and Sons Jewelers was           The store offers an exclusive    the American population had obesity not         is dispensed only at the doctor’s discre-
founded in 1973 at the 440 Plaza       credit card for customers, called  been a rising trend among our citizens.         tion. We will then go over some dietary
in Killeen, Texas. Before incor-       Jewelry Accents. The Jewelry Ac- According to the National Institutes of           suggestions that will assist you in losing
porating the name of Pagel and         cents card makes shopping easy     Health and American Medical Associa-            those unwanted pounds. The triad of an
Sons Jewelers and moving to the        and offers special programs and    tion, there exists an increase in mortality     appetite suppressant, dieting and healthy
440 Plaza, the store, previously       benefits. The card can be used at                                   .
                                                                          rates associated with obesity Individuals       exercising habits (minimum of 5 hours of
known as Royal Jewelers, was           other participating jewelry stores who are obese have a 10- to 50-percent          cardiovascular workout per week) will help
located in downtown Killeen on         nationwide.                        increased risk of death from all causes,        you reach your desired weight. The benefit
Gray Street. Before that, it was         Pagel and Sons Jewelers also     compared with healthy weight individu-          of physical activity is not only to help you
Gem Jewlers & Pagels Military          has a full service repair depart-  als. Most of the increased risk is due to       maintain your weight but also to minimize
Supply on Avenue D.                    ment, specializing in repair,      cardiovascular causes. Obesity is associ-       the risk from dying of coronary heart dis-
   Pagel and Sons Jewelers             casing, custom design and one-of- ated with about 112,000 excess deaths per        ease, it also reduces the risk of developing
opened their present Killeen           a-kind jewelry .                   year in the U.S. population relative to         diabetes, hypertension and colon cancer.
location near Killeen Mall in July       Pagel and Sons Jewelers sup-     healthy weight individuals.                     It is important to be aware that there is no
1989, and have enjoyed continued       ports the communities through         The Texas Weight Loss Center in Killeen      such “miracle” drug available that will help
growth at their new, full service      their memberships in the Cham- focuses on helping overweight and obese             you lose weight with minimum effort. For
location.                              bers of Commerce and through       individuals to be at a healthy weight. Our      this reason, it is vital that you do the triad
   In order to better serve the        their sponsorship of many youth program is safe, all the medications uses          to be successful in our program.
complete Central Texas area,           sports teams in Killeen. They      are approved by the FDA and it consists             Remember it is best to be one step ahead
Pagel and Sons Jewelers has loca-      are proudest of their devotion to of a three step weight loss strategy. The        of the game when it comes to your health,
tions in Killeen and Round Rock.       young people of Central Texas,     staff strives to assist you in reaching your    keep in mind that the best medicine is ulti-
   Pagel and Sons Jewelers is          the leaders of tomorrow.           dietary goals while keeping you motivated       mately preventive medicine. So, if you are
Central Texas’ leading jeweler.          Pagel and Sons Jewelers credits throughout the entire process. We also           struggling with being overweight or obese,
Their full service store has loose     their success to faithful custom-  promote preventive medicine and empha-          turn to the professionals at the Texas
diamonds, diamond jewelry for          ers.                               size in the importance of patient awareness     Weight Loss. Our staff is composed of phy-
men and women, watches, china,           For more information about       and education. The program begins with a        sicians and other health care professionals
stone ware, crystal, sterling silver   Pagel and Sons Jewelers, call 699- medical consultation which includes brief       such as physician assistants, phlebotomist,
flatware, stainless flatware, gift     4653. The store is located at 2102 clinical history, assessment of vitals, brief   paramedics and medical assistants to as-
items, class rings, gold chains, pen   W. S. Young (outlying buildings of physical exam and lab work to ensure that       sist you every step of the way   .
and pencil sets and much more.         the Killeen Mall).
16     Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses           Sunday, April 25, 2010                                                                        Killeen Daily Herald

One family, ve Central Texas businesses
   Hard work and family-oriented            and also oversees two very loyal em-       est china or
businesses is what this family gives        ployees who are also considered “fam-      “best junk” as
to our community With local roots           ily.” Sales Manager, Teddy Harden,         Penny would
going back almost 100 years, meeting        has been with the company for seven           .
                                                                                       say U-Haul
the needs of others is what we do best.     years and Ben O’Neal, Sales Consul-        trucks and
Appreciating the uniqueness and hav-        tant, for the past four years. Everyone    trailers are
ing a listening ear guides this family to   on staff has the client’s best interest    also offered
make business decisions.                    at heart. They offer late-model, low       as an added
   Gene Fogle Motors located at 2803        mileage, clean pre-owned vehicles at       convenience.
East Veterans Memorial Boulevard            the very lowest price.                        Education
(U.S. Business 190), has been serving          Gene and wife, Penny also own AAA       Connection
the automobile needs of Killeen and         All-Stor. With two locations, one at       is owned by
Ft. Hood for thirty- two years. Tak-        1901 E, Stan Schlueter and the other at    daughter
ing over the business from his father,      5101 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, com-     Tracy and
R.S. Fogle in 1985, the history of this     munity members are offered climate         husband
family-owned and operated busi-             and non-climate controlled units at fair   Jeff. After
ness goes back to serving the vehicle       prices. Many military families utilize     teaching in the local public school      women. It is a great place to spend
needs of Killeen, Ft. Hood, and the         the spaces for transitional times. How-    system and having her first child,       time with other women and tone the
surrounding centroplex for the past         ever, “many of us that have lived here     Tracy saw a great need for a quality     body. Curves located at 101 W. Central
sixty plus years.                           all of our lives, use it as a second ga-   preschool in the area. Using her         Texas Expressway in Harker Heights,
   Gene Fogle Motors remains a fam-         rage. I’m not sure they make garages       education experience, she designed       is open from 5:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.
ily affair with both children of Gene       as big as they used to,” says Gene. “No,   a facility that offers curriculum        and 3:30 p.m. until 7:00 p.m., Monday
and Penny as members of the staff.          I’m thinking we are just hanging on to     for infants to five year olds. After-    through Friday. Saturday hours are
Tracy Fogle Hanson is Financial and         stuff we don’t necessarily need, like      school and summer programs are           8:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. Free tours
Insurance Manager. Her husband,             Colorado hunting gear from the 70’s”,      also offered for the school-age child.   and fitness assessments are always
Jeff Hanson is Computer Sales Man-          says Penny with a wink. Whatever the       “Children deserve the best care and      available. Ask for a free week. Call
ager. Todd Fogle serves as Manager of       need, the units are available to help      education that can be given. We          today for your appointment.
Inventory Control. Gene remains as          others. With 24 hour, on-site security,    pride ourselves on both of those.           Sun Splash Tanning Salon is also
the company’s Owner and President           one can feel secure leaving their fin-     There is not a child that walks          new to Tracy and husband Jeff.
                                                                                       through our door that does not get       Offering four levels of tanning at
                                                                                       treated as if they are our own”, says    great prices has made this business
                                                                                       Tracy. Education Connection is           successful. With frequent trips to
                                                                                       open Monday through Friday from          market, a small boutique of jewelry
                                                                                       5:30am until 6:30pm. The doors are       and Circle E Candles is an added
                                                                                       always open for a tour and informa-      bonus. “I want clients to know that
                                                                                       tion. Located at 2207 Florence Road      they can stop in and get a gift for
                                                                                       in Killeen, one has easy access to       a friend or themselves. It’s fun for
                                                                                       Highway 190 and Fort Hood.               me and convenient for them”, says
                                                                                          A new venture for Tracy is            Tracy. “I have ladies that come in
                                                                                       becoming the new owner of Curves         just to shop!” she adds. Sun Splash is
                                                                                       in Harker Heights. Being a Curves        open 7 days a week. Stop by for some
                                                                                       member and losing 60 plus pounds         light therapy or maybe just a gift for
                                                                                       after the birth of her fourth child,     yourself or loved one.
                                                                                       made her a believer in the program.         The Fogle/Hanson family wel-
                                                                                       Curves is a 30 minute work-out that      comes you to stop by any of their
                                                                                       works every major muscle group in        business locations. “We don’t
                                                                                       the body. Strength training along        want to only offer you one of our
                                                                                       with cardio makes this program           services”, says Tracy, “we want to
                                                                                       very unique. Curves is also a facil-     welcome you to our community and
                                                                                       ity that is designed especially for      get to know you”. This family has
                                                                                                                                                    seen many, many
                                                                                                                                                     changes and they
                                                                                                                                                     can offer you rec-
                                                                                                                                                     for eateries, doc-
                                                                                                                                                     tors, dentists and
                                                                                                                                                     more. “We know
                                                                                                                                                     a lot about this
                                                                                                                                                     place and we are
                                                                                                                                                     always willing to
                                                                                                                                                     share our stories
                                                                                                                                                     and suggestions
                                                                                                                                                     with others.”
Killeen Daily Herald          Sunday, April 25, 2010   Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses   17

   It’s a
                       FAMILY AFFAIR:

18   Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses   Sunday, April 25, 2010                                                                   Killeen Daily Herald

                                                                       Have a Holiday in Lampasas any day of the year
                                                                         Located at 408 East Fourth                Hosts Dayton & Glynda Carpenter
                                                                       Street, in Lampasas, on the banks        saw an opportunity to provide Lampa-
                                                                       of the Sulphur Creek, the Holiday        sas with an event center after restor-
                                                                       House will be a welcoming experi-        ing an unsightly body shop. They
                                                                       ence for any occasion. The premier       opened Holiday House to provide a
                                                                       facility has room to accommodate         clean and accommodating experi-
                                                                       parties up to 200 people. Custom-        ence and everyday they strive to be as
                                                                       ers have been pleased to celebrate       accommodating as possible to ensure
                                                                       their special occasions at the Holi-     your event is a beautiful and comfort-
                                                                       day House since 2001.                    able experience.
                                                                         Whether your occasion is large            With two large porches, comfort-
                                                                       or small, the Holiday House is the       able furnishings and a great loca-
                                                                       perfect space to celebrate your spe-     tion on the Sulpher Creek, the Holi-
                                                                       cial occasion. The large, air con-       day House will allow you to have a
                                                                       ditioned banquet facility is perfect     Holiday in Lampasas any day of the
                                                                       for parties, weddings, dances,           year. For additional information on
                                                                       business meetings, reunions and          the Holiday House, call 512-556-8033
                                                                       banquets.                                or 512-556-3702.

                                                                       Heights Lumber & Supply is ‘Handy-Man Heaven’
                                                                          For more than thirty years,              Heights Lumber & Supply has a
                                                                       Heights Lumber & Supply has been         wide range of materials and sup-
                                                                       serving Central Texas Contractors        plies in stock, as well as essential
                                                                       and do-it-yourselfers. Stocking qual-    clothing items. Carrying Dickies,
                                                                       ity building material, hardware,         Wrangler and Key Work Wear,
                                                                       framing products, roofing material,      Heights Lumber & Supply also has
                                                                       locks, and paint, you will find every-   six brands for top quality men’s
                                                                       thing you need for your next project     boots in stock.
                                                                       at Heights Lumber & Supply     .            According to Curtis, each em-
                                                                          Whether you are a weekend handy-      ployee at Heights Lumber & Supply
                                                                       man or a full-time contractor, you       is dedicated to customer satisfaction.
                                                                       want a reliable company that will go     Customers not only use the busi-
                                                                       above and beyond to provide you with     ness for their building needs, but
                                                                       the equipment and supplies you need.     also enjoy the friendly atmosphere.
                                                                          Heights Lumber & Supply has a long    Although the business had grown
                                                                       list of satisfied customers because of   through the years, Heights Lumber
                                                                       the unique way they treat them.          & Supply still maintains a small-
                                                                          “We are different from the larger     town feel.
                                                                       companies because of our ability            Heights Lumber & Supply is open
                                                                       to respond to customers’ wants and       Monday through Friday from 7:30
                                                                       needs,” says Randy Curtis, owner of      a.m. until 5 p.m. and Saturday from
                                                                       Heights Lumber & Supply “We know         8 a.m. until 1 p.m., and located at 602
                                                                       our customers and they know us.          West FM 2410 in Harker Heights.
                                                                       They know that we will do anything          For more information about Heights
                                                                       to make sure they are satisfied.”        Lumber & Supply, call 699-3491.

                                                                       Stillhouse Luxury Pet Hotel:
                                                                       Your Pet’s Home Away from Home
                                                                         Does your dog or cat deserve           day care, off-leash dog park and
                                                                       luxury boarding? Stillhouse              shuttle service. Recently added and
                                                                       Luxury Pet Hotel, located at 7551        expanded services include long-
                                                                       Chaparral Road in Killeen will           distance transport (cross country)
                                                                       be your pet’s ‘Home Away From            and full service grooming at our
                                                                       Home’. Owners, Robert & Victoria         in-house pet salon, Stillhouse Pet
                                                                       Lewis and the rest of the Hotel          Styles.
                                                                       Staff treat all “guests” as members        Stillhouse Luxury Pet Hotel is
                                                                       of the Stillhouse family A wide          the only pet boarding facility in
                                                                       variety of services are offered to       ••••••••••••••••••••••••
                                                                       include luxury pet boarding, doggie               Please see Luxury on page 19
Killeen Daily Herald                                                              Sunday, April 25, 2010   Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses   19

Luxury: only the best                          Home is Where the Heart Is
for your pet                                     B.A. Emmons Homes takes         Michael. Curtis and Michael             Their mother, Connie
Continued from page 18                         pride in over forty-eight years   Emmons are Certified Mas-            Emmons, has worked along
the Killeen - Harker Heights area offer-       of experience in the building     ter Builders and personally          side B.A. Emmons doing the
ing large private rooms and doggie-door        and development field of con-     supervise each and every             bookkeeping, decorating and
access to private yards for “Man’s best        struction. As family owned        home. They are both mem-             advertising. Currently, Con-
friend”. Also available for your family’s      and operated company, many        bers of the Central Texas            nie has passed on her duties
feline friends are private rooms with play     homes outside of the Fort         Home Builders Association                                .
                                                                                                                      to her sister, Judy Judy Reis-
ledges and comfortable resting places.         Hood east gate were built by      and active in city politics. Mi-     ner is the current decorator
Other small pets and birds have areas for      A.L. Emmons. His son, B.A.        chael is a past President and        of homes. Judy continues to
their boarding needs.                          Emmons, worked along side         has served on the Board of           personally work with every
   Rooms are large enough to accom-
                                               his father in their business      Directors of the CTHBA. He           customer to decorate their
modate not only your pet but also their
belongings (toys, bedding and other must
                                               until 1972. After his father’s    has served on the Landscap-          new home.
have items). Owners are encouraged to          death, B.A. and his wife Con-     ing Committee and Chair-                In today’s fast paced home
bring these items for the comfort of their     nie continued the business.       man of the Governmental              building market, B.A. Em-
pets. Also available are memberships to          B.A. Emmons is a Texas          Affairs of the CTHBA. Mi-            mons knows that the customer
our “Bark-until-Dark” leash-less dog park                   .A.
                                               Veteran, a V Certified            chael is also a board member         has become extremely knowl-
for guests and pet owners who wish to          builder, Texas Vet approved       for the Construction Board           edgeable about available mar-
enjoy a private, safe playtime experience      contractor, a member of the       of Appeals for the City of           ket materials and their quality.
with their pets.                               Killeen Chamber of Com-           Killeen, as well as a member         This locally owned business
   With affordable rates for quality pet       merce, served on the Board        of the National Federation           works closely with each cus-
boarding, a 24/7 on-site staff, and a “clos-
                                               of Directors, and is a past       of Independent Businesses.           tomer to assure that the home
er to home” location, Stillhouse Luxury
Pet Hotel has managed to attract the
                                               President of the Central          Curtis and Michael are both          is built exactly as the cus-
attention of many pet lovers in this area.     Texas Home Builders Asso-         members of the Chamber of            tomer wishes. B.A. Emmons
Discounts for multiple pets and military       ciation. B.A. is semi-retired     Commerce with the City of            builds homes, not just houses,
affiliation are offered. Package prices for    and passed on most of his         Killeen, Harker Heights, and         as they believe that “home is
long-term boarding are also available.         duties to his sons, Curtis and    Copperas Cove.                       where the heart is.”
20   Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses   Sunday, April 25, 2010                                                            Killeen Daily Herald

                                                                       Country Secrets:
                                                                       Dressing Killeen Residents for over 25 years
                                                                          Find the best fitting boots, jeans and hats at Country Secrets
                                                                       Western Wear. Opened in 1985, John and Sheena Fisher have been
                                                                       serving the Killeen area for over 25 years. Stop in and you will
                                                                       receive the great friendly service that keeps generations coming
                                                                       back to Country Secrets. “Our greatest joy is to see clients that were
                                                                       fitted for their first pair of boots as toddlers bring in their children
                                                                       for their first fittings,” Sheena states.
                                                                          Not only does Country Secrets carry a large selection of Wrangler
                                                                       jeans to include 20x and George Strait, they also carry a large selec-
                                                                       tion of Cruel Girl and Cinch jeans, as well as Carhartt Outerwear.
                                                                          They also have a huge children’s department and large selection
                                                                       of western décor items. “Look for ‘Rodeo Days’ during Killeen Ro-
                                                                       deo, and Tax Free Weekend in August when we have everything on
                                                                       sale,” said Sheena.
                                                                          Country Secrets opened as a one room store carrying Justin
                                                                       Ropers and a few Wrangler jeans and moved to its current larger
                                                                       location on Fort Hood Street in Killeen. This new location is over
                                                                       8,000 square feet and Country Secrets now employs 3 full-time and 4
                                                                       part-time employees to better serve the Killeen residents.
                                                                          “We love living and working near Fort Hood. We feel blessed
                                                                       everyday to be here,” said Sheena Fisher. To better serve customers,
                                                                       special orders are welcome. “Dan the Hat Man,” with over 30 years
                                                                       of experience will shape your hat and Maria will assist any custom-
                                                                       er who speaks Spanish.
                                                                          John and Sheena’s son Jim Bob and his wife Rebecca offer Coun-
                                                                       try Secrets a younger and fresher influence on the products avail-
                                                                       able. Don’t be surprised to see two beautiful grandsons running
                                                                       around this store daily   .
                                                                          Country Secrets is located at 5001 S. Fort Hood Street in Killeen.
                                                                       Hours of operation are Monday – Saturday, 9:00am – 6:00pm, and
                                                                       closed Sunday For more information call 634-0506. Stop by Country
                                                                       Secrets for all your western apparel and decor needs and you’ll be
                                                                       happy you did.

                                                                       Let Us Do The Cooking
                                                                         Great food, great prices. Food that is homemade, slow cooked and
                                                                       served with fast, friendly service …that is what you will get at Let
                                                                       Us Do The Cooking, every time! “We are locally owned and family
                                                                       operated with the love to cook. Central Texas was missing good
                                                                       home cooking in this area and we are the one to provide it. Our goal
                                                                       to serve Central Texas great food at affordable prices, with the high-
                                                                       est level of customer service,” states owner, Meredith Viguers.
                                                                         All dishes have personal touches and are homemade. Our dishes
                                                                       are familiar but usually with a twist. “In our kitchen, we call that
                                                                       gourmet comfort food,” says Meredith.
                                                                         Let Us Do The Cooking caters events to fit every need. From the
                                                                       most intimate of gatherings to the next big party you’re hosting.
                                                                       Catering customers love the service they receive as well as the food
                                                                       that tastes the same whether its made for 5 people or 500 people.
                                                                         Let Us Do The Cooking Café is located in the WS Young Plaza,
                                                                       across from the Killeen Mall. Hours of operation are Monday – Fri-
                                                                       day 11:00 am – 2:00 pm and catering is by appointment only Call 254-
                                                                       554-COOK (2665) to place your order or for a catering appointment.
                                                                       Also visit for additional information.
                                                                       You will always be pleased, so, Let Us Do The Cooking!
Killeen Daily Herald                                                                 Sunday, April 25, 2010   Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses   21

Bobby Barina, Attorney at Law:
Board-Certified in Family, Criminal and Juvenile Law
   If you have been arrested in cen-      have personally handled thousands
tral Texas, you want a lawyer who         of criminal cases,” states Barina.
knows how prosecutors prepare a              Handling all matters arising out
case. If you are considering filing for                                ,
                                          of a divorce, from custody visitation
divorce or are involved in a family       and support disputes, to modifica-
law dispute, you want an attorney         tions of orders governing spousal
who will protect your best interests,     support and property distribution,
whether through negotiation, me-          Bobby Barina will prepare every case
diation, a collaborative approach, or     as if it will go to trial. The use of
trial, if necessary If you have been a    negotiation, mediation or a collabora-
foster parent to a minor child or are a   tive approach will help achieve your
loving family member to a child who       objectives.
has been taken by Child Protective           In cases of adoption, Bobby Barina
Services, you need legal counsel that     will actively work with foster parents
understands the adoption process          and others who want to work within
and can help you adopt the child.         the system established by the Texas
   With over 15 years experience          Department of Protective and Regula-
advising clients in matters related to    tory Services to adopt children.
criminal law, family law and divorce         Bobby Barina, Attorney at Law is
and adoption, Bobby Barina, Attor-        located at 455 E. Central Texas Ex-
ney at Law, will aggressively advocate    pressway, Suite 104 in Harker Heights
on behalf of individuals and fami-        and can be reached at (254) 699-3755.
lies throughout central Texas as he       Hours of operation are Monday
understands Texas criminal law and        – Friday 9:00 am- 5:00 pm. and closed
procedure and know how prosecutors        for lunch from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm. Call
gather evidence and prepare cases.        now to schedule a free initial consulta-
“Before I started my own practice, I      tion. For additional information, visit
served as a prosecutor and assistant Visa, Mas-
district attorney in Coryell County I.    terCard and Discover are accepted.

Greater Central Texas FCU:
Serving You for over 50 Years
   If you are looking for a financial institution to take care of all your
money matters, look no further. Greater Central Texas Federal Credit
Union offers you everything you need through its comprehensive suite
of financial services. GCTFCU is committed to helping its members
reach their financial goals. Whether you are saving for retirement,
your child’s education, or a dream home, GCTFCU can help!
   GCTFCU’s Lending Services can also help make your dreams a real-
ity Whether it is a new car, home improvements, or the vacation of a
lifetime, they have got just the loan you need. They offer flexible terms
and some of the lowest rates around.
   With a free checking account at Greater Central Texas Federal
Credit Union, you can take care of all your financial needs under one
roof. It doesn’t get any better than that! From checking at NO charge
to Overdraft Protection, they have you covered.
   Formerly known as Killeen Teachers Federal Credit Union, GCT-
FCU celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2007 as a financial staple in the
Central Texas Community Convenience and service to local residents
has made the credit union both successful and reputable in the area.
   Beyond their services, GCTFCU is a member owned institution.
This means as a member, you are also an owner. That’s right, people
helping people is the very foundation which they have upheld since
1957. GCTFCU is your credit union. So go by and meet the friendly
staff and experience financial services with a difference.
22   Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses            Sunday, April 25, 2010                                                                                 Killeen Daily Herald

                                                                                      Handcrafted concrete countertops,
                                                                                      sinks and ne home furnishing
                                                                                        Looking to update your kitchen?               customize the job to their needs
                                                                                      Ready to change the look of your                and requests. We aim to please and
                                                                                      bathroom? Let Homcrete, Inc.                    give the highest quality concrete
                                                                                      beautify your home and you will                 furnishing available,” states own-
                                                                                      be happy you made the choice.                   ers Michael and Rebecca Pastelak.
                                                                                      Custom handmade concrete coun-                    Discounts are always offered to
                                                                                      tertops, customized, farmhouse or               service member and right now, if
                                                                                      integral sinks, fire-bowls, fire-               you hurry and contact Homcrete,
                                                                                      place and shower surrounds and                  you will receive a 3”, 4” or 5” back-
                                                                                      a wide selection of furniture is                splash with any countertop now
                                                                                      available at Homcrete.                                                      ,
                                                                                                                                      through June 2010. Hurry call 605-
                                                                                        Excellent customer service                    868-0064 for 605-868-4380 to schedule
                                                                                      and a large variety of products to              an appointment or stop by or visit
                                                                                      include eco-friendly choices has                us at 114 Wolfe Road in Copperas
                                                                                      made Homcrete so successful.                    Cove. Additional information can
                                                                                      “We work with each customer to                  been viewed at

                                                                                      Remember the legends of sport with
                   We Specialize in                                                   Sports Cards, Ect.
      Authentic Autographed Sports Memorabilia                                            Sports Cards, Ect. supplies Central Tex-    graphed memorabilia. You can be sure
             Steiner • Mounted Memories • Upper Deck • Tristar                          ans with a wide selection of hobby base-      that your signed memorabilia is 100%
                                                                         U.V.. DISPLA
              We have a full line of hobby only products for              TO PROTECT ball cards, basketball cards, hockey cards
                                                                                     YS                                               AUTHENTIC. “Our business’ mis-
                                                                        AUTOGRAPH       and football cards. Specializing in sports    sion is to be the largest sport card and
                      Football • Baseball • Basketball                 MEMORABIL ED collectibles, and authentic autographed
                                                                                    IA                                                memorabilia carrier that still offers
                          254-690-8521                                                  memorabilia, Sports Cards, Ect. can’t
                                                                                        be beat by providing quality products at
                                                                                                                                      great customer service and competitive
                                                                                                                                      prices,” states Herring.
  • 2301 E. Centex Expwy • Mon-Sat 10-7, Sun 11-4 great prices. Sports Cards, Ect. makes                Please visit us at 2301 E. Centex
                                                                                        shopping for trading cards, memorabilia                   ,
                                                                                                                                      Expressway Suite 101-A (next to Fud-
                                                                                        and collectibles easy with a wide selection   druckers) in Killeen often, as we get in
                                                                                        and helpful customer service. If we do not    new selections weekly of trading cards.
                                                                                        have it in stock we will work with every      Hours of operation are Monday –Satur-
                                                                                        customer to special order something to        day 10:00 am -7:00 pm and Sunday 11:00am
                                                                                        help make your collection complete.           – 4:00pm. For additional information or
                                                                                          Owner, David Herring takes pride in         answers to any of your collectible ques-
                                                                                        being the most dependable, organized          tions, contact us at 254-690-8521. We are
                                                                                        and competitive prices in the Central         eager to help you build and perfect your
                                                                                        Texas area that carries authentic auto-       sports card’s collections!

                                                                                     Take care of your eyes with Killeen
                                                                                     Eyecare Center
                                                                                        When your child is diagnosed with             additional continuing education.
                                                                                     a learning-related vision disorder,                 The highly trained, courteous staff
                                                                                     where do you go for help? If you have            gives service beyond expectations. Us-
                                                                                     injured your eyes at work, where do              ing quality materials and knowledge
                                                                                     you turn? Killeen Eyecare Center has             of vision insurance procedures, the
                                                                                     the answers. Dr. Austin Ruiz’s office            staff at Killeen Eyecare Center sees
                                                                                     has been serving the Killeen area                satisfied customers returning and
                                                                                     since 1963, treating eye injuries and            referring others to the center. They
                                                                                     infections, diagnosing eye problems,             provide same-day service on most
                                                                                     performing eye exams, and offering               contacts and glasses. Contact lens and
                                                                                     vision therapy for learning related              eyeglass packages are available.
                                                                                     vision disorders. Strabisums (eye                   Open Mondays through Fridays from
                                                                                     turns) and amblyopia (lazy eye) are              8:30 to 5:00 and Saturdays from 8:30 to
                                                                                     evaluated and treated at Killeen Eyec-           noon, the Killeen Eyecare Center is
                                                                                     are Center. Dr. Ruiz is also a thera-            located at 416 N. Gray St., Downtown
                                                                                     peutic and optometric glaucoma spe-              Killeen. Adult, child, and infant exams
                                                                                     cialist, and a Fellow of the College of          are available. Call (254) 634-7805 for an
                                                                                     Vision Development, which requires               appointment or more information.
Killeen Daily Herald                                                           Sunday, April 25, 2010   Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses   23

Creative Carpet and Interiors helps
create a look that is truly “you”
   Your home should reflect your        design staff can help with any
individual style. Creative Carpet       size decorating project. They work
and Interiors has been helping peo-     with all customers to create the
ple decorate their homes in unique      look they want and say within
and creative ways since 1975.           their decorating budget.
   Creative Carpet and Interiors           Creative Carpet and Interiors is
offers a wide variety of carpet,        open Monday through Friday from
ceramic tile, wood and laminate         9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 10:00
flooring. For window treatments, the    am – 2:00 pm. For more informa-
store carries several lines of custom   tion, call (254) 634-4023. The busi-
drapery fabrics, shutters and blinds.   ness is located at 3500 Trimmier
   Creative Carpet and Interiors’       Road in Killeen.

Bell County Community Needs Coalition
– Listening to Your Needs. Improving Our Future.
  Bell County has joined into a         Retardation, Health & Human
coalition to conduct a “Community       Services Commission Office of
Needs Assessment”. Together with        Community Collaboration, Texas
Metroplex Health System, Scott &        AgriLife Extension Services,
White Healthcare, King’s Daugh-         and the III Corps and Fort Hood
ters Hospital, the United Ways of       Health Promotion Office. “ We
both Central Texas and the Greater      have long needed a tool to deter-
Fort Hood Area, Texas Health Insti-     mine not only the availability and
tute (THI) was contracted to gather     accessibility of health & human
health & human service facts and        services throughout the county,
data, conduct a public opinion          but also where the gaps may be
survey of the capacity and ade-         and where the best investment of
quacy of health & human services,       our time, monies and resources
analyze results, determine priority     are,” says Bell County Judge Jon
issues, and assess where possible       Burrows.
gaps in services may be.                   The survey and more informa-
  Other members of the coalition        tion is available online at www.
include Bell County Health Dis- and in Killeen at the Bell
trict, Central Texas Area Agency        County Public Health District at
on Aging, Central Counties Cen-         309 N. 2nd Street, or by contacting
ter for Mental Health & Mental          Rita Kelley at 254-519-1229, ext. 4.

AAArdvark Bailbonds works hard to
be quick and e cient
  Since 1997, AAArdvark Bailbonds has been helping those in need
of their unique business. Owned and operated by Barbara Flynn,
hard work and attention to detail has helped them give a helping
hand to anyone who has run into trouble with the law. The AAArd-
vark Bailbonds staff is known for its excellent customer service.
The efficiency of having a bilingual staff, 24-hour service and avail-
ability to not only Killeen, but Harker Heights and all of Bell Coun-
ty are just a few reasons why they have become a name to trust.
  Staff members take pride in the company and work very dili-
gently to effectively make a difference for their clients. For more
information regarding AAArdvark Bailbonds, contact Becky or
Blanca at 254-628-7064 in the Killeen area or in Belton at 254-939-
5550. Feel free to stop by anytime at the recently opened location on
1805 Florence Rd. Suite #4 in Killeen.
24   Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses   Sunday, April 25, 2010                                                              Killeen Daily Herald

                                                                       Eye Clinic of Killeen:
                                                                       Complete Family Eye Care Since 1988
                                                                          Having trouble driving at night    to perform in office procedures,
                                                                       with halos/glare (cataracts)? Dry     such as stye removal, lid lesion
                                                                       eyes, styes or “got something in      removal, (no stitch) upper eye lid
                                                                       my eye”? Need new glasses or                  ,
                                                                                                             surgery and others,” expresses
                                                                       contact lenses, a diabetic or glau-   Dr. Marten-Ellis, “for the conve-
                                                                       coma exam, or are those droopy        nience of our patients.”
                                                                       upper eyelids causing you dis-          The Eye Clinic of Killeen’s
                                                                       comfort? Dr. Gerard Marten-Ellis,     staff strives to provide compas-
                                                                       Board Certified Ophthalmologist       sionate eye care for the clinic’s
                                                                       is here to help you. “Offering a      patrons. “Our office,” states Dr.
                                                                       variety of eye care needs for the     Marten-Ellis, “welcomes the op-
                                                                       local community has been my           portunity to know our patients
                                                                       clinic’s main goal,” states Dr.       as ‘family’ and being able to
                                                                       Marten-Ellis. Visual field testing,   establish the one-on-one relation-
                                                                       nerve fiber analysis, pachymeter,     ship.” Dr. Marten-Ellis and staff
                                                                       retinal acuity meter, intraocular     attend courses and continuing
                                                                       lens calculator, are some of the      education seminars each year to
                                                                       ophthalmic testing equipment the      keep abreast of the ever-chang-
                                                                       clinic uses to accomplish this.       ing eye industry  .
                                                                          Offering SLT (Selective Laser        Dr. Marten-Ellis is an in-net-
                                                                       Trabeculoplasy) for glaucoma          work provider with most major
                                                                       patients is alternative to tradi-     medical insurance companies, to
                                                                       tional therapy “SLT is a great        include, but not limited to Tricare,
                                                                       benefit for patients,” according to   BCBS, Medicare, Medicaid, Scott
                                                                       Dr. Marten-Ellis, “this treatment     & White Health Plan, and Aetna.
                                                                       is safe, effective, has no systemic   The Clinic also accepts most
                                                                       side effects (as eye drops do), and   major credit cards in order to help
                                                                       may allow patients to discontinue     with patient’s financial needs.
                                                                       or reduce their glaucoma eye            Office hours are Monday thru
                                                                       drops.” This procedure is per-        Thursday 8:00 am until 5:00 pm,
                                                                       formed out-patient at Metroplex       Friday’s 8:00 am until noon. For
                                                                       Hospital, in Killeen.                 more information or to sched-
                                                                          The Clinic also has a minor        ule an appointment, please call
                                                                       surgical suite. “This allows me       (254) 526-5505.

                                                                       Join Clem Mikeska’s for some
                                                                       famous Bar-B-Q
                                                                       Clem Mikeska and his family have been serving Central Texas great
                                                                       Bar-B-Q since 1965. Clem is proud to offer everything fresh and
                                                                       made in-house, from homemade sausage to the newest homemade
                                                                       kolaches. Clem Mikeska’s main location in Temple features not
                                                                       only Clem’s famous Bar-B-Q, but also has museum-like dining, a
                                                                       private party room, hand-battered chicken fried steaks & catfish, to-
                                                                       go counter, wi fi, General Store, hand-dipped Blue Bell, patio dining,
                                                                       fireplace, kid playground, Ice Cold Beer and Wine, and don’t forget
                                                                       about our Catering Service. We cater anywhere, anytime - no group
                                                                       to small or to large. Clem Mikeska and his family would like to in-
                                                                       vite you and your family to come by and join us for lunch or dinner.
                                                                       We look forward to seeing you soon!
                                                                       Don’t forget to visit Clem’s other location in Belton, now offering
                                                                       table service and a new expanded menu; Cameron and Killeen. Also
                                                                       visit Clem’s Grill located right next door to Clem’s in Temple, offer-
                                                                       ing the best salad bar in town, fine steak, burgers and much more!
Killeen Daily Herald                                                                              Sunday, April 25, 2010   Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses   25

Have fun, go bowling at Killeen Bowlerama
   Killeen Bowlerama has been pro-           most customers by name.
viding Killeen with family fun and              The Central Texas community ben-
enjoyment since 1958. Owned by Jean          efits from the involvement of Killeen
and Jim Maxson, Killeen Bowlerama                                   ,
                                             Bowlerama. Recently a State Bowling
continues to offer a great source of         Tournament was hosted by Killeen
entertainment well into 2009, as it          Bowlerama, and Central Texas College
has done for more than 50 years.             bowling classes use the location as well.
   Friendly employees and a family              Hours of operation are Monday
atmosphere are what customers find           through Thursday from 11 a.m. to
when they enter Killeen Bowlerama.           midnight, Friday and Saturday from
Along with competitive prices,               11 a.m. to 2 a.m., and Sunday from
customers also enjoy the snack bar           11 a.m. to 10 p.m. For more informa-
and bar. Nowhere else will you find          tion, call (254) 699-5222 or visit www.
a business where employees know    

Great products and savings everyday
   Since 1973, Ray’s S & S Carpet owner,     with you to create exciting solutions.
Troy Hood, has been flooring Central         Flooring is our first language. “We strive
Texas with pride. Conveniently located       to provide the best in sales and services at
at 1705 Florence Road in Killeen, with       an affordable price,” states Hood.
a large selection of carpet, hardwood,          Ray’s S & S Carpet has done the
laminate, ceramic tile, vinyl, and more      research for you. “Just tell us your needs,
- and you’ll always find the best products   and we’ll satisfy them beyond your expec-
and great savings... everyday .              tations,” explains Troy .
   Expertise is what we offer you on so         For your flooring answers, call 254-
many levels. Our carpet and flooring sales   634-5124 and Troy and his friendly staff
professionals are trained to ask the right   will provide you with personal attention
questions, guide you through our easy-to-    and assist you in the installation of your
understand selection systems, and work       flooring.

It pays to recycle
   Temple Iron & Metal was pur-              Fred Grimm, is the Safety and Envi-
chased in January 2003 by Jessica            ronmental Manager. Fred is a retired
and Billy Bachmayer. Billy worked at         teacher from Belton ISD, where he
Temple Iron and Metal for 12 years           taught for 35 years. Fred also does
before purchasing the company He  .          tours of the plant for classes learning
was involved with the operational            about recycling.
management of the company prior                 The maintenance department at
to the purchase. Jessica manages the         Temple Iron & Metal was managed by
office and works in the accounting           Clifford Schilling for 30 years. Bob Ma-
area of the business. Before purchas-        gonigal, who is now manager of the
ing the business Jessica worked for          maintenance department, has been
the Belton ISD. Temple Iron & Metal          with Temple Iron & Metal for 11 years.
has always been a family owned                  Temple Iron & Metal also sells new
business, started by Neman family            steel products such as angle, flat,
over 75 years ago. Today Temple Iron         plate, pipe and tubing. Temple Iron &
& Metal, A Division of Belly County          Metal is concerned with our environ-
Iron & Recycling Co., Inc., is still a       ment….did you know that…
family business.                               • 1 recycled aluminum can would save enough
   Billy and Jessica’s son, Billy Jr.,             energy to power a television for 3 hours.
is General Manager at their second                      80% of a vehicle can be recycled
location, Kempner Iron & Metal, A            • Plastic can take up to 500 years to decompose in
Division of Bell County Iron & Recy-                                a land ll.
cling Co., Inc., in Lampasas County    ,            •1 ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees.
Alicia Bachmayer, Billy Jr.’s wife,             So, please take care of our envi-
is working in the accounting area            ronment and take your recyclables
at both locations. Billy & Jessica’s         to Temple Iron & metal.
son-in-law, Paul Grimm, manages                 Located at 815 North 14th Street in
off-sight clean-up jobs. Paul’s father,      Temple, Texas Phone: 254-773-2700
26   Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses   Sunday, April 25, 2010                                                  Killeen Daily Herald

  As a newspaper with local owner-             Central Texas communications
ship, the Killeen Daily Herald is in a         pioneer Frank W. Mayborn, who
select class.                                  later became the principal stock-
  In Texas, that group is small indeed         holder and ultimately the sole
— just five such publications with cir-        owner. Under his leadership over
culations over 10,000.                         the next 3½ decades, the Herald
  This year marks 120 years since the          grew from a weekly to semiweekly,
Herald’s establishment, making it the          then to a five-day afternoon daily
oldest privately owned and continuous-         and later a six-day publication. It
ly operated business in Killeen.               became a seven-day morning news-
  Over the years, the Herald and its           paper in September 1982.
local ownership have established and             Sue Mayborn assumed the roles
maintained strong ties to the local            of president and publisher follow-
community — a community that has               ing her husband’s death in 1987.
evolved from a small cotton town to a            Mayborn believes that a locally
thriving metropolitan area, due in large       owned newspaper has more of a
part to the establishment of Fort Hood         connection to residents. She also
during World War II.                           stresses that most readers under-
  As the town has grown and changed            stand the importance of the local
over the past century-plus, the Herald         perspective in news coverage.
has kept pace, providing news, informa-          “We’re responsible to the com-
tion and other media services using the        munity; we make our own deci-
latest equipment and technology   .            sions,” Mayborn said.
  In addition to an award-winning daily          In the past eight years, the Herald
newspaper, the Herald offers its readers       has expanded both the scope and
a variety of online products at kdh-           depth of its local coverage by add-, including live sports cover-         ing weekly publications to serve
age on This medium            both the Copperas Cove and Fort
gives deployed soldiers and out-of-town        Hood communities. A monthly
subscribers access to what’s happening         Business Journal and Homefront
locally, from anywhere in the world.           magazine for the community’s mili-
  With a recently redesigned, user-            tary families also have been added.
friendly website, the Herald brings an           Whatever the product or pub-
extra dimension to news coverage with          lication, the Herald maintains a
videos, slide shows, Twitter and stream-       commitment to fairness, accuracy            ence to Central Texans.
ing sports coverage.                           and impartiality — a commitment that           “Newspapers are expected to take a
  “Changes have been tremendous over           extends to its online coverage of break-    leadership role in the community, and
the past 20 years,” said Sue Mayborn,          ing and developing news.                    we want to,” Mayborn said.
editor and publisher of the Killeen Dai-         “We strive to be fair and accurate, and      The Frank W. and Sue Mayborn Foun-
ly Herald and Temple Daily Telegram.           our readers expect and appreciate that,”    dation, of which she serves as presi-
  “The market continues to change, and         Mayborn said.                               dent, has supported and continues to
our readers’ needs are changing all the          The Herald has been recognized for        support numerous educational, cultural
time,” Mayborn said. “We’re simply try-        its news coverage, photojournalism and      and health-related projects throughout
ing to stay in step.”                          presentation, receiving 24 awards in        Central Texas.
  What hasn’t changed, Mrs. Mayborn            the past two years from the Associated         As the Killeen area continues to grow
said, is the Herald’s commitment to            Press, including 15 at last month’s state   and change, the Herald is constantly
good journalism, good business practice        convention in College Station.              striving to meet the community’s needs.
and serving the community    .                   Since its inception, the Herald’s in-        Understanding and anticipating the
  The Mayborn name has been synony-            volvement in the community has gone         needs of such a rapidly growing, ever-
mous with that commitment for almost           beyond simply reporting the news. It        changing area is a challenge — but
60 years.                                      has consistently been involved in proj-     it’s a challenge that is met confidently
  In 1953, the Herald was acquired by          ects and causes that have made a differ-    through local ownership.
Killeen Daily Herald                                                         Sunday, April 25, 2010   Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses   27

Land Exchange Abstract & Title Co.
serves three counties:
Bell, Coryell and Lampasas
   Striving to exceed expectations and to provide clients with title ser-
vices they can trust, the experienced and knowledgeable teams work
hard to make sure each transaction is a priority  .
   Land Exchange Abstract & Title Co. provides Abstracting, Closing
and Title Insurance services to buyers, sellers, realtors, mortgage lend-
ers and builders in Texas.
   Joe Carothers is the owner of Land Exchange Abstract & Title Co.
Two locations are available to service you: 3201 E. Stan Schlueter Loop
in Killeen (634-2227), and 401 S. Main Street in Copperas Cove (547-7048).
   For more information, visit

Ramirez Swimming Pools -
Central Texas’ Premiere Pool Builder
  Our parents, Joe and Helen          known to man, from one piece
Ramirez, built their first swim-      fiberglass pools to the perfected
ming pool as Ramirez Swim-            gunite pools we create today .
ming Pools in Temple Texas              Today Ramirez Swimming
forty-two years ago in 1968.          Pools is Central Texas’ oldest
Our father Joe, began install-        premier pool builder and is the
ing pools as a young man in           only family-owned and operated
1956. Since then our family has       ••••••••••••••••••••••••
installed every type of pool              Please see Customise on page 28
28    Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses     Sunday, April 25, 2010                                                                 Killeen Daily Herald

Customise: Create your perfect pool Incredible Selection and
Continued from page 28
company to build quality con-           forefront. Mom’s top priority is         Fantastic Service O ered at
structed gunite swimming pools.
We are not just a sales office. From
start to finish, we set a goal to
                                        to follow through on the project
                                        so the customer can rest assured
                                        knowing that Ramirez Swimming
                                                                                 House of Floors
complete all construction within a      Pools will provide top service after        You will be amazed at the quality and extremely large selection
three week time frame so you can        the sale. We service what we sell.       of flooring samples when you visit House of Floors in Killeen.
be swimming in no time!                    Stop by one of our two locations to   They are proud to be a Certified StainMaster Flooring Center – one
   During the construction of your      meet the rest of the Ramirez family,     of a select chosen group across North America so designated.
pool you will meet three generations    including Jessie Ramirez, head of our       House of Floors offers special pricing, special financing, a com-
of family members including Paul,       Service Department, and Maryann Re-      plete builders program, and a free in-store decorating service. You
Joe, Eddy and Ralph Ramirez, and        sendez, Christina Ramirez and Lucy       can install the flooring yourself, or you can take advantage of the de-
our sister, Virginia R. Garcia. We      Helen Zaragoza to greet you and assist   livery and custom installation options offered at competitive prices.
have carried on the legacy of our       you with your swimming pool needs.       Whether you need flooring for one room or a whole house, the expert
father, Joe R. Ramirez. Dad person-        The Ramirez family is certain         staff can accommodate your needs, and at a price you can afford.
ally trained each of us to perfection   that we can meet your demands               House of Floors proudly offers a fantastic 15,000 square foot
in the business, and groomed us for     for your very own backyard fan-          showroom and warehouse, displaying thousands of flooring se-
our respective jobs. His philosophy     tasy! Our family will show you           lections from all of the top brands. The knowledgeable staff will
of “The customer always comes           how easy it is to get started and be     assist your selection from diverse samples of flooring products in
first” is practiced daily and will      enjoying your backyard oasis this        ceramic tile, laminate flooring, carpet, vinyl, wood floors, as well
always be the family tradition.         summer! Ramirez Pools has two            as custom countertops. These come in a wide variety of color,
   Mother, Helen H. Ramirez,            offices located near you:                texture, and material to suit any taste and budget.
still oversees all aspects of the          5260 S. Gen. Bruce Dr., Temple           House of Floors is a family-owned and operated business that
company She ensures that ev-
           .                            (254) 773-0765 and the Killeen Of-       has been serving the Central Texas area since 1976. Stop by and
ery aspect of the swimming pool         fice: 2501 So. W.S. Young #311 (254)     let House of Floors show you how you can improve the look of
construction is completed with          519-1652 or visit our website at         your property while increasing its value. And remember- “Our
the customer’s satisfaction at the                    Prices will Floor You”.
Killeen Daily Herald                                                           Sunday, April 25, 2010     Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses     29

   Grace United Methodist Church of Copper-      caring environment for children ages 2-4.              in their 20’s and 30’s. This group is grow-
as Cove has been ministering to the needs of     The students who graduate from our pro-                                 .
                                                                                                        ing very quickly The focus of their time
people of the greater Ft. Hood area for more     gram are always well prepared for public               together is divided between fellowship, fun,
than 135 years. We are proud to support our      school. For more information on Wee Care,                                  .
                                                                                                        mission, and study For more information
troops and have a large number of active duty    please contact Cindy Yancey at 547-8716.               on our Young Adult Ministry, contact Rev.
and retired military members. Everything                                                                Amy Forsythe.
                                                 • VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL - Vacation
we do at our church is under girded by prayer.
                                                 Bible School is the highlight of our sum-              UNITED METHODIST WOMEN: The
Grace UMC is a loving and caring church
                                                 mer at Grace United Methodist Church. We               United Methodist Women focus is on fellow-
family that offers something for everyone.
                                                 have one of the largest in the area with an            ship, prayer, and missions both at home and
We have outstanding ministries for children
                                                 average of 250 children present each day   .           around the world. They meet on Tuesdays
and youth. We have an active college age         Vacation Bible School is an opportunity for
and young adult outreach program. In addi-                                                              at 9:30 a.m. and the first Monday evening of
                                                 children ages 3-grade 6 to learn more about            every month at 7p.m.
tion to these activities, we offer specialized   God’s love for them. It is a fast paced week
ministries for men and women. Our worship        filled with fun and adventure. The theme               UNITED METHODIST MEN: The United
services offer individuals the opportunity to    for VBS 2010 is Galactic Blast. Contact our            Methodist Men meet for breakfast at 7a.m. on
be drawn into a deeper and more meaningful       office to register your child or children.             the first Saturday of each month. Their pur-
walk with God. Our Sunday school classes
                                                                                                        pose is fellowship, devotion, and missions.
and Bible study courses offer people the op-     • KIDS IN GRACE - Wednesdays 4:30-5:45
                                                 p.m.: Weekday program for children ages                The goal of UMM is to enable men to become
portunity to grow in their discipleship.
                                                 3-grade 6                                              the best disciples of Jesus Christ they can be.
           CHILDREN’S MINISTRIES:                   Additional Children’s Ministry opportuni-             As you can see, Grace United Methodist
• WEE CARE - Grace United Methodist              ties include a nursery provided for all worship        Church offers something for everyone in
Church is proud of our Wee Care Pre-School       services and programs and Children’s Church                      .
                                                                                                        our family We hope you will come and be
Ministry Wee Care has been meeting the
        .                                        during 10:30 worship service.                          part of our family at Grace UMC in Copper-
needs of parents and children for 28 years.      YOUNG ADULT MINISTRY: Grace United                     as Cove. Our hearts, our minds, our doors
We have an excellent reputation in the com-      Methodist Church recently began a minis-               are open and waiting for you to come and
munity for providing a wonderful, loving,        try focused on reaching out to Young adults            grow with us.
30   Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses   Sunday, April 25, 2010   Killeen Daily Herald

The Truth Shall Make You Free
  Freedom Baptist Church of Copperas Cove, Texas,
has a vision to reach the community and around
the world. Located near the world’s largest mili-
tary base, Freedom also has a heart for soldiers and
their families.
  Kevin Raub founded Freedom Baptist Church in
1994 with the vision to preach the Truth in churches
near military bases in Texas. After several years, he
turned the church over to Troy Green who also had
the desire to reach the military. In 2001, God led Pas-
tor Green to Germany and Matthew McVaney was
offered the opportunity to lead Freedom.
  The current pastor, Matthew McVaney served the
Lord in Germany for seven years prior to moving
to Texas to preach the pure word of the Lord. Us-
ing the King James Bible, he preaches the Truth
in love each Sunday. In a time where preachers are
compromising and afraid to preach straight, pastor
McVaney stands firm on the unchanging Truth.
  Freedom’s main goal is to preach the Gospel, not
only in Copperas Cove, through the distribution of
free literature and sharing with individuals and
families about their need for Christ, but also around
the world, through Faith Promise Missions. Free-
dom Baptist Church is glad to serve anyone from
any nationality or background.
  For additional information on Freedom Baptist
Church, please contact 254-518-0074 or visit www.
     Come check out what´s going
           on at Freedom!
Killeen Daily Herald                                                                  Sunday, April 25, 2010       Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses             31

A top-notch shopping experience at Ashley Furniture HomeStore
   Sandra “Vale” Skinner moved          ucts from the warehouse, as well      Furniture HomeStore plaques of                       Killeen Parks & Recreation Since
to Killeen with her family at age       as, the showroom office paper and     appreciation for the donations                    1985, Sandra Skinner has sponsored
six at which time, her father, Ed-      plastic. Being green and helping      you have made to Fort Hood. I                     youth athletics. Every year she has
die Vale, Sr. and mother, Marilyn       keep the environment safer for all    also know you are not one to be                   furnished a team with equipment, uni-
Vale opened a furniture store,          is extremely important to Sandra      recognized; however, we at Fort                   forms, and money for their activities.
Furniture Factory Outlet. Her           and Ronnie.                           Hood want you to know how much
                                                                                                                                   Clements Boys & Girls Club A
parents were very active in the            Be looking for the opening of      we appreciate what you do for our                 non-profit organization to enrich the
community giving time and               their “new concept in furniture       soldiers.”                                        lives of thousands of Central Texas
money to the many organizations,        shopping”. In approximately 60          In November 2009, in honor                      children; Sandra was on the board
sports teams and military units.        days, they will be opening “Fur-                      ,
                                                                              of Veteran’s Day Ashley FHS in                    of directors from 1996 to 2000. When
They instilled in her a compas-         nish 1.2.3.” The location for this    Killeen sponsored a $10,000 Fur-                  time constraints forced her to step
sion for her community and those        new store will be on Business 190     niture Make Over for a Veteran.                   aside her husband, Ronnie, took her
who live here.                          in Copperas Cove.                     Now, in conjunction with the                      place and continues to serve today .
   In 1985, with only five em-             On many occasions, they have       opening of Ashley Kid’s, Ashley                   Ronnie & Sandra are behind efforts
ployees, Sandra began her own           given furniture to people in need.    FHS in Killeen is sponsoring                      to bring Ashley Furniture Industries
furniture business, now Ashley          This sparked Sandra’s idea of         “Kids Dreams Can Come True”.                      on board as a national sponsor for
Furniture HomeStore. The busi-          Killeen’s newest charity…Fur-         For this promotion, any child with                Boys & Girls Club of America. They
ness has enjoyed tremendous             niture for Families, a furniture      a DREAM can write an essay on                     feel that the most important benefit
growth and now employs 55 +.            outlet for people in need. This       why Ashley FHS in Killeen should                  of the Boys & Girls Club is children
Several have been with her since        charity will consist of gently used   pick their dream to come true.                    are constantly learning, from team
she began in 1985. Her employees        furniture, repaired if need be,       You can pick up your official en-                 sports to writing essays for contests
are loyal to her because of the         and delivered to those in need.       try form and official rules begin-                and are a major sponsor of the clubs
compassion and caring she has for       Recipients are referred by a social   ning May 19, 2010 at the store.                   annual drive.
all. Her success can be attributed      agency such as Red Cross or Fami-                                                          Killeen Youth Boosters Sponsors
                                                                                 Additional Community Ef-
to her hard work and determina-         lies in Crisis to name a few. For                                                       all four Killeen Independent School
                                                                              forts Sponsored by Ashley FHS
tion, unique ability of caring for      information, or how you can help,                                                       District High Schools.
                                                                              - Killeen
others, and understanding of the        call 634-5900.
furniture business. In early 2006,         A favorite quote of Sandra’s is    • Hosted blood drives bene ting Fort Hood           Killeen & Bell County Livestock
Ashley Furniture HomeStore’s            by – Thornton Wilder…                    soldiers.                                      Shows Year after year, they pur-
corporate office contacted Sandra          “We can only be said to be         • Co-sponsored the annual MDA Fish Fry &          chase a child or several children’s
and her husband, Ronnie Skin-           alive in those moments when              Fun Run.                                       animals/projects, contributing
                                                                              • A very special event Sandra orchestrated        thousands of dollars back to the
ner to ask them to become a local       our hearts are conscious of our
                                                                                 was Locks of Love, held at Ashley Furni-       youth projects over the years.
licensee. After a rigorous back-        treasures” – Thornton Wilder.
ground check, they were approved        And her heart is conscious of the        ture. Ted Gibson, a world renowned hair          Killeen Food Care Center Donated a
and accepted and changed the            “treasures” of her community    ,        stylist from Killeen, now living in New        portion of each sale during Ashley
store name and image from Fur-          both military and civilian.              York, & several local hair stylists cut over   Furniture’s 4th of July Sales Event.
niture Zone to Ashley Furniture            In 2008, Sandra Skinner re-           85 pony tails and raised over $2,000 to
                                                                                                                                  Single Mothers with Children
HomeStore.                              ceived the “2008 Community               bene t the Locks of Love foundation.           Sandra contacted 10 local churches
   At Ashley Furniture Home-            Services Award” from Ashley                                                             and asked for the names of two
                                                                                Fort Hood Oveta Culp Center Fur-
Store, you will enjoy a top-notch       Furniture Industries, which                                                             single mothers with children that are
                                                                              nished recreation room for soldiers
shopping experience with an             is presented and chosen by the        and their families.                               struggling to make ends meet. These
atmosphere and selection that has       President of Ashley Corporate.                                                          20 families received one-half of their
the look and feel of big city shop-     This most prestigious and high-          Phantom Warrior Room Donated                   monthly rent for the next six months.
ping. At Ashley Furniture Home-         est corporate award is presented      all the furnishings for this VIP
Store, Great Style doesn’t have to      to the owner of the store that has    room at III Corp & Fort Hood Head-                   Katrina In the wake of Katrina’s
be Expensive! Visit us at 1101 W  .S.   given “the most” back to his or       quarters.                                         devastation, many gulf coast fami-
Young Drive in Killeen…One mile         her community There are 385
                                                         .                                                                      lies relocated to Killeen. Sandra
                                                                                Fort Hood Spiritual Fitness Center              supplied many truckloads of fur-
north of the Killeen Mall               Ashley Furniture HomeStores.          Donated furniture for this special
                                                                                                                                niture and supplies to the victims.
   Ashley Kids, a 7,500 square             In September 2009, Lt. General     place, where soldiers and their
                                                                                                                                In addition, she volunteered her
feet addition located next to the       Rick Lynch, then Commander            families go for spiritual recovery
                                                                                                                                delivery trucks to the city of Killeen
Ashley Furniture HomeStore              of III Corp and Fort Hood, pre-       and comfort after returning from
                                                                                                                                for several weeks for moving and
showroom will be open within the        sented Sandra with a beauti-          combat, or any time the need arises.
                                                                                                                                storing supplies. At this time, San-
next week or so. Ashley Kids will       ful plaque, crystal bowl and III         Survivors of Soldiers (SOS) for-               dra owned a laundry matt located
provide furniture and accessories       Corps Phantom Warriors coin           merly known as Gold Star Families                 next to Ashley Furniture. This
for children from infants to teens      at the unveiling ceremony of the      Located on Fort Hood, this building               business laundered all of the com-
including baby beds, youth beds,        Phantom Warrior Statue and the        provides a central place for families             munity center’s blankets, sheets
comforter sets and more.                Grand Opening of the Phantom          of soldiers killed in action to go for            and so forth used for the refugees at
   Ashley Furniture HomeStore           Warrior VIP Room at III Corp          all types of free services and soli-              no charge to them. The victims of
recycles all the cardboard, styro-      Headquarters. His quote was           tude. Being in need of furniture, she             Katrina used this facility for their
foam and plastic shipping prod-         “Everywhere I look; I see Ashley      donated furniture in access of $5000.             own needs at absolutely no charge.
32   Central Texas Locally Owned Businesses   Sunday, April 25, 2010   Killeen Daily Herald

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