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					  3/14/2011                                                           Regional Transport Strategy                                                             nestrans
                                                                           Progress Report

Sub Strategy 1: The external connections strategy                                                                                                      ® = MTS project
Strategy Strand Current Actions/ Progress                                                                     Future Actions/ Progress
RTS actions       Project/Action Progress                                                Budget               To be done                      Target           Status
EC1 - Rail Links and Services
EC1a:             Rail Utilisation Introduce semi-fast Dundee to Edinburgh and alter                          UK Sec of State for Transport
Reducing journey Strategy          Fife timetable to decrease Aberdeen journey times .                        announced a new company
times to                           Responses to Scotland RUS and ECML RUS                                     to be formed to advise

Edinburgh and                      submitted. Meeting held with NetworkRail on 19                             Ministers on a new line
Glasgow, and                       Dec. Annual Route Plans published and letter                               between London and
further south.                     submitted to Network Rail re-emphasising concerns                          Scotland via Heathrow
                                   on assumptions used to inform strategy. New                                (London to W Midlands as a
                                   timetable introduced 14 Dec 08.                                            first stage)
                  Strategic        Ministerial announcement on STPR 10 Dec 08.                                Implementation of
                  Transport        Scotland's Transport Infrastructure (STPR)                                 programme of interventions
                  Projects         Conference held 19 Jan.                                                    over next 20 years.                                 ↑

                  Rail Action Plan Agreement with Hitrans to use Frank Roach. Work       £30K Revenue for
                                   on Rail Action Plan ongoing. Network Rail to          Abdn-Invness Train
                                   fund Aberdeen to Inverness Line Speed, so             Speed Study and
                                   propose to undertake study to define economic         £5K for Rail
                                   benefit of upgrading the line and improving the       Passenger Surveys                                                        ↑
                                   Sunday service. Passenger number surveys
                                   undertaken at Inverurie and Dyce stations in Dec
                                   and Jan, with more planned in Feb and March.

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  3/14/2011                                                         Regional Transport Strategy                                                             nestrans
                                                                         Progress Report

Strategy Strand Current Actions/ Progress                                                                   Future Actions/ Progress
RTS actions        Project/Action Progress                                           Budget                 To be done                          Target        Status
EC2 - Strategic Roads
EC2a:              Aberdeen       Transport Scotland's Closing Submission to the                            Start construction                  2010
Overcoming         Western        Public Local Inquiry will be submitted in early
constraints on the Peripheral     February. It is expected that the Report of Public                        Complete construction               2012
network that have Route ®         Local Inquiry into Objections will be produced
a direct impact on                around Summer 2009. Tenders have been
travel to/from the                received for the detailed ground investigation
north east, such                  between Kingswells and south of the River Dee.
as the A90                        These tenders are currently being approved, and
through Dundee.                   it is hoped that site works will commence in early                                                                            ↑
                                  March. Accommodation works discussions with
                                  landowners will commence in March. Following
                                  agreement with the International School of
                                  Aberdeen, construction of the replacement
                                  school has commenced on site. This work is
                                  scheduled to be completed by summer 2010.

                 Balmedie to     TS response received to query regarding lack of                            Aim to complete preparation       2012/13
                 Tipperty ®      full junction north of Balmedie and advised                                (incl Public Local Inquiry) by
                                 several options to the north, south and in                                 early 2009. Subject to
                                 combination had been analysed in terms of cost,                            successful outcome of the
                                 safety, accessibility, buildability, predicted flows
                                 and environmental effect and proposals were
                                                                                                            statutory process, it is
                                                                                                            estimated work will start in 2010                   ↑
                                 most effective solution. Use of the detrunked                              and take around 2 years to
                                 section of the A90 as a result of the proposals is                         complete.
                                 seen as an improvement for cyclists .

                 A90 Access     Study to identify improvements and P&R site - final     £50K capital and    Costed and prioritised list being
                 from the South report published on Nestrans website spring 08.         £50K revenue for    prepared for input to Delivery
                 study ®        Delivery requirements of individual schemes being
                                investigated. Detailed design of segregated left
                                                                                        this and AWPR LiB   Plan.
                                turn lanes issued to consultants.


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  3/14/2011                                                          Regional Transport Strategy                                                              nestrans
                                                                          Progress Report

Strategy Strand Current Actions/ Progress                                                                      Future Actions/ Progress
RTS actions     Project/Action Progress                                                 Budget                 To be done                      Target           Status
                Access from     ACC has commissioned a study to identify a              £47050 in revenue      Public/stakeholder              Spring 09
                the North Study package of integrated transport measures to improve     for MTS schemes        consultation on options to
EC2a            (An Integrated access from the north. Objectives identified, targets    including              take place
(contd)         Transport
                                agreed and options suggested. Awaiting preferred        contribution to this
                                option from Berryden corridor testing for
                                inclusion within the package of measures to be
                A96 Fochabers Transport Scotland published tenders Dec 08.                                     Appoint contractor              late summer 09
                & Mosstodloch RH McLeod and Morrisons Construction                                                                             spring 2011
                Bypass          identified in prequalification stage and have 26
                                weeks to submit tender. Site clearance works to
                                                                                                               Scheme complete                                    ↑
                                get underway early 09.
                New Forth       Public Exhibitions to take place 20-31 Jan at                                  Tender process for design     Opening 2016
                Crossing        venues in Edinburgh, Fife and Lothians showing                                 and build contract and
                                Arup/Jacob's design proposals for bridge, new                                  Parliamentary Bill introduced
                                dual crossing road connections and cost
                                (£1.72bn - £2.34bn), funding, procurement and
                                                                                                               towards end of 2009.
                                                                                                               Construction to begin in                           ↑
                                legislation details. Information can also be                                   2011.
                                viewed on Transport Scotland's website.

EC3 - Inter-regional Bus and Coach travel
EC3a:              Bus Action Plan Final report received and subject of report to Feb   £50K revenue for   Cost and prioritise projects and
Support further
development of
                                   Board.                                               completion of BAP  actions identified in Bus Action
                                                                                        and RTPI expansion Plan for input into Delivery Plan                      ↑
inter-regional bus                                                                      study.

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  3/14/2011                                                           Regional Transport Strategy                                                   nestrans
                                                                           Progress Report

Strategy Strand Current Actions/ Progress                                                           Future Actions/ Progress
RTS actions       Project/Action Progress                                                Budget     To be done                      Target              Status
EC4 - Connections by sea
EC4b:             Aberdeen       Aberdeen Harbour Board announced opening of                        Two new rail sidings installed at To be completed
Improved access Harbour          £4M+ multi-user surfaced yard at Waterloo and                      Waterloo yard                     by Spring 2009
and facilities at                award of £1.5M contract to Trackwork to install two
ports and                        300m rail sidings there, further to 2 existing sidings.                                            To be completed
interchange with                 Planning application lodged to reconstruct and                     Other planned phased work to    in 2011
passenger                        realign quays along the south side of the river -                  commence in 2008
ferries.                         involving the Torry and Maitland quays - to create 6
                                 new deepwater berths with River Dee Dock filled in
                                 to provide a back-up area to support shipping
                                 operations. Keith Allan appointed as Board
                                 Chairman following retiral of D Paton. Point Law
                                 redevelopment continuing with next phase to
                                 include realignment of Clyde St and surfacing of
                                 adjacent areas to provide additional operational
                  Peterhead        Port authority working on detailed cost analysis for             Work to deepen part of bay to   Aug 2008
                  Harbour          £32M plans for new 650ft quay at the Smith                       33ft for project to start.
                                   Embankment and a new 328ft breakwater at the

                                   Albert Quay. A grant of £5.25 million from S Gov                 New breakwater and quay to      Early 2009
                                   and the European Fisheries Fund announced 10                     commence
                                   Feb. Smith Embankment contract out to tender.
                                   Parliamentary Harbour Revision Order has been
EC4c:             Northern Isles   Nestrans attends Tier 2 meetings. Next meeting in                Nestrans to attend future
Development of    Ferry            Lerwick in May 09. Submitted response to                         meetings and report to Board
new freight and   Consultation     Parliamentary Transport Committee. Ferries                       as necessary
                                   Review now ongoing and will be subject to public                                                                      ↑
                                   consultation in autumn 09. This will be followed
                                   by tendering for new Northern Isles franchise
                                   later in the year.

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  3/14/2011                                                         Regional Transport Strategy                                                       nestrans
                                                                         Progress Report

Strategy Strand Current Actions/ Progress                                                                 Future Actions/ Progress
RTS actions       Project/Action Progress                                              Budget             To be done                      Target        Status
EC5 - Connections by Air
EC5a:             Airport Access - Final report on website. Letter sent to BAA         £50K Capital to    Report back to Board on         Apr-09
Support           Dyce Dr/Argyll commending them to implement proposals on roads       implement report   subject of bus/taxi lanes and
expansion of      Rd Junction      within airport owned land. Works completed 21 Jan   findings.          ped/cycle measures on Dyce
direct            study            to re-allocate lanes on Dyce Dr on approach to                         Dr
destinations from
Aberdeen and
                                   the A96 Inverurie Road roundabout and allow the                                                                        ↑
                                   left turn manoeuvre from both lanes. Further
frequency of                       makings on roundabout to be completed when
popular services.                  weather conditions permit.

                    Aberdeen       Eastern Airways Aberdeen - Oslo direct service
                                   launched 12 Jan. Logan Air and Flybe launched
                                   new Abdn - Cardiff route on 2 Feb
EC5c:                              Raised at Aberdeen Airport Business Development                        F Doran MP to arrange a
Ensure protection                  Forum and subject of discussions with Hitrans. UK                      meeting between Nestrans and
of slots for                       Sec of State for Transport announced on 15 Jan                         the Secretary of State.
Aberdeen                           there would be no introduction of mixed mode at
services at key                    Heathrow and Third runway approved subject to
hubs such as
                                   noise and air quality conditions having been met,                                                                      ↑
                                   a limit of 125,000 movements per annum on it by
Heathrow.                          planes meeting "green slot" principle and new
                                   powers to CAA to enforce that new capacity
                                   shouldn't breach legal limits.

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  3/14/2011                                                            Regional Transport Strategy                                                                nestrans
                                                                            Progress Report

Sub Strategy 2: The internal connections strategy                                                                                                          ® = MTS project
Strategy Strand Current Actions/ Progress                                                                          Future Actions/ Progress
RTS actions        Project/Action Progress                                                 Budget                  To be done                     Target            Status
IC1 - Rail
IC1a:              Crossrail ®    CrossRail STAG2 report finalised. Rail Action Plan       £20K Revenue as
Increased                         continuing to be developed. Individual                   contribution to
frequency of                      components of Crossrail to be investigated for           HITRANS for Rail
services between                  incremental implementation. Agreement with Hitrans       Support.
Inverurie-                        to use Frank Roach: Journey time survey on               Budget no longer
                                  Aberdeen to Inverness complete - further work to be
                                  undertaken. Letter sent to Minister and copied to
                                                                                           required as
                                                                                           Nestrans to provide
through                           elected members and ministers to highlight the           reciprocal strategy
Aberdeen                          Board desire to incrementally improve train travel       support to Hitrans
Crossrail and                     while working towards achieving the overall Crossrail
improved                          aims.
IC1b:              Laurencekirk   Monthly progress meetings with Network Rail and          £1.08M Capital as       Communications/events
Proposed new       Station ®      Transport Scotland continuing. NR appointed              contribution towards    meeting to be planned
station at Kintore                Galliford Try Rail to undertake work to reopen the       station re-opening      Construction complete          Mar/Apr 09
and further                       station Works ongoing. Listed Building consent           and extra funding for   Handover period (incl safety   April 09
development of                    granted for station building and planning application    larger car park.        checks)
the rail system to                submitted for overbridge ramps being constructed                                 Station open                   May 09
be set out in the
Rail Action Plan
                                  outwith operational rail boundaries. Planning
                                  application for car park delayed due to revisions to
                                                                                         AC Actual to 23 Jan
                                                                                         for Car Park =        Car park design and planning       Jan 09
                                  the drainage system for SEPA, but to be submitted      £43,850               permission by AC
                                  early Dec. Land acquisition issues have arisen and                           Contractor to be appointed
                                  threaten to delay car park works beyond this financial Nestrans invoiced Car park construction by AC
                                  year. Should final offer not be accepted a             for Station =
                                  Compulsory Purchase Order will be issued.              £277,235
                  Kintore Station Meeting held with Scotrail 4/10. Response received £30K Capital as
                  ®               from Scotrail re possibility of stopping trains within contribution towards
                                  Dec 08 timetable recast. Preliminary discussions       design, land
                                  held with TS Director for rail. More detailed          purchase and
                                  engineering and signalling study to determine          construction costs of                                                        ↑
                                  possibility of halting trains underway and             new station.
                                  meeting held 23 Jan to discuss progress.
                                  Subject of report to Feb Board.

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  3/14/2011                                                             Regional Transport Strategy                                                           nestrans
                                                                             Progress Report

Strategy Strand Current Actions/ Progress                                                                           Future Actions/ Progress
RTS actions        Project/Action Progress                                                   Budget                 To be done                    Target        Status
                   Stonehaven      Works completed to extend Stonehaven Station

                   Station         car park by 27 spaces to a total of 86, with
                                   additional CCTV and enhanced lighting also
IC2 - Road Improvements
IC2a:              Route action on A920 Riverside Rd/South Rd Ellon Traffic                  £90K Capital           Tender returns and
Strategic Roads strategic roads signalisation. Work to commence on site on 23                contribution.          supervision costs in excess
Capacity           in              Feb by Hunter Construction over a 9 week
improvements – Aberdeenshire programme. To be complete by end April,
                                                                                                                    of available budget and                       ↑
                                                                                                                    additional funding will be
tackling           ®               beginning May                                                                    required.
constraints at                     Keithhall/High Street, Inverurie - Contribution to        £60K Capital
A90 Ellon -                        construction of traffic signalised junction. Works        contribution.
Peterhead, A96                     completed and signals operational by 31 Oct 08.           Nestrans invoiced
west of Inverurie,                                                                           in full.
Haudagain                          Cookston Rd/Muirend, Portlethen - Contribution to         £60K Capital
junction, Access                   construction of traffic signal junction with pedestrian   contribution.

to Aberdeen from                   phases and cycle links. Land problems ongoing
the south, and at                  issue and additional traffic assessment to be
other junctions                    done in Feb. Likely that full budget allocation
serving                            wont be achieved this financial year.
Aberdeenshire      Haudagain       Stag2 Report finalised June 08 and Board agreed           £47050 in revenue
towns.             Study           option 5 as optimum solution and referred the report      for MTS schemes
                                   to ACC, who also agreed this on 25 June. Joint            including
                                   North East recommendation sent to Scottish                contribution to this
                                   Ministers for consideration and implementation at the     study
                                   earliest opportunity. Urged an early response to
                                   enable the Council to plan and sensitively manage                                                                              ↑
                                   tenant relocation should options 5 or 11 be agreed.
                                   The Minister re-affirmed his commitment to fix
                                   Haudagain before it reverts to ACC ownership in
                                   his summing up following the STPR

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  3/14/2011                                                                  Regional Transport Strategy                                                             nestrans
                                                                                  Progress Report

Strategy Strand Current Actions/ Progress                                                                               Future Actions/ Progress
RTS actions     Project/Action Progress                                                           Budget                To be done                       Target        Status
                Westhill -        Detailed Survey from 6 Mile Fork to Cairney                     £20K Revenue.
                AWPR Roads Roundabout down the Tarland Road, to consider                          AC actual to 23 Jan
                                  possible dualling in future. Survey commissioned
                                  and ongoing. Will not be completed this financial
                                                                                                  = £6,189                                                               ↑
                Feasibility study Study to investigate improvements to the roundabout             £30K Revenue          Priority traffic signal sites
                to improve        at Queens Cross and to investigate performance of                                     identified. Surveys to be
                traffic flow      certain existing traffic signal junctions in City and                                 arranged to allow in-house

                                  Shire to see if timings can be altered to achieve                                     modelling to optimise
                                  greater capacity. Term consultant identified                                          performance with remaining
                                  possibilities at Q. Cross Junction and further                                        funding once Queens Cross
                                  study on preferred options underway.                                                  brief agreed.

IC2b:                Safety action
                     Route              Road Safety on Safety Forum agreed to Road
                                        NESJPSG RoadNorth and South Deesidetake                   £100K Revenue to      Aim to include presentation on                   ↑
Strategic Roads                         corridor (joint project) in City and Shire. AC contract   be split £65K AC /

Safety                                  awarded to Leiths for resurfacing, lining and             £35K ACC.
improvements –                          studs. ACC to implement lining and signing on NDR         AC actual to end
alignment and                           and SDR and works awarded to Roads Services.              Nov = £822

improvements on      Allocation to      Route Action on unclassified road between Culter          £5K out of £100K      To be complete by end March
A90 south.           Aberdeen City      House Rd and Malcolm Rd. Detailed design                  Capital for LTS       unless delayed due to
Overtaking,          Council for        complete and works awarded to Roads Service.              projects              weather.
junction and         smaller scale                                                                ACC Actual to end
alignment            transport                                                                    Nov = £387

improvements on      projects ®
IC2c:                Locking in lanes
                     Car share the      SIAS/Faber Maunsell appointed. Final report on day Propose £50K
                                        Key stakeholders invited to one of three half      £80K Revenue                 Costed and prioritised list of
Car share lanes –    trial              consultations held between 29 - 30 January.
trialling priority
lanes for cars
                                        Feedback being collated. Base traffic models
                                        updated with latest survey and public transport
with multiple                           information.

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  3/14/2011                                                                Regional Transport Strategy                                                                 nestrans
                                                                                Progress Report

Strategy Strand       Current Actions/ Progress                                                                      Future Actions/ Progress
RTS actions           Project/Action Progress                                                  Budget                To be done                         Target           Status
IC2d:                 Enhanced        Contribution within 08/09 budget towards Bervie          £580K Capital         Continuity problems
Prioritised           maintenance     Bridge refurbishment, which will be programmed in 4      contribution          encountered are likely to extend
maintenance for       on strategic    phases between 2008-2012. Contract awarded to            AC actual to 23 Jan   project by 4-5 weeks and
strategic routes,     roads in        Makers Freyssonet Ltd. Works commenced 21 July           = £580K               increase expenditure. Nestrans
with particular
benefits for public
                      Aberdeenshire   08 and to be undertaken over a 55 week period.
                                      works progressing well with concrete repairs and
                                                                                                                     to decide if wish to increase
                                                                                                                     contribution this year once
transport and                         cathodic protection installation - 3 spans                                     position of expenditure on other
sustainable                           complete by end Feb 09                                                         schemes better known.
IC2e:                 Berryden        ACC to investigate transportation improvements                                 Public/stakeholder             Spring 2009
Support Local         Corridor        along the Berryden corridor from Gt Northern Rd                                consultation on development
Authorities in                        (south of Don St) through Berryden to the Skene Sq                             of options and their predicted
bringing forward                      junction with Maberley St.Stakeholder workshops                                outcomes as part of overall
LTS projects that                     held 18-20 June to consider issues, problems,                                  Access from the North                                 ↑
contribute to                         constraints and opportunities along the route.                                 consultation (see EC2a)
strategic                             Strategic level traffic model testing nearing
objectives                            completion. Detailed testing to be undertaken
IC3 - Bus Improvements
IC3a:            Bus Action Plan
                 Completion of        See EC3a
                                      Funding approved in 08/09 Budget as contribution to      £200K Capital         Works completed                    by Mar 09
Quality bus      quality corridor     AC to improve/create new infrastructure to complete      contribution.
corridor         investment on        Quality Corridors funded previously. Hunter
improvements to commuter
services and     corridors
                                      Construction commenced on site beginning Jan.
                                      Sites completed to date include Westhill,
facilities.                           Garlogie, Alford, Kemnay, Inverurie, Insch, Fyvie
                                      and Balmedie.
                      Town plans/info AC has commenced consultation with Community             £50K Capital to be    Unlikely that this scheme will
                      at bus          Councils on info eg tourist attraction/local amenities   split equally between progress this financial year.
                      points and
                                      to be displayed at 23 sites where information kiosks
                                      installed. Still to receive guidance from Planning as
                                                                                               AC and ACC
                      accessibility   to format.
                      measures        Sites at junction of King St/St Machar provisionally                           Install School Road Shelter.       Feb-09
                      within          noted. Design completed. School Rd shelter
                      Aberdeen City ordered. Footway markings and lining decided.
                      and Shire                                                                                                                                            ↑
                                      Yellow directional paint and mats with hospital
                                      sign to be installed.

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  3/14/2011                                                           Regional Transport Strategy                                                               nestrans
                                                                           Progress Report

Strategy Strand Current Actions/ Progress                                                                       Future Actions/ Progress
RTS actions     Project/Action Progress                                           Budget                        To be done                     Target            Status
                Accessibility  Upgrades to public transport facilities and access £50K Capital                  Works to be complete           early March 09
                measures       from medical facilities/homes/ sheltered
                               accommodation/shops at a number of locations in
                               the City, to include raised kerbs, shelters and
                               possible surfacing improvements. Risk of delay if
                               Hydro Electric feeds required. Extra £3K
                               requested to replace a shelter that was too old to
                               update. Shelters ordered and being installed.

                  Electronic        Install VMS on strategic routes on the boundary of    £225K Capital         Aim to complete installation   26 March 09
                  Message Signs     the City Centre to provide traffic and journey time   contribution.
                  and Web site
                  (Stage 2 )
                                    information. Match funding agreed from Energising
                                    Abdn Fund. Tenders returned within budget and
                                                                                          ACC Actual to end
                                                                                          Nov = £5,296                                                             ↑
                                    awarded with inception meeting held 19 Nov. Works
                                    underway - signs being manufactured.
IC3b:              Locking in the See IC2c study, design and land acquisition to
                   Creation of a    Feasibility                                           £30K Capital.

Develop a Bus      bus gate at      create a bus gate. Land acquisition investigation     AC actual to 23 Jan
Action Plan to     Badentoy Ind. ongoing. Topographical survey only to be                 = £1,396
improve quality    Est.             completed this financial year
and reliability of Signalisation of Prelim design done 06/07. Detailed design and         £150K Capital.        Traffic management to tie in
services and set A944/B9119         delivery of signals to improve efficiency of          AC actual to end      with Westhill cycle route
out proposals for roundabout
extending bus
                                    roundabout and reliability for buses on Westhill
                                    corridor and important for Westhill to Abdn cycle
                                                                                          Nov = £176                                                               ↑
priority measures.                  route. Tender returned and awarded.
IC3d:              A90 Schoolhill See Access from South EC2a. Briefs prepared.            £50K Capital.         Costing and business case to
Expand Park and P&R ®
Ride provision
                                    Faber Maunsell/Sias to carry out Traffic Assessment
                                    and Atkins Ltd to prepare design. Traffic modelling
                                                                                                                be developed.
linked to the                       substantially complete.
development of A96 P&R sites ACC approved recommended site April 08. Land                 £50K Capital. ACC
the AWPR.          ®                survey, site investigation, design and land
                                    negotiation being progressed. Site investigation
                                                                                          actual to end Nov =
                                                                                          £38,114                                                                  ↑
                                    contract awarded.

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Expand Park and                                                         Regional Transport Strategy                                                           nestrans
Ride provision                                                                Progress Report
linked to the
development of
the AWPR.
Strategy Strand Current Actions/ Progress                                                                        Future Actions/ Progress
RTS actions         Project/Action Progress                                               Budget                 To be done                      Target         Status
                    P&R operation Brief issued on 20 Jan for study to investigate         £10K Revenue           Tender returns                  5 Feb
                                   the different ways that the Park and Ride network                             Appointment of Consultant       13 Feb
                                   (existing and proposed sites) could be operated                               Inception Document              25 Feb           ↑
                                   in the future and identify the benefits and risks of                          Draft Report                    27 Mar
                                   each option.                                                                  Final Report                    24 Apr
IC3e:               Aberdeenshire Twenty three interactive Information points installed. £578K ITF funding
Improve             Information    RSL commissioned to assist with operational            remains towards this
information         Kiosks         problems at certain kiosks. Matter rectified and       project and A93 P&R
                                   majority now operational. Spare parts purchased        and Inverurie Towns
                                                                                          Interchange. AC
expanded real-                                                                            actual = £27,596
time information
systems across Expanded Real 08/09 revenue funding available for study to look at £50K revenue for               Tender returns                  10 Feb
Aberdeen City       Time           expanding real time information in the City and Shire, completion of Bus      Appointment of Consultant       16 Feb
and Shire.          Information    eg further display boards at key stops and internet    Action Plan and
                                   and SMS applications. Brief issued to consultants RTPI expansion
                                                                                                                 Inception Document              25 Feb           ↑
                                                                                                                 Draft Report                    13 Mar
                                   on 23 Jan.                                             study.                 Final Report                    27 Mar
IC4 - Demand Responsive Transport
IC4a:               Accessibility  Three Accession licences purchased (2 for AC,          £20K Revenue for
Support             modelling      one for ACC) and training undertaken 26-27 Jan Accession purchase
extension of ‘Dial-
a-Bus’ and
                                   at Woodhill House for public transport,                and training and
                                   development control and transportation staff of completion of H&T                                                              ↑
similar services                   both Councils.                                         AP.
to serve those
IC5 - Transport interchange
IC5c:                              Officer research as approved by Dec 08 Board                                  Discussion to take place with
Work with                          has commenced.                                                                Transport Scotland
operators to                       A seminar for RTPs currently being arranged by
develop                            MVA.
ticketing across
services and
operators in the
north east.

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  3/14/2011                                                       Regional Transport Strategy                                                             nestrans
                                                                       Progress Report

Strategy Strand Current Actions/ Progress                                                                  Future Actions/ Progress
RTS actions       Project/Action Progress                                            Budget                To be done                    Target            Status
IC6 - Walking and Cycling
IC6a:             New footpath   Contribution to the design and construction of a    £40K Capital          Contract to be awarded        w/c 9 Feb
investment in
                  linking to
                                 footpath linking to Station Rd and Market Rd.
                                 Design complete and tenders received.
                                                                                                           Construction to commence      late Feb/early
                                                                                                                                         Mar 09              ↑
measures to       Rail Station
increase safety   Allocation to  Footpath link Jesmond Dr - Collieston Way. Works    £10K out of £100K
and security of   Aberdeen City completed.                                           Capital for LTS
walking and in
particular to
                  Council for
                  smaller scale
                                                                                     ACC Actual to end
facilitate        transport                                                          Dec = £6,427
interchange       projects ®     Link Path Back Hilton - Laurelwood Av. Design and   £25K out of £100K
between different                estimate completed. Works completed.                Capital for LTS
modes of
transport. Urban
                                                                                     ACC Actual to end
realm                                                                                Dec = £30,360
improvements to                  Lighting around Schools: Glashieburn, Forehill,     £60K out of £100K
improve the                      Middleton Pk, Grammar, Tillydrone, Kittybrewster,   Capital for LTS
                                 Woodside, Torry. Works substantially complete
                                 with only a couple of Hydro Electric connections
                                                                                     ACC Actual to end
                                 outstanding.                                        Nov = £892
                  Allocation to  Hillbrae Way, Newmachar - Footpath linking to       £85K Capital
                  Aberdeenshire Formartine/Buchan Way. Contract awarded to           AC Actual to 23 Jan
                  Council for
                  smaller scale
                                 Leiths. Works 95% complete with only erection of
                                 signage, topsoiling and seeding of verges still
                                                                                     = £46,042                                                               ↑
                  transport      outstanding
                  projects ®     Whitehills Cemetery - Phase 2. Design and           £45K Capital        Anticipated completion          end Dec 08
                                 construction of footpath. Contract awarded to       AC Actual to 23 Jan
                                 Highland Stoneways. Works completed, but addition
                                 cost (£15K) incurred due to unforeseen drainage
                                                                                     = £59,310                                                               ↑
                                 Sundayswells, Torphins - Phase 2. Design and        £55K Capital        Improvements to street
                                 construction of footpath. AC Operations to          AC Actual to 23 Jan lighting and alterations to a
                                 commence construction w/c 23 Feb over 5 weeks       = £21,100           pedestrian crossing required,                       ↑
                                                                                                         substantially increasing cost
                                                                                                         to £108K.

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  3/14/2011                                                              Regional Transport Strategy                                                           nestrans
                                                                              Progress Report

Strategy Strand Current Actions/ Progress                                                                           Future Actions/ Progress
RTS actions     Project/Action Progress                                                       Budget                To be done                    Target         Status
                Footbridge to  Further preliminary design and investigation of                £20K Revenue
                link Banff and available options and likely costs for creation of a           AC Actual to 23 Jan

                Macduff        footbridge. Report produced with recommended                   = £17,740
                               proposals for medium term and being consulted
                               upon prior to Area Committee consideration.

IC6c:               Westhill -       Previous design and estimate work being reviewed.        £170K-Ph2, £110K- Cycle and pedestrian counter
Continued           Kingswells -     Clarification received from Planning that Den of         Ph3 Capital       to be ordered and installed.
development of
cycle routes on
                    Aberdeen cycle
                    Route Phases
                                     Maidencraig does not require planning permission.
                                     Tenders returned under available budget and
                                                                                              ACC Actual to end
                                                                                              Dec = £15,024                                                        ↑
key routes within   2 and 3          works commenced early Dec.
into Aberdeen       Riverside Dr     Construction of off road cycle/walking route designed £260K Capital
and on routes
through the City.
                    cycle route,
                    Aberdeen -
                                     using funding from 07/08 Budget. Tender awarded AC actual to end
                                     Jan 09 and construction commenced.                    Dec = £12,340                                                           ↑
                    Phase 2
                    School Lockers   Cycle racks to be installed at Newhills, St Josephs £6K Capital                Stands to be installed
                                     RC, St Peters RC and Kirkhill Primary Schools. Site ACC Actual to end
                                     meeting taken place and stands ordered.             Dec = £732
                    Core Paths       Design for implementation of Kingswells to               £120K Capital for     Detailed design to be
                                     Bucksburn ped/cycle/equestrian path. Public              this and West Cults   undertaken and contract and
                                     Consultation ran from 1Sept - 10 Oct. Results            Cycle/Ped Bridge      documents to be prepared.
                                                                                              ACC Actual to end
                                     analysed and recommendations to be reported to
                                     ACC Area North Committee on 17 Feb. Further              Nov = £3,840
                                     strategic core path improvements instructed to
                                     offset any underspend due to W Cults Cycle
                                     Bridge delay and works underway.
                    Portlethen       Design 90% complete. Project to be carried out in 2      £30K Capital
                    Cycle Route
                                     phases a) Barclayhill Pl - Primary/railway; b) Railway
                                     south - Fern Dr. Land purchase will not be
                                                                                              AC actual to 23 Jan
                                                                                              = £9,662                                                             ↑
                                     concluded this year.


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  3/14/2011                                                          Regional Transport Strategy                                                         nestrans
                                                                          Progress Report

Strategy Strand Current Actions/ Progress                                                                   Future Actions/ Progress
RTS actions     Project/Action Progress                                                 Budget              To be done                      Target         Status
                Peterhead      Contribution to the design and construction of further   £50K Capital        Section includes Kinmundy Rd,
                Cycle Network sections of the Peterhead and Fraserburgh cycle                               U46 parallel to Peterhead
                               networks, building on previous years funding.
                               Anticipate construction to be complete in
                                                                                                            Peripheral and George
                                                                                                            Murray's Rd
                               Peterhead by end Feb and contractor to return to
                Fraserburgh    site to complete works to roundabout in                  £50K Capital        Section includes Boothby Road

                Cycle Network Fraserburgh for completion mid March.                     Nestrans            to Strichen Road roundabout
                                                                                        contribution        towards A90
                                                                                        invoiced in full.
                  West Cults        Legal issues over right of access to the unadopted  £120K Capital for
                  Cycle /           road beneath bridge identified in 07/08 being       this and Core Paths
                  Pedestrian        resolved and further funding allocated for          ACC Actual to end
                  Bridge as part    implementation in 2008/09. Works will require       Aug = £179
                  of Deeside line   planning permission and risk that they may not
                                    commence this year if objections received. Propose
                                    to retain 5K working budget to progress project and
                                    increase core path works to meet allocated budget.
                                    Planning application lodged.
IC7 - Airport Surface Connections
IC7b:                Airport - Dyce Service launched 15 Dec 08. Advertising             £100K Revenue       Expand service
Support a shuttle Station Shuttle campaign being undertaken. Subject of report to
bus between
Dyce station and
                     Bus            Feb Board.
the airport
IC9 - Freight
                     Freight Action Final draft of Freight Action Plan submitted.
                                                                                        £11.5K Revenue
potential for        Lorry Parking  Lorry park facility at Altens is leased and was                         To be considered in Freight
measures to                         reopened 25 Feb 2008 with tenant setting a parking                      Action Plan
provide more                        fee of £40 per day per vehicle. Meeting held with
reliable journey                    tenant and ACC on 29 Jan and further details in                                                                          ↑
times for HGVs                      information bulletin.
and identify a trial
route for

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  3/14/2011                                                               Regional Transport Strategy                                                      nestrans
                                                                               Progress Report

Sub Strategy 3: The Strategic Policy Framework                                                                                                      ® = MTS project
Strategy Strand           Current Actions/ Progress                                                            Future Actions/ Progress
RTS actions               Project/Action Progress                                              Budget          To be done                  Target           Status
TB1 - Promoting Travel Planning and Travel Awareness
TB1a:                     TMO support     Action Plan to be prepared
Implementation and future Other           Financial allocation within budget. Action Plan      £10K Revenue
development of Nestrans’                  to be prepared
Travel Planning Strategy. Travel Planning Travel Planning Strategy being reviewed and          £100K Revenue
                          strategy &
                          Action Plan
                                          updated prior to submission to Scottish Gov.
                                          Draft prepared and being consulted upon
                                                                                                               Subject of separate Board
                                                                                                               report.                                        ↑
                                          within Travel Plan Group. Event held to
                                          consider a communications strategy, an on-
                                          line travel plan builder and monitoring
                                          management system.
TB1b:                     Sustainable     Applications approved from Abdn-Uni                  £25K Revenue
Continue to provide       travel grant    Oceanlabs for cycle lockers and NHS for
support through the
Sustainable Travel Grants
                          scheme          pool bikes and cycle lockers. Further
                                          application received from Aberdeen                                                                                   ↑
Scheme                                    College, Gallowgate for cycle storage.

TB2 - Promoting Active Travel
TB2a:                         Travel Planning   Travel Planning Strategy to be reviewed and
Encourage more people to strategy &
walk and cycle more often. Action Plan
                                                updated and submitted to Scottish Gov.                         Subject of report to Feb
TB2b:                         Health &
                              Community         See IC4a are statutory partners, contribute
Work with NHS Grampian Planning                 financially and attend appropriate meetings.
and Community Planning
Partnerships to promote
                                                Continuing to work with CP partners on
                                                Single Outcome Agreements. Subject of
the benefits of active travel                   separate report to Board.
and achieve objectives for

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