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So where's the money? Trust me, it is there. Mostly it is being held by tight fisted
bankers. But here are some ideas for business plans that will help you put them on your
side of the fence.

1. Double Duty Advertising

Advertising isn't cheap. But it is probably pretty good. So include some of your ads in
the business plan. The ads certainly show what your business does, and how you
approach your clients, two very important considerations. Scatter them hither and yon to
add visual interest.

2. Picture Yourself

Speaking of pictures, do include one of yourself, perhaps in a group with others. Yes, it
creates a personal approach. It also makes you "real". Including pictures of some of your
top clients is a good idea too. Most business plan ideas incorporating work you have
done previously is good.

The banker you presented your business plan to has indeed seen you. But s/he probably is
not the decision maker. Make sure the decision maker sees you smile "cheese" too.

3. Beam Me Up, Scotty

Your entry into the world of the internet can indeed impress, and is one of our top
business plan ideas. There is nothing else that will demonstrate your creativity and
business acumen at such a low price. Take your site as far as you can. Turn it into a
retail site, or a lead generation site, or an informational site. Structured properly, it will
even begin to generate income for you.

Most businesses plan on having a website. And most postpone it for far too long. As long
as you are going to do it anyway, get started now. Few other activities can so clearly
demonstrate your energy and dedication.

4. e-Plans

Convert your business plan to a pdf. Put it on a disk, and put that disk in an envelope in
your business plan. Be sure to add linking and chapter headings for easy searching. The
more complex your plan, the more important this becomes. It makes it very easy for
investors to find just the section they are looking for.
In fact, consider enclosing a copy or two as well, with the note that these can be
forwarded to other interested parties. You just never know where they will end up.

5. Use Color, But Use It Sparingly.

For decades business plan were excruciating boring documents in black and white,
mostly because color printing was expensive. Even back then we recommended buying
one ream of paper with a color line down the left side and using that for the business
plan. It was just enough to add a touch of zing to the presentation.

And it is that "touch of zing" that makes the difference. Bankers are quiet people. Don't
shout at them with blasts of color on every page.

6. All That Other Stuff

Taking care of all that backup information is a problem, the full financials, patents,
agreements, leases, etc. We used to include a "supplemental book" with all the backup
information in it. No more. Such a book is bulky, intimidating and easily misplaced.
Rather, put that "other stuff" onto the disk with your pdf. Or, put the "other stuff" onto a
protected, password accessed area of your business plan.

7. Drop Names

Do you have an Advisory Board? Did you approach industry leaders for advice? Now is
the time to use those names and use those connections. The names may look nice in an
annual report, but your company may never get an annual report if you don't start using
those connections now.

And here's the most important of our ideas for business plans, a bonus:

8. Promote Yourself

Break every rule in the book if need be. But make sure that the business plan represents
you and your business. Mess up the order of the sections. Put in non-standard material.
Use an unusual design. It doesn't matter what it is that you do, as long as the plan shows
your company in its best light.

Now you've got eight solid ideas for business plans to get you on your way. As John
Steinbeck said, ideas are like rabbits. You get a few, take care of them, and before you
know it you have a whole bunch. – You can download free ebooks about: restaurant
management forms, restaurant business plan, restaurant marketing plan sample,
restaurant startup guide…

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