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                                                                                                                                              SPRING 2008

                                                                S P R I N G
                                                                      April 2008

                                                    Hospice of Emanuel
                                                    Providing Comfort and Care
Volunteers Shine!                                   The battle against life-threatening diseases        “Like some kind of angel,” is how Bob
                                                    can sometimes be long and grueling.                 Ranes describes the Hospice of Emanuel
Barbara Oliver                                      Sometimes, with the help of their medical           nurse who showed up at his door last
ran her own                                         team, patients decide they’ve had enough.           November when he was helping his wife,
interior design                                     They want to stop the fight.                        MaryAnn Ranes, stay comfortable during
business and                                                                                                                 her final weeks of life.
                                                    That doesn’t mean
was well paid
                                                    life is over. It doesn’t                                                      The Ranes’ story is
for work
                                                    mean they don’t need                                                          remarkable, and yet
she loved.
                                                    medical care.                                                                 typical of the
You know                                            “Patients need our                                                            courageous families
what she                                            help more so, not less                                                        who experience
does now?         Volunteers Flora Jacob and Mary   so, when they enter                                                           Hospice of Emanuel
She gives         Jerner help a patient.            this stage of their                                                           care. Bob and
away hugs for free.                                 life,” says Dr. James                                                         MaryAnn were
                                                    MacLaren, Turlock                                                             childhood sweethearts
“And it’s my best job yet!” Barbara says,           family practitioner                                                           in the 1950s living in
smiling broadly from her concierge station          and medical director                                                          Eugene, Oregon. In
at Emanuel Medical Plaza. “I get to greet           of Hospice of                                                                       ,
                                                                                                                                  1987 they reunited,
people and give them a hug. It does my              Emanuel. “It’s our        Bob Ranes with Hospice of Emanuel team members married and settled
heart good!”                                        duty to prepare           (from left) Pauleen Borgesi-Campbell, Sandy
                                                                                                                                  in Turlock, where Bob
                                                                              Ricardo, Tammy McCorkle and Robin Cannon.
Barbara is one of almost 700 volunteers             patients and their                                                            had lived for many
who contribute some 64,000 hours in 14              families for the dying process. There’s no             years. Bob retired from his long career in
different service areas throughout                  reason anyone should suffer excessively.”              school administration so the couple could
Emanuel Medical Center. They work in                Hospice of Emanuel helps patients and                  fully enjoy their new found love.
the gift shop. They organize medical                their loved ones through every step of their        Soon after his retirement, Bob was
charts. They volunteer at blood-pressure            final stage of life. Staff is available 24          diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.
clinics. They play cards with people with           hours a day for symptom management,
terminal illnesses.                                                                                     “So we decided to travel while I could
                                                    caregiver support, financial assistance and         still get around,” Bob says. “We bought a
They range in age from 14 to 88, and                bereavement aid. Hospice of Emanuel is              fancy RV and traveled all over the country.
that’s part of the magic.                           small and locally based, so their care is           It was a wonderful life.”
                                                    personalized, immediate and dependable.                                                         
(Voluteers, Cont. on page 6)                                                                            (Hospice, Cont. on page 4)

Dear Friends,
Looking back on Emanuel Medical                 Children who would have had to go to             And for all of this, we want to thank
Center’s 90th year, it’s easy to focus on the   hospitals out of town were able to stay          you. None of our accomplishments
new buildings and the new partnerships          in Turlock because our new pediatric             would be possible without the
and new programs. And believe us, we’re         hospitalists provided care here.                 tremendous support from this community,
proud of them all.                              We delivered more than 3,000 babies,             and all these new buildings and
                                                                                                 equipment and programs wouldn’t
It’s more important, though, to remember        conducted more than 10,000 surgeries,
                                                                                                 have opened last year without your
what all these buildings and programs           and made some 17   ,000 home health and
                                                                                                 generosity. But please don’t just look at
and partnerships mean in the lives of           hospice visits. Whatever the stage of life
                                                                                                 the buildings. Think about the people
real families.                                  and whatever the need, the people of this
                                                                                                 they serve – the babies coming into the
                                                community found care here, at Emanuel.
For instance: Our new Critical Care                                                              world, the kids hurt and scared after
Center is the most complete and modern          Not everyone could afford their                  a bicycle spill, the families facing an
emergency department in Stanislaus              care, and Emanuel provided $39                   illness and the people at the end of
County. But what we’re proud of isn’t the       million in community benefit activities          life, able to approach it with dignity
building; it’s that last year we were able      – uncompensated care, reimbursement              and grace.
to treat nearly 57  ,000 people in that         shortfalls and the like. We’ve worked hard
                                                                                                 Because of you, they find care here.
emergency department. Some were sick,           to attract new physicians to Turlock and
many were injured, and some just didn’t         the communities nearby – bringing more
have any other place to go. They found          than two dozen to the area in the past two
care here.                                      years – and will continue those efforts.         John R. Sigsbury, President & CEO

                                                                                                 Jennifer C. Larson, Board Chair

                                                         BOARD MEMBERS
              Jennifer Larson- Chair                                                         David Dwight - ex--officio
              Walter de Bruyn- Vice Chair                                                    Bob Field
              Art DeRooy- Treasurer                                                          Wade Fullmer
              John Ferrari- Secretary                                                        Rob Hillberg
              Amin Ashrafzadeh, M.D. - Chief, Medical Staff                                  Jim Pallios
              Joseph Higgins, M.D., PhD. - Vice Chief, Medical Staff                         Marlene Stante
              Paul Carmichael, M.D. - Secretary, Medical Staff                               Tom Wilson, M.D.
              Jim Ahlem
                                            John R. Sigsbury - President & CEO, ex-officio

                                                                                                                                                     SPRING 2008

A Knockout 90th Year
There are good years, there are great                  2007’s accomplishments, and even she’s
years, and then there’s 2007 – Emanuel                 staggered by all they’ve done.                          established Emanuel Cancer Endowment.
Medical Center’s 90th year.                            “You just have to be in awe of the growth               “It’s become an essential part of the
“We accomplished many things in 2007,”                 that’s happened here in the last seven                  business model,” Sigsbury explained.
said Emanuel CEO and President John                    years,” she said. “The face of the hospital             “You can’t rely on philanthropy for all
Sigsbury, understating things wildly. “It              has changed.”                                           the funding, of course, but we really do
started on January second and just                                                                             rely on community support to make these
                                                       Sigsbury said the changes have come
kept going.”                                                                                                   projects happen.”
                                                       after years of planning and work,
It all began with the emergency room and               and all of them have been made to                       The community support has another
intensive care unit opening in the new                 give Turlock the health services the                    important benefit as well. It’s one of the
Emanuel Critical Care Center that second               community deserves.                                     factors that helps the hospital attract new
day of January.                                                                                                doctors to the area.
                                                       “Our focus is always on the highest
The Emanuel Medical Plaza followed soon                quality,” Sigsbury said. “We never want                 “They see the commitment to the
after, with the Stanford                                                                                                     community being made
Emanuel Radiation                                                   Fundraising Totals                                       by the hospital and the
Oncology Center                                                            Gifts In-Kind                                     commitment to the hospital
treating patients                                                          $62,100.00
                                                                                         Emergency Department                being made by the
                                                 *Estate Gift Expectancies               $369,721.68
by March.                                        $500,000.00                                                                 community, and they know
The third floor of the                                                                                                       they’ll have a successful
Critical Care Center
                                                                                                         General Operating   practice here,”

opened in May with                                                                                                           Sigsbury said.
private patient rooms.                                                                                         Education
                                                                                                               Scholarship    So what’s left to do
Emanuel launched                                                                                               $12,270.00     in 2008? A lot of
a partnership with                                                                                                            reorganizing.
                                  Hospice of Emanuel
Children’s Hospital                                                                                                           Emanuel plans to double the
Central California to                                                                                                         size of its laboratories and
provide full-time pediatric                                                                                                   pharmacy and relocate the
hospitalists at Emanuel,                                                                                                      pediatric unit to a new area
helping local children                                                                          *Emanuel Cancer Endowment
                                                                                                                              in the hospital. A cardiac
receive the care they                 Thank You!                                                                              catheterization lab is also in
need right in Turlock.                                                                                                        the works, but not scheduled
                                                       Total Generosity from our Community in FY2008
                                                                                                                              to open in 2008.
The hospital opened                                               $2,601,977.63
                                                                       * Includes Receivables
the Emanuel Physician’s                                                                                                        “This next year, we’re going
Center in October, not only bringing more              to provide just a so-so response.                       to try to get all of our 24/7 departments
new primary care doctors to town, but                  People can get a so-so response a                       in the right place with the right square
giving patients without a primary care                 half-hour away. We are committed to                     footage to do their jobs,” Sigsbury said.
physician a convenient new option                      providing the highest quality physicians,               “We’ve grown a lot and have to address
for treatment.                                         the highest quality technology, and an                  the infrastructure.”
                                                       attractive facility to put it all in.”
And if that wasn’t enough, the hospital                                                                        The hospital has another long-term plan
began the Emanuel Cancer Endowment,                    And community support helps make it                     as well.
a permanent fund that will provide cancer              happen. Since the hospital’s Legacy Circle
                                                                                                               “Our goal is to have a huge celebration
services to Turlock-area patients for                  annual giving campaign began in 2001,
                                                                                                               for our 100th anniversary,” Sigsbury said.
generations to come.                                   community volunteers have raised $9.2
                                                                                                               If the hospital’s 90th year is any indication,
                                                       million for Emanuel projects. Projects like
Shirley Pok, the hospital’s Vice President of                                                                  it ought to be a heck of a party.
                                                       the Mary Stuart Rogers Birthing Center,
Development, led the fundraising
                                                       the Critical Care Center, and the newly
efforts that helped pay for many of                                                                                                                            

Hospice of Emanuel Helps Families at Life’s End
(Hospice, Cont. from page 1)                                                                    “I called Hospice immediately,” Bob says.
They slowed down a bit in 2003 when                “I was just standing there, blinking my      “They were here in 12 minutes. And they
Bob’s mobility started to slip. But their          teary eyes, and they called all the shots,   did everything. They called the funeral
days were still busy and happy, filled with        gently and sweetly. I don’t know what I      home, they stripped the bed. I was just
family, friends and each other.                    would have done without them.”               standing there, blinking my teary eyes,
                                                          -Bob Ranes                            and they called all the shots, gently and
In July 2007 life changed. MaryAnn was                                                          sweetly. I don’t know what I would have
75 and very active – swimming laps,              And he did, for a while, until MaryAnn         done without them.”
riding her bike – but all of sudden even a       could no longer make it from the recliner
trip to the store would wear her out. Their                                                     That’s the line you hear over and over
                                                 (where she preferred to sleep) to the
family physician ran tests and didn’t like                                                      when people talk of their Hospice of
                                                 bathroom. Bob called his doctor and said,
what we saw. He sent her to Emanuel’s                                                           Emanuel experience. Nancy Santos lost
                                                 “I can’t do it anymore.”
cancer center, where doctors ran more                                                           her husband, Melvin, on April 4, 2007  .
                                                 Within 20 minutes, a Hospice of Emanuel        She says Hospice helped her before,
tests. They, too, didn’t like what they saw.
                                                 nurse showed up at his door.                   during and after.
In November 2007 the Ranes learned that
MaryAnn had pancreatic cancer that had           “She was like some kind of angel.” Bob         “They came out four months before my
migrated to her liver. Surgery, chemotherapy     said. “I knew she couldn’t make MaryAnn        husband died and took a huge burden off
and radiation were long-shot options.            well, but she could make her comfortable.”     my shoulders,” Nancy says. “They were
“Doctors didn’t see much light at the end        By the end of that day, Hospice of             such a comfort. They helped us through the
                                                 Emanuel had a hospital bed set up in the       process, step by step.”
                                                 Ranes’ living room. They helped arrange        Melvin was well until the last week of his
                                                 for 12-hour, and then 24-hour, home            life, Nancy says.
                                                 health care.
                                                                                                “And he was never in horrible pain,”
                                                 “That allowed me to get some sleep,” Bob       she says. “They were so good about
                                                 says. “Not much, but some. So I was able       managing his pain.”
                                                 to stay healthy.”
                                                                                                Scott Atherton says Hospice of Emanuel
                                                 Hospice of Emanuel staff did what they         helped his mother, Dorothy Atherton,
                                                 always do: Whatever needed to be done.         through her final months of life.
                                                 They helped manage MaryAnn’s pain.
                                                                                                “You should have seen her face when
                                                 They answered questions – not over the
                                                                                                they arrived at her home to sing Christmas
                                                 phone but in person. They showed up and
    Hospice of Emanuel staff Sandy Ricardo and                                                  carols,” Scott says. “It made her feel so
    Tammy McCorkle with Bob Ranes.               helped the couple prepare for and under-
                                                                                                special. They were so attentive to all of us,
                                                 stand what would come next.
                                                                                                when she was feeling badly and when
of the tunnel, even with all that,” Bob says.    Bob woke up fairly rested on the morning       she was feeling well.”
“MaryAnn said, ‘No.’ She just wanted to                                 .
                                                 of December 13, 2007 As always, he
live out the time she had left.”                                                                That’s exactly the care Dr. MacLaren wants
                                                 made his way down the hall to MaryAnn’s
                                                                                                Hospice of Emanuel to provide.
Bob got around with a walker and a               bed, took her hand, kissed her fingers and
scooter. His doctor worried that he              said, “Good morning, sweetheart.”              “Death is a part of life,” Dr. MacLaren
wouldn’t be able to care for MaryAnn                                                            says. “We need to do all we can do to
                                                 MaryAnn was just barely awake. Bob
by himself.                                                                                     ensure our patients live their fullest lives,
                                                 went to the kitchen and shared a cup of
                                                                                                right to the very end.”
“But I convinced him I could do it,”             coffee with the home health care nurse.
Bob says.                                        The nurse went to check on MaryAnn a
                                                                                                For more information about Hospice of
                                                 few minutes later. She returned in tears.
                                                                                                Emanuel, call (209) 664-2550.
                                                 MaryAnn had passed away.

                                                                                                                                   SPRING 2008

Chief of Medical Staff Sees Emanuel’s Role Clearly
                      On a particularly        Wilson as the Chief of Medical Staff            corneal transplant surgery called IntraLase
                      cold and wet             at Emanuel.                                     Enabled Keratoplasty.
                      November day in
                                               An eye surgeon and a fellowship-trained         “Our work can dramatically improve
                      Boston in 2001, Dr.
                                               cataract, cornea and LASIK specialist, Dr.      a patient’s quality of life and it is very
                      Amin Ashrafzadeh
                                               Ash brings many advanced techniques             gratifying,” he said. “It is very rewarding
                      decided to find a
                                               and ever-changing technology to Turlock         to be able to provide some of the most
                      job in California.       and Stanislaus County. How advanced?            advanced, cutting-edge technology
                     But it was more than      “We offer bifocal lens implants during          available for patient care, and furthermore
the weather that brought him to Turlock.       cataract surgery” he said. “Then the            to have the opportunity to introduce them
                                               patients don’t need glasses after cataract      to this community.”
“The hospital is an incredibly important
                                               surgery at all, not for reading, not
pillar of a community,” he explained.                                                          Dr. Ash’s role at Emanuel is to be the
                                               for distance.”
“You look at the schools, the                                                                  liaison between the medical providers and
universities, the fine arts, and you           Dr. Ash opened the Central Valley’s             the hospital administration, helping ensure
look at the hospitals.”                        only iLASIK vision center, the Northern         excellence across the board.
                                               California Laser Center. iLASIK
Ophthalmologist Dr. Ash (as he’s widely                                                        “Emanuel is a wonderful place that
                                               (CustomVue, Iris Registration, IntraLase
known) liked what he saw in Turlock - and                                                      provides incredible care for its patients,”
                                               LASIK eye surgery) is the most advanced
not just at Emanuel.                                                                           he said. “We must support and nurture
                                               form of LASIK eye surgery and the only          this strong community pillar to continue
“I love the people in this community,” he      laser vision correction surgery approved        improving. I’m proud to be a part
said. “You can’t find a greater group of       for the U.S. Air Force, Navy TopGun             of that.”
people; they’re so appreciative and kind.      pilots and the NASA astronauts. Dr. Ash
It’s a wonderful community to practice in.”    is also one of only a handful of surgeons       Dr. Ash’s office is at 880 Delbon Avenue,
                                               worldwide performing many of the newer          and he can be reached at 634-2925.
Dr. Ash came to Turlock in 2002 at the
                                               and more advanced corneal transplant            You can find him on the web at
Turlock Eye Physicians Medical Group,
                                               techniques. In fact he is the first in and
where he is now a partner with Daniel
                                               Northern California to offer a new laser
Lee, MD. He recently succeeded Dr. Tom

                           Legacy Circle 2007 Corporate Members
Emanuel Medical Center is grateful for our relationship with civic-minded businesses that distinguish themselves as “Corporate Partners of
  Emanuel” through their annual Legacy Circle gift. This past year, our partners helped to establish the Emanuel Cancer Endowment.
                We admire their philanthropic spirit and thank them for supporting our advancements in patient care.

                                                  Cornerstone Members

                                                    Milestone Members

                                                    Gemstone Members


                                               Volunteers Give Much More Than Time
(Volunteers, Cont. from page 1)

 “I love seeing the students and our
veteran volunteers working side-by-side,”
says Regina Amador, director of the
hospital’s volunteer services. “Every day
I see teaching, guidance and new
friendships developing.”
More than a third of the volunteers are
students seeking experience and a testing
ground to make sure the medical
profession is where they want to be. The
rest are men and women – many of them
retired – who volunteer to stay active and
involved in a good cause.
“If I didn’t volunteer, I’d just be bored at
home,” says Corrie VandePol, who’s been
working in the gift shop for 10 years.

                                                 Volunteers show off their brand new uniforms.

                                                                                                 saw one of our patients at Taco Bell, and I
                                                “The truth is, volunteers are our best
                                                                                                 got to give him a hug there, too!”
                                                recruiters,” she says. “People tell their
                                                friends and they decide to volunteer, too.”      “You get what you pay for”, the old adage
                                                Placement and training are the keys to           goes, but it’s not always true.
                                                retention, Regina says.                          The compassionate, hard-working
                                                “It’s important to put volunteers in areas       volunteers at Emanuel Medical Center
                                                where they can shine,” she says. “We try         prove sometimes you can find excellence
                                                to determine their strengths and interests so    for free.
                                                they can serve where they best fit.”
    School age volunteers serve patients and                                                                   New Volunteer
    families, too!                              And training matters, Regina says.                      Orientation Training Sessions
                                                “You need to give them the tools they need                     2008 Schedule
“Besides, it makes me feel good.”
                                                to get the job done.”                            All new volunteers are required to attend
Volunteer Carol Litfin agrees.
                                                                                                 an orientation. For 2008, the orientation
“It feels good to give back to the              Back at the concierge desk at Emanuel’s
                                                                                                 classes will be held from 6:30 to 8:00
community,” she says, stocking shelves with     cancer center, Barbara Oliver says she’s         p.m. on the dates listed below. For more
big-eyed stuffed animals. “And I like the       right where she belongs.                         information, call the Office of Volunteer
                                                                                                 Services at 664-5190.
girls I work with. We’ve become friends.”       “I really get to know the patients and the
Colleagues wonder how Regina does it.                                                            May 20, 2008      Conference   Rooms   D   &   E
                                                families who come here,” she says. “I greet
                                                                                                 June 17, 2008     Conference   Rooms   D   &   E
How does she manage to recruit so many          them when they enter and sometimes sit           July 15, 2008     Conference   Rooms   D   &   E
excellent volunteers?                           with them while they wait. The other day, I      August 19, 2008   Conference   Rooms   D   &   E

                                                                                                                                                               SPRING 2008

Tribute Gifts
The following commemorative gifts represent
                                                                      DONNA GORE                       MRS. ARGERY PALLIOS                Mr. & Mrs. Morris E. Ramont
contributions received between October 1, 2007                        Mr. & Mrs. Roland Ferrari        Dr. Charles Balisha                Mr. & Mrs. Jerald Sanders
and February 29, 2008. The names of the                               MRS. KAY HALL                    MARIAN PALMER                      Schmidt, Bettencourt & Medeiros
                                                                                                                                          Mrs. Beverly Smith
                                                                      Mrs. Sandra Berger               Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Cox
individuals honored and memorialized are                              MR. ED HALSEY                    Hillberg & Co. CPA                 Stanislaus Farm Supply Co., Inc.
                                                                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Teixeira
listed in bold print, followed by the name(s) of                      Mr. Dave Hallberg                Ms. Cynthia Palmer
                                                                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Trace Thomas
                                                                      ROBERT HAMPTON                   PAM’S FATHER
the donors.                                                           Mr. Bill Caruso                  Mr. & Mrs. William L. Huffman
                                                                                                                                          Valley Fresh Foods
                                                                                                                                          Valley Vettes
                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Louie Mendonca        ANNE PASSADORI                     Ms. Edna Yoshino
IN HONOR OF:                       RAYMOND DEVENPORT
                                                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Dallas Bache, Jr.
                                   Mr. & Mrs. John Heuer              HELEN BODIN HARRIS                                                  Mr. & Mrs. James T. Young
MR. & MRS. DOUGLAS D.                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Benson        Mrs. Riva Lee
                                   EMILY DIAS                                                                                             STANLEY SMITH
 DUNFORD                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Brian E. Elliott      MS. RUTH E. PERRY                  Mr. & Mrs. Ed McCart
Mrs. Dotti Wilkinson               Mr. & Mrs. Joe Cabral
                                                                      Mr. Robert T. Harris, Sr.        Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cooper           Mr. & Mrs. Doug Merritt
                                   Mr. & Mrs. A. George Johnson       IMOGENE HENDON                   ALEXANDRA JANE POINDEXTER          STANLEY A. SMITH
Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Alvernaz                                            Ms. Linda Hendon                 Dr. Wayne Bigelow                  Ms. Diana Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Shabazian        Mr. & Mrs. David J. Vasconcellos
                                                                      ALICE HERRMANN                   LILLIAN POSEY                      Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cooper
MR. & MRS. ROGER MINABE            DONNA DOORNEWAARD                                                                                      Ms. Deborah Sue Estes
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Derk Van Konynenburg    Mr. & Mrs. Wally Ray             Ms. Paula Hill
Mrs. Dotti Wilkinson                                                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Don Hicks &
                                   DANNY DUGRANRUT                    JO ANNE HOBBS                    PEGGY POSSON
MR. & MRS. HARRY NISHIHARA                                            Mr. Dan Hobbs                    Mr. Robert T. Harris, Sr.           Mary Santos
Mrs. Dotti Wilkinson               Mr. & Mrs. Dallas Bache, Jr.                                                                           Ms. Donna Hoover
                                   SHERREE DUTEY-RAY                  WANDA HUTCHISEN                  MARYANN RANES                      Ms. Susan L. Labuga
MR. & MRS. DAVE WILKINSON                                             Mr. Jerry Cerro                  Mr. Clark Hollis                   Peterson’s Garage
Mrs. Dotti Wilkinson               Mr. & Mrs. William Doerksen
                                                                      HARRY E. JOHNSTON                Mr. & Mrs. Hal W. Skinner, Jr.     Mr. & Mrs. D. Robles
                                   Mr. Jerry Bauerlein Cox            Mr. & Mrs. John R. Adams         BUD G. RAYMOND                     Ms. Norma Severance
Mrs. Dotti Wilkinson                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Dallas Bache, Jr.     Mr. & Mrs. Joe Brawley             Mr. & Mrs. Richard Silva
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Francis D. Hart
YOUNGDALE’S                        Ms. Dorothy Larson                 Mr. Charles ‘Al’ Cortopassi      Ms. Jo-Ann Green                   DORTHY SOUZA
Ms. Daphne Ritchie                 Sunshine Committee Sonoma          Mr. & Mrs. John Ferrari          Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hazlett          Mr. & Mrs. Norman Lucas
                                   Mr. and Mrs. John R. Zank          Ms. Barbara Gray                 Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas J. Poplawski
                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Doug Merritt          Steiner Development LLC            JESS WILLIAM STEED
                                   MRS. DUELINDA ESPINOLA                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Gordon D. Robinson
IN MEMORY OF:                      Ms. Olive Avila                    SHARON JOHNSTON                  MR. WILSON L. REESER               Mr. Don A. Sorrells
ELMER ANDERSON                     Ms. Diane and Mary Barcellos       YLI El Gabilon Institute #172    Mr. Robert T. Harris, Sr.
                                                                                                                                          HAROLD SWANSON
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Lucas            Mr. Alan Damas                     HENRY JOY                        ADELINE M. ROCHA                   Mrs. Belletta Swanson
Mr. & Mrs. Ed McCart               Ms. Mildred Damas                  Mrs. Margaret Tosta              Mr. & Mrs. Edward George
                                                                                                       Ms. Kathy Vaz                      VERLE SWENSON
MRS. MAJKEN ARAKELIAN              Mr. & Mrs. R.C. Marriott           GURMET KAUR MANN                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Steve Volk
Dr. Charles Balisha                SAMIA FAHMY                        Ms. Celeste Ameer                ERNEST ROSE
                                                                                                       Mrs. Belmira H. Rose               MR. EDWARD VACSONCELLOS
RICK ARDIS                         Mr. & Mrs. Bob Field               JAMES KING                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Elwood Berglund
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Dykzeul        Mr. & Mrs. Kenny Fischer           Ms. Mary Chiesa                  ROBERT SCHENKE                     Mr. Tomas Bettencourt
Mr. Teryl Jackson                  Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Freeberg    Mr. & Mrs. Larry Date            Mr. Robert T. Harris, Sr.          Mrs. Dorothy Matheron
Teichert Construction              Mr. & Mrs. Peter Gemperle          Mr. & Mrs. Roland Ferrari        Mrs. Hope Schenke                  Edwin H. Smith & Sons
                                   Mr. & Mrs. William Gibbs           Fraser Farms
MRS. DOROTHY ATHERTON                                                                                  DONNA BELLE SCOTT                  RITO VELAZQUEZ
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Mark M. Kirkes          Ms. Kimberly Anne Kajioka
Dr. Charles Balisha                                                                                    Ms. Eunice Kline                   Mr. & Mrs. Mike Heller
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Larson             Mr. & Mrs. John L. Machado
LAURENE BABELLE                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. O’Hair        Mr. Ernest Quinones
                                   Ms. Gloria Ramos                   Magallon Construction Co, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Honore                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Loren Scanlon           Ms. Jean Weinhardt
                                   Mr. & Mrs. John R. Sigsbury        Mr. & Mrs. J. Dane Mills
ALICE P. BAILEY                    Ms. Sue Streeter                   Mr. & Mrs. Ralph J. Serpa        SHARON SERPA                       Westvalley Construction
Mrs. Ardath B. Rhoads              MANUEL FARIA                       Mr. & Mrs. Leon E. Stone         Mr. & Mrs. Roy Wayne Blevins       ALFRED VIERRA
LUETTA BAKER                       Mr. & Mrs. John Souza              Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Vierra       LOWELL SESE                        Ms. Kathy Vaz
Ms. Diana Brown                    Mrs. Margaret Tosta                BONNIE LARSON                    Mr. & Mrs. David J. Vasconcellos   ROBERT AND MARY WALTERS
MRS. LILLIAN E. BALISHA            EMMA LEE FARRIS                    Mr. & Mrs. William Doerksen      NORMAN SHAPIRO                     Mr. & Mrs. Everett Allen
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Volk              Ms. Annabelle Pinhiero             ERWIN LEE                        Agri Health System, Inc.           LELAND WALTON
Mrs. Karal Yohanan                 ALICE FERRERIA                     Mr. & Mrs. Roy Wayne Blevins     RUTH SHERMAN                       Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Reinitz
FRED BELTRAN                       Mr. & Mrs. Reginald Spensley       ELAINE LIBBY                     Mr. & Mrs. Jim Ahlem               Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Reinitz
Mrs. Julie Bettencourt             TORREY FIORINI                     Mr. & Mrs. Norman Lucas          B & D Dairy                        JANA WARDA
MR. CECIL BERTALOTTO               Mr. Brent Bohlender                OUIDA MARCHANT                   Mr. & Mrs. Walter H. Brown         Mr. & Mrs. Steve Volk
Mr. & Mrs. Merl Clark              Mr. & Mrs. Duane Fiorini           Mr. & Mrs. Elwood Berglund       Mr. & Mrs. J.D. Burnette           JOHN & LEONA WING
Mr. & Mrs. Scott J. Fernandes      Ms. Joan A. Griffin                                                 Clauss Dairy Farms                 Mr. & Mrs. Gordon J. Lundgren
                                                                      CHARLENE MARSHALL                D & E Jerseys
Mr. & Mrs. C.A. Pinheiro           Ms. Beverley P. Harrison           Ms. Bonnie Alexander                                                MRS. LEONA WING
Ms. Audrey Sumpter                 Ms. May O. Mikkelsen                                                Mr. & Mrs. Leonard J. Gomes        Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Adams
                                                                      Mr. Joseph Mederios              Mr. & Mrs. Sam Minturn
ROLLY BIGELOW                      Mr. & Mrs. Dieter Renning                                                                              Ms. Camille Boyd
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Ivan T. Stinson         MRS. BETTY MAR-ELIA              Nyman Brothers Dairy
Dr. Wayne Bigelow                                                     Ms. Anna Marie Calabrese                                            Mrs. Shirley Doerksen
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Stinson                                             Mr. & Mrs. Victor F. Perry         Mr. Robert T. Harris, Sr.
VIRGIE FLORENE BOYD                Mrs. Pamela Ann Taylor             MARY’S MOTHER                    Mr. & Mrs. Eldon R. Rash
Mr. & Mrs. Gerry Jensen                                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Johnson
                                   Mr. & Mrs. David J. Vasconcellos   Mrs. Betty Carder                Mr. & Mrs. Chris C. Seward         Mr. & Mrs. Dan Olson
Ms. Helen Martin                                                                                       Mrs. Pauline Seward
                                   MARIBETH FLEMING                   PATRICK MC GILL                                                     Ms. Linda Posegate
DOROTHY BUCK                                                                                           Mr. Raymond Sherman                Mr. & Mrs. Louis G. Rubino
                                   Capt. & Mrs. Alan Wilson           Dr. Wayne Bigelow
Mr. & Mrs. Walter H. Brown                                                                             Mr. Roger Sherman                  Mr. & Mrs. David L. Stevens
                                   E.V. & RILLA FLETCHER              ARLINE MORD                      Ms. Evelyn J. Silva
BARBARA BUCKMASTER                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Dick Bergstrom                                           Ms. Lynda Vaughan
Ms. Dory Brizendine                Mr. Danny Fletcher                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Teixeira        Mr. & Mrs. Neil Ward
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Eugene V. Fletcher      Mr. & Mrs. John Ferrari          Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Wickstrom
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Erickson                                              Mr. & Mrs. Jerry De Graff                                           Mr. & Mrs. William P. Youngdale
Mr. & Mrs. Nel E. Gardenhire       Mr. Jimmy Fletcher                                                  Yosemite Farm Credit, ACA
                                   Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Fletcher        Mr. & Mrs. Rod V. Nylund         Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Yotsuya          COY WRIGHT
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Hardester                                                                                                                Mr. Robert T. Harris, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry M. Hougland       Mr. Martin Fletcher                MS. LUCILLE MORD                 CHRIS SMITH
Mr. & Mrs. John Schwab             Mr. & Mrs. Mike Fletcher           Mr. & Mrs. Dick Bergstrom        Mr. Dave Hallberg                  FERN YEAGER
                                   Ms. Renie Fletcher                 Hilmar Beauty Salon                                                 Ms. Diana Brown
MAXINE MAY CARLSON                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fletcher         Mr. & Mrs. A. George Johnson     HERBERT SMITH
Mrs. LoRayne Holmes                Ms. Pauline Ina Mode               Ms. Barbara Julien               A. L. Gilbert Company
GUY L. CLINTON                     Mr. & Mrs. Robert Spurlock         Mr. & Mrs. John Kling            A.M. Electric, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. H.G. Porter             Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Summerlot    Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Prine           Allen Mortuary
                                   Mr. & Mrs. John Vandeburg                                           Mr. Joe Areias
MRS. JANIE COATS                                                      BESSIE MYERS                     The Bianchi Family
Mrs. Emma M. Smith                 MRS. RILLA FLETCHER                Mr. & Mrs. Lauren Campbell       California Nut Company
MR. JOE COELHO                     Ms. Edrie F. Dick                  JIM NELSON                       Mrs. Janie Coats
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Lucas            Ms. Yvonne Fortado                 Mr. & Mrs. William Doerksen      Mr. & Mrs. William Doerksen
                                   Valley Distributors, Inc.          Mr. & Mrs. Rod V. Nylund         Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Fernandes
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Coppinger          SALLY FRANCESCHINI                 RUTH IVY O’BARR                  Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Gilbert
Mrs. Esther Norton                 Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Gonsalves        Ms. Wyona Hovick                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gioletti
MS. ELIZABETH CRANSTON             DORIS FROST                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Harden
                                                                      KEN OLIVER                       Merced Hesston, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Harold E. Jandebeur     Mrs. Lillian Jerome                Mr. & Mrs. Ray Falke             Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Nelson
GERALD CROWLEY                     ANITA GARDNER                      Mr. & Mrs George L. Price        Mr. & Mrs. Darrold Nutcher
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Honore             Mr. & Mrs. David J. Vasconcellos   ALBERT OUSHANA                   Mr. & Mrs. Danny C. O’Day
JO DE-JONG                         LUIZ F. GOMES                      Ms. Julia Roberts                Mr. & Mrs. Edward Olson
Turlock Newcomers & Friends Club   Mrs. Inez Gomes                    Mrs. Karal Yohanan               Mr. & Mrs. Stan H. Olson                                              
                                         825 Delbon Avenue
                                          Turlock, CA 95382
                                                                                        Community Health Education
                                                                                                  Class Schedule April – August 2008
Information and Patient Rooms ... (209) 667-4200
Central Scheduling/Admitting ...................669-4600
Chaplain ....................................................669-2399   CHILDBIRTH PREPARATION                          Spanish One Day Intensive
Diabetes Services......................................664-2584         Call (209) 664-2580 for further information.    Childbirth Class
Education Department...............................664-2580             Pre-registration is required.                   Saturday, Noon – 4 p.m.
Emergency Services..................................664-2790                                                            Conference Room D&E
Home Care Services of Emanuel ...............664-2500                   Weekend Childbirth Preparation Class            Fee: $25
Hospice of Emanuel ..................................664-2550           Saturday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.                      April 19, June 21, August 16
Human Resources.....................................664-5900            Sunday, 1 p.m.– 5 p.m.
Laboratory ................................................664-2800
Legacy Circle/Office of
                                                                        Conference Room C                               Car Seat Safety Class
Development.............................................664-5180        Fee: $40                                        Monday, 6 p.m.– 7:30 p.m.
Medical Records/Health                                                  May 17 & 18, June 7 & 8, July 12 & 13           Conference Room D&E
Information Services.................................664-5650           August 9 & 10                                   May 20
Radiology/Imaging....................................664-2820                                                           (Merced County Classes: Call 381-1136)
Social Services..........................................664-2870       Seven Week Childbirth                           Spanish Car Seat Safety Programs
Surgery Center..........................................664-2770        Preparation Series                              Seated for Safety: Call 668-5580
TTY-Hearing Impaired Only.......................632-4102                7 p.m. – 9 p.m.                                 Keep Baby Safe: Call 558-5656
Volunteer Services ....................................664-5190
                                                                        Conference Room C
              951 E. Monte Vista Avenue                                 Fee: $55                                        CARDIO PULMONARY RESUSCITATION
Patient Billing Office..................................664-5100        May 15, 22, 29, June 5, 12, 19, 26              Call (209) 664-2580 for further
             1801 N. Olive Avenue                                       July 10, 17, 24, 31 August 7, 14, 21
                                                                                                                        information. Pre-registration is required.
Brandel Manor ..........................................667-5600
Cypress of Emanuel ..................................664-2990
                                                                                                                        CPR Renewal
                                                                        Sibling Preparation Class                       Wednesdays           Thursdays
                                                                        Wednesday, 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.                   9 a.m. – noon        2 p.m. – 5 p.m.
             2121 Colorado Avenue
Emanuel Physician Center.........................664-5175               Conference Room C                               May 7, July 16         Apr. 10, Jun. 5, Aug. 7
Emanuel Rehabilitation Center..................664-2520                 Fee: $15
Ruby E. Bergman Women’s Center ...........664-5168                      May 21, July 16

                 3900 Geer Road
Turlock Imaging Services..........................669-0600
                                                                             HOSPICE OF EMANUEL ONGOING SUPPORT GROUPS & CLASSES
             880 E. Tuolumne Road
Stanford Emanuel Radiation                                                                    Please call (209) 664-2550 for more information.
Oncology Center .......................................664-5030
                                                                                      Adult General Grief and Education Support Group
     Emanuel Gift Shop Hours:                                                                              (Evenings)
 Monday - Thursday: 9:30 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.                                                               Loss of Spouse
     Friday: 9:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
       Saturday: 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.
        Sunday: 1 p.m. - 3 p.m.                                                              Bereaved Parents - Loss of a Child
       Are you receiving more                                                                       Children’s Grief Class
        than one Heartbeat?                                                                        (After school Ages 6-12)
     Please clip the mailing label from                                                            Adolescents Grief Class
     the unwanted copy and send it to                                                               (Evenings Ages 13-18)
     us, with a note requesting that we                                                    Caring for the Caregiver Support Group
              cancel the copy.                                                                             (Evenings)
          Emanuel Medical Center
                                                                                                 One-on-One Grief Support
           Office of Development                                                                (Available by Appointment)
   825 Delbon Avenue • Turlock, CA 95382
                       (209) 664-5180

                                                                                                                                                        Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                                                                         U.S. Postage
    HeartBeat is a publication of
    Emanuel Medical Center Office of Development
                                                                                                                                                           PAID                                                                                                                                Turlock, CA
    TEL: (209) 664-5180
    FAX: (209) 664-5187                                                                                                                                 Permit No. 197

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    Graphic Design: Nishihara/Wilkinson Design, Inc.
    Photography: Bill Wood, Stewart Schulze

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