GreyStone earns top safety score by ps94506


									V    O   L   U   M    E    9      /         N    U    M   B    E   R     4      /      F     E    B   R   U   A   R   Y     2   0     0   9

GreyStone earns top safety score,
completes 2008 with no lost-time accidents
     GreyStone Power earned safety              their safety is paramount to us, as is the
accreditation from the National Rural           safety of the public.”
Electric Cooperative Association                     GreyStone Director of Safety and
(NRECA) with flying colors in Novem-            Loss Control Blake Pendley oversaw the
ber. In addition, the Cooperative com-          accreditation process, bringing in safety
pleted the 2008 year with no lost-time          professionals from cooperative and insur-
accidents, for perhaps the first time in        ance firms from around the country to
its 72-year history.                            evaluate GreyStone’s commitment to
     “As far as we know, GreyStone until        safety. “The accreditation process gives
now has never completed a year with             us a chance to check our progress and            Safety and Loss Control Director Blake
zero lost-time accidents,” says Gary            see how we’re doing in comparison to             Pendley and President/CEO Gary
Miller, GreyStone Power President/              other cooperatives. It gives us a way to         Miller with the NRECA plaque
CEO. “It is a major accomplishment,             have outside inspectors come in and              awarding safety accreditation.
something we have always striven for,           look at us and tell us how we can
yet never quite been able to do. Every          improve our safety processes. Our safety         written application, to determine a
employee has to be committed to this or         success has a lot to say about our               score and grant accreditation. Not only
it doesn’t happen, so every employee            employees. It means something to them            is accreditation gained through a safe
shares in this accomplishment. A lot of         to earn high scores, because it means            work environment, inspectors also
credit goes to our men working outside          that we are all working safely. I’m very         examine the structure and productivity
and on the lines, who have to overcome          pleased that we earned a 96 percent              of GreyStone’s facilities and property.
many obstacles in the work they do to           score in the accreditation process, and a        Examiners observe the construction
realize a year with no accidents. Obvi-         2008 year free of lost-time accidents is         and maintenance of power lines, trans-
ously they have made safety a priority in       quite a milestone.”                              formers, substations, right of way, and
2008,” he says.                                      NRECA meets with safety profes-             any property owned by the Coopera-
     “I couldn’t be more pleased that we        sionals to compile criteria that cover           tive. The accreditation is NRECA’s
have shown we can work safely, and we           safety, regulatory compliance and pub-           recognition of GreyStone’s dedication
will continue to keep safety top priori-        lic liability issues facing the industry.        to employee and public safety and com-
ty. Our employees are our most impor-           The process is a two-part test, com-             mitment to regulatory compliance and
tant assets and our keys to success;            prised of on-site observation and a              loss-control practices.

Rising fuel costs lead to power cost adjustment
     As in most months, members will            to generate power during that particu-           been incorporated into the base rate
note a power cost adjustment (PCA)              lar month.                                       change that took place Nov. 1, 2008,
charge on their electric bills in Febru-            Fuel costs are evaluated to deter-           rising fuel costs mandated that a PCA
ary. The PCA is a variable monthly              mine how much of a PCA charge is                 charge be added to the bills beginning
fuel charge levied on members’ bills            necessary in order to recoup additional          Jan. 1, 2009. The current PCA rate is
that covers the cost of the fuels (coal,        costs of fuels used to generate the              .007897 percent.
natural gas, nuclear, renewables) used          power. Although PCA charges had                                                     GA08370B

    V I S I T        U S   O N        T H E          W E B :       W W W . G R E Y S T O N E P O W E R . C O M
                                                                                                                                                     Meet Your
                                                                            Meet Your Employee
                                                                                 Apprentice Lineman I Casey Darden                                       You climb every day for nine weeks. You
                                                                            started working at GreyStone last June                                       also learn the equipment,” he says.
                                                                            after graduating from the apprentice line-                                        A typical work day for Casey starts by
                                                                            man program at DeKalb Technical Col-                                         stocking trucks with materials before going
                                                                            lege. Casey says the nine-week program                                       to a work site. Once at the site, Casey gets
                                                                            lets you experience what a lineman’s work                                    a job briefing on work conditions, and he
C asey Darden, Apprentice Lineman I                                         is all about. “Climbing is a big part of it.                                 is then responsible for assisting the line-

  GR E YST O N E. THE                                 P OWE R                OF       101 , 0 0 0              M EM BER -OW NER S                                   AND            T HEIR                F A M I L I E S.

  From FDR to today, affordable electricity still a co-op tradition
       As a GreyStone member, you are                                         his promised New Deal. Roosevelt’s
  part of a dependable electric member-                                       administration brought hope to Ameri-
  ship cooperative (EMC) offering some                                        ca, touching lives of citizens from all
  of the lowest electric rates in the nation.                                 walks of life—even poor farmers living
  GreyStone exists only to provide our                                        in powerless lands.
  membership with reliable electricity at                                           Roosevelt said, “The test of our
  the lowest possible cost, but that’s been                                   progress is not whether we add more to

  the idea of the Cooperative since its                                       the abundance of those who have much;
  inception in 1936. The history of rural                                     it is whether we provide enough for
  electrification and the tradition of pro-                                   those who have too little.” His dedica-                                     Rural electrification was made possible
  viding affordable electric service began                                    tion to progress and the establishment                                      through the support of leaders like
  in the darkness of despair, but with per-                                   of the REA helped to bring affordable                                       FDR and by citizens banding together
  severance gained success through a ray                                      electricity to rural areas and made it                                      to bring affordable power to their rural
  of hope.                                                                    more feasible for communities to obtain                                     communities.
       Nearly 90 percent of rural people                                      electric service. Soon power lines began
  lived and worked without electricity in                                     to sprout along country roads. By 1953,                                     good to reflect on the time when rural
  the 1930s. Investor-owned power com-                                        more than 90 percent of farms had elec-                                     areas were without electricity, and
  panies avoided rural areas that did not                                     tricity.                                                                    remember the very successful grassroots
  ensure immediate profit. Because of                                               Over the last 72 years, electric                                      effort that was rural electrification. It’s
  their remote locations and rural citizens’                                  cooperatives nationwide have worked                                         hard to imagine a world without elec-
  low wages, electricity in rural America                                     diligently to uphold President Roo-                                         tricity today.”
  seemed unlikely. Initiated by govern-                                       sevelt’s dedication and efforts toward                                           At 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh),
  ment intervention, hope for rural elec-                                     affordable electric service.                                                GreyStone’s electric rates from June
  trification became a reality through the                                          “It’s still our number one desire                                     through October 2007 were below
  Rural Electrification Administration                                        among EMCs to keep rates down as                                            Georgia Power’s rates and eighth overall
  (REA) created by President Franklin D.                                      with FDR,” says GreyStone Power Presi-                                      among 42 EMCs in Georgia. Winter
  Roosevelt in 1935.                                                          dent/CEO Gary Miller. “Providing reli-                                      rates from November through May 2008
       Entering his term in the midst of                                      able electricity at the lowest possible                                     undercut Georgia Power’s rates by more
  the Great Depression, President Roo-                                        cost is the cooperative way, and we                                         than 1.3 cents per kWh and ranked
  sevelt faced a nation of unemployment,                                      strive to continue the tradition that                                       third lowest among the state’s EMCs
  foreclosures and bank failures. He imme-                                    President Roosevelt began. We’re hon-                                       based on 1,000 kWh usage. GreyStone’s
  diately worked to provide relief, recov-                                    ored to provide such a critical and valu-                                   base rates are still some of the lowest in
  ery and reform for Americans through                                        able service to members. Sometimes it’s                                     the nation.

                                                                               Annual Statement of Nondiscrimination
       GreyStone Power Corporation is the recipient of federal financial      States on the basis of race, color, national origin, age or disability      Human Resources.
  assistance from the Rural Utilities Service, an agency of the U.S.          shall be excluded from participation in, admission or access to, denied           Any individuals, or specific class of individuals, who feel that this
  Department of Agriculture, and is subject to the provisions of Title VI     the benefits of, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination under any      organization has subjected them to discrimination may obtain further
  of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; Section 504 of the             of this organization’s programs or activities.                              information about the statutes and regulations listed above from and/or
  Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended; the Age Discrimination Act of            The person responsible for coordinating this organization’s nondis-    file a written complaint with this organization; or the Administrator,
  1975, as amended, which provide that no person in the United                crimination compliance efforts is Marcita Scharnhorst, Vice President,      Rural Utilities Service, 1120 20th St NW, Washington, DC 20036.

  2                V I S I T                 U S           O N              T H E           W E B :                W W W . G R E Y S T O N E P O W E R . C O M
men with anything they need. Usually         underground lines. He is learning about     month-old daughter, Naiyah. In his
he stays on one site for the remainder of    the underground power system, and in        leisure time, he enjoys playing basketball.
the day to build lines. He says safety is    select subdivisions, he works on lines           GreyStone linemen are on call 24
the most important aspect of his job.        that run underground.                       hours a day, 7 days a week, and even on
    Since he started at GreyStone,                Born and raised in Northwest Geor-     holidays, in case of power outages. Their
Casey’s responsibilities have changed to     gia, Casey currently lives in Gwinnett      dedication to keeping power on for mem-
include work on both overhead and            County with his wife, Shay, and 22-         bers keeps them always at the ready.

V I S I T       U S      O N      T H E          W E B :     W W W . G R E Y S T O N E P O W E R . C O M

 Cooperative Healthy Savings plan … here’s to better healthcare!
     Resolved to make this the year to       Dental Care                                       The Cooperative Healthy Savings
live healthier? GreyStone offers a dis-        • Members save 15% to 50% on                        plan helps members save on
count healthcare savings program that            everything from general den-                        their medical costs for just
can help achieving better health less            tistry and cleanings to root                                $4.25 per month!
expensive. Members now have access to            canals, crowns and orthodontia.
exclusive healthcare discounts through         • More than 71,000 available den-
the Cooperative Healthy Savings pro-             tal practice locations nationwide.
gram, an added benefit that expands on         • Save on routine dental services such
the discount pharmacy plan currently             as X-rays and fillings as well as on
administered by New Benefits through             specialty care such as orthodontics
the Co-op Connections program. For               and periodontics, where available.
just $4.25 per month, the entire family      Vision Care                                 extension to the
can receive valuable discounts on den-         • Save 20% to 60% on eyewear at           pharmacy discounts
tal, vision and hearing costs through an         more than12,000 locations nation-       administered by
easy-to-use savings card.                        wide (includes most frames, lenses      New Benefits, the Cooperative Healthy
     “Deductibles, gaps in coverage and          and specialty items.)                   Savings plan can offer members even
rising healthcare costs—out-of-pocket          • Save 10% to 30% on medical eye          more savings on their healthcare costs,”
expenses can add up to be substantial.           exams at select locations.              says Miller.
We’re glad to offer members a benefit          • Save 40% to 50% off the overall              To register for the program, visit
that can help reduce some healthcare             national average on LASIK surgery.
and treatment costs, especially during         • Save 10% to 40% on most brands of       3GA08 and click the “join now” button
difficult economic times,” says Grey-            replacement soft and gas-permeable      to the right of the screen. By calling
Stone Power President/CEO Gary                   contact lenses (includes disposables,   770-370-2600, you may also request an
Miller.                                          torics and bifocals through the mail-   application be mailed to you so you can
     The plan is NOT insurance; howev-           order service.)                         learn more about the program. For a
er, it can be used in addition to many       Hearing                                     modest payment of $4.25 per month or
insurance plans. The Cooperative               • Free hearing test and save 15% on       $50 per year, you’re connected to valu-
Healthy Savings program was designed             the retail cost of more than 70 mod-    able healthcare savings for the entire
to make healthcare more affordable               els of hearing aids at more than        family. All applications must be
through valuable discounts on medical            1,350 provider locations in the U.S.    returned to Cooperative Healthy Sav-
costs for electric cooperative members.          and Canada.                             ings, not to GreyStone Power.
By presenting the card at the time of          • Save 40% to 60% off average                  Once your application has been
service, members will receive an instant         National Retail Pricing on more         processed, you’ll receive two ready-to-
discount. The card may be used as many           than 100 makes and models of hear-      use Cooperative Healthy Savings cards
times as needed. Members, their spouse           ing aids through the mail-order         along with your membership kit that
and any legal dependents are all eligible        service.                                includes a list of local participating
to use it.                                                                               providers. Members can also locate
     The Cooperative Health Savings              “GreyStone members have saved           providers in their area by calling the
Card is accepted at thousands of             $250,000 on their pharmacy bills by         toll-free number on the back of their
providers nationwide with discounts          using the Co-op Connections Card, and       card or searching online at
that include:                                that program is alive and well. As an
GREYSTONE. THE              POWER           OF   101,000     MEMBER-OWNERS                AND      THEIR      F A M I L I E S.    3
Green Power EMC awarded nation’s leading
voluntary certification for renewable energy
     Green Power Electric Membership          of Green-e Energy Certified products             ient, yet effective way for members to
Corporation (GPEMC), a consortium of          undergo an annual verification audit to          make a significant contribution to ener-
38 EMCs including GreyStone Power             document that the company purchased              gy conservation and efficiency, and the
Corporation, has announced that its           and/or generated enough renewable                Green-e Energy Certification is one
renewable energy program received             energy, both in terms of quantity and            more way to let them know they are
Green-e Energy™ Certification from            type, to meet customer demand and                participating in a valuable program.”
the Center for Resource Solutions, the        marketing claims.
nation’s leading certification and verifi-         Through the GPEMC program, the              About Green Power EMC
cation program for renewable energy.          state’s electric cooperatives, representing           Green Power EMC is a not-for-
     The Green-e Energy Certification         more than 1.6 million homes, business-           profit cooperative founded in August
program provides independent, third-          es, factories and farms, have signed on          2001 to support EMCs in their search
party certification to ensure that renew-     to offer their members renewable energy.         for renewable resources. The primary
able energy meets strict environmental        Because green power costs more to gen-           efforts of Green Power EMC have been
and consumer protection standards.            erate than electricity from traditional          to find, screen, analyze and negotiate
GPEMC joins a network of more than            sources, some participating EMCs offer           power purchase agreements with Geor-
150 certified Green-e Energy Certified        their members the opportunity to pur-            gia-based renewable resource providers.
suppliers that market almost 10 million       chase green power on an individual               Green Power EMC was the first green
megawatt-hours of renewable energy            basis, while others incorporate the green        power program in the state with its
annually.                                     power into their pricing structure.              resources on-line and operational in
     “With Green Power EMC being the               “We’re pleased to offer our members         October 2003.
first renewable energy program in Geor-       easy access to certified, locally produced            To learn more about Green Power
gia, and now one of the largest programs      renewable energy,” says Miller. “The             EMC or to sign up to purchase green
in the southeastern United States, the        Green Power program offers a conven-             power, visit
Green-e Energy certification validates
the significance of what we have accom-
plished and recognizes our potential for
achieving even more,” says GreyStone
Power President/CEO Gary Miller. “It
was an extremely rigorous process, and
the certification signals that our pro-
gram meets national as well as local
environmental standards.”
     For more than a decade, the Center
for Resource Solutions has been certify-
ing renewable energy that meets envi-
ronmental and consumer protection
standards it developed in conjunction
with leading environmental, energy and
policy organizations. The Center also
requires that sellers of certified renew-
able energy disclose clear and useful
information to potential customers,
allowing consumers to make informed            We have an energy challenge, America.
choices.                                       When it comes to finding solutions, we must meet climate change goals while keeping
     Providers of Green-e Energy Certi-        costs down and electricity available. America needs a plan. Immediately. Because we all
fied renewable energy agree to abide by        know that our energy needs keep on growing—every day.
the Green-e Energy Code of Conduct             Now is the time to have a candid conversation with your
and meet strict disclosure and truth-in-       elected officials.Together, we can find answers and take action.
advertising requirements. All marketers                          Start the conversation today at

4         V I S I T       U S     O N        T H E     W E B :        W W W . G R E Y S T O N E P O W E R . C O M
                                        Energy assistance program helps low-income
                                        households with their electric bills
                                             The Low Income Home Energy Assistance                 To apply and/or learn more about
                                        Program (LIHEAP) is a federally funded pro-            the program, call toll-free 1-800-869-
                                        gram that assists low-income households with           1150 or contact your local Communi-
                                        their home energy bills. Elderly and disabled          ty Action Agency:
                                        Georgians are also eligible to receive aid. The
                                        program is administered in Georgia by the              Tallatoona Community Action Partnership, Inc.
                                        Department of Human Resources (DHR).                   770-382-5388
                                        LIHEAP assists with primary heating fuel costs         Counties served: Bartow, Cobb, Douglas,
                                        such as gas, electricity, wood, coal or kerosene.      Floyd, Gordon, Haralson, Paulding, Polk
                                             Families must meet a yearly income equal
                                        to or less than 150 percent of the federal             Fulton-Atlanta CAA, Inc.
                                        poverty guidelines to participate in the pro-          404-320-0166
                                        gram. For a one-person household, annual               County served: Fulton
                                        income must not exceed $15,600; for two peo-
                                        ple, $21,000; for three people, $26,400; for           Clayton County CSA, Inc.
                                        four people, $31,800; for five people, $37,200;        404-363-0575
                                        for six people, $42,600; for seven people,             Counties served: Clayton, Fayette, Henry
                                        $48,000; for eight people, $53,400 (for each
                                        additional person, add $5,400 to annual                CAFI, Inc.
                                        income). Assistance will be offered to qualify-        706-884-2651
                                        ing applicants on a first-come, first-serve basis.     Counties served: Carroll, Coweta, Heard,
                                        The program will close April 30, 2009, or              Meriwether,Troup
                                        when funds are exhausted.
                                        DHR’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program helps qualified low-income,
                                        elderly and disabled Georgians with their power bills.

               Start saving, use your                                                        Here are our newest
                Co-op Connections Card today!                                                local offers:
                                                                                             Cena of Atlanta Restaurant
                  Membership in Grey-         770-370-2273 or 770-370-2436.                  Atlanta . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .678-369-8907
                Stone Power has added              Since the Co-op Connections pro-          10% off.
           benefits. And one of the best      gram began Oct. 1, 2008, GreyStone             J Shalane & Co.
      is the Co-op Connections Card,          members have saved $254,008.30 in              Villa Rica . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .678-840-8961
giving you thousands of valuable dis-         discounts on prescription drugs alone,         15% off any service (new clients only).
counts available only to co-op members.       with GreyStone ranking third among             Magnolia Café
Just visit one of the businesses listed at    all participating cooperatives nation-         Douglasville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .770-942-7796,          wide! Coast Electric Power Associa-            10% off.
present the card and receive your             tion is number one with $295,026.22            The Splendid House Interiors
discount.                                     in savings since the program began,            Douglasville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .404-545-8052
     For prescriptions, log onto              and Blue Ridge EMC is number two               10% off a full day home staging or 10% off one to compare pre-         with $285,584.18 in total savings.             room redesign.
scription prices. Call 1-800-800-7616         GreyStone is third with a total saved          Shoe Carnival
for discount info. You may also ask           of $254,008.30. Nationwide, co-ops             Douglasville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .770-577-8723
your pharmacist to compare prices. If         have saved members a total of                  10% off total purchase (excludes super values).
you’d like to be a Co-op Connections          $5,148,180.91 since the program                Sweetwater Academy
Card business or you need a free              began.                                         Douglasville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .770-942-7233
replacement discount card, call                                                              10% off tuition and free registration ($60 value).

GREYSTONE. THE               POWER           OF   101,000     MEMBER-OWNERS                    AND           THEIR             F A M I L I E S.              5
Contact           Douglasville                EMC Security             GEMC Federal            GreyStone Fleet           President/CEO
                                                                                                                         Gary A. Miller
                                                                                                                                                  L. Burnell Redding
                                                                                                                                                  Charles Rutland
                  4040 Bankhead Hwy.          770-370-2030             Credit Union            Services
GreyStone         770-942-6576                770-963-0305             770-949-3557            770-370-2077                                       Fred Wallace
                                                                                                                         Board of Directors       Maribeth Wansley
24 hours a day,                           770-445-2800                                      J. Calvin Earwood,
365 days a year   Dallas                                                   Gas South               Chairman
                  120 GreyStone Power Blvd.                                                                              John Walton,             Communications Staff
                                              SurgeMaster Plus                                   1-866-563-8129
770-942-6576      770-942-6576                770-370-2070             Car Solutions             Use promo code 510      Vice Chairman            Vicki Harshbarger, Editor
                                                                                                                         Jennifer DeNyse,         Kizzy Howell
                                                                       770-370-2390              to receive GreyStone                             Lizzie Bowen
To Report an      Co-op Connections Card                                                                                 Secretary-Treasurer
                                           Operation Round Up          “Serving our members’     discount.               J. Edwin Garrard         Amanda Pitts
Outage            770-370-2436
                                           770-370-2960 (To Sign Up)   unique automotive needs.”   Milton Jones             Ashley Kramer
770-949-7880      770-370-2273

  GREYSTONE. THE                       P OWE R       OF     101 , 0 0 0    M EM BER -OW NER S                    AND       T HEIR              F A M I L I E S.

                                                                               Member wins $50
                                                                               for conservation tip
                                                                                challenges mem-
                                                                                bers to share their
      After hearing about Grey-
                                                                                ideas to conserve
 Stone’s recipe section, member
                                                                                energy and other
 Pat Reaid of Douglasville sent
                                                                                resources. Do you
 us her recipe for Jalapeño
                                                                                have an idea you
                                                                                can share to help
      In each GreyStone Report, a
                                                                                conserve energy?
 recipe submitted by one of our
                                                                                Send your tip to:
 members is featured. GreyStone
                                                                                GreyStone Power
 Food Coordinator Lizzie Bowen
                                                                                Corporation, PRC
 selects the best recipe for each
 issue and, at the end of the year,
                                                                                Savings Tips, P.O.
 will pick the best of the best.
                                                                                Box 897,
 The final winner will receive a
 $50 gift card to the store or
                                                                                GA 30133.
 restaurant of his or her choice,   Pat Reaid                                        Congratula-
 compliments of GreyStone.
                                                                                tions to member
      Send your recipes and phone number to: Lizzie Bowen,
                                                                                Jodi Shadix of
 GreyStone Power Corporation, P.O. Box 897, Douglasville,
                                                                                Douglasville who
 GA, 30133. Bon appetit!
                                                                                received a $50
                                                                                Home Depot gift
      Jalapeño Cornbread                                                        card for her helpful
                                                                                tip. Watch for more
      1-1/2 cups self-rising cornmeal                                           tips in upcoming
      1/4 cup self-rising flour                                                 newsletters. Here is
      2 eggs, beaten                                                            her tip:
      1 cup buttermilk
      1 can creamed corn                                                        I always wait to
      1/2 cup vegetable oil                                                     clean my oven
      1 medium onion                                                            during the colder
      1 small bell pepper                                                       months of the year
      5 jalapeño peppers, seeds removed                                         as the self-cleaning
      1-1/2 cups grated cheese                                                  feature really puts
                                                                                out a lot of heat
      Mix all except cheese in a large bowl. Pour half of bat-                  that I’m sure helps
      ter, then cheese, then batter again and end with                          to warm my
      cheese in a greased 13x9x2-inch pan. Cook at 375                          kitchen and sur-
      degrees for 35 to 40 minutes.                                             rounding rooms.

  6        V I S I T          U S       O N       T H E          W E B :      W W W . G R E Y S T O N E P O W E R . C O M

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