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									 Etocs - Electronic Table of Contents Service                              Staff

A current awareness service that sends email           Learning and Technology Manager
alerts from your chosen journals straight to           Dean Evans:                                   UHL NHS Libraries
your desktop as soon as new content goes on
line. Hyperlinked table of contents from latest        Deputy Librarians
issues to full text articles that are available        Stuart Glover:
using a NHS Athens password.                           Tanya McLaven:
NHS Athens passwords are available from:
                                                       Online Resources and Training Librarian             Library information                   Andrew Dove:
                                                                                                           Online resources
Sign up for etocs by contacting the library.
All you need is an email address.                      Clinical Librarians                                 Training
                                                       Pip Divall:
               New books list                          Louise Hull:         Clinical Librarians
                                                       Sarah Sutton:                    Keeping up-to-date
Keep up to date with all new stock added to the
UHL libraries.
                                                       Library Assistants
By Email                                               Julie Dawson, Jane Gibbons, Imrana Kidy,
Just give us your email address and each time          Sue Marshall, Caroline Ojari, Helen Rogers
a new books list is produced we will send it
straight to your inbox.
                                                                                                             Keeping up-to-date
                                                                   Opening times:
On the Web
                                                                    Staffed                                 Electronic tables of contents service
Latest list available on the library website
                                                          8.30am - 5.00pm weekdays                          New books list
                                24-hour access                              Recommended sites
                                                      please contact the library for details                Guidelines
Click on Services -
Books and Multimedia                                                                                        New publications
                                                  Education Centre Library     Education Centre Library
                                                                                                            Blogs and alerts
                                                  Leicester General Hospital   Glenfield Hospital
                                                  Gwendolen Road               Groby Road
                                                  Leicester                    Leicester
                                                  LE5 4PW                      LE3 9QP

                                                  Tel: 0116 258 4245           Tel: 0116 256 3672
                                                  Fax: 0116 258 8078           Fax: 0116 256 3334

                        NICE                                   Recommended sites                          What UHL NHS Libraries can do for you

                                                                                                        Annual updates of recently
                                                                                                        published guidelines and reports for
                                                                                                        each directorate can be found on
                                                                                                        the library website in the ‘keeping
                                                                                                        up to date’ section.

                                                    The TRIP Database is a leading clinical search                     New publications
NICE is an independent organisation                 tool for Evidence-Based Practice identifying
responsible for providing national guidance on      high quality literature from a wide range of        Every two months a report is produced on ‘recent
promoting good health and preventing and            sources. A useful tool in answering the             publications by Leicester healthcare staff’. The
treating ill health.                                questions that health professionals have.           report is on display in the libraries. Many articles are
                                                                                                        available online, in the library or can be obtained via
NICE guidance includes:                             My TRIP is the area of the TRIP Database            the library’s interlibrary loan service. Let us know of
Public Health                                       which allows users to register and receive          any articles you would like to have included in the
                                                    regular clinical updates from the site.             display. There is also a link to pubmed updates on
Guidance on the promotion of good health and                                                            our website.
the prevention of ill health for those working in
the NHS, local authorities and the wider public                                                                 Email alerts and RSS feeds
and voluntary sector.                                           Specialist Libraries                    Email alerts and RSS feeds are used to publish
Health technologies                                                                                     frequently updated information. Many medical
                                                        resources use these to keep readers up to date with the
Guidance on the use of new and existing                                                                 latest information. Look for the links on your favourite
medicines, treatments and procedures within         The National Library for Health Specialist          web sites and sign up to be alerted of current updates.
the NHS.                                            Libraries offer collections of the best available
                                                    evidence for different communities of practice.                              Blogs
Clinical practice
                                                    Links to the latest guidelines, systematic          Blogs provide current information and allow readers
Guidance on the appropriate treatment and care      reviews and research in your area of interest.      to leave comments in an interactive format. Blogs can
of people with specific diseases and conditions     Incorporating                                       be found on the library’s website:
within the NHS.                                     news and
                                                    RSS feeds,                                       
NICE newsletters and email alerts                   events guides,                                      Click on Services -
You can sign up to receive regular updates from     e-bulletins                                         Keeping up to date
the site.                                           and national
                                                                                                        Blogs will provide
                                                                                                        current information on
                                                    weeks.                                              corporate and clinical

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