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					Example of a restaurant business plan

Does your restaurant marketing plan include strategies to make sure you are found on the

Many restaurant owners feel that their website is a necessary evil - they know they need
one but they tend to be so busy working hard in their businesses that they have little time
or energy left to make sure that their restaurant marketing strategies include ensuring that
they can be found online.

I have lost count of the number of restaurant owners or managers who have told me that
they know they 'need to get their website sorted' but that they have so many other, more
urgent, demands on their time. So how important is it that you, as a restaurant business,
are successfully competing online?

Well, before you are too quick to dismiss the internet marketing of your restaurant as not
being high priority, consider the results of a recent survey carried out by Kleinwort
Benson. It showed that 76 per cent of business owners are increasing their use of internet
marketing. What's more, 53 per cent regarded their online presence as 'critical' to the
success of their business. Of the remaining 47 per cent, The Financial Times said: "The
47 per cent that don't believe that an online presence is critical to their business, don't get

"If they aren't online, positioning themselves as the 'go-to company' in their field, one of
their competitors will be."

Can you really afford to ignore the importance of your website as more and more of your
potential customers turn to searching for local restaurants in your area online? The
problem is that most restaurant business owners are disappointed with their websites and
they therefore jump to the conclusion that their restaurant marketing plan is not likely to
benefit much from internet marketing strategies.

This is a mistake. The problem is not necessarily the website itself (although it very often
can be, but that is another whole subject in itself) but the fact that people are not finding
it. The main reason why most restaurant websites don't perform is that, when independent
restaurant owners want to put up a new site, they turn to design and website construction
companies to do it for them. This might seem like the logical thing to do but, actually, it

Designers know about design and... that is about it. They can make your website look
attractive. What they cannot do is make sure your prospects will actually find your
website on Google and the other search engines. What they also cannot do is make sure
that, when people do visit your website, a good percentage of them are motivated to book
with you.

If you want your restaurant's website to be more than just an online brochure, if you
really want to turn your website into a money-making machine and a vital part of your
restaurant marketing plan, then what you need is an expert in online marketing.

For example, let's compare your restaurant to a car. It may well be nice to have a car that
looks impressive and sleek. You might want your car to be a certain colour because you
think that blue, or red, looks really cool. But unless your car is fitted with the right
engine, unless it actually performs and gets you to where you want to go, then it is
useless to you. It is the same with your website.

No matter how beautiful your website is, it is useless if nobody is finding it or if the
visitors who are arriving at your site are not compelled to contact you in some way. Get
this right, and you are likely to be very surprised at the amount of business available to
you now on the internet, just waiting for you to claim it. Get this right, and your
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