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A well promoted restaurant business will attract many customers that will make you more
profit. You should be able to come up with promotional gimmicks than can get people to
your business whether you serve fast food, family diners or offer fine dining. You need to
find promotional gimmicks that are suited to your concept and market. Getting the right
combination of good food, excellent service and effective promotions can make your
restaurant flourish.

Begin marketing your restaurant business before you open. Announce a grand opening
and invite the "who's who" in your community. Your guests should include influential
business owners, bloggers, magazine editors, socialites, news photographers and
reporters. These are the people who can help spread the word about your business.

Wine tasting events are always popular. Offer wine tasting at least every other month.
Make the event a strictly appetizers event too so you can exploit your appetizers and
wine. Most people order main dishes only. This is a good chance to let people discover
more items on your menu. Everyone likes wine tasting events, people will talk about it
and ask each other to go and attend it.

Present cooking demos before holidays and festivals like the 4th of July, Thanksgiving or
Christmas. Demonstrate appropriate recipes they can use for the holidays. Like BBQs for
the 4th of July or a new version of turkey stuffing. Demonstrate how to make desserts
with Christmas holidays. Limit the attendance on a first come first serve basis to
encourage people to sign up early. This also allows you to make sure that the food to be
demonstrated are enough for the participants.

A popular promotional idea that will surely click is to offer champagne brunches on
Saturdays or Sundays. You can offer a buffet brunch and free champagne for a limited
time, maybe till around noon to 12:30pm. Make sure that you charge a brunch buffet
price that will cover the cost of the part of the champagne. You will make decent profit
from the buffet anyway.

Create an afternoon coffee break gimmick. Offer desserts with coffee and price the
desserts with a small percentage off. This should at least provide some sales during off-
peak hours. Market it as a convenience for shoppers tired after an afternoon of shopping.
It will be the perfect caffeine boost and sugar rush tired shoppers need.

Sponsor events like the local golf championships. This will improve your logo's
visibility. You can offer a free meal for the winning players. When they celebrate at your
restaurant, they are bound to bring in friends or family members who will pay full price.
You can also hold company events at your restaurant by offering a discount for office
parties or celebrations.
Join social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Update your status messages often to
remind users about your restaurant business. Post new promos or dishes with mouth-
watering photos to temp people in your network to eat at your place. Aggressive
promotion and marketing is the way to go if you want more customers. You also have to
continue promoting your restaurant to keep the customers coming. – You can download free ebooks about: restaurant
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