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									Restaurant business plan templates

In starting a catering business, it is very important that you start with a clear direction for
your business. If you are not familiar in making a business plan, you can check the
internet for free catering business plan templates. Usually the plan would include your
goals, vision and mission. This would show that you are really serious with what you are

A business plan would give you a clearer picture on how you would start your business
and towards what direction you plan to steer your business in to. In any type of business,
a detailed plan is very important. This plan could also be used if you want to seek
additional capital from financial institutions. These companies would require a business
plan; the first thing that they would usually check is the people behind the business. So
do not forget to include the management and administrative people.

Another section that you need to have in your business plan is to specify your target
market and the menu that you plan to serve to your customers. You must also need to
specify the equipment that you need to purchase for your business and also the start up
cost for the business. A breakdown on estimated expenses must also be included in your
plan. This will serve as a guide for the financial institutions if you are planning to apply
for a business loan. The financial details of your business are one of the most important
details that you should not miss out.

Marketing analysis is a vital part too. You can use this analysis to know the edge of your
business over your competitors. From this market research you can also see their
weaknesses and you can use that information to your advantage. Possible opportunities
for the business are also presented in the market research. You would know which areas
are still untapped and focus on that area to get more sales for your business.

A simple yet concise business plan is preferred rather than a lengthy plan but lacking the
important details. It is not a matter of how many pages you have on your business plan;
but what is significant is its content. A wordy plan may not be worth reading; a carefully
thought and well-planned one is what you need. If you seek financial help to start your
catering business, then it would all depend on a well written plan. – You can download free ebooks about: restaurant
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restaurant startup guide…

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