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Replacing worn glass ware is an expense most restaurants can not avoid. Breakage,
scratches and chips are all reasons why you must replenish your glassware. Consumers
will be suspicious of food and drink establishments that serve worn out, scratched up and
chipped glass ware. While they may not say anything to the server at the time when they
receive glass ware that should not have been used, in their minds they perceive the
restaurant to be cutting corners. This perception will also lead them to believe they are
cutting corners on food quality and cleanliness.

With the tough economy, running a profitable business has required some creative
thinking to increase revenue, market share or lower expenses. Many restaurants have
applied for liquor licenses to be able to generate more revenue. Other restaurants have
gained market share by lowering the price of a meal. Lowering expenses is another way
to save money on operating a business.

The most creative way for many restaurant owners to lower expenses is to receive free
glass ware. Rather than paying restaurant supply stores money for their glass ware they
are using companies that will give the restaurant the glassware for free.

How can a business survive giving away product to restaurants for free? The hard
economy has changed the way some companies do business, it has also created new
companies that do business differently. These new companies will pay restaurants for
shelf space.

Today the new companies will give the restaurant glassware for free and pay to have
them use it. There are very few companies that operate this way. The way these
companies make money is they charge local companies to advertise on glass ware. Each
company will enter into a contract to advertise on a glass without competing with similar
companies. The revenue generated from the advertising is more than enough to pay for
all the glassware a restaurant will need for a year. The restaurant has their name printed
on every glass. Rather than having blank glasses to serve drinks in advertisement will pay
for glasses and reduce the restaurants cost for beer glasses to zero.

Many companies will also share the revenue generated from the advertisements with the
restaurant. This creates a win scenario for all businesses involved. The restaurant reduces
it expenses and receives substantial additional revenue from a source which previously
did not generate any revenue and was considered an expense only. Local businesses
deliver their promotional message to a happy open minded consumer who has disposable
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