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									                                                                  Kevin Chen
                                        693 Westminster, Ottawa, Ontario, K2A 2V7
                                          (519) 722-6558 –

Dear Prospective Employer,

I am a student at the University of Waterloo, studying my second year for the Bachelor of
Computer Science.

As a student of Computer Science, I have incorporated and integrated knowledge acquired
prior to post-secondary education with my present knowledge of program structures and
coding. I am capable of producing high-quality and functional code, at a university level,
using a considerably extensive array of scripting and fundamental languages, including:
C/C#/C++, UNIX-based languages, and Ruby (on Rails).

My greatest passions include programming, music performance/composition/digitization,
and 3D modeling/animation. My goal is to follow any one of these avenues with the
destination of someday gaining the resources and experience to develop or support
development of advanced games in a workplace and team setting. Also, I remain positive
and productive under adverse work situations and am capable of effectively
communicating and collaborating with peers to accomplish relatively difficult individual
and group tasks.

I am very excited with the prospect of working with this company since this position would
provide me with the opportunity to become familiar with generating, troubleshooting, and
optimizing real-world code implementations. Also, I am eager to formalize my current
knowledge of programming and apply it to industrial-sized problems. Subsequently, this
experience will aid my professional development as a computer scientist and help me
progress in my studies at university.

I believe that I can be an asset to your company and it would provide me with a valuable
opportunity to bring a majority of my classroom knowledge and all of my enthusiasm for
Computer Science to a workplace setting. I have enclosed my resume, which will provide
more information on my qualifications. I hope to arrange an interview with your company
and I would greatly look forward to hearing from you.


Kevin Chen

     Kevin Chen
                                                                                       ~Curriculum Vitae

          2A Computer Science         Contact Information       Local Address          Permanent Address
               20334718         Ca-21, 268 Phillip St.   693 Westminster Ave.
                                          519-722-6558       Waterloo, ON, N2L 6G9     Ottawa, ON, K2A 2V7

                                                                                           SKILLS SUMMARY

    Adept at producing functional and quality code in C++/C#/C, Ruby, Scheme/Racket, HTML, Perl,
     Batch/Bash, Shell, and GML
    Specialized interest and aptitude for learning new programming languages under varying extremes of
    Extensive user and tester involvement with Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux Ubuntu/Fedora/Mint, and
     familiarized with Macintosh platforms
    User-level experience with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Studio, and OpenOffice products
    Proficient at offering creative and/or alternative solutions to enhance or resolve issues in products
     through high-quality bug reports

                                                                                          WORK EXPERIENCE
Software Design Verification Engineer                                                  May 2010 - August 2010
      Nanometrics Seismological Instruments Inc. ~ Ottawa, ON

Built expertise in a wide range of seismological software products such as ApolloServer, Antares, Libra,
ApolloWaveform, and ApolloWatchdog and acquired general software-testing protocol. Acted as the test
prime for diverse version 1 and version 2 software products, gaining a broad perspective of user-behavior
prediction, workplace dynamics and workflow, and product development processes.
    Evaluated and tested new software and firmware products and features; in particular, the ApolloServer
    Innovated pre-existing test plans and strategies to accommodate the introduction of the Helios
     platform and simultaneous suite releases of the existing product line
    Developed automated test tools to monitor activity and health of units in the multi-product integration
     test bed using Perl and batch scripts
    Identified and resolved design defects through specific and effective bug reports in Bugzilla
    Assimilated with workplace culture and became an integral member of the Product Verification
    Exceeded technical expectations and received recognitions of excellence

Head Math Supervisor                                                                   May 2007 - August 2009
      Kumon Learning Center ~ Ottawa, ON

Directed young students to achieve elevated levels of mathematical understanding and application through
administration of repetitive math worksheets and assistant guidance. Accomplished administrative duties
involving direct collaboration with the branch supervisor, communicated with students’ guardians,
coordinated with colleagues to maintain classroom order, and provided measured instruction for students.
    Offered guidance to struggling students to improve their learning process
    Communicated and informed guardians of their child’s progress; including strengths and weaknesses
     as well as offering suggestions to improve home studying habits
    Graded and recorded worksheets with accuracy and speed
    Compiled data entries of students’ grades to deliver a thorough learning assessment to the branch
    Collaborated with colleagues to optimize marking efficiency and classroom maintenance
Candidate for Bachelor of Computer Science                                       September 2009 - Present
      University of Waterloo ~ Waterloo, ON

Relevant Courses:
    Linear Algebra I:
       Introduced linear algebra including systems of linear equations and matrix manipulation
    Calculus I/II:
       Elaborated on applications of differentiation, optimization, integration techniques/methods and
       began the study of infinite sequences/series and Taylor/Maclaurin series
    Designing Functional Programs:
      Explored intermediate-level program design and functional programming with Scheme/Racket
    Elementary Algorithm Design and Data Abstraction:
       Analyzed interactive programs that modeled data design, analysis, and real-world implementations
       using Scheme/Racket and C

Ontario Secondary School Diploma                                            September 2005 - January 2009
       Nepean High School ~ Ottawa, ON

Relevant Courses:
    Computer and Information Science, Grade 11 - Grade 12
      Developed an RPG game leveraging the existing game engine, RPG XP/VX, along with additionally
      implemented Ruby scripts

                                                                         EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES
Club Involvements:
    UW Game Development Club, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, September 2010 - Present
    UW Concert Band, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, September 2010 - Present
    UW Engineer’s Jazz Band, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, January 2010 - Present

Athletic Participation:
    Table-tennis Club, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, September 2009 - Present
    Table-tennis Team President/Captain, Nepean High School, Ottawa, ON, November 2006 - May 2009

Musical Ensembles:
    Stage Band, Broadview Public School/Nepean High School, Ottawa, ON, September 2004 - June 2009
    Concert Band, Broadview Public School/Nepean High School, Ottawa, ON, September 2003 - June 2009
    Ottawa Region All-Star Band, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, Ottawa, ON, January 2007/2009
    Broadview Alumni Band, Broadview Public School, Ottawa, ON, April 2006 - May 2009
    School Production of “A Christmas Carol”, Nepean High School, Ottawa, ON, November 2008
    School Production of “Chicago”, Nepean High School, Ottawa, ON, May 2008

Technical Interests:
    Expanding and refining current repertoire of programming languages
    Developing personal tools and utilities to facilitate computer usage
    Building computer games; both independent and dependent of available game engines
    Exploring 3D modeling software; including ZBrush, Cinema4D, and 3DS Max

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