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					                 A N N U A L   R E P O R T   2009


      the art and science

           of vision care

through lifelong learning

             American Academy of Optometry
            6110 Executive Boulevard, Suite 506
              Rockville, Maryland 20852 USA
                  Phone: 301.984.1441
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                                            2 0 0 9           A N N U A L                 R E P O R T   3

T A B L E                         O F                 C O N T E N T S

  Letter from the President and Executive Director . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

  Academy 2009 Orlando . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

      Student & Resident Travel Fellowships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

      Academy Volunteers and Staff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                 10
     Exhibitors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

     FAAO Class of 2009 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

     Award Recipients . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14

     Today’s Research Informing Today’s Practitioners . . . . . . . 15

  American Optometric Foundation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

  Academy Membership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19

     Geographic Distribution . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

     Chapters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21

     Membership Sections . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23

     New Diplomates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23

  Financials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24

  Corporate Sponsors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26

  Future Annual Meetings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
   4          A N N U A L             R E P O R T               2 0 0 9
2009 Letter
                                     Today’s Research, Tomorrow’s Practice®
                                     Dear Colleagues,
                                     2009 has been an outstanding year for the Academy!
                                     Academy 2009 Orlando was the meeting of the year! 4,513 attendees, including 700
                                     students, made this the third mostly highly attended meeting in Academy history. Attendees
                                     could choose from more than 300 hours of continuing education and explore a busy exhibit
                                     hall with approximately 300 booths.
                                     The outstanding camaraderie and education attested to the success of the meeting. This
                                     meeting solidified our mission to “Promote the art and science of vision care through lifelong
                                     learning” by providing outstanding unparalleled education.
                                     Thanks to Essilor’s significant matching challenge, attendees’ considerable support, and
                                     the excitement of the Silent Auction, the American Optometric Foundation raised close to
                                     $120,000, a new record, at the annual meeting.
                                     The meeting was filled with many exciting events. Attendees gave the education the highest
                                     marks, exhibitors included vendors with cutting edge products and technologies, and more
                                     than 60 affiliate groups held their meetings and events in conjunction with the Academy’s
                                     program. The meeting closed on a high note with the induction of 164 new Fellows and 8
                                     new Diplomates.
                                     Several significant issues facing the Academy and the profession were discussed during the
                                     Business Meeting. Fellows voted unanimously to adopt the proposed Bylaws changes to

                   AAO Board of
           Directors (l-r, seated)
            Karla Zadnik, Mark
          Eger, Barbara Caffery
              (l-r, standing) Tim
              McMahon, Bernie
        Dolan, Rick Weisbarth,
        Brett Bence, Joe Shovlin
                                                       2 0 0 9          A N N U A L             R E P O R T       5

allow implementation of a Maintenance of Fellowship program. Bylaws changes were also
adopted to allow the creation of Special Interest Groups. Board Certification was discussed,
and the membership voted to affirm the Board of Directors’ earlier support of the creation of
the American Board of Optometry.
In 2009 the Academy leadership maintained their commitment to both the vision and
mission of the strategic plan. The following are some of the goals the leadership has been
focused on:
•	   Be	the	premier	provider	of	post	graduate	education	in	optometry
•	   Define	the	Academy’s	role	in	optometric	education
•	   Increase	the	number	of	members	while	maintaining	our	standards
•	   Evaluate	the	Academy’s	structure	of	specialty	areas
                                                                                                Mark Eger
•	   Develop	a	plan	to	promote	the	Academy	to	various	audiences
•	   Encourage	the	discovery	of	new	knowledge	in	vision	science	and	increase	the	resources	
     to support it
Our journal, Optometry and Vision Science (OVS), continues to be the top optometry journal
in the world, as determined by the number of citations. The journal published two feature
issues: Myopia, and Vision Research: Present Status and Future Directions. At the annual
meeting, OVS held its fourth annual CE course. In addition, OVS initiated an entirely
new production platform that personalizes and expands features for readers, including
E-publications ahead of print issue and supplementary movie materials online.
We would like to give our thanks and appreciation to the over two hundred Academy
volunteers who developed various parts of the annual meeting program, and to our staff who
work so very hard to make every day a “great Academy day”! Your efforts made our meeting a
huge success.
The purpose of this Annual Report is to look back on the activities and achievements for the
Academy in 2009. We can’t look back for too long…Academy 2010 San Francisco is almost
here! We hope to see you there.

                                                                                                Lois Schoenbrun

Mark W. Eger, OD, FAAO                            Lois Schoenbrun, CAE, FAAO
President, 2009 & 2010                            Executive Director
   6         A N N U A L   R E P O R T                2 0 0 9

                           Academy 2009 Orlando Highlights:

                           Today’s Research, Tomorrow’s Practice®
                           As President Mark Eger wrote in his             and developments in optometry were
                           December President’s Calling, it’s hard to      presented in over 200 education sessions,
                           say what made Academy 2009 Orlando              and in the Exhibit Hall that encompassed
                           such a great meeting:                           300 booth spaces. 164 new Fellows and
                                                                           8 new Section Diplomates were inducted
                           “The work of everyone collectively created
                                                                           at the annual banquet. The collaborative
                           a highly energetic meeting with an
                                                                           work of the various education committees,
                           outstanding education program. Perhaps
                                                                           the Membership Committee and the
                           this was a great meeting because most of us
                                                                           Admittance Committee are responsible for
                           were all housed under one roof. Perhaps this
                                                                           these successes. For example, in 2009 more
                           was a great meeting because our Lectures
                                                                           than 370 applications for membership were
                           and Workshops Committee and our
                                                                           submitted; previous years’ figures topped
                           Scientific Program Committee were able
                                                                           out just above 300.
                           to blend the latest of scientific discoveries
                           with traditional CE. Perhaps it was the
                           combined OGS/AAO meeting Wednesday
                           morning that exposed our attendees to
                                                                           Education at the
                           world-renowned speakers they could only
                           hear at an Academy meeting. Perhaps it was      Academy Meeting
                           the stimulating Plenary Session with Mike       Nearly 300 hours of education were
                           May and Ione Fine; they captivated the          available at Academy 2009 Orlando.
                           audience with Mike’s philosophy of life and     The annual Plenary Session, “Today’s
                           Ione’s explanation of what it took for Mike     Research, Tomorrow’s Practice®: Long-term
                           to learn to see after so many years of sight    Deprivation and Perception,” featured Mike
                           deprivation. Perhaps it was the prestigious     May, who gained sight after undergoing a
                           Awards program, or the terrific exhibit hall,   corneal epithelial stem cell transplant and
                           or the alumni receptions. Or perhaps, it was    a corneal transplant. May gave attendees a
                           all of these things and much more.”             glimpse into his journey. Ione Fine, PhD,
                           The third largest meeting in Academy            of the Vision & Cognition Group at the
                           history, Academy 2009 Orlando welcomed          University of Washington, shared the
                           4,513 optometrists, vision scientists,          results of her work with May to learn more
                           residents, students, and others in the          about his newfound sight and the way his
                           optometric field to the Orlando World           brain perceives the objects around him.
                           Center Marriott November 11-14, 2009.           Complementing the Plenary, the Monroe J.
                           The latest and very best of new discoveries     Hirsch Research Symposium, “Teaching the
                                                                           Brain New Tricks,” brought together world
                                                      2 0 0 9           A N N U A L             R E P O R T    7
leaders in the visual system’s response to
deprivation who examine ways that vision
adapts to various changes in visual and
auditory input.
This year’s Lectures & Workshops Program
featured more than 75% new lectures
and the evaluations of the program were
more positive than the previous year.
Some courses that received top evaluations
and standing-room-only audiences were
Thomas Freddo’s course on conjunctival
lumps, bumps and spots; Leonid Skorin’s
discussion of extreme dermatology, Melton
& Thomas’ Clinical Grand Rounds, and
Sherry Bass’ course on functional vs.
pathological vision loss. Several of the 15
workshops sold out early in the registration
cycle and instructors received excellent
marks for their hands-on presentations.          the past, as well as its annual Schapero and
                                                 Founders Awards ceremony.
                                                                                                “The work
The Scientific Program consisted of fifteen
paper sessions spread throughout the four
days of the meeting, and three days of
                                                 The Binocular Vision, Perception &
                                                 Pediatric Optometry Section presented a
                                                                                                of everyone
poster sessions where nearly 450 presenters
defended their research or clinical cases. The
                                                 symposium on differential diagnosis and
                                                 sequential management of intermittent          collectively
committees that create both the Lectures &       exotropia, while the Optometric Education
Workshops and the Scientific Program work
hard for each year’s Academy meeting, and
                                                 Section shared information about working
                                                 with challenging students, with an emphasis
                                                                                                created a
the results are obvious!
The annual Awards Ceremony featured
                                                 on attention deficit disorder.
                                                                                                highly energetic
                                                 Two Sections also presented symposia
lectures by the Charles F. Prentice and the
Glenn A. Fry awardees, Jacob Sivak, LScO,
                                                 Wednesday evening. The Disease Section
                                                 offered attendees the chance to work
                                                                                                meeting with
MS, PhD, OD, FRSC, FAAO, and Austin
Roorda, PhD, respectively. Dr. Sivak spoke
about serendipity in scientific research by
                                                 through virtual cases in the evening, and
                                                 also presented a daytime symposium on          an outstanding
                                                 the latest in glaucoma research. The Low
demonstrating how new basic knowledge
resulted from work he had done on a
                                                 Vision Section’s daytime symposium
                                                 focused on “Visual Field Loss in Low
variety of vertebrate species. Dr. Roorda’s
lecture, entitled: “What is the Fovea?” not
                                                 Vision: Measurement, Clinical Implications
                                                 & Interventions,” while the evening            program.”
only described anatomical and functional         symposium presented “Nyctalopia: Finally
properties of the fovea discovered in his lab,   Hope!” with amazing advances in medical,
but also showed how adaptic optics were          surgical and genetic treatments.
used to isolate foveal cells to learn more
about their function.                            The Primary Care Section used relevant
                                                 evidence in the field to present “Evidence
The Academy Sections are another example         Based Medicine – Applications for Early
of groups of volunteers working towards a        Diagnosis and Treatment.” The Public
common goal. One of the Sections’ goals is       Health & Environmental Optometry and
to add relevant and interesting symposia in      Primary Care Sections teamed up to present
their area of focus to the education program     “Taking a Look at Domestic Violence,”
at the Academy.                                  which gave attendees an effective approach
Each year, one Section Symposium is              to information gathering about the
chosen to be the ARVO/AAO Joint                  various types of abuse and referral criteria
Symposium. This year’s offering was              for primary care providers. Finally, the
developed by the Section on Cornea,              Vision Science Section gave an overview of
Contact Lenses & Refractive Technologies,        “Neural Plasticity: Can Vision be Improved
“Ocular Genetics: Focus on Anterior              Beyond the Sensitive Period for Visual
Segment Disorders.” The Section also had         Development,” a great follow-up to the
a symposium on FDA actions as a result           information presented during the Plenary
of contact lens solution efficacy issues in      and the Hirsch Symposium.
     8               A N N U A L   R E P O R T                2 0 0 9

                                                                 Student & Resident Travel
                                                                 About 700 students attended Academy 2009 Orlando.
                                                                 The Academy held a successful Student & Residents
                                                                 Networking Luncheon sponsored by VISTAKON®. And in
                                                                 its second year, Residents Day provided an opportunity for
                                                                 current residents to showcase their work.
                                                                 Students and Residents also had the opportunity to attend
                                                                 any of the outstanding education at the meeting. A total
                                                                 of 133 students and residents were awarded a $750 travel
                                                                 fellowship to help defray the costs of attending Academy
                                                                 2009 Orlando.
Travel Fellowships

                                   Frank W. Weymouth Student Travel            Dong Kyu Ryu, MPH
                                   Fellowship                                  *Shanthy Sandrasekaramudaly, OD
                                                                               Simone Schneider, MSc
                                   *Kristina Haworth, OD
                                                                               Marc Schulze, Dipl. Ing. (FH) AO
                                   Bausch & Lomb Student Travel                *Lesley A. Sobeck, OD
                                                                               *Lakshman Subbaraman, PhD, BSOptom,
                                   Fellowships                                   MSc, FAAO
                                   *Lucy Zhuo Chen, PhD                        *Nicolas Tea
                                   *Danielle Teel, OD, FAAO                    *Preethi Thiagarajan, MS
                                                                               *Grace Tran, OD
                                   Funded by an educational grant from         *Walter Wittich, MA
                                   VISTAKON®                                   *Elena Zaharova
                                   *Anthony Bisotti                            Florida Chapter Student Travel
                                   *Whitney Catanio, OD                        Fellowships
                                   *Theresa Chong, OD
                                   *Gloria Chung, OD                           *Sowjanya Gowrisankaran, PhD
                                   *Cathleen Fedtke, Dipl.-Ing. (FH)           *Jessica Mathew, OD
                                   *Kyle Gilbert                               Indiana Chapter Student Travel
                                   *Erich Hinel
                                   *Adam Keech, OD                             Fellowship
                                   Imran Khan, OD, MSc                         *Anthony VanAlstine
                                   Mijeong Kwon, MPH
                                   Doerte Luensmann                            The Michael G. Harris Student Travel
                                   *Alexis Malkin, OD                          Fellowship Award for Leadership
                                   *Jenelle Mallios                            *Tyson Allard
                                   Jyotsna Maram
                                   *Kimberly McHugh, OD                        The Robert D. Newcomb Student Travel
                                   *Lernik Mesropian                           Fellowship Award for Leadership
                                   *Sylvia Mishoulam
                                   *Charlie Ngo                                *Lindsay Sicks
                                   *Nili Parekh, MBBS
                                   *Nimesh Patel, OD, FAAO
                                                                               Heart of America Chapter Student
                                   *Rachael Anne Peterson, OD                  Travel Fellowships funded by an
                                   *Daniel Powell, OD                          educational grant from Alcon
                                   *Josh Pratt                                 *Jamie Gold
                                   *Andrew Pucker                              Nathan Kluttz
                                   *Padmapriya Ramamoorthy, MS
                                   *Shankaran Ramaswamy, PhD, FAAO
                                   Subam Rao, MPhil(Optom)
                                            2 0 0 9             A N N U A L            R E P O R T   9
Illinois State Chapter Student Travel
Fellowships funded by the Illinois
College of Optometry Student Chapter
and Illinois College of Optometry
*Kimberly Betton
*Michelle Crist
*Anne Eng
*Lenna Go
*Doan Huynh
*Nicholas Lillie
*Jennifer Lin
Daman Toor
Binocular Vision, Perception &
Pediatric Optometry Section Resident
Travel Fellowships, funded by an
educational grant from Alcon
Kelly Kao, OD
*Debbie Luk, OD
Disease Section Resident Travel
Fellowships, funded by an educational
grant from Alcon
*Katie Greiner, OD, MS
*Nathan Lighthizer, OD
Low Vision Section Resident Travel
*Erin Draper, OD                        Primary Care Section Resident Travel
                                        Fellowships, funded by an educational
                                        grant from Alcon
                                        *Jaclyn Benzoni, OD
                                        Sean Skierczynski, OD
                                        Section on Cornea, Contact Lenses &
                                        Refractive Technologies Resident Travel
                                        Bassima Al-delaigan, OD
                                        *Natalie Corey, OD
                                        *Sara Gaib, OD
                                        Christopher Gilmartin, OD
                                        *Zanna Say Kruoch, OD
                                        *Justin Kwan, OD
                                        Brett Larson, OD
                                        *Yeun Hwa (Sharon) Lee, OD
                                        *James Li, OD
                                        *Laura S. MacDonald, OD
                                        *Chandra Mickles, OD
                                        *Nataly Morris Fahim, OD
                                        *Billi Jayne Prinzen, OD
                                        *Anna Sleeper, OD
                                        *Nathalie Trottier, OD
                                        *Kelly Virnig, OD
                                        *Shannon Zollinger, OD

                                        *Member of the American Academy of Optometry
   10        A N N U A L                 R E P O R T             2 0 0 9

                                                                                         Macarena Fernandez-Baca, Vice Chair
                                                                                         Nicholas J. Rumney
                                                                                         Stefan Schwarz
                                                                                         Michael Wyss
                                                                                         Region 6 Clinical Candidates
                                                                                         Federal Service
                                                                                         Group I
                                                                                         Kevin M. Moore, Chair
                                                                                         Ken Whitwell
                                                                                         Nancy N. Wong
                                                                                         Group II
                                                                                         Steven G. Ferrucci, Co-Vice Chair
                                                                                         John F. Mileski
                                                                                         Robert W. Morris
                                                                                         Group III
                                                                                         Adrienne B. Ari, Co-Vice Chair
                                                                                         Maricela Bonilla
Drs. Cullen and Verma catching up at the meeting                                         Keith Cespon
                                                                                         Region 7 Scientist/Researchers
           2009 Academy Volunteers                                                       John G. Flanagan, Chair
                                                                                         Jason J. Nichols, Vice Chair

                                                   Kenneth Sorkin                        Suresh Viswanathan
           Board of Directors                      Shari Strier                          Carol A. Westall
           Mark W. Eger, President                 Ronald K. Watanabe
           Karla Zadnik, President-Elect                                                 Region 8, Special Category
           Bernard J. Dolan, Secretary-Treasurer   Region 2 Clinical Candidates            Candidates
           Richard E. Weisbarth, Immediate Past    AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, OK,   Demetra Hamakiotes, Chair
             President                               SC, TN, TX, VA, WV                  Robert E. Dister, Vice Chair
           Brett G. Bence, Board Member            Kristin Richwine-Elledge, Chair       Elliott H. Myrowitz
           Barbara Caffery, Board Member           Steven H. Eyler, Vice Chair
           Timothy T. McMahon, Board Member        Dawn K. DeCarlo                       Awards Committee
           Joseph P. Shovlin, Board Member         John A. Dziadul, Jr.                  Chris A. Johnson, Chair
                                                   Vissett S. Sun                        Donald O. Mutti, Vice Chair
           Special Counsel to the Board            Julie A. Tyler                        Anthony J. Adams
           Michael G. Harris                                                             Lyndon W. Jones
                                                   Region 3 Clinical Candidates          Thomas L. Lewis
           American Optometric Foundation          IA, IL, IN, KS, MI, MN, MO, NE, ND,   Ruth E. Manny
           Board of Directors                        OH, SD, WI                          P. Sarita Soni
           Anthony J. Adams, President             Robert S. Buckingham, Chair           Karla Zadnik
           Catherine Amos, President-Elect         Wendy Moyle, Vice Chair
           Joseph Molinari, Secretary-Treasurer    Henry J. Bausback                     Binocular Vision, Perception &
           Joseph Barr, Board Member               Megan A Hunter                          Pediatric Optometry Section
           Kathryn Dumbleton, Board Member         Ann L. Laurenzi                       Rachel A. Coulter, Section Chair,
           Philip Keefer, Board Member             Mindy D. Toabe                          Program Chair
           David Kirschen, Board Member                                                  Catherine L. Heyman, Diplomate Chair
           Howard Purcell, Board Member            Region 4 Clinical Candidates
           Colleen Riley, Board Member             AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, NV,       Chapters Committee
                                                      NM, OR, UT, WA, WY                 Dennis M. Kuwabara, Chair, Hawaii
           Admittance Committee                    Stuart B. Frank, Chair                Carolyn G. Begley, Indiana
           Sheila F. Anderson, National Chair      Jeffrey E. Gibbons, Vice Chair        Michael T. Cady, Florida
           Peter A. Russo, Vice Chair              Tiffenie A. Harris                    Raymond H. Chu, California
                                                   Nada J. Lingel                        Victor M. Finnemore, New England
           Region 1 Clinical Candidates            Christina M. Sorenson
           CT, DE, ME, MD, MA, NH, NJ, PA,                                               Michael H. Greenberg, Northeastern
                                                   Dr. David N. Yang                       Ohio
             RI, VT
           Didem Kokturk, Chair                    Region 5 Clinical Candidates          James Hoekel, Heart of America
           Kristen Fry, Vice Chair                 International                         Steven Lieberman, New York
           Kelliann Dignam                         Catherine A. Chiarelli, Chair         Diana Mah, North Carolina
                                                2 0 0 9              A N N U A L            R E P O R T              11
Kenneth D. Manning, New Jersey       Pinakin Gunvant, SCO                     Public Health & Environmental
Joseph A. Reichert, Oklahoma         Andrew S. Gurwood, PCO at Salus
Peter A. Russo, Illinois               University                              Optometry Section
Gay K. Tokumaru, Virginia            Susan Kovacich, IU                       Stanley W. Hatch, Section & Program
Frank Eperjesi, Great Britain        Kimberly A. Lambreghts, UH                 Chair
J. Peter Gierow, Europe              Matthew Lampa, PUCO                      Gregory W. Good, Diplomate Chair
Langis Michaud, Canada - Quebec      Renée Mika, FSU                          Research Committee
Marietje Richter, South Africa       Eunice Myung Lee, SCCO                   Lyndon W. Jones, Chair
                                     Thomas O. Salmon, NSUCO                  Robin L. Chalmers, Vice Chair
Communications Committee             Luigina Sorbara, Waterloo
James E. Sheedy, Chair                                                        Anthony J. Adams
                                     Elizabeth A. Steele, UAB                 Susan A. Cotter
Carmen N. Barnhardt
Robert B. Greer                      Faculty Liaisons to Student Chapters     Laura J. Frishman
Brian S. Kawasaki                    Amelia G. Bartolone, SUNY                Wendy L. Marsh-Tootle
Bill Long                            Robert E. Dister, UCBSO                  Jason J. Nichols
Glenda B. Secor                      Eunice Myung Lee, SCCO                   Thomas W. Raasch
                                     Diana Schechtman, NOVA                   Christine F. Wildsoet
Section on Cornea & Contact Lenses
Edward S. Bennett, Section Chair     Leadership Development Committee Residents Day Program
Loretta B. Szczotka-Flynn, Program   Linda Casser, Co-Chair                   J. Bart Campbell, Chair
  Chair                              Steven H. Eyler, Co-Chair                Wesley J. DeRosier
Clarke D. Newman, Diplomate Chair                                             Amy L. Grimes
                                     Lectures & Workshops Committee           Kimberly A. Lambreghts
Disease Section                      Tammy P. Than, Chair
Judy W. Tong, Chair                  John H. Nishimoto, Vice Chair            Scientific Program Committee
Blair B. Lonsberry, Program Chair    Christine L. Allison                     Ruth E. Manny, Chair
Joseph W. Sowka, Diplomate Chair     Marianne Boltz                           Michael D. Twa, Vice Chair
                                     Marilyn K. Gilbreath                     Mark T. Dunbar
Editorial Board,                     Neil A. Pence                            Andrew S. Gurwood
Optometry and Vision Science         Eric E. Polk                             Kristine B. Hopkins
Anthony J. Adams, Editor-in-Chief    Scott Schatz                             Andrew B. Mick
Harold E. Bedell                     Gay K. Tokumaru                          Kelly K. Nichols
T. Rowan Candy                                                                Jeffrey J. Walline
Bernard J. Dolan                     Low Vision Section
Gunilla Haegerström-Portnoy          Roger W. Cummings, Section & Program Vision Science Section
                                       Chair                              Suresh Viswanathan, Section & Program
Lyndon W. Jones                                                             Chair
Thomas W. Raasch                     John E. Musick, Diplomate Chair
                                                                          Scott B. Steinman, Diplomate Chair
Debra A. Schaumberg                  Membership Committee
William H. Swanson                   Melissa D. Bailey, Chair                 American Academy of Optometry
Loretta B. Szczotka-Flynn            Rachel A. Coulter, Vice Chair             Staff
Education and Quality Assurance      Kerry A. Giedd                           Lois Schoenbrun, Executive Director
                                     Jason G. Jedlicka                        Darryl Beatty, Office Manager / Executive
 Committee                           Pamela J. L. Miller                        Assistant
Anastas F. Pass, Co-Chair                                                     Helen Briggs, Education & Member
                                     Wesley T. Ota
Alyon J. Wasik, Co-Chair                                                        Relations Program Administrator
                                     Barbara L. Reiss
Exhibits Committee                                                            Mark Bullimore, Foundation (AOF)
                                     Nominating Committee                       Development Director
Harue J. Marsden, Chair              Roanne E. Flom, Chair                    Karen Houser, Receptionist & Office
Carl H. Spear, Vice Chair            Morris S. Berman                           Assistant
Bruce W. Anderson                    Louise A. Sclafani                       Tracy Kitts, Foundation (AOF)
Michael M. Cohen                     John C. Whitener                           Coordinator
Faculty-Student Liaison Committee    Joe Yager                                Kia Lor, Administrative Assistant
Jeffrey J. Walline, Chair, OSU                                                Beverly Matlock, Finance Director
                                     Optometric Education Section             Stephen Morse, Database Administrator
Diana Schechtman, NOVA               Aurora Denial, Section & Program Chair
Amelia G. Bartolone, SUNY                                                     Betty Taylor, Exhibits Manager
Edward S. Bennett, UMSL              Primary Care Section                     Chhay Tyong, Bookkeeper
Etty Bitton, Montreal                C. Ellis Potter, Section Chair           Helen Viksnins, Director, Education &
Aurora Denial, NECO                  Shilpa Register, Program Chair             Member Relations
Robert E. Dister, UCBSO              Ernest L. Bowling, Diplomate Chair
Mary Flynn Roberts, ICO
   12        A N N U A L            R E P O R T                2 0 0 9

                                    Academy 2009 Orlando Exhibitors
                                   The exhibit hall at Academy 2009 Orlando was a huge success. Attendees could see the latest
                                   optometric technology and learn about cutting-edge products, while catching up with old
                                   friends and colleagues.
                                   An exhibit hall is a critical aspect to the success of a meeting. It gives attendees the
                                   opportunity to see the latest in optometric trends, and provides significant financial support
                                   to the Academy. Thank you to the all the exhibitors for their support!

               66 Vision                                 Essilor

               ABB Con-Cise                              Eyemaginations
                                                                                                   Metro Optics
               Abbott Medical Optics                     EyeMedVision Care
                                                                                                   National Eye Institure
               ABISEE, Inc.                              Eye Designs
                                                                                                   Nidek, Inc.
               Acuity Pro/VisionScience Software, Inc    Eye IC, Inc.
                                                                                                   Nutra Metrix
               Advanced Vision Research                  Eye Science Labs
               Alcon Laboratories, Inc.                  Eye Supply
                                                                                                   Oasis Medical
               Alden Optical Laboratories                Fashion Optical Displays
                                                                                                   Oculus, Inc.
               AllAboutVision.com                        Fitovers Eyewear / CA Accessories
                                                                                                   Ocusoft, Inc.
               Allergan                                  FCI Ophthalmics
                                                                                                   Ocutech Inc.
               Anew Inc.                                 Fortifeye Vitamins
                                                                                                   Odyssey Medical
               American Academy of Optometry             Freedom Scientific
                                                                                                   Officemate Software
               American Express OPEN                     Fused Kontacts
               American Optometric Association           Genzyme
                                                                                                   Optometry Giving Sight
               American Optometric Foundation            Glaucoma Today
                                                                                                   Optometry Times
               Argent Insights                           Good-Lite
                                                                                                   Optometric Nutrition Society
               ARVO                                      Gottlieb Vision Group
                                                                                                   Optometric Protection Plan
               Art Optical Contact Lenses                Gulden Ophthalmics
               Aton Pharma, Inc.                         Haag-Streit USA
               Aurora Ministries/                        HAI Laboratories, Inc.
                                                                                                   OTC Bifocals
                 AudioBiblesfortheBlind.org              Healthy Feet
                                                                                                   Paragon Vision Sciences
               Bausch & Lomb                             Heidelberg Engineering
                                                                                                   Pfizer Ophthalmics
               Bausch & Lomb Pharm                       Heine
                                                                                                   Primary Care Optometry News
               Beecher Research                          Home Therapy Systems
                                                                                                   Precision Vision
               BiCom                                     Hoya Vision Care
                                                                                                   Reichert, Inc.
               Biosyntrx Inc.                            Humanware
                                                                                                   Review of Optometry
               Blanchard Contact Lens, Inc.              Hydrogel Vision Corp.
                                                                                                   Richmond Products
               Briot USA                                 Icare USA
                                                                                                   Signet Armorlite
               Boston Foundation for Sight               iCoat Company
                                                                                                   Smile Reminder
               CareCredit                                Imtek Direct Marketing
                                                                                                   Stereo Optical Displays
               Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.                  Innova Systems
                                                                                                   Synemed Inc.
               Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc                    Inspire
                                                                                                   SynergEyes, Inc.
               CIBA VISION                               Ista Pharmaceuticals
               Chadwick Optical                          Integrity Digital Solutions
                                                                                                   Topcon Medical Systems, Inc.
               Clarity Medical                           Keeler Instruments
                                                                                                   Tru-Form Optics
               Comlite Systems                           Konan Medical USA
                                                                                                   Unicare UniVision
               Compulink                                 Kowa Optimed
               CooperVision, Inc.                        LasikPlus
                                                                                                   US Ophthalmic, LLC.
               Designs for Vision                        Lens Dynamics
                                                                                                   Veatch Instruments
               DGH Technology, Inc.                      Lifeguard Health, LLC.
               Diagnostic Instrument Group               Liquid Software Designs
                                                                                                   VOLK Optical
               Diopsys                                   Lombart Instrument
                                                                                                   VOSH International
               Doctor’s Advantage Products, LLC          LWW VisionCare
                                                                                                   VRMagic Inc.
               Elmo USA Corp                             M&S Technologies, Inc
               Elsevier Sanders Mosby                    Matsco
                                                                                                   Younger Optics
               EMR LOGIC/OD Professional                 MedOp Inc.
                                                                                                   X-Cel Contacts
               Enhanced Vision                           MedLens Innovations
               Eschenbach Optik of America               MetroVision
                                                                                                   Ziemer USA
                                                 2 0 0 9          A N N U A L            R E P O R T           13

Fellows of the American Academy of
Optometry (FAAO) Class of 2009
Australia              Randy Charrier            Idaho
Jennifer Denise Choo   Chris Chase               Christopher A. Nield
Canada                 Marisa Yun-Shian Chung    Illinois
Randy Kojima           Ramanpal Kaur Deol        Timothy M. Beyer
Olivia K. Do           Lisa Marie Edwards        Eileen Bush
Navpreet Johar         Erica D. Johnson Carder   Danielle N. Poole
Timothy H. Tsang       Kuniyoshi Kanai           Jennifer Sommer
Peter Karwatsky        Paul A. Kusy              Karen Squier
Valerie Lefebvre       In A. Lee                 Wendy J. Haaland Stone
                       Debora Lee                Keith Tyler
England                Gaithri Ramanathan                                 Nebraska                Oklahoma
Elaine Grisdale                                  Elizabeth Wolff                                  Lisa Kedzuf-McGinnis
                       Sharon D. Teague                                   Jonna Marie O’Connor
Jonathan Walker        Scott Hyde Williams       Indiana                  Alison B. Palmer        Alissa Kim Proctor
Germany                Ping Ye                   Scott James Caughell                             Pennsylvania
                                                 Dean A. VanNasdale
Rainer Bronner         Colorado                                           Emma Concepcion Vicuna Christopher M. Brennan
                       Brian C. Abert            Iowa                                             Bryn Erin DeBass
Hong Kong                                                                 New Jersey
                       Colleen Mary Govekar      Jennifer Elaine Weier                            Lynn D. Greenspan
Sung Hei Jimmy Tse                                                        Clark Yung Hsiang Chang Matthew Mastrine
Davie Chen             Julie E. Kleva            Kansas                   Kimberly K. Friedman
                       Blake G. Simmons                                                           Ann Marie Rudick
Chuen Lam                                        Travis Keith Sharpe      Christopher A. Rinehart Mark Shust
Korea                  Connecticut               Louisiana                Jason C. Rinehart       Joseph D. Udvari
Ki Choong Mah          Marcia Nearing            Melissa Hergan Simmons   New York
                       Vanessa A. Tarud                                                           Rhode Island
Netherlands                                      Maryland                 Jennifer Q. Duan        David R. DeRuosi
                       Jessica O. Yu                                      Nektaria Mandadakis
Paul G. J. Gerringa                              Ava K. Bittner                                   Stephen M. Montaquila
                       Florida                   David Meltzer            Melissa C. Oltz
Nigeria                Peggy S. Achenbach                                 Karen M. Perekalsky     South Carolina
Jennifer A. Ebeigbe    Marissa North Adamson     Massachusetts            Kristin A. Protosow     Christian W. Jordan
Philippines            Kenneth D. Boyle          Karen G. Carrasquillo    Larina R. Rosa          Tennessee
Jesse B. Caguioa       Joseph Convertino         Jennifer A. Gustafson    David Troilo            So Yeon Sharon Lee
                       Michael A. Dagostino      Lynette K. Johns         Mitchell C. Wilkinson
Spain                                                                                             Zachary T. Pumphrey
                       Miriam H. Farag           Trinh Tu Khuu
Ferran Casals Soler                                                       North Carolina          Andrew John Rixon
                       Mona Kardani              Justin B. Smith
                                                                          Matthew J. Behil        Texas
Sweden                 Robert G. LeSage          Michigan                 Neill J. Bulakowski     Douglas Benjamin Albright
Göran Skjöld           Ashley Muhlada            Douglas A. Coon          Jamie J. Casper         Phillip Brandon Brunson
                       Karen F. Perry            Amy Dinardo-Lotoczky     Edward Chu
UNITED STATES          Christopher Lee Suhr      Thomas R. Lees
                                                                                                  Joy Martin - Bate
                                                                          Ali Khoshnevis          Alison C. Ramsey
APO                    Joshua M. Trafton                                  Nisha Panjwani Mehta
                                                 Minnesota                                        Brooke Vegas
Peter J. Gunther       Chandra M. Williams                                J. Suzanne Parker
                                                 Mona M. Fahmy
Alabama                Anna Wong                                          James Sickler           Virginia
                                                 Travis M. Johnson
Bethany S. Martinez    Cecilia Wong Tesinsky                                                      Anne-Marie E. Konshak
                                                 Joseph Allan Pruitt      Ohio
Nicole Marie Mills     Georgia                                                                    Syreeta Daniels Lawrence
                                                 Mississippi              Vincent A. Billock      Nichole Olson
Alaska                 Nhung Hoang                                        Thomas Matthew Bobst
                                                 Kristopher A. May                                Jerome C. Radliff
Sarah A. Stienbarger     Brandenburg                                      Dawn Burgei
                       Anne N. Brobst            Missouri                                         Jen Fang Liu Weigel
Arizona                                                                   Gregory W. DeNaeyer
                       Benjamin Pascal Casella   Raneat Cohen                                     Washington
Sharyn Healy                                                              Brian T. Gerlach
                       Matthew C. Geiman         Bethany Jean Whitesell                           Lisa Dote
Joseph L. Myers                                                           Julie F. Henry
                       Devi Priya Janakiraman    Montana                  Michael S. Mayers       Matthew G. Pearce
California             Joseph Lee Rouw           Sarah E. Hill            Jason R. Miller         Wisconsin
Irina Andrushenko      Regina Sullivan           Sarah Q. Kirkpatrick     Jennifer A. Palombi     Megan E. Lind
Annie Chang                                      Gregory M. Smith         Paula M. Richards
 14      A N N U A L               R E P O R T                      2 0 0 9

         2009 Award Recipients

             Former Irvin M. and Beatrice Borish Award
      recipients with Dr. Irvin Borish (center) and 2009
             recipient, Dr. Kelly Nichols (left, front row)

            Academy Awards                                                     American Optometric Foundation

            Charles F. Prentice Lecture
            Jacob G. Sivak, LScO, MS, PhD, OD, FRSC, FAAO
            Serendipity in Scientific Research: Examples from Basic            Glenn A. Fry Lecture
              and Applied Ocular Lens Research                                 Austin Roorda, PhD
            Irvin M. and Beatrice Borish Award                                 What is the Fovea?
            Kelly K. Nichols, OD, MPH, PhD, FAAO,                              The Michael G. Harris Family Award for
             Diplomate, Public Health
                                                                               Excellence in Optometric Education
            William Feinbloom Award                                            Gunilla Haegerström-Portnoy, OD, PhD, FAAO
            Eli Peli, MSc, OD, FAAO
            Carel C. Koch Memorial Award
            James F. Saviola, OD, FAAO
                                                                               Section on Cornea, Contact Lenses
            Eminent Service Award                                              & Refractive Technologies Awards
            Joan Exford, OD, FAAO
            Donald R. Korb, OD, FAAO                                           Founder’s Award
                                                                               John deCarle
            Honorary Fellowship Award
            Philip R. Keefer                                                   Max Schapero Memorial Lecture Award
                                                                               Karla Zadnik, OD, PhD, FAAO
            Garland W. Clay Award                                              The Collaborative Longitudinal Evaluation of
            Konrad Pesudovs, BScOptom, PhD,                                      Keratoconus (CLEK) Study: It Took a Village
              PGDipAdvClinOptom, FVCO, FAAO, FCLSA
            Estibaliz Garamendi, PhD
            David B. Elliott, PhD, MCOptom, FAAO
            AAO-Essilor Award for Outstanding Contributions
            to International Optometry
            Gullapalli N. Rao, MD

                                                                     Membership Categories by Gender
               The Academy membership
       continues to become more diverse.                       60

        In 1996, 11% of the Fellows were                                                                                       Male
      female; now women represent 29%                                                                                          Female
                of the entire membership.                      20

                                                                     Fellows            Candidates         Students

                                                                                     Membership Type
                                                2 0 0 9   A N N U A L   R E P O R T    15

Research Presented
at Annual Meeting

More than any other educational venue
in optometry, the American Academy
of Optometry’s Annual Meeting offers a
diverse and distinctive blend of clinically
pertinent continuing education courses
and leading research in the clinical and
vision sciences. Attendees at Academy
2009 Orlando were invited to interact and
rediscover their academic curiosity as they
received the scientific and vision research

Each year the Scientific Program
Committee identifies a few of the paper and
poster submissions to be presented at the
Press Conference, selected for the studies’
timeliness and pertinent results. This year’s
selection included:
•	   Ocular	Blood	Flow	Correlates	with	
     Structural Changes in Glaucoma
     Patients: The Indianapolis Glaucoma
     Progression Study
•	   Personality	and	Tolerance	of	Blur
•	   Risk	Factors	for	Contact	Lens	Case	
•	   Reductions	in	Compliance	Over	1	
     Month of Daily Wear
•	   Correction	of	Hyperopia	in	Children	
     Study (CHICS) Pilot
•	   Utility	of	a	Contact	Lens	Case	Pulsator	
     to Aid Lysozyme Removal from
     Etafilcon A Hydrogel Lenses Soaked in
     a No Rub MPS Regimen
•	   The	Educational	Impact	of	Mandatory	
     Preschool Eye Exams
•	   Emotional	Well-Being	and	LASIK
•	   Association	of	Contact	Lens	Bioburden	
     to Corneal Inflammatory Events
     During Continuous Wear
  16       A N N U A L   R E P O R T   2 0 0 9

                                                 The rest of the educational program at the
                                                 meeting also included panel-based courses
                                                 that updated attendees on research results of
                                                 previously conducted work. “Myopia: OVS
                                                 PRESENTS Discovery to Eye Care” covered
                                                 issues of myopia from the Academy’s journal
                                                 Optometry and Vision Science with four
                                                 leading clinical researchers presenting their
                                                 work and then debating the implications
                                                 for clinical care. Similarly, “Ezell Fellows
                                                 Present: Developments in Refractive Error
                                                 Research” included three past Ezell Fellows
                                                 presenting the latest in their research with
                                                 an emphasis on developments in refractive
                                                 error research.
                                                 The 2009 Monroe J. Hirsch Research
                                                 Symposium, “Teaching the Brain New
                                                 Tricks,” focused on the cortex and
                                                 how it responds to various forms of
                                                 deprivation, including deafness and macular
                                                 degeneration, particularly during adulthood.
                                                 The symposium examined issues of cortical
                                                 reorganization, recovery of function,
                                                 blindsight, plasticity, effects of training
                                                 on visual function, and rehabilitative
                                                 technologies and strategies. The speakers
                                                 were world leaders in advancing our
                                                 understanding of the visual system’s
                                                 response to deprivation and revealed
                                                 fascinating insights into these phenomena.
                                                 All of these insights in discovery gave
                                                 ample resources for attendees to use today’s
                                                 research in tomorrow’s practice, just as the
                                                 Academy’s mission statement encourages

                                                 attendees to do.
                                                       2 0 0 9           A N N U A L                 R E P O R T               17
American Optometric
Funding the Future of Optometry
The American Optometric Foundation (AOF)
is the Academy’s philanthropic arm. While the
Annual Meeting provides a forum for presentation
of research, and Optometry and Vision Science
promotes the publication of new research, it is
the Foundation that directly supports research.
By funding the future of optometry through its
scholarship and awards programs, the Foundation
gives exceptional students a chance to continue
their education and propel the field of optometric
science forward. The Foundation also administers
the Glenn Fry Lecture Award and the Michael G.
Harris Family Award for Excellence in Optometric
Education. These are listed elsewhere in this Annual
Report.                                                                                                                2009 Ezell Fellows

HARRIS STEPS UP....AGAIN                    To honor Elmer H. Eger, practitioner,      Foundation Booth in the Exhibit Hall.
The Foundation has received a               inventor, researcher, Fellow, and          This was bolstered by a $25,000 match
$240,000 commitment to establish the        father of Academy President, Mark W.       from Essilor. More than 20 lecturers

Michael G. Harris Ezell Fellowship.         Eger, the Foundation has established       donated their honoraria thus raising
This award will provide support for an      the Elmer Eger Fund. The fund will         another $12,500. The Foundation’s
optometrist pursuing graduate work in       sponsor an optometry student each          Celebration Luncheon was attended
education, public policy, public health,    year to attend the Annual Meeting of       by 250 supporters and honorees. Five
or related areas. Harris has a history of   the American Academy of Optometry.         individuals or couples were recognized
leadership and philanthropy, further        Over $15,000 has already been              as new members of the Presidents
demonstrated by this magnificent gift.      contributed including a generous lead      Circle. Finally, with a diverse collection
The Foundation will award the first         gift from Elmer’s family.                  of donated items the Silent Auction
Harris Ezell in 2010.                       To honor Rex Ghormley, Past-               raised $12,500.
                                            President of the American Academy          2009 Essilor Optical Technology
ESSILOR HONORS MIKE                         of Optometry, clinical researcher,
DALEY                                       statesman, and practitioner, the           Grants ($20,000 Each)
Essilor honored long-time leader and        Foundation has established the N.          University of California - Berkeley
industry stand-out Mike Daley by            Rex Ghormley Fund. His passion was         School of Optometry
endowing an Ezell Fellowship. Daley         providing the best care and education
was surprised at the Annual Meeting         to his patients. His legacy will live      The Ohio State University
by his Essilor colleagues and recognized    on through a request that charitable       College of Optometry
at the Silent Auction. The $240,000         donations are to be given to the           Southern College of Optometry
pledge will be completed over four          Foundation. The AOF is working with
years with the first Fellowship to be       the Ghormley family to determine the       2009 Vincent Salierno Scholarships
awarded in 2011.                            best use of the $20,000 that has already   Adam T. Gorner
                                            been pledged or donated.                   Pacific University College of
NEW ENDOWED FUNDS                                                                      Optometry
The optometric community lost two                                                      Mary Alice Saluke-Portillo
                                            IN ORLANDO!                                New England College of Optometry
generous contributors to the profession     The Foundation enjoyed a successful
in 2009. Their contributions are too        meeting in Orlando with registrants        2009 Antoinette Molinari
numerous to list, but they will be          contributing close to $120,000.            Memorial Scholarship
remembered most for the time they           Attendees made approximately               Erin D. Hocking
spent with us as family, friend, and        $8,000 in donations with their             Southern College of Optometry
mentor.                                     Meeting Registration. Over $59,000
                                            in donations were received at the
 18   A N N U A L                 R E P O R T            2 0 0 9

  2009 AOF-Carl Zeiss Vision             Jean-Marie Hanssens                    2009 William C. Ezell Fellowships:
  Fellowships                            Universite de Montreal
                                                                                Alcon Foundation Ezell Fellow
                                         School of Optometry
  Nicole A. Henriksen                                                           Aleksandra Polosukhina, BSc
  Illinois College of Optometry          Alex Hui                               University of California - Berkeley
                                         University of Waterloo                 School of Optometry
  Elizabeth J. Roush                     School of Optometry
  Indiana University                                                    American Academy of Optometry
  School of Optometry                    2009 VISTAKON® Research Grants Ezell Fellow
  Danielle Gloster                       $25,000 Award                  Dean VanNasdale, OD
  Inter-American University of Puerto    Frank Anastasopoulos, MSc and          Indiana University
  Rico, School of Optometry              Carol Lakkis, BScOptom, PhD,           School of Optometry
  Aaron Stewart                          FAAO                                   Bausch & Lomb Ezell Fellows
  Michigan College of Optometry at       Clinical Vision Research Australia,    Yiang (Kaccie) Li, BSc
  Ferris State University                Victorian College of Optometry,        University of California - Berkeley
                                         Australia                              School of Optometry
  Yos Priestley
  New England College of Optometry       $10,000 Award                          Johanna Tukler Henriksson,
  Ryan C. Emrick                         Blanka Golebiowski, BOptom, PhD        BSOptom, MSc
  Northeastern State University          and Isabelle Jalbert, OD, PhD, FAAO    University of Houston
  College of Optometry                   School of Optometry and Vision         College of Optometry
                                         Science, The University of New South
  Sara J. Henney                         Wales, Australia                       Irvin Borish Ezell Fellow
  NOVA Southeastern University                                                  Tihomira Petkova
  College of Optometry                   2009 VISTAKON® Residency               University of Houston
                                         Awards                                 College of Optometry
  Kent Manville
  Pacific University                     Dr. Terrance Ingraham Pediatric        CIBA Vision Ezell Fellows
  College of Optometry                                                          Ravi Chandra Bakaraju, BS Optom
                                         Optometry Residency Award
  Timothy Brown                          Catherine McDaniel, OD, MS             University of New South Wales
  Pennsylvania College of Optometry at   University of Houston                  Patrick Scott, OD, MS
  Salus University                       College of Optometry                   Boston University, School of Medicine
  Christopher Alferez                    Aparna Raghuram, OD, PhD               Essilor Ezell Fellow
  Southern California                    New England College of Optometry       Nicole Putnam, MS
  College of Optometry                                                          University of California - Berkeley
                                         Dr. George W. Mertz Contact Lens
  Jessica Hollman Ellis                                                         School of Optometry
                                         Residency Award
  Southern College of Optometry          Gloria Chiu, OD                        Merton Flom Ezell Fellow
  Marc Kenneth Lay                       Southern California                    Bradley Dougherty, OD, MS
  State University of New York           College of Optometry                   The Ohio State University
  College of Optometry                   Karen DeLoss, OD                       College of Optometry
  Kara Williams                          University of Houston                  George and Jill Mertz Ezell Fellow
  The Ohio State University              College of Optometry                   Maria Markoulli, MOptom,
  College of Optometry                                                          GradCertOcTher
                                         Dr. Sheldon Wechsler Contact Lens
  Steven D. Bowser                                                              University of New South Wales
                                         Residency Award
  University of Alabama at Birmingham    Kristine Dalton, OD                    Vistakon Ezell Fellows
  School of Optometry                    University of Waterloo                 Eric Ritchey, OD, MS, FAAO
  Esther Nakagawara                      School of Optometry                    The Ohio State University
  University of California - Berkeley    Emily Kachinsky, OD, MS                College of Optometry
  School of Optometry                    New England College of Optometry       Vidhyapriya Sreenivasan, BSOptom,
  Brian Cox                                                                     MSc
  University of Houston                                                         University of Waterloo
  College of Optometry                                                          School of Optometry
  Whitney T. Coleman
  University of Missouri - St. Louis
  School of Optometry
                                                           2 0 0 9         A N N U A L                    R E P O R T          19

The Academy was founded in 1922. Its
mission to promote the art and science
of vision care through lifelong learning

•	   Sponsoring	educational	programs	that	provide	practitioners	
     current information about all aspects of clinical practice
•	   Disseminating	current	knowledge	that	allows	an	
     understanding of new products and technology
•	   Initiating	and	supporting	research	programs	in	optometry	
     and related sciences
•	   Creating	opportunities	for	sharing	results	of	research	in	

•	   Encouraging	reporting	of	exceptional	and	instructive	
     conditions encountered in practice
                                                                            Fellowship Growth
•	   Disseminating	knowledge	through	
     Optometry and Vision Science, the              2009
     official journal of the American
     Academy of Optometry                           2008
•	   Promoting	the	highest	ethical	and	             2007
     professional standards in practice.

           One of the Academy’s main
            priorities is recruiting high
     quality candidates for Fellowship;             2002
                it is vital to our future.          2001

                                                       3500       3600      3700        3800            3900     4000   4100
                                                                                   # of Fellows

                        The Academy has three categories of membership:
                         Fellow, candidate for Fellowship and student.
                         Membership Type            Total     Percentage       Male                 Female
                                 Fellows             4017         73%       2834      71%         1183     29%
                             Candidates              588          11%       210       36%         378      64%
                                Students             910          17%       261       29%         649      71%
       20            A N N U A L                          R E P O R T                       2 0 0 9

               Geographic Distribution of Fellows
                                     WA                                                                                                                            NH
Fellows on the map
                                                                   MT                                                                                        VT
                                                                   15             ND                                                                          6              ME
                                                                                  11                                                                                         16
                                OR                                                                 MN
                                63                                                                                                                                                       MA
                                               ID                                                  52                                                                                    125
                                               17                                 SD                                                                         NY
                                                                        WY        11                                              MI                         245
                                                                                                                                  87                                               RI
                                                                                                        IA                                            PA
                                                                                  NE                    29                                                               NJ         CT
                                          NV                                                                                                          165
                                                                                  19                                                    OH                               90         31
                                          24                                                                            IL   IN
                                                         UT                                                                             158                             DE
                                                                                                                       157   95
                                                         20                  CO                                                                                         7
                          CA                                                                                                                   WV
                                                                             72                                                                                               MD
                          497                                                          KS                    MO                                12      VA
                                                                                                                                   KY                  76                     77
                                                                                       34                    61
                                                                                                                                                       NC                          4
                                                    AZ                                                                        TN                       104
                                                                                            OK                                65
                                                    81                  NM                                   AR
                                                                                            61                                                  SC
                                                                        24                                   10                                 18
                                                                                                                       MS    AL           GA
                                                                                                                       5     60           74
                                                                                  TX                         LA
                                                                                  215                        12

                                     HI                                                                                                         288

               Alabama               AL  60               New Hampshire NH              17       Argentina                                 1        New Zealand                                 8
               Alaska                AK  11               New Jersey       NJ           90       Australia                                54        Nigeria                                    13
               Arizona               AZ  81               New Mexico       NM           24       Austria                                   4        Norway                                      3
               Arkansas              AR  10               New York         NY          245       Bahamas                                   1        Pakistan                                    3
               California            CA 497               North Carolina NC            104       Belgium                                   1        Philippines                                 3
               Colorado              CO  72               North Dakota ND               11       Canada                                  149        Portugal                                    1
               Connecticut           CT  31               Ohio             OH          158       China                                    13        Russian Federation                          1
               Delaware              DE   7               Oklahoma         OK           61       Denmark                                   3        Saudi Arabia                                1
               Florida               FL 288               Oregon           OR           63       England                                   2        Singapore                                   3
               Georgia               GA  74               Pennsylvania     PA          165       France                                    3        South Africa                               10
               Hawaii                HI  21               Puerto Rico      PR            4       Germany                                  11        Spain                                      20
               Idaho                 ID  17               Rhode Island     RI           20       Guam                                      1        Sweden                                      4
               Illinois              IL 157               South Carolina SC             18       Guyana                                    1        Switzerland                                23
               Indiana               IN  95               South Dakota SD               11       Hong Kong                                13        Thailand                                    2
               Iowa                  IA  29               Tennessee        TN           65       Hungary                                   1        United Kingdom                             76
               Kansas                KS  34               Texas            TX          215       India                                     2        OTHER COUNTRIES 467
               Kentucky              KY  20               US Military Base 1                     Iran, Islamic Republic Of                 1
               Louisiana             LA  12               Utah             UT           20       Ireland                                   3        GRAND TOTAL                            4017
               Maine                 ME  16               Vermont          VT            6       Israel                                    3
               Maryland              MD 77                Virginia         VA           76       Italy                                     3
               Massachusetts         MA 125               Washington       WA           85       Jamaica                                   1
               Michigan              MI  87               Washington, DC DC              4       Japan                                     5
               Minnesota             MN 52                West Virginia    WV           12       Korea, Republic Of                        1
               Mississippi           MS   5               Wisconsin        WI           43       Lebanon                                   1
               Missouri              MO 61                Wyoming          WY           11       Malaysia                                  2
               Montana               MT  15               Overseas Military APO         24       Mexico                                    1
               Nebraska              NE  19               UNITED STATES           3550           Netherlands                              15
               Nevada                NV  24
                                                        2 0 0 9           A N N U A L                 R E P O R T              21
The Academy has 21 chapters, including
seven student chapters. They were established
as a membership catalyst and serve to
provide the continuous exchange of ideas in
promoting the mission of the Academy.

Geographic: 21                                                       Student: 7
•	   European	(Continental)                                          •	   Illinois	College	of	Optometry
•	   Great	Britain                                                   •	   New	England	College	of	Optometry
•	   Quebec	(Canada)                                                 •	   NOVA	Southeastern	College	of	Optometry
•	   South	Africa                                                    •	   Pennsylvania	College	of	Optometry	at	Salus	
•	   US:	California,	Florida,	Hawaii,	Heart	Of	America,	                  University
     Illinois, Indiana, New England, New Jersey, New York,           •	   Southern	California	College	of	Optometry
     North Carolina, Northeastern Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon,            •	   State	University	of	New	York
     Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Wisconsin                    •	   University	of	California	Berkeley	School	of	

Quebec                                       the Chapter sponsored a golf and           Illinois
The Quebec Chapter was formerly a            continuing education conference in         The Illinois Chapter hosted Rosenbloom
part of the Canada Chapter. It was           South Carolina. In August, over 150        Rounds at ICO in January to encourage
established in June 2009 by the Academy optometrists attended the annual                Academy Fellows, residents and students
Board of Directors. It will start activities Summer Seminar. In November, a             to present and discuss cases. It hosted
in 2010, with an annual meeting in           dinner lecture was sponsored by PCO;       another Rosenbloom Rounds at Loyola
January and a social meeting in May          Linda Casser, OD, FAAO, Dean of            University Medical Center in May. The
to celebrate the centennial of the École     PCO at Salus University lectured           Chapter hosted a reception at Academy
d’optométrie – Université de Montréal.       on anterior uveitis. At this meeting,      2009 Orlando and awarded three students
The chapter also helped two Candidates Dr. Casser installed our officers and            travel fellowships to attend the meeting.
through the Fellowship process.              board for 2009 – 2010. The Chapter         The Chapter maintains a website where
                                             presented a grant of $10,000 to PCO        cases that are presented are posted: http://
Florida                                      to be used as scholarships for PCO         illinoisaao.blogspot.com/.
The Florida Chapter had their                students who are residents of NJ. Dr.
annual meeting May 1-2 at Mission            Casser presented the Chapter with          California
Inn, Howey-In-The-Hills, FL; the             a Resolution of Appreciation from          The California Chapter sponsored hotel
meeting generated nearly $2,000. 103         the Board of Directors of PCO at           rooms for SCCO and UCBSCO students
optometrists attended the meeting.           Salus University for our work with         at Academy 2009 Orlando. Optometry
Lecturers included Leo Semes, OD,            NJ optometrists and their patients.        project grants funded four student research
FAAO, Bob Easton, OD, FAAO and               Five travel scholarships were given        projects from SCCO and UCBSO totaling
Past Academy President Jack Yager,           to students and residents attending        $1,500. The Chapter sent an e-newsletter
OD, FAAO. The chapter provided               Academy 2009 Orlando.                      in the fall that included their annual
two $750 travel grants for students to                                                  membership drive information. The
attend Academy 2009 Orlando.                 North Carolina                             membership drive resulted in 85 paying
                                             The North Carolina Chapter held            members ($30 annual membership dues).
New Jersey                                   its spring semi-annual meeting and         The Chapter also funded a page in the
In 2009, the New Jersey Chapter              continuing education seminar in at the     yearbooks of SCCO and UCBSO. The
presented dinner meetings with two           Carolina Club in Chapel Hill, North        Chapter started a Facebook page (search:
hours of continuing education lectures Carolina; there were 28 attendees. In            California Chapter of the American
in March and May. At the March               addition, the chapter met for its winter   Academy of Optometry). The Chapter
meeting, the Chapter presented a             semi-annual meeting in December            had a poster at Academy 2009 Orlando
grant of $5,000 to SUNY to be used           at the Salisbury VA Medical Center         encouraging California optometrists
as part of a scholarship endowment           in Salisbury, North Carolina; 21           to join. It also had one teleconference
being created for SUNY students              optometrists, optometry residents and      meeting to discuss membership, newletters
who are residents of NJ. In April,           students were in attendance.               and grant administration.
 22                        A N N U A L                         R E P O R T                         2 0 0 9

                                                 Annual Meeting Exhibits                                                                            Annual Meeting Registrants

                      Orlando 2009                                                                                              Orlando 2009
                                                                                                                               Anaheim 2008
                      Anaheim 2008
                                                                                                                                 Tampa 2007
                        Tampa 2007

                                                                                                            Conference Year
                                                                                                                                 Denver 2006
  Conference Year

                       Denver 2006
                                                                                                                              San Diego 2005
                     San Diego 2005                                                                                              Tampa 2004
                        Tampa 2004                                                                                               Dallas 2003

                         Dallas 2003                                                                                          San Diego 2002
                                                                                                                       Philadelphia 2001
                     San Diego 2002

                    Philadelphia 2001                                                                                                           0    1000   2000     3000      4000   5000   6000
                                                                                                                                                             # Total Registrants
                                        0      50     100     150     200     250     300    350    400

                                                    # of Exhibit Booths at Annual Meeting

                                              Geographic Distribution                                                                          Member Categories
                                                Other 5%                                                                            Students 17%
                         Kingdom 2%
                                                                                                                   Candidates for
                              Australia 1%                                                                           Fellowship
                               Canada 4%
                                                                                      United States & APO
                                                                                                                                                                      Fellows 72%

                     Fellows successfully complete rigorous written requirements before they take and pass an oral examination to be a
                     “Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry (FAAO).” Fellows are practitioners, vision scientists, and educators
                     in vision science; they work in various capacities including the federal government. 164 new Fellows were inducted
                     in 2009. The class of 2009 included representatives from 12 countries and 36 states.

                                            Fellows Professional Setting                                                             Fellows Who See Patients
                                            Vision Scientist 4%                     Educator 14%
                                                                                                                                                                   No 14%
                                  Retired 8%
                                                                                     Federal Service

                                        Practice                                             11%
                                            44%                                                                                 Yes 86%
                                                                               Other   7%
                                                    2 0 0 9           A N N U A L              R E P O R T    23
Membership Sections
The Academy has eight areas of shared
interest referred to as “Sections.” Each
Academy Section conducts and fosters
clinical, educational, research or related
activities, including outstanding programs
for the annual meeting, and most also have
diplomate programs.*

•	   Binocular	Vision,	Perception	and	Pediatric	Optometry*
•	   Cornea,	Contact	Lenses	and	Refractive	Technologies*
•	   Ocular	Disease*
•	   Low	Vision*
•	   Optometric	Education
•	   Primary	Care*
•	   Public	Health	and	Environmental	Optometry*
•	   Vision	Science*

New Diplomates
Binocular Vision, Perception &
Pediatric Optometry
Marie Bodack – Cincinnati, OH
Kristine Hopkins - Birmingham, AL
Cornea, Contact Lenses & Refractive
     Peter Russo - Maywood, IL                 293 Fellows, about 7 percent of the
                                               Academy membership, have attained this
     Refractive Technologies                   distinction of being a Diplomate. Among
     David Roncone - Canfield, OH              the benefits becoming a Diplomate of a
                                               Section are:
     Jeff Walline - Columbus, OH               •	   Professional	growth	and	goal	
Danica J. Marrelli - Houston, TX               •	   Recognition	of	extensive	skill	in	their	
                                                    research or practice area
Low Vision                                     •	   Participation	in	referral	network	of	
Richard J. Jamara - Boston, MA                      qualified colleagues
Primary Care                                   •	   Camaraderie	and	fellowship	with	
Michael Ohlson - West Union, IA                     leaders in the field
 24       A N N U A L            R E P O R T                2 0 0 9

       The American                                                                           Consolidated
         Academy of
      Optometry and                                                               The American Academy of Optometry
                                                                                              Temporarily   Permanently
                                                                               Unrestricted    Restricted    Restricted     Total

                           REVENUE, SUPPORT, AND GAINS
                           Annual Meeting                                      $ 1 ,704,180             -             -   $ 1,704,180
                           Membership                                            1,201,882              -             -    1,201,882
                           Contibutions                                             16,302       381,103          1,003      398,408
                           In-Kind Contributions                                          -             -             -               -
Consolidated Statement     Investment Earnings and Transfers                     (371,246)       (23,941)      (15,000)    (410,187)
           of Activities   Publications                                             14,430              -             -       14,430
                           Royalties                                               168,872              -             -      168,872
                           Other Revenue                                               323              -             -             323
                           Net Assets Released from Restrictions                   448,748      (448,748)             -               -

                              Total Revenue, Support, and Gains                  3,183,491       (91,586)      (13,997)    3,077,908
    For the Year Ended
         June 30, 2009     EXPENSES
                           Program Expenses:
                              Annual Meeting                                     1,734,777              -             -    1,734,777
                              Publications                                         438,110              -             -      438,110
                              Membership                                           298,010              -             -      298,010
                              Committees                                           142,019              -             -      142,019
                              Sections                                              34,587              -             -       34,587
                              Scholarships, Grants, Awards and Special Funds       130,207              -             -      130,207
                              Contributions to Other Organizations                 289,615              -             -      289,615
                                   Total Program Expenses                        3,067,325              -             -    3,067,325

                           Fundraising Expenses                                           -             -             -               -
                           Management And General Expenses:
                              General and Administrative                           327,710              -             -      327,710
                              Executive Council or Governance                       55,337              -             -       55,337
                                   Total Management and General Expenses          3 83,047              -             -     3 83,047
                                   Total Expenses                                3,450,372              -             -    3,450,372

                           CHANGE IN NET ASSETS                                  (266,881)       (91,586)      (13,997)    (372,464)

                           Net Assets, Beginning of Year                        2 ,781,635       626,265       215,410     3,623,310

                           NET ASSETS, END OF YEAR                              $2,514,754      $534,679      $201,413    $3,250,846
                                                              2 0 0 9          A N N U A L               R E P O R T                 25

   American Optometric Foundation, Inc.                                                  Consolidated Totals
                   Temporarily   Permanently                                             Temporarily   Permanently
Unrestricted        Restricted    Restricted     Total       Eliminations Unrestricted    Restricted    Restricted     Total

               -             -             -             -             -   $1,704,180              -             -   $1,704,180
               -             -             -             -             -    1,201,882              -             -    1,201,882
       55,224        1,073,045       15,000     1,143,269       (12,240)       59,286      1,454,148       16,003     1,529,437
     287,205                 -             -     287,205       (264,343)       22,862              -             -      22,862
    (145,691)        (168,990)          698     (313,983)              -     (516,937)     (192,931)      (14,302)    (724,170)
               -             -             -             -             -       14,430              -             -      14,430
               -             -             -             -             -      168,872              -             -     168,872
               -             -             -             -             -          323              -             -             323
     258,150         (258,150)             -             -             -      706,898      (706,898)             -               -

     454,888          645,905        15,698     1,116,491      (276,583)    3,361,796       554,319          1,701    3,917,816

               -             -             -             -             -    1,734,777              -             -    1,734,777
               -             -             -             -             -      438,110              -             -     438,110
               -             -             -             -             -      298,010              -             -     298,010
               -             -             -             -             -      142,019              -             -     142,019
               -             -             -             -             -       34,587              -             -      34,587
     383,749                 -             -     383,749               -      513,956              -             -     513,956
               -             -             -             -     (276,583)       13,032              -             -      13,032
     383,749                 -             -     383,749       (276,583)    3,174,491              -             -    3,174,491

     179,453                 -             -     179,453               -      179,453              -             -     179,453

       68,052                -             -      68,052               -      395,762              -             -     395,762
               -             -             -             -             -       55,337              -             -      55,337
       68,052                -             -      68,052               -      451,099              -             -     451,099
     631,254                 -             -     631,254       (276,583)    3,805,043              -             -    3,805,043

    (176,366)         645,905        15,698      485,237               -     (443,247)      554,319          1,701     112,773

   1,023,794         1,309,118      422,144     2,755,056              -    3,805,429      1,935,383      637,554     6,378,366

    $847,428       $1,955,023      $437,842    $3,240,293              -   $3,362,182    $2,489,702      $639,255    $6,491,139
  26        A N N U A L        R E P O R T               2 0 0 9

                               We thank the following
Thank you
                               corporations for their support
                               throughout 2009
                               Visionary ........... ($200,000 +) Supporter ... ($15,000 - $49,999)
                               CIBA VISION                                Abbott Medical Optics (AMO)
                               VISTAKON®                                  CooperVision
                               Essilor                                    LWW VisionCare Group
                               Patron ......($125,000 - $199,999)
                               Bausch & Lomb
                                                                          Friend ............. (up to   $14,999)
                               Carl Zeiss Vision                          Eschenbach Optik of America
                                                                          Good Lite
                               Benefactor          ($75,000 - $124,999)   Haag-Streit, USA
                                                                          Paragon Vision Science
                               Alcon                                      Review of Optometry/Jobson
                                                                          Slack, Inc./Primary Care Optometry
                               Sponsor ..... ($50,000 – $74,999)              News

      Future Annual Meetings

      Academy 2010 San Francisco
      November 17 – 20, 2010

      Academy 2011 Boston
      October 12 – 15, 2011

      Academy 2012 Phoenix
      October 24 – 27, 2012

      Academy 2013 Seattle
      October 23 – 26, 2013

      Academy 2014 Denver
      November 12 – 15, 2014
 Wednesday - Saturday
 November 17-20, 2010
San Francisco, California
American Academy of Optometry           Non-profit
6110 Executive Boulevard, Suite 506   US Postage PAID
Rockville, Maryland 20852 USA          Permit #3732
                                       Bethesda MD



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