Florida Realtor Legal Activities of an Unlicensed Personal Assistant

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					Legal Activities of an Unlicensed Personal Assistant

■   Answer and forward telephone calls.                  ■   Act as a courier service to deliver documents and
■   Fill out and submit listings and changes to any          pick up keys.
    multiple-listing service.                            ■   Place routine telephone calls on late rent
■   Follow up on loan commitments after a contract
    has been negotiated and generally secure status      ■   Schedule appointments for licensees to show
    reports on the loan application.                         listed property.
                                                         ■   Be at an open house
■   Assemble documents for closing.
■   Secure public information documents from court-          1. for security purposes;
    house, utility district, and so on.                      2. to hand out materials (brochures); and/or
■   Make keys for company listings.                          3. to respond to questions that may be answered
■   Write ads for approval of licensee and supervising          with objective information from preprinted
    broker and place advertising in newspapers,                 information.
    and so on.                                           ■   Answer oral questions concerning a listing if the
■   Receive, record, and deposit earnest money,              answer to the question may be obtained from
    security deposits, and advance rents.                    preprinted information and is objective in nature
                                                             and no subjective comments are made.
■   Type contract forms for approval by licensee and
    supervising broker.                                  ■   Gather information for a comparative market
                                                             analysis (CMA).
■   Monitor licenses and personnel files.
                                                         ■   Gather information for an appraisal.
■   Compute commission checks.
                                                         ■   Hand out objective, written information on a listing
■   Place signs on property.
                                                             or rental.
■   Order items of repair as directed by the licensee.
                                                         ■   Drive a customer or client to a listing or rental.
■   Prepare flyers and promotional information for       ■   Give a key to a prospect at the licensee’s office.
    approval by licensee and supervising broker.

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